What is the story of two peaches killing three men? Yan Zibing kills his three generals without blood
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The Ertao Murdering Three Scholars is a historical story in ancient China. It was first recorded in " Yan Zichun Qiu", and later evolved into an idiom , which means murder by tactics.

The allusions come from "Yan Zichunqiu · His Majesty, Chapter 24". According to the original text, there are three generals under the Qijing public account in the Spring and Autumn Period: Gongsun Jie, Tian Kaijiang, and Gu Yezi. They have made great achievements, but they are also proud of their achievements. Scourge.


Yan Zi set up a bureau: Let Qi Jinggong invite three warriors to reward them three two precious peaches; but if three people can't divide the two peaches equally, Yan Zi proposes a coordination method-the three have more credit than merit. You can take a peach. Both Gongsun Jie and Tian Kaijiang reported their own achievements first, each taking a peach. At this time, Gu Yezi thought that his credit was greater, and he was so angry that he accused the former two. After Gongsun and Tian Kaijiang heard that Gu Yezi reported his credit, they also felt uncomfortable. When they were ashamed, they gave Taozi Come out and commit suicide. Despite this, Gu Yezi was ashamed of the humiliation that had previously humiliated others touting himself and letting others sacrifice for himself, so he bragged for himself--in this way, relying only on two peaches, the three threats were removed without hesitation.

Later generations used the term "two peaches to kill three men" to express the meaning of "using murder to kill people"; but in the original text of "Yan Zi Chun Qiu", some ancient power distribution and the king's killing of heroes can also be found. The story has been widely spread during the Qin and Han dynasties, and it is often seen in Han Dynasty portrait materials. The Han Dynasty Yuefu poem "Liang Father Yin" expresses a sigh for the sacrifices of the three warriors, and also makes a little irony to Yan Zi's plot. There is also a chapter in Yu Shi Ming Yan that tells this story.

Idiom allusions


"Yan Zichunqiu · Inner Chapter · His Majesty Second":

King Gong raises three warriors without justice

Gongsun Jie, Tian Kaijiang, Gu Yezi Jing Jinggong, bravely reported. Yan Zi passed by, the third son couldn't afford it.

Yan Zi entered the public and said, "Chen Wenming also has the brave men who have the courage, there is the righteousness of the monarch and the ruler, the morality of the long rate, the inside can ban violence, the outside can threaten the enemy, make good use of it, and serve its courage. Therefore, respect for his position and respect for his strength. The monk ’s brave courageous man also has no justice of the monarch and no ethics of long rate. He ca n’t ban violence inside, but he can't threaten the outside world. Go. "

Gong said: "Three sons, you can't fight, you can't strike."

Yan Zi said: "This is an effort to attack the enemy, and there is no gift for the young." Because he asked the ambassador to give less to the two peaches, he said, "Why don't the three sons eat peaches for their work?"

Gongsun sighed to the sky and said, "Yanzi, Homo sapiens! Those who use their power to do what they deserve are not affected by peaches, but also without courage. Scholars and widows, why not count on power and eat peaches? Breastfeeding again, if you succeed, you can eat peach without peers. "

Tian Kaijiang said: "I fight for the soldiers but the three soldiers again, if the power of Rakhine Xinjiang, you can eat peach without peers." Rising peach.

The ancient Yezi said: "I try to help the river from the monarch, and the title of the left is to enter the post. When it is the time, Ye Shao cannot swim, sneaking hundreds of steps upstream, nine miles downstream, and killing him. The left manipulates the tail, the right man scratches his head, and the crane leaps out. Everyone in Jin said: 'He Bo also!' If you look at it, you will be the first person. If you do, you can eat peach without people. Tongyi. Why aren't the second son against peach! "

Gongsun Jie and Tian Kaijiang said: "My bravery is not a child, if you don't catch your skills, you won't let the peaches go, it's greedy; but you don't die, you have no bravery."

The ancient Yezi said: "The second son dies, the only son is ruthless; the shameful man speaks with exaggeration and injustice; hate what he does, immortal, no courage. Although, the second son is the same as the peach, and the ye It's a peach and it should be appropriate. "

The messenger replied, "It's dead."


Related stories

Version 1: It was the period of Qi Jinggong. Qi Jinggong is already the third monarch served by Yan Zi. At this time, Yan Zi's position in Qi State was quite consolidated after years of official battles.

