Who is Li Shimin's favorite son? What major events did Li Tai experience?

Today, the interesting history editor will bring to you who Li Shimin 's favorite son is. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

His father was the famous Emperor Taizongwen , his mother was the Queen Wende ruled by Zhenguan , the same mother and brother of Prince Li Chengqian , and the same mother and brother of Gaozong Lizhi . His life was highly honored, and he enjoyed all his father's love, all kinds of pampering, frequently attracted the minister's attention, and even the historian responsible for compiling the annals could not help but be impressed. His deeds in history are endless examples in various volumes of Tang history.

Although he was once degraded for participating in the throne, he regained the seal in less than four years, which is unprecedented in Tang history.

He is Li Shimin's most beloved son in history, King Li Tai .


In historical records, Tang Taizong's love of this son can be seen everywhere. As to whether the "her Majesty Aiko" circulated by the people is true, whether it is the historian's jokes or the true thoughts in his heart, in fact, it is not difficult to know the answer from the words recorded by the historian. Although thousands of years have passed, we can still know one or two from the surviving yellow scrolls.

Even this father was the supreme emperor Li Shimin.

In 618 AD, Li Shimin and the eldest son of the eldest son Li Tai were born. That year, he was named King Yidu by Tang Gaozu at the time. The following year, he was directly named King of Wei, and later he was awarded the Kingdom of Shangzhu. You know, this honor is unprecedented. As the second son of Li Tai, even after he was an adult, his official position was limited to the king of Yipin County at most. However, in less than a year, Li Tai was named the king of Yipingwei.

In 627 AD, Li Tai, who was only nine years old, was once again seized, and this sequestration directly sealed him as the king of Yue. At the same time, he was appointed as the governor of Yangzhou and the governor of Yuezhou, supervising the history of Yangzhou assassination in 16 states including Chang, Hai, and Run. Later, he was responsible for overseeing the six states of Vietnam, Tong, Quan, Jian, Taiwan, and Kuo. Not only did he not have to take office, but his fiefdoms reached as many as 22 states. The Shu King Li Ke , who was also blocked at the same time, was far behind. Li Ke only had 8 states.


In 631 AD, Li Tai was appointed Governor of Yangzhou. At the same time, he also served as General Zuo Wuhou, but he did not have to take office.

In 632 AD, Li Tai was governed by the governors of Fengzhou Prefecture and the governors of Xia, Sheng, Beifu, Beining, and Beikai. The other official positions were the same, and he still did not need to go to office.

In 634, not only did Li Tai not go to the five counties in accordance with past practice, but he also led the Governor of Quzhou and Xia Shengbei, Fubei Ningbei, Wukai Governor, and General Zuo Wuhou. Yongzhou herdsmanship.

So, what is Yongzhou recorded in history, and what official position does Yongzhou Mu refer to?

According to the records in " Old Tang Books · Geography", Yongzhou during the Tang Dynasty, which was both Beijing and Zhaofu, also belonged to the territory of the Tang Dynasty. For this reason, Yongzhou Mu is actually the chief in charge of Xi'an Chang'an. And this position of pulling wind was easily rewarded by Tang Taizong to this beloved son.

In 636 AD, Li Tai was secretly sealed as King Wei and led the governors of the prefectures, the governors, Wei, Li, Wei, Dai, Xing, and Beiqi, as well as other officials. However, Tang Taizong not only couldn't bear to have his beloved son leave himself to go to the fiefdom. He even planned to have his beloved son Li Tai live in Wude Hall.

What kind of place is the Wude Hall? This place is very close to the East Palace. Wei Zheng once mentioned: "Today the Wude Hall is near Chu Houyi" "On the west of the East Palace".

This shows the importance of this place.


Long ago, Li Yuanji used to communicate with Li Jiancheng in Wude Hall. Moreover, according to historical records, before Tang Xuanzong learned the way of governing the country in the Wude Hall, it was reasonable for Wei Zheng to come forward to prevent this. However, because Tang Taizong liked the son so much, he did not stop here with the persuasion of the minister by all his extraordinary behaviors.

According to historical records, Li Tai was "big waist", but Tang Taizong didn't worry too much about his son's appearance, and he didn't worry about what kind of harm such a body would do to his son's body, but he was distressed. It was not easy for the son to go up. To this end, Li Shimin specifically permitted him to ride on a coupe to face up. Later, because Li Tai was extremely passionate about literature, Tang Taizong ordered him to build a literature museum in the Wei Dynasty and allowed him to recruit a bachelor. During this period, the "Enclosed Land Records" co-edited by him and Xiao Deyan and others were born.

According to records, this place "has 30 hectares of land and seventeen miles in the week", and the famous Furong Garden was given to this beloved son by Tang Taizong. Not only that, Tang Taizong also occupied the mansion of Huixunfang in Luoyang, the eastern capital, and gave it to Li Tai. Later, the ponds and embankments built by Li Tai in this place are the two scenes of Wei Wangchi and Wei Wangdi, which will be called "the prosperity of the capital" in the future. However, these two places were rewarded by Tang Taizong for his love for him. And such a beauty is precisely because of Li Tai's attention.

Since then, many literati and writers have left ancient quatrains and some excellent works here.


Han Yu once described this in his poem "East Capital in Spring":

The youth is so crazy that he intends to compete with the spring. Every February and March, the flowers of Kyushu are reflected. Kawahara Xiaofu is fresh and Tao Li Chen is pretty. Desolate and tireless, why drunk and die. ... There is a boat Wei Wangchi, often solitary swimming. The water and sky are green here. The shore trees are all covered, and the fangs are warped. Huaigui suffers but fails. ...

Bai Juyi also mentioned here in his poems, such as "Wei Wangