Inventory of the truth in history, "Little Bird Yiren" was first described as a man
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Today, the interesting history editor will bring you the historical truth article, hoping to help everyone.

Chinese culture is simply vast and profound. A single word or idiom has various meanings, and various historical allusions can be seen in a glance, but do you know? The historical allusions we have seen before are simply unexpected. , Completely subverted our meaning to them, I believe 90% of people do n’t know it ’s like this, come, let ’s take a look, some rare truths in history!


"Birds rely on people" first described men

When you see the bird as a person, many people think that it is a girl who is described as petite and cute, but the truth is indeed a man.

In the " Old Tang Book · Biography of Changsun Wuji ", "Xi Suiliang has a longer knowledge and a firm personality. He writes loyalty and attaches himself to the protagonist. For example, flying birds depend on people and add love.


To put it simply, at first "Little Bird Yiren" didn't describe a person as lovely. At that time, Tang Taizong and his eldest son Wu Wuji commented on the famous calligrapher and Taizong teacher of the Tang Dynasty. When Zhu Suiliang said, Tang Taizong only expressed, Zhu Suiliang also perched beside the emperor like a bird.


[Chopsticks turned out to be an invention of myself?]

Many people think that chopsticks were invented in modern times, and after checking the information, they found that chopsticks were first used by the self.


King Shang Ye was moody. When he ate at dinner, many chefs became the ghost of his sword. On one occasion, King Shang Ye ate a meal. He had found that the food was too hot and could not eat it immediately, but King Wang had arrived too late to change the temperature. He had suddenly opened his mind and took off the jade pendant he was wearing. Clamp the vegetables and blow them into the mouth, then send them to the mouth of the king.


The King of Kings felt so enjoyed that he asked him to do so every day. So I asked the craftsman to make two long jade sauerkraut for her. This is the prototype of jade chopsticks. With the development of history, this method of spreading vegetables has spread to the people. There is no jade chopsticks, but the chopsticks have spread.

However, some people say that chopsticks are the product of the slow evolution of human beings, and were not invented by someone. What is the truth? There are different opinions, but books and historical TV series have records.


[Origin of Jealousy]

It is said that during Tang Taizong's reign, Prime Minister Fang Xuanling was famously "afraid of his wife". Haha, in the ancient times, there was also a fear of saying that on my side, he was afraid that his wife would be promoted and become rich. It doesn't make sense, hahaha, uh, off topic, get back to business. . .


One day, Tang Taizong invited the founding father to go to the royal banquet. When his meal was full, his colleagues talked about Fang Xuanling's fear of his wife. Maybe the prime minister drank two more glasses and blew a few words that were not afraid of his wife's cowhide. It's big.


The emperor gave two beauties to the prime minister. At this time, the prime minister thought of his overbearing wife at home, and persuaded, but could not let the emperor take it back. He had to brace his head and go home. Sure enough , the prime minister's wife was furious and quarreled with Fan Xuanling Scolded and rushed out of the two "beauties".


This incident passed to the emperor's ears. Li Shimin wanted to frustrate the prime minister's ambition, and immediately summoned prime minister Fang Xuanling and his wife to plead guilty. The emperor gave her two choices: one was to bring back the beauty; the other was to drink Yuci's "poisonous wine". The fierce Mrs. Fang would rather drink poisonous wine than the other husband's husband. The prime minister cried and was told by other officials that it was a vinegar. When he saw such a "stubborn" wife, he had to take back the beauty. "The word" jealous "spread from this.


[Qing Dynasty Gege wanted to share a bed with his horse and bribe a nanny]

Seeing this subtitle, you thought I was foolish, and I checked the information, and there is indeed a legend. The original information said that Emperor Guangerong An Gulun had married Ma Ma Fuzhen for a year, but I did n’t see it. The reason is that the nanny prevented her from meeting Fu Zhen.


In general, after the birth of the Gege in the Qing Dynasty, they were nursed by nurses. It can be said that from birth to marriage, the number of times they met their biological mother was rare. When Gege got married, according to royal customs, the emperor gave them to the special government. In this way, if there is no special requirement, the recruited horse can only live in the house outside the house.


When the Geges want a husband and wife life, there is a reviewer here, that is the grandmother, she will make an oral application with the grandmother, spend a lot of money to bribe a housekeeper, grandmother, if the money is in place, it is easy to say anything. The money I gave wasn't enough, then, huh, the nanny would look for excuses to stop her and even blame her with a smile.