At that time, Qi had three famous warriors: Gongsun Ji, Tian Kaijiang, and Gu Yezi. All of them are highly skilled in martial arts, have the courage to make the world, and have made great contributions to the country. They are the stars of Qi Guo's generals. The three of them voted for each other and became brothers of different surnames. Due to their high martial arts and great credit, they are very arrogant, do not take other officials into their eyes, and even have no respect for Yan Zi.

Yan Zi was looking in his eyes and worrying. If these reckless husbands become more and more powerful, it is not a good thing. They do not pay attention to etiquette and ethics, and it will not be good for any trouble in the future. Yan Zi met with Qi Jinggong and explained his thoughts. Although Qi Jinggong thought it would be a pity to remove the three brave soldiers, but Yan Zi's words made sense, and Yan Zi was too authoritative at that time, and Qi Jinggong was not good at refuting people's faces: "Here you are Do it! "

After Yan Zi was ready to stop, Qi Jinggong announced the three generals and said they would reward them.

The three heard that the monarch had a reward, and of course they came eagerly. When I arrived at the temple, I saw a gorgeous gold plate on the case. On the plate were two large peaches dripping, and a fragrant fragrance came out. The three warriors suddenly drooled. Yan Zi said unhurriedly to them: "The three are national pillars and iron guards. A fine peach tree has been introduced into the backyard of the court. The monarch will invite you to taste the peaches this time. But they are now familiar There are only two, so please ask the army to divide the two peaches according to their own merits. "Yan Zi showed a very difficult look.

Among the three generals, Gongsun was an acute child, and he rushed to speak: "I thought that I had killed wild boars in the dense forest and killed tigers in the mountains. The trees in the dense forest and the wind in the mountains remembered my bravery. A peach? "

After speaking, he came forward and took a peach freely.

Tian Kaijiang was not to be outdone. The second confession was: "Really a warrior, who can defeat the powerful enemy. I have led the army twice and defeated the enemy in the fierce fighting, defending the dignity and protection of Qi Qi Guo's people, isn't this worthy to enjoy a peach? "He stepped forward confidently and took the second peach.

Gu Yezi was too embarrassed because he was embarrassed , and he was kind. He suddenly lost his peach, and his anger suddenly burned his face. "You have killed tigers and killed people, and you are brave enough. But you must know that when he guarded the monarch, On the way, a big cormorant suddenly emerged from the Yellow River, biting the monarch's carriage and dragging it into the river. Everyone was frightened. In order to reassure the monarch, he jumped into the water and entangled with this huge cricket. In order to chase it down, I swam nine miles away and killed him in a fierce battle. At last I surfaced, holding the cut hoe in one hand, and pulling the monarch's mount in one hand. Everyone was stunned, thinking that the god of the river was holy, that was actually me. No one thought I would come back alive. Is it as brave as me, or merit less than you, like me? But peach is gone! He pulled out his sword, and the sword's edge shone with a cold chill. When the first two heard it, they couldn't help but feel ashamed. "On bravery, Gu Yezi fought for half a day in the water, we couldn't keep up; on credit, Gu Yezi defended the monarch's safety. We are not as good. But we snatched the peach first. Come down, let those who are truly successful have nothing. This is a matter of conduct. It exposes my greed and shame. "Two self-assertive figures, who value their honor, are more important than life. At this time consciously doing shameless things, he was ashamed, so he immediately pulled out his sword and confessed himself! Two bloodstreams instantly stained Qi's palace.

Gu Yezi saw the two corpses on the ground, and when he was shocked, he began to regret: "We are friends, but for a peach, they are dead, I am still alive, this is innocent; I use words to tout myself It is innocent to humiliate a friend; it feels courageous to feel that you have done something wrong and feel remorse, but you dare not die. Is a person like me who has nothing to do with the face become a general of Qi State? " So he died to himself.

Jing Gong's emissary replied: "The three of them are dead." Jing Gong sent someone to dress them, put them in a coffin, and buried them according to the funeral of the warrior.

