What are the causes and effects of the change at Ganlu Temple? Why can Qiu Shiliang die?

Do you really understand the changes of Ganlu Temple? Today's interesting history editor brings you a new interpretation ~

The change of Ganlu Temple was the struggle between the ministers of the Central Government and the eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty during the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, and the Tang Dynasty. Due to the eunuch's power and power in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Wenzong felt deeply threatened. Therefore, under the suggestion of Prime Minister Li Xun , Design Qing Chen Chen, to prevent future troubles. In November of 1949, with the secret support of Tang Wenzong Li Ang, the court officials led by Li Xun planned an event to eradicate eunuch eunuchs led by Qiu Shiliang . History calls it " the change of manna. "


In this struggle between the eunuchs of the inner dynasty and the ministers of the outer dynasty, it ended with the failure of the change in the Ganlu Temple. Foreign ministers including the Prime Minister, Jiedushi, Jingzhao Shaoyin, etc. were all assassinated. Any ministers who have nothing to do with this matter are also given death. The eunuch group, led by Qiu Shiliang, took insurance for the sake of insurance. In order to prevent revenge, even the women, children and children in the home of the Minister of North Korea and China did not let go. Shocked.

If we talk about "changes in manna", the eunuch officer Qiu Shiliang and the "frustrated prime minister" Li Xun, Qiu Shiliang, Kuang Mei, Guangdong Xingning people. During his administration, he was extremely charming to the upper side and violently conquered to the lower side. During the Tang Wenzong period, Wen Zong was unable to control the political power of the court and was the puppet of eunuch Qiu Shiliang, under the control of Qiu Shiliang. He has been in government for more than 20 years. The small officials who have been in the government from inside and outside Wufang have been the lieutenants of Zuo Shen Cejun . During his tenure, he killed four prime ministers, one princess, and two kings of Tang. Extremely cruel.

There is such a record in the Dictionary of Chinese Celebrities' Congress. Qiu Shiliang was incorruptible during his tenure of office, rich and worthy of the enemy, but he was very intelligent, advancing and retreating. Therefore, in his more than 20 years of official career, the reigns and rewards of the reigning emperors of the Tang Dynasty were constantly promoted. In his later years, he told his old man to return to his hometown many times. At the age of 63, he died in his hometown. After his death, the Tang royal family remembered his usual merits and his defense of the royal family and pursued him as Governor of Yangzhou. It can be described as the result of a hospice.

When the prime minister Li Xunqi was a man with the word Zhong Yan, his grandfather was the former prime minister Li Xun, who was extremely good at drilling camps and had a good strategy. In the New Tang Book Li Xunzhuan, the historian described it as a little ambitious and was an official in the North At the time, he was very careful about the emperor 's thoughts. When Tang Wenzong expressed his dissatisfaction with eunuchs and wanted to remove the eunuch group soon, he seized the opportunity. When the ministers of government and politics beside Li Ang flinched and no one was available, he could stand up, although The "change of manna" designed by Li Xun eventually failed, and he also ended up being killed by the whole family. However, his attitude and spirit of daring to do things and doing things is worthy of our reference and thinking. Under the premise that the eunuchs were powerful at the time, they resolutely dared to "bright sword" with the eunuchs group. This is something we should ponder deeply.


From the introduction above, we can see that Qiu Shiliang's cunning and clever, so the failure of "Ganlu Temple" is also reasonable. Wen Zong was too eager to grasp the power, and the prime minister, Li Xun, did not discuss it from a long-term perspective, so he hurriedly implemented the extremely risky "elimination plan". Caused this plan to fail. On November 31, 835 AD, the prelude to "The Change of Manna" opened. When Tang Wenzong Li Ang entered the early dynasty, Prime Minister Li Xun arranged for General Zuo Jinwu, General Han Yue to play on the court, saying that the pomegranate tree planted in the courtyard of the later Dynasty. There are many nectar on it, it is God ’s blessing to me, and it is a sign of auspiciousness! Prime Minister Li Xun and the ministers who know this are all falsely praised, and proposed that Tang Wenzong should lead the civil and military officials to go to the courtyard to see Xiangruizhi. trillion.

Tang Wenzong led a heavy minister to the backyard courtyard. Prime Minister Li Xun had already set up soldiers behind the courtyard screen to kill the eunuchs Chou Shiliang, Yu Hongzhi and others, but they could still act in the future. Chou Shiliang and others noticed the abnormality of the General Korean Treaty. Before he got to the pomegranate tree in the courtyard, he was sweating heavily, and at the same time a breeze blew up the tent curtain in the courtyard, Qiu Shiliang and others discovered the soldier with a weapon hidden behind him. Then, the eunuchs scattered, and fled, Qiu Shiliang shouted, "Are you going to rebel?" Terrorized others and took the opportunity to escape. Later, he went to look for Wen Zong Li Ang, and bluntly, his prime minister Li Xun and others wanted to rebel. Wen Zong had to " borrow the donkey ". Chou Shiliang and other eunuchs escorted back to the Inner Dynasty and closed the palace door. Seeing no hope of killing the thief, his prime minister Li Xun changed his clothes and escaped from the capital.

After the chaos subsided, Qiu Shiliang and others knew that Tang Wenzong had participated in and gave permission, and rebuked Wen Zong for his stupidity, and Wen Zong was afraid to speak back and reply. Qiu Shiliang also ordered his men to lead a thousand embargoes to arrest and kill the prime minister Li Xun and the officials and their families, including the Shangshu province of Zhongshu province . In the end, the failure of the ministers other than the "changes in manna" ended. Since then, eunuchs have become more lofty and loyal to Wen Zong. Full control of the political power of the DPRK and the abolition of the emperor.

So why did Li Xun fail in killing the traitors, causing Gan Luzhi to become the tomb sacrificed by the foreign minister? The author believes that there are several reasons:

For one, the time when it happened was at the time of the Korean congress, and the manna coup took place above Wen Zong's regular participation in the Korean congress. According to the Tang Dynasty system, the emperor had defenders in the upper dynasty. Among the defending troops are Wei and Five, all of which are led by General Jin Wuwei, as well as Qianniu . Such a grand ceremonial honor was possible in the early Tang Dynasty. However, after the Anshi Rebellion , the Tang Dynasty turned from prosperity to decline. With the complete collapse of the military system of the government , the so-called Wei, Five Battles, and Thousand Cow Guards in the North Korean Conference could not be implemented. The army that served as the ceremonial guard of the court in the late Tang Dynasty was mainly composed of Guan Jian. There were only about 200 people in Wenzong Taihe, and then they grew to more than 400.


From the historical data, we can see that when Wen Zongtai was two years old, Guan Jian appeared for the first time as a defender. At first it was 200 people, and later it expanded to more than 440 people. In fact, as early as the 14th year of the Dazong Dali, Jin Wuwei's army that had served as a defender had collapsed, such as: "Wei Yuezhang in the 14th year of the Dali calendar: He led Jin Wuwei to guard the war, etc. General Fan's hand strength, and knowing the judges and other places, and driven by the imperial character of the province. Still taking funds, for the use of the guards, not suitable for leaving office. From now on, it should be stopped. "From this, we have reached Wenzong During this period, only the Jin Wuwei was left in the battle for the Wei Dynasty. After readjusting Jin Wuwei, the number of defenders was 4,000.

At that time, Li Xun ordered Guo Xingyu and Wang Yao to deploy their respective tunes outside Danfengkou, but in an emergency, only Wangli's Hedong tune reached the Hanyuan Temple, while Guo Jinyu's Xiangning tune did not come. Since Miyaguchi was guarded by the eunuch guard led by the eunuch, how did Hedong Qu come in. Everyone who enters the palace entrance must present proof of identity.However, in October of the eighth year of Emperor Dezong of the Tang Dynasty, it was worth noting that there was a new rule that Jin Wuwei should set up a domicile, which was abolished eight years ago. . Later, Han Yue served as General Zuo Jinwuwei, probably for the convenience of soldiers from Hedong and Hao Ning towns to enter the palace.

