Huang Yanqiu event brief introduction of three events in life

The Huang Yanqiu incident refers to an incident where Huang Yanqiu traveled with aliens.


Huang Yanqiu, male, born in 1950. He lives in Northeast Gaocun, Jiudian Township, Feixiang District, Handan City, Hebei Province. Farmers. There is one daughter and one child, and their children are married, and their son has a daughter. From the family composition, he is a grandfather. In the village is an honest, responsible and wealthy family. He traveled with the alien three times from July 27, 1977 to September 28, 1977, and a total of eleven days happened to him.

the first time


A strange thing happened on July 27, 1977 (June 12th, Lunar New Year) in Northeast Gaocun, Jiudian Township, Feixiang County, Handan City, Hebei Province. Huang Yanqiu, a young farmer who was about to get married in the east of the village, was sleeping that night. Suddenly disappeared, people searched everywhere, and remained silent for 10 days. The news reached Xinzhai Village, 3 km north of Gao Village in Northeast China. The villagers handed an outdated urgent telegram to a village committee in Bei Gao Village. The date is marked "July 28", which is the day after Huang Yanqiu disappeared. The message reads: "Xin Zhai Village Huang Yanqiu received and claimed at the Mengzi Road Depot in Shanghai."

It is puzzling that the report time at the Shanghai deportation station was only 10 hours after Huang Yanqiu disappeared. Northeast Gaocun is 1140 kilometers away from Shanghai. At that time, it took 22 hours to reach by direct train, and Handan City, which is 45 kilometers away, was required to catch the train.

My description

After returning home, Huang Yanqiu told his adventures with confusion: The weather was sultry that night on July 27, 1977. He had just covered the quilt at about 10 pm and slept in a new house before he had time to install the door. A few minutes later, I was awakened by the noise, and when I opened my eyes, I saw that there were many high-rise buildings and neon flashes. After sober, he found himself in Nanjing. Later, two "traffic police" -like people appeared in front of him, handed him a train ticket from Nanjing to Shanghai and sent him to the platform, claiming that they had arrived later. After arriving in Shanghai for 4 hours, he found the police station at the station, but he did not expect that the two "traffic police officers" were waiting for him at the door and sending him to the deportation station.

the second time


He spent another month uneasily at the center of people's speculation. No other vision occurred, and the horrified small village gradually calmed down. On the evening of September 8th (July 25th of the lunar calendar), the village committee held a mass production meeting at Huang Yanqiu's south courtyard. Huang Zongshan and several other village officials were present. Halfway through the conference, the team leader asked Huang Yanqiu and other young people to go to bed early and send dung (a kind of farm manure) to the ground early in the morning to respond to the call of the conference with practical actions. Huang Yanqiu disappeared afterwards. What is even more incredible is that while he was away from home, a line appeared to be carved with a sickle 1.5 meters from the south wall of the house: "Gao Dengmin, Gao Yanjin, rest assured" in Shandong Province. No lettering found so far.


He came to Shanghai again, and with the help of Lu Haishan , he finally returned to his hometown on September 11. Huang Yanqiu's departure from home again caused people's suspicions, and it became more and more strange, with the legendary mythology and ghosts. Some say it's kidding and so on. His wife, a kind and beautiful girl, could not bear the mental pressure and appealed to the township judicial office to divorce him.

My description

At 10 o'clock in the evening, Huang Yanqiu fell asleep on the bed in the hospital after a tiring day, and he was still thinking about the feces delivery tomorrow morning. But when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was lying in the square of the Shanghai Railway Station (North Railway Station) more than 1,100 kilometers away! At this moment, most people have rested. The square in front of the station is sparse. Horrified and surprised, Huang Yanqiu looked around, so quiet, that there were no suspicious people. Only the glare of the night sky lights adds a bit of mystery. Standing in front of the huge clock, he looked at the hour hand to indicate that it was more than one o'clock at midnight. He was shocked. Suddenly, the violent wind rose, the lightning flashed and thundered, and it rained heavily. In the rainy night, where is the strange hometown, where is the destination? Huang Yanqiu can't help crying. Suddenly I remembered that the people of the People's Liberation Army who assisted him last time, although only one side, was the only acquaintance in this vast city. He only knew that the troops were about 40 kilometers away from the train station. It was unknown how to go and in which direction. "Excuse me, are you Huang Yanqiu in Feixiang County? Are you going to the barracks?" At this moment, two people approached him, claiming to be troops, and said that they were waiting here exclusively by the chief and taking him to the army . That being the case, I had to go with others. When crossing the Huangpu River, the man gave him 4 cents and asked him to buy a ticket. I changed several buses to the barracks in the suburbs.

At the door of the army, soldiers stood guard with guns and watched vigilantly. When the three went in. The guards were unresponsive, as if turning a blind eye, hearing their footsteps deaf. In the barracks, a team of soldiers was practicing. No time to ignore these three uninvited guests. Take two turns and turn into a division office. "Why are you here again? How did you get in?" Several officers present were surprised. "They brought me here." When he turned back to introduce him, the two suddenly disappeared, nowhere to search. After being referred by the army comrades, Huang Yanqiu came to Lv Qingtang's residence. At this time, Lv Qingtang had not come back for a meeting, and his family member Li Yuying and his son Lv Haishan received him.

"According to the discipline of the army, relatives and friends who come to the barracks to find someone must present their documents and registration in front of the door, and then we will meet at the door and prove that it is true before we can enter. We will not pick you up at the door. "According to Li Yuying's question, the comrade in charge of the army went to the post to inquire about the situation, and the post and the transmission room said that no outsiders had come in and out. The soldiers also proved this. Does he fall from the sky? Is it difficult for him to stealth?