The two peaches, all three of them fell into a pool of blood, and Qi Jinggong was a little bit sad. He ordered that they be buried together. In the historical story of Han Dynasty portraits, there are portrayal portraits of "two peaches kill three men". The common content of killing three priests by two peaches is that the three princes each hold a sword. One of them puts beans in front of them, puts two peaches in the beans, and stands next to Yan Zi, Qi Jinggong, and minister. However, there are also simple portraits of "two peaches killing three men". Only three scenes of suicide are engraved in the picture, and beans and peaches are omitted.


Version Two: It is said that Qi State owned Yan Ying (Yan Zi) as a photo, and Qi Jinggong also had the ambition to restore the dominance of Qi Yigong's time, but as time went by, this monarch with a long history could not stand it. He wanted to build his martial arts by raising a group of warriors. At that time, Qi Jinggong supported three warriors: one called Tian Kaijiang, one called Gongsun Jie, and one called Gu Yezi, known as "Three Kings of Qi State".

These three were all brave and extraordinary, capable of fighting tigers and deeply loved by Qi Jinggong; they pride themselves and do whatever they want. At this time, Qi Guotian 's power was getting stronger and stronger. Once several nobles in the United Nations defeated Luan and Gao who had real power. The rise of the Tian family's power directly threatened the rule of the monarch. Tian Kaijiang belongs to the Tian clan. Yan Ying was very worried that the "Three Jie" served Tian and harmed the country. He persuaded Qi Jinggong to remove these three "the meaning of no monarch and minister, and no ethics of growth." To ban violence, you can not defeat the enemy. " Qi Jinggong is worried that "there is no way to fight, the system is not to be feared." Yan Ying decided to wait for wit to kill these three warriors.

One day, Lu Zhaogong visited Qi State, and Qi Jinggong hosted a banquet. Lu Guo was ceremonially performed by his uncle Sun Wa, Qi Guo was ceremonially performed by Yan Ying, and four of the monarchs and ministers sat in the hall. Yan Yingxin made a plan and decided to get rid of them. When the two monarchs had a half-liquor, Yan Ying said: "The golden peaches in the garden are already ripe. Please pick a few and invite the two monarchs to try something new?" Qi Jinggong was pleased and sent someone to pick them. Yan Ying busy said, "Jin Tao is rare, let's go in person." A short while later, Yan Ying led the gardener and presented six peaches with a jade plate. At the sight of everyone, they saw six peaches on the plate, all big and fresh, peachy like fire, fragrant and mouth-watering. Qi Jinggong asked, "Are you going to end up with these?" Yan Ying said, "There are still a few who are not too familiar, and only picked these six." After the remarks, he dedicately respected to Lu Zhaogong. Qi Jinggong has one golden peach per person. Lu Zhaogong praised the sweetness of peach while eating. Qi Jinggong said: "This peach is very rare, and my uncle and granddaughter are famous all over the world. I should eat one." Uncle Sun Qiang said: "Where can I catch up with Yan Xiangguo? As for the domestic repair of state affairs, foreign princes, the greatest contribution, this peach should be his Eating. "Seeing that the two were unable to dispute, Qi Jingong said," Since the two modesty, each drink a glass, eat one peach! "The two ministers thanked Qi Jinggong and ate the peach.

At this point, there were two peaches left on the plate. Yan Ying said, "Please ask the king to send orders to the ministers, whoever has the most credit, eat peaches, what?" Qi Jinggong naturally understood Yan Ying's intentions, so he passed the order.

Three warriors gave two peaches, deliberately one. If you are short of power, eat peaches because it means that those who work harder have to eat peaches, and those who work less are not allowed to eat them. Each of the three warriors thinks that their work is great.

Sure enough, Gongsun Jie came over first, patted his chest and said, "One time I was hunting with the king, and I suddenly got a tiger out of the forest. I rushed up and killed the tiger with all my life and saved the monarch. Should n’t you eat a golden peach for such a great achievement? ”Yan Ying said,“ The death of the Savior is better than Taishan. You can give a glass of wine and a peach. ”Gongsun Jie drank and ate peach, standing proud.

When Gu Yezi saw this, he shouted sharply, "What a weird thing to kill a tiger! When I sent the monarch across the Yellow River, a big cock was making waves, biting the monarch's leg, and dragged the horse into the rapids. It ’s me who jumped into the raging river, killed my aunt, and saved the monarch ’s life. For such credit, should I eat a peach? ”Qi Jinggong said,“ At that time, the Yellow River was turbulent , otherwise the generals were killed Strangely, my life is long gone. This is a world-famous achievement, and I deserve to eat peach. "Yan Ying busy gave the remaining peach to Gu Yezi.

