How did the Battle of Baibi Pass pass? Li Shimin's plan for Song Jingang's dilemma!

Today, the interesting history editor will bring you the specific process of the battle of Baibiguan. I hope it can help you.

In the novels of Sui and Tang Dynasty , Shuo Tang, and other novels, storytelling, and film and television, the battle of Baibiguan is a highlight. In this drama, Qin Shubao of the Li Tang camp and Yu Chijingde of the Liu Wuzhou (that is, Liu Wuzhou ) camp staged a fierce battle. As a result, Qin and Yu Chi's "three whips for two crickets" is a good match for opponents . The two sides had a heroic sympathy, which led Yu Chigong to join Tang camp, and they were happy together.

The prototype of the Battle of Baibiguan is the historical battle of Baibi, which took place in Baibi, located southwest of Xinbei today. To be honest, history is often much more exciting than fiction. This battle in real history is by no means as enjoyable as in the storytelling, but rather intense and exciting. Li Shimin , the first general in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties, successfully broke through adversity and defeated adversity with a command method that breaks through the conventional methods, giving us a vivid military lesson. Let us take a look at this battle!

Tang Gaozu Wude two years (AD 619). The Tang regime that was just born was confronted with a huge test. "Wu Dingyang Khan" Liu Wuzhou, who was attached to the Turkic forces, accepted the suggestion of Song Jingang, and sent Song Jingang to lead the army south to attack Tang. Song Jingang fought without proclaiming, with the thunderbolt, he conquered cities such as Yuci (now Shanxi Jinzhong), Jiezhou (now Shanxi Fenyang), and beat Jinyang (now Shanxi Taiyuan), hitting Tang The government was caught off guard. Tang Gaozu Li Yuan did not dare to neglect, and sent Li Zhongwen, Pei Ji and others to lead the rescue, all of which were defeated. Li Yuan's confidant Pei Ji was defeated by the army and fled.


Song Jingang led the army to take Jinshan with the momentum of Mount Tai. Jin Yang Shou will be Li Yuanji, Li Yuan's third son. Li Yuanji was really an expert in current affairs , and he took full advantage of the man 's spirit of not losing sight , and left the city to flee to Changan (now Xi'an, Shaanxi) overnight. Song Jingang won Jinyang effortlessly . Jinyang was the place where the Li and Tang dynasties were prosperous, and it was also strategically backed, with great political influence. After laying down Jinyang, Song King Kong continued to sweep the Hedong area, and the Hedong city fell. Only the southwestern Luzhou (now Shanxi Xinyang) was still in the hands of the Tang army, and the situation was at stake.

Song Kinggang sent people to contact the Sui Dynasty die-hard general Wang Xingben who was stationed in the river. The two sides echoed each other and became a gully. The Tang Dynasty encountered the first major test since the founding of the People's Republic, and its rule was greatly threatened. After all, Hedong is the place where Li Tang emerged. If Hedong loses, the emerging Tang regime is bound to become a rootless grass. At the same time, the Tang Dynasty's eastward route was cut off, and the snails were living in the middle of a serious shortage of logistical supplies, which was tantamount to chronic suicide. Emerging regimes will suffer. In a critical moment, Li Yuan once again played his trump card: Qin King Li Shimin.

In fact, Li Yuan did not have much confidence in sending troops to Hedong. Earlier, he even wanted to give up Hedong, and spend time in Guanzhong, so he could count all day. Fortunately, Li Shimin of the Qin Dynasty was able to make a public opinion and force to send troops, and Li Yuan made up his mind. Li Shimin led his army to cross the Yellow River in the east, and was stationed at Baihe on the east bank of the Yellow River. He joined the Tang army in Luzhou and competed with Song Kingang in Jinzhou (now Linfen, Shanxi). At this time, the Hedong area was severely damaged. Li Shimin issued a notice to vigorously publicize the army and civilians, and first solve the urgent need of food and grass. However, at this time Tang Jun's strength was still at a disadvantage, and he had no assurance of defeating Song King Kong. Li Shimin, who has never fought insecurely, decided not to fight, and confronted King Kong Song for a long time.


The two sides have been confronting each other for more than a hundred days. The main force of Li Shimin has been persistent in not fighting, and Song Jingang's heart gradually became uneasy. During this time, his allies Lu Chongmao, Wang Xingben and others were eaten by Tang Jun. And Yu Chi Jingde, who he sent to rescue Lu Chongmao, was also defeated by Qin Shubao and Yin Kaishan sent by Li Shimin (this is the prototype of "three whips for two crickets" in the storytelling). This isn't enough. What's more terrible is that he has run out of food! Sitting and eating in the mountains for more than a hundred days in a row, even a grain mountain will be emptied. And his food transportation channel has been cut off by Li Shimin. Therefore, the conventional response at this time is naturally to retreat to supplement grain.

However, Song Jingang was afraid to retreat, because the other party showed no sign of retreat, and apparently had plenty of food. If you retreat, the opponent will be chased, and the soldiers will be defeated. In fact, although Li Shimin had collected a lot of grains before, Hedong was too devastating. After more than a hundred days of confrontation, Tang Jun could only sit back and eat. But Li Shimin did not retreat. He was fighting mental tactics. He had been waiting for Song Jingang to retreat. As soon as the other party retreats, the soldiers who are short of food will be crushed immediately. In the same way, if you retreat first, the other party can easily defeat yourself. The battle was thus dead.

Song Jingang finally couldn't stand it anymore. If he continued to go on, he would starve to death without fighting. So he made up his mind to retreat. This is the opportunity that Li Shimin has been waiting for for a long time. With a wave of flag, Tang Jun kept on running and chased Song King Kong. At this time, the Song King Kong army had no fighting spirit. After Tang Jun easily defeated the enemy, he would go north to recover the Huo Yi (now Shanxi Huozhou), and then finally catch up with Song King Kong in Jiezhou. , Song King Kong was defeated. At this point, Song Jingang had completely lost his fighting spirit, and accompanied Liu Wu to flee north on Monday and fled to Turkic territory.


In the north of Jiezhou is Zhang Nanbao, who is stationed by Tang Jun. Li Shimin can finally lead Tang Jun to a full meal. Since then, he has not eaten for several days. If it wasn't for Song King Kong ’s fighting spirit being completely lost, and Tang Jun was exhausted for several days, it would be hard to tell who died .

The battle of Baibi has come to an end. Throughout this battle, the reason why Tang Jun can win is mainly because of Li Shimin's superb battlefield command. In this battle, Li Shimin's command art mainly includes the following:

First, the outstanding military talents of Tang Jun's coach Li Shimin. Li Shimin was undoubtedly the first general in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties. In this battle, he did not rush into battle in the face of the disadvantaged situation, but instead stationed in Bai Bo to stand still; he also sent troops to cut off the other side's supply line. When the opponents retired, they immediately chased and beat the water dog .

Second, at the same time as confrontation, Li Shimin reviewed the situation and successfully wiped out Lu Chongmao and Wang Xingben's Jun Tian, who echoed Song Jingang, and relieved each other's foreign aid; Song Jingang's response to this completely fell into Li Shimin's calculation. Yu Chijingde, who sent the rescue, was also defeated by Li Shimin's Qin Shubao and Yin Kaishan, who were dispatched in advance.

The third and most important point is Li Shimin's strong psychological quality. In the case of running out of food, the pursuit of the enemy is still daring. On the other hand, Song King Kong fell completely into Li Shimin's calculations, and his failure was not surprising.

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