Huang Yanqiu's history is unknown, and he suddenly appeared at the barracks, which alarmed the entire barracks area (this is a division of an anti-aircraft artillery division, responsible for the air defense mission of Shanghai, and is an important military station. Later investigations knew). Early the next morning, the army sent a telegram to Northeast Gaocun, Jiudian Township, Feixiang County, and sent it directly to Huang Zongshan. Who was Huang Yanqiu? He had broken into the army's antiaircraft artillery area without knowing it. The responsibility of the guard. The village committee immediately called back and said that Huang Yanqiu was not a bad person. Lu Junxi, the deputy minister in charge of the reception, and the others were helpless for a while, and they let the soldiers scare him: on the third day, Li Yuying entrusted his son Lu Haishan to send Huang Yanqiu to Shanghai Railway Station by jeep. Huang Yanqiu said that it was raining that day and drowned the wheels), bought him a ticket to go home, gave him a few pocket money, and he returned to his hometown on September 11.

the third time


The most amazing disappearance is probably the third. September 20 (the eighth day of the eighth day of the lunar calendar)

Night fell that day. After dinner, Huang Yanqiu went back to the brigade to record the work. It was more than ten o'clock in the middle of the night. As soon as he entered the yard, he felt dizzy and suddenly lost consciousness. When he woke up, he was lying in a hotel. Sitting next to him were two young people, claiming to be Shandong nationals, and told Xiaohuang that it was one thousand kilometers away from Feixiang District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. The soldiers of the army were both dressed as them, and the two previous disappearances were arranged by them. Take him out this time, and plan to visit 9 major cities for 9 days.

After having dinner for him, that night, two strangers carrying Xiao Huang took off in the direction of Beijing, flying from Gansu Province-Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region-Shaanxi Province-Shanxi Province-Hebei Province-Beijing, A journey of at least 1,200 kilometers, an hour away.


In Beijing, he also experienced a situation where he didn't buy a ticket and went directly to the Chang'an Theater to watch a show, but the two ticket inspectors were unresponsive. After playing, the three flew to Tiananmen Square and landed in front of a Chinese frame. The stranger briefly introduced the scenery around the square. After watching for about 10 minutes, Huang left the square with the two pilots and walked into a hotel not far away. The pilot switched to Mandarin and presented the "provincial introduction." Letter "registered the room.

The three then flew to Tianjin and arrived as usual within an hour. The three entered the cinema without a ticket under the eyes of the ticket inspector.

The pilot said that the next stop was to fly to Harbin. After visiting a department store in Harbin, I went to Changchun in the evening. Went to Shenyang the next day.

On September 25 (August 13th of the lunar calendar), we arrived in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

On September 25th (August 13th of the lunar calendar), we arrived in Nanjing.

On September 27 (August 15th of the lunar calendar), the Mid-Autumn Festival, arrived in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

On the evening of September 27 (August 15th in the lunar calendar), I returned to Lanzhou City, Gansu Province again. When he fell asleep, he was sent by the trapeze to the date tree at home, 1977

On the evening of September 28 (August 16th in the lunar calendar), he returned to the date tree at home.

My description

Huang was impressed by the length of the third disappearance and the place he visited. The flying man asked him to climb on his back (feeling the temperature of an ordinary person), that is, how high it was "one foot" above the ground (about three meters high. It is estimated from the sight of the object that the actual height is unclear. Note: Fengshan Mountain Zhao Guo also felt this way when he was brought into a flying saucer by an alien). He also walked over the buildings, "Zhang Xu", his limbs did not move, and he didn't feel the wind blow his face, as fast as running. Generally do not stop halfway. Although the distance varies from city to city, it is only an hour away. Flying people understand many local dialects and use their accents wherever they go. When I stayed at a hotel, I had a reference letter where I was (I did n’t have an ID at the time). Everywhere I went, one took care of him, and one went somewhere to get a set of three military clothing to put on. Office. In addition to wearing clothes, the two did not even carry a handbag or even gear. Nothing that can be remembered is allowed, and photography is refused. Not much money, not much. Three meals a day, the daily diet as usual.

Later, room and board no longer cost money, as if no one was living. Sometimes I feel nervous, but knowing that running away is useless. The two of them looked at me in turns. The flying man said, let you go back after playing enough.

Relevant evidence

First experience: Telegram-time can be verified;

Second experience: archiving-the army conducted a detailed investigation of him and reported it to the Handan Municipal Prefectural Commission for archival;

Third experience: According to his memories, the weather in each place was consistent with the weather conditions of the nine major cities at the time.

Follow-up report

So far, Huang Yanqiu's incident has not ended. At 9 am on December 14, 2002, investigator Zhang Jingping of the Beijing Branch of the China UFO Association, Ji Jianmin, the chairman of the UFO Association of Feixiang County, and Dr. Wu Yanqiu, a professor of the Medical Department of Peking University, together with Huang Yanqiu, came to the PLA Navy 302 Hospital, conducted a hypnotic survey of Huang Yanqiu's experience 25 years ago. In hypnosis, Dr. Wu and Zhang Jingping said to Huang Yanqiu, except that the details are clearer and clearer, there is nothing false. However, it is unexpected that when the hypnosis went to the last time, Huang Yanqiu was suddenly woken up by Gordon Min who flew his back 25 years ago. Woke up from hypnosis.


CCTV report

CCTV Science Channel's "Approaching Science" column has recently continuously reported and analyzed the flight incident of Huang Yanqiu, who happened in Feixiang, Hebei 28 years ago, in 1977, a mysterious event known as one of the three major UFO cases in China.

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