On the side, Tian Kaijiang watched as the peaches were finished, and yelled anxiously: "I was ordered to slay Xu Guo, die all my life, and cut off his famous soldiers. He captured more than 5,000 Xu Bing soldiers and scared Xu Guoguo to bow his head. Even the neighboring Lao and Lao kingdoms are bound by the wind. Can you not eat a peach with such a great achievement? "Yan Ying said busyly." Of course, the credit of General Tian is higher than that of Gongsun Jie and Gu Yezi. No, I have to wait for the golden peaches on the tree to ripen, and then you can taste it. Drink the bar first. ”Tian Kaijiang pressed his sword and said angrily,“ It ’s great to fight tigers and kill slugs. I ’m south to north During the war, I was born to death , but I could n’t eat peaches. I was so humiliated in the presence of the two monarchs. What more can I stand on the court? " Gongsun Jie was frightened and pulled out his sword. He said, "I eat peaches because of little work, but General Tian can't eat much. What else can I do to live in the world?" He also killed himself; Gu Yezi He was even more frustrated and shouted, "The three of us are brothers, and we vow to live and die. We are as close as flesh and blood. Now that they are dead, I am still alive. How can I be safe?" Already.

Lu Zhaogong witnessed this scene, and regretted it for a long time. He stood up for a long time and said, "I heard that all three generals had improper bravery, but unfortunately they died for a peach." Qi Jinggong sighed and remained silent. . At this time, Yan Ying said unhurriedly: "They are both courageous and incompetent. With wisdom and courage, they are competent and competent, and there are dozens of people in our country. Such reckless men are more It ’s okay to have a few of them. Do n’t mind, please continue drinking! ”

Yan Ying expected that the two peaches rewarded the three warriors, and they would certainly not follow Qi Jinggong's order, "counting merit and eating peach", but "without the gift of eldest sons", showing off their own merit and grabbing the peach. Warriors fight with swords. Unsurprisingly, Yan Kaijiang and Gongsun Jie both scrambled to "get a helping hand", and both thought that their martial arts were world-famous and "have no one to share with others." Gu Zhizi also thought that he surpassed Tian Kaijiang and Gongsun Jie fiercely. However, Tao had been preempted by them, so they drew their swords and asked them to surrender Ertao. It seems that the dispute has begun. The way to solve the problem may be to meet with the swordsman, killing you to death, or to humiliate, and shame is the biggest taboo of the warrior, so death must be avoided. Insult to death, then the insult is unkind and injustice, and unkind and injustice is even more humiliated. So, what is the face of the humiliating person in the world? It can be said that no matter which way to solve, the three warriors all Inevitable death.

Although the death of the Three Scholars was tragic, they were self-proclaimed and even used as tools for conspiracy and usurpation . With short limbs, Yan Ying waited for the opportunity to make the best use of his skills. He did not use blood to slay the soldiers, and eventually killed three warriors who could fight the mountain with two peaches, eliminating political dangers. His wisdom was also extraordinary, but the means were too sinister.

The story of "Two Peaches Killing Three Scholars" is put in the "Elimination of Power Ministers" section. It mainly describes how Yan Zi used tactics (psychology) to kill three proud conspirators. The insignificant peach was given a symbol of noble honor. The two peaches were divided by the three scholars, which caused the greatest degree of inequality in the objective and subjective sense at the least cost, making the two peaches soften from twisting fingers to steelmaking. Within five steps, it was enough to kill people. It's not surprising.


Idiom appreciation

The most moving part of this idiom story is the "Gentleman's Wind" of the three warriors. Yan Zi originally wanted to take advantage of the weaknesses of the three people who were proud of things, so that they could compete with each other and divorce the hearts of others, thereby weakening their political threats. They did not expect that they would give up their lives for justice and have such a gentlemanhood. They were proud at the beginning, and they valued their work. It was Gu Yezi's words that made the other two feel shame. When they felt that they had done something wrong, they would rather use their lives to make up for the shame. This is a noble spirit. Gu Yezi's later actions were the same. Therefore, after they proclaimed themselves, both Yanzi and the king had a grief, and for the sake of stability, they killed three great generals by mistake.

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