And as a young woman in the feudal society at that time, Gege was originally weak and shy. Who would argue for this shy thing? So I had to leave it to the nanny. This consequence directly leads to a reduction in the chances of having a child and raising a child. Seriously, it is possible that due to long-term thinking, you may leave the world prematurely.


[Origin of Three Longs and Two Shorts]

"Three longs and two shorts" are related to the death of a previous person into a coffin. The coffin was made of six pieces of wood. The four pieces of coffin cover, bottom of the coffin, left cymbal, right cymbal are long pieces of wood; the two pieces at the front and the back are short pieces of square wood. Taken together is four strengths and two weaknesses.


Then why not call it four longs and two shorts? Because they are covered after death, they are only called three longs. "Three longs and two shorts", as another name for death, has spread more and more widely. Later, when accidents, disasters and other meanings were added, they changed from slang to idioms.

[Why father-in-law is called "Taishan"]

Usually we call our wife's father father-in-law, but some people also call it Taishan. The source is a story from the Tang Dynasty by Duan Chengshi in Poyang Miscellaneous .

It is rumored that Tang Xuanzong Li Longji was sealed in Taishan in 726, and his prime minister Zhang said that he was the seal ambassador and took his son-in-law, Zheng Zheng, with him. According to the old example, after the emperor participates in the closure, officials below the prime minister can be promoted to the next level. Zheng Xun was a nine-ranking official. Zhang said that he used his powers to immediately upgrade him to four ranks and become a fifth-ranking official.


At that time, eight or nine product officials wore light cyan or cyan official clothes, and five product officials wore light trip color official clothes. At the banquet, Tang Xuanzong saw Zheng Ye's official uniform suddenly changed to a shallow color. When he felt strange, he asked him, Zheng Manzhi could not answer.

At this time, the officials around Xuanzong replied in a pun on his behalf: "This is also the power of Taishan!" Tang Xuanzong was confused and passed by. Later people slowly referred to his wife and father as "Taishan". Because Taishan is the "five-grandparents", he also referred to his wife and father as "father-in-law", "yueweng" and "yuewen", and together called his wife and mother "mother-in-law" or "Taishui".

[Origin of what women call "thousands of gold"]

The legend of Qianjin was named after Wu Zixun, who was rescued after being hunted down by the raccoon girl. He said that if he succeeded in fame , he would be rewarded with gold.


For a long time in history, these two characters have been used to metaphorize outstanding young men. It is a matter after the Yuan and Ming Dynasties to call the girl the Qianjin or Miss Qianjin. The earliest written records are found in the drama " Xue Renguirong's Return to Hometown" written by Zhang Guobin, a Yuan writer: "You are the daughter of a thousand people from the government and the family. Please stabilize yourself.


There is also another statement about "thousands of gold", which starts from the ancient monetary unit of our country. Two thousand years ago, the Qin Dynasty used one yuan as one gold ("(" was an important unit in ancient times, and one yuan was twenty-two or twenty. Forty-two), the Han Dynasty used a pound of gold as a gold. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, gold was often referred to as brass.

Later generations used "thousands of gold" to make words valuable, such as "a word worth thousands of gold", "a moment of thousands of gold", "a promise of thousands of gold " and so on. In social contact, people gradually called unmarried girls "Miss Qianjin".

[Ancient god beast Kirin turned out to be a giraffe]

It was regarded by the ancients as a beast of gods and beasts, and it lived for two thousand years. He can spit fire, his voice is like thunder, and when I look at the words of Kirin, I take the word "deer" as a radical, and when the ancient man made the word, he told people that Kirin evolved from a deer, but it is definitely not a deer. More parts and equipment than deer.


In the thirteenth year of Yongle, the first appearance of the unicorn in ancient times was Zheng He and the messenger express express to the court that the legendary unicorn was found.

Ming Chengzu was so happy that the envoy of the Marin Kingdom went to Fengtianmen to host the welcoming ceremony on the day he entered Beijing, and the civil and military ministers competed to congratulate him. Shen Hanlin, a bachelor , wrote the article "Song of the Unicorn of Ruiying," and ordered the artist to draw a unicorn picture.

Do you dare to believe that when you look at the picture of Kirin six hundred years later, it turns out that Kirin is a giraffe.


In addition to these rare historical truth events, there are more unknown truths in history. For example, the Qin Dynasty, which was not completely unified, was criticized as "military weakness" by "mainstream" experts. The Tang Dynasty, which was the strongest military, was even taller. The "Songtizi" created by Qin Yue is a common typeface of official documents throughout the Southern Song Dynasty. This and other history, if you are interested, you can check out related books.

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