What is the "inside circle" approach to life? How does "inside" constitute?

Today, the interesting history editor brought you what is the "external circle and inner side" of life? I hope it can help you.

In order to be a person, you must truly understand the world, and you must be an understanding person.

The so-called understanding of people means not only working hard to change the environment, but also working hard to change interpersonal relationships. This is inseparable from your wisdom as a person. You must understand the direction of life, know your fundamental pursuits, know what you should do, and don't worry about being a little bit trivial. Only in this way can our future be filled with sunshine.


What is "inside the circle"?

Outer circle: It is for us to learn to be flexible and changeable in our dealings with others, to think in other places, to consider the interests and requirements of others, to make reasonable and timely adjustment strategies, to try to maintain a harmonious relationship with each other, and to avoid unnecessary conflicts with each other. .

Inner side: It is your own decisions and principles, which are determined by your own interests. Because each of us has our own principles and bottom line, we will stick to it to some extent.

When it comes to "inside the circle", how to win people's hearts, Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms period is a good example.

Once Cao Cao led his army to capture Jingzhou, he sent General Cao Ren and other generals to lead the 30,000 army to attack Xinye. At that time, the strength of Liu Bei and Cao Cao could not be compared at all. Liu Bei was very anxious to face an enemy ten times his own. At this time, Liu Bei's military division Xu Xuan made a plan and defeated Cao Jun twice in a row.

After Cao Jun's defeat, Cao Cao determined that Liu Bei must be assisted by an expert, otherwise Liu Bei would never be so embarrassed by the lack of strength. So Cao Cao sent someone to inquire. After inquiring, it was learned that the master who advised Liu Bei was Xu Yan.


Cao Cao thought that such a person would be bad for Liu Bei, so he decided to recruit Xu Yan to work for himself. In order to achieve his goal, Cao Cao explored Xu Xun's situation in detail: "Xu Xun is loyal to his filial piety, and he lost his father at an early age, and now only his mother is in the hall and no one serves." So he sent someone to deceive Xu Xu to Xu Chang , and forged Xu Xu to write to Xu Xun Let Xu Yan come to take care of him. After seeing the letter, the filial Xu Yue cried and lied to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei heard the news like a thunderbolt. He knew Xu Xu might never see him again this time. His best counselor left, not only because he had dominated the loss of his career, but also Xu Xu went to Cao Cao. Doesn't it mean raising a tiger?

However, Liu Bei also knows that in order to attract talents, they must first respect talents. Only in this way, talents can be used by themselves. They can only be gentlemen who are touching by benevolence, and cannot be a forced villain. If they have to stay forcibly, they may Will make things awkward.

So instead of staying strong, Liu Bei comforted Xu Yan with tears: "Mother and son's affection is a nature shared by all people in the world, so don't forget about me."

Sun Qian and others knew that Liu Bei was going to let Xu Yan go, and said to Liu Bei: "Xu Yan is not only a wizard in the world, he has stayed in our army for a while, it is clear that our army is false and real. If we let him go today, he will definitely be Cao Cao It ’s better to keep him. If Cao Cao hurts his mother in an anxiety, he will avenge his mother and will do his best to assist you in dealing with Cao Cao. "

But Liu Bei said, "No! If Cao Cao harms his mother and I use his son, this is innocent; if Qiang keeps him and doesn't let him see his mother, this is injustice. How can I do such an injustice? Absolutely not! "


The next day, Liu Bei bid farewell to Xu Yan. When they parted, the two cried. When the horse arrived at Changting, Liu Bei dismounted. Xu Yan was deeply impressed by Liu Bei ’s knowledge and appreciation, so he told Liu Bei: “Even if he went to Cao Ying, even if Cao Cao was forced, he would never advise him.” Liu Bei heard nothing and said nothing. Just tell Xu Xu to serve his mother with all his heart and be a filial son in the future. Do n’t take it for granted.

After Xu Ye came to the horse with tears, he suddenly stopped and told Liu Bei that he had a very talented friend who lived in Longzhong twenty miles outside the city of Xiangyang and had the talents of heaven and earth. Make plans and complete the great cause of revival.

Liu Bei was pleased to invite Xu Yan to recommend him, but Xu Yan said, "My friend is indifferent to fame and fortune, and seeks for the sake of profit. Unless the protagonist personally invites him, can he go out of the mountain?" .

It can be seen from this incident that Liu Bei will not only consider how dangerous he was at the time. If he forces Xu Xuan to stay, this will make the filial Xu Xuan disgusted with his own practices, and he may not try his best to advise himself. .

However, it is precisely because Liu Bei is open-minded about this matter that he will never serve the enemy, even if Xu Xu no longer plans for himself. Liu Bei is not only friendly to the people he uses, but also makes outsiders think that he is doing the right thing, which is what we call "the outer circle and the inner side", thus achieving his purpose.


As a person, you have to learn to “outside the circle,” and then you will maintain a harmonious and stable relationship with the other party. The trivial matter will not cause the cooperation relationship to crack, or even break, so I think this way of thinking about transposition is also Has become a key factor in achieving success.

Back in our daily life, think about what I have tried hard. Why are there so many things that have not been done well and why I have not achieved the results I want? In fact, if we analyze the reasons, we can probably summarize them as "more than tough, not flexible enough" ", Leading to" outside inner circle "when doing things.

For example, some people have first-class results in school, but they have become part-time workers in society; some have second-class results in school, but they have become bosses in society. why?

It is precisely because first-class students pay too much attention to professional knowledge and ignore the "roundness" of being a human being, and second-class students have mastered the principles of life in their interactions with others.

In many cases, people tend to be personally aware of themselves and consider themselves to be absolutely correct in everything they do. Always wanting to impose your opinions on others, which often leads to a lot of controversy, making things difficult or impossible to accomplish well.


It is so-called "the world is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Being human is a very important and profound knowledge.

Just like the inner circle of the ancient bronze coins in ancient China, the ancients cast currency into the inner circle, which symbolizes the square, the outer circle and the inner quality of life. It can also be said that people must have personal principles in their lives. ; Think before you go, then think later, then make sure you do n’t doubt, regret, not change. Not blindly accommodating others, have their own decisions and bottom lines, have their own views and opinions on things.

Therefore, we need to work hard to strengthen learning and make ourselves a connotative person. Knowledge and cultivation are the foundation of "inside the circle". Only with knowledge and technology can we have enough confidence, and we will be able to be smooth and flexible when dealing with interpersonal relationships, and we will be able to cultivate an intelligent life of "inside the circle".

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