In the " Old Tang Book Wen Zong Ji 1", Han Yue served as Annan Duhu in the first year of Taihe. However, due to his poor management, he was soon kicked out. It can be seen that this person's military management ability is very poor. Later, Li Xun saw that Han Yue failed, and used rewards as a trick. He tried to let Jin Wuwei protect Wen Zong along with him. As a result, only "Jin Wuwei had dozens of people, and he came in with training." Li Xun appointed General Han Yuezuo Jinwuwei to let him command all the guards and destroy eunuchs during the emperor's dynasty meeting. Because General Jin Wuwei was on duty at the turn. However, because Han Yue's term as General Zuo Jinwu was too short, he could not completely control Jin Wuzhan. Therefore, whether Jin Wuwei's army can completely control the army is an important factor in the success of the army.

Second, Li Xun's plan was to eradicate all eunuchs in Zuo Jinwu battlefield. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of Wenzong, he was sent to protect the town of Hedong and Linning. After the Korean treaty failed, the two sides fought in Hanyuan Hall. Take control of Wen Zong and bring it into Xuanzheng's mouth. It also showed that the military coup planned by Li Xun had completely failed. Later, Qiu Liangliang and others mobilized magical troops to enter the palace and launched a cleansing operation against Nanxun officials. After Hanyuan Hall, it was Xuanzhengkou. After Qiu Shiliang and the others knew the truth, he hurried out of Zuo Jinwu's courtyard and hurried back to Han Yuanxiu and carried Wen Zong's drove towards Xuanzhengkou. Jiankouwei guards Xuanzhengkou, and General Jiankouwei is served by Qiu Shiliang's subordinate Liu Mozhang.

Qiu Shiliang naturally wants to move closer to his own group. So who is in charge of the Xuanzhengkou key? After the change of Ganlu, Tianming and the ministers went up, and Xuanzhengkou was closed at that time. Later, the court made Ma Yuanzan speak, called for battle, and appointed Zhang Zhongfang as Beijing Zhaoyin. " Zizhi Tongjian " has a more specific record, which says: "It's the day, Linghu Chu is the salt and iron transfer messenger, Zuo Sanqi often serves Zhang Zhongfang, and Quanzhi knows Beijing Zhaoyin. Within a few days, killing and worshiping, Both depended on the two lieutenants, and they did not hesitate. "According to these two historical materials, it can be seen that after the change of manna, the Qiuliang Group temporarily controlled the appointment of officials, and Zhang Zhongfang was conveyed by Ma Yuanzan. Appointed as Jingzhao Yin.

Therefore, Ma Yuanfei obeyed Qiu Shiliang, and the two of them should also be a group. Therefore, when the situation was urgent, Qiu Shiliang first thought of the cabinet controlled by his close friend Ma Yuanzan. Zhongzhang carried Wenzong's drove into the inner court from the entrance of Dongshangge, which was logical. At first, Li Xun did not consider the issue of Xuanzhengkou control, because the eunuch ’s master of the prison guards guarded Xuanzhengkou and dozens of people, and he planned to protect Wenzong in the Hanyuan Hall. Hedong and Xiangning Towns Hundreds of people. But it was this small negligence that made his plan completely fail, because he did not consider the sudden situation. Therefore, Xuanzhengkou's contention is another factor for the soldiers to lose.

After the change of the manna, Li Xun Group fell, and the eunuchs regained their heads and became dominant, forming a short-term eunuch's comprehensive and authoritative situation. Although later, its power contracted slightly. But the right to inherit the throne was firmly held by them. In the Zhaozong period, there was a situation of openly abolishing the emperor , and it was finally eliminated by the Prime Minister of Nanzhao and Fanzhen, but then the Tang Dynasty also went to ruin. In short, the change of manna was a major event in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It reflects the political situation of the Tang Dynasty, and also reflects the new trend of eunuch's dictatorship .

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