What was the cart shop in the Northeast before? How did the cart shop develop?

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What does the cart shop mean? Generally it can be understood as a shop that repairs carts, or a shop that sells carts, but this is the understanding of modern people. Actually, the true "car cart" in history is not the case. The store has a story of a big car shop, and it was in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, so this place seems very confusing, and we wo n’t say more. Let ’s analyze it together at the time. What shop!


From a functional point of view, you can simply understand the big car shop as a highway rest station, mainly to provide a place for people who run long-distance transportation to rest. But in fact, this gadget slowly develops a bit deformed, and the three teachings and nine streams are all here to form a unique culture.

1.Embargoment of Northeast China and flower carts

This matter probably has to start with a ban on customs clearance in the Qing dynasty . After the Qing army left Shanhaiguan, in order to protect its own Longxing land , it was ordered to ban the Han Chinese from Guanhai from developing in the Northeast. They built a lot of side walls and planted wicker on the wall, so this thing is also called wicker side.

This ban on customs clearance was tossed for several days until 1860, when the British and French coalition forces entered Beijing, and the Emperor Xianfeng issued a decree permitting some mainland residents to enter Jilin. So the residents who couldn't get through the customs began to flock out of Shanhaiguan and ran to the northeast to get a livelihood.

However, the Northeast is not so mixed, because the land was barren for many years and the old Maozi penetrated very well. The ground is either frozen ground or mud, and transportation means such as unicycles in the pass will be finished. To say that the Huaxia people are also very smart, they soon came up with a vehicle suitable for northeast transportation-a big car.


The so-called cart is a two-wheeled long-axle animal-powered cart. It consists of a double-rod national salamander, a flat body, and a wooden calyx. In order to prevent dirt and soil from spreading over the ground, wooden boards are erected around it. Horses can pull, mules can pull, and donkeys can do it. Due to the use of double-barreled national salamanders, the number of livestock is not too limited.

The so-called flower cymbals are wheels that are supported by iron-wood poles like bicycle wheels. These wheels are evenly stressed and have a certain shock absorption function, which is more suitable for the harsh road conditions in the Northeast at that time. Later, with the popularity of rubber, Huayao also began to use rubber tires to absorb shock, and the ride experience was first-rate.

The driver of the big car is commonly known as the "car owner". They usually start with the car (the vernacular is called a hand bag, in fact, it is a loader), and then gradually learn to wait for livestock, set cars, catch cars, and repair cars before they can leave the car alone. The dialect that leaves the car is called hanging up. Generally, at least one animal is used for hanging, and there are four animals.

2. The big car shop that came into being

We all know that the northeast is a very big place. It takes about 40 hours by train from Pudong to Liaoning to the north of Heilongjiang. This kind of big car can not even run for a long time. If it's okay in Kannai, just stop at a leeward place and spread it out for a night, but in Northeast China this kind of behavior belongs to death.

First of all, the temperature in winter in the Northeast is too touching, and more than 20 degrees below zero is considered a normal operation. So I slept outside for a night, and basically freeze to death the next day. In addition, the Northeast was outside the law at that time, and the bandits walked with beards. The young people passing by may come to kill and overpay, and you will die in vain.

Therefore, the brain-laden and somewhat influential ground guns set up a large car shop on the roadside. Generally, one is arranged every 40 miles. The earthen buns will heat up for you, the forages for livestock will be prepared for you, and the folks will keep the yard at night. In addition, the shopkeepers of these big car stores adhere to the concept of Northeast people, so that the price is cheap and sufficient, and the car owners like it.


3. Rivers and lakes in the cart shop

Because the price is cheap, big car shops generally do not do luxury, adobe houses with pine beams, North and South Hengtong Datong shop, how can a shop can accommodate 20 people. 扔 Throw a few benches, two tables along the bottom, washbasins are common, soap pancreas is also common, the only tube is hot water.

Another thing that is more urine is that the early big car stores were mixed with men and women. In fact, the girls who rushed to drive that year were basically improper, and rarely did they get bullied. However, the shopkeeper of the cart shop still gives preferential treatment to women. They are usually arranged to sleep in the corners, hang a curtain to cover it slightly, and they will prepare a urinal separately.

The food at Dashidian is quite good. The rice noodles and glutinous rice noodles are made solidly. In summer, the dishes are usually stewed with kidney beans and aubergines. In winter, the conditions are awful. The pickles, radish soup and sauerkraut soup are enough. You can bring it to your own food store, and pick up the condiments and send pickles. If you bring your own food, the store does not charge for heating, nothing else, it is affordable.


Because all the passers-by are received, the big car shop starts to become complicated as time goes by. Bandits pull willows will definitely go to live. The lower nine streams of the rivers and lakes also live to save money, and small businesses to live for safety, big. In this way, the car shop has gradually become a treasure place for the connection of cattle, ghosts, and snakes or the exchange of information.

In this situation, it is generally impossible to sit down with a cannon. There are not dozens of mules in your hand who dare to choose the "Zao Lan Guo" (the sign of the big car shop, which looks like a basket, a small shop picks one, and a big shop picks three ) Basically, all beards have been swept into scum. Later, the main children who could open a big car shop were basically the big supporters of Shili Baxiang, and the official and black faces had to be able to stand up.

Because of this protective umbrella, many other small shops also like to open near the cart shop. Small shops, bistros, blacksmith stoves, carpenters, hemp shops, and mountain goods shops all gather here, slowly. Formed villages and towns centered on big carts. At present, the Wafangdian and Pulandian stores in Dalian have all developed from carts. Dirty is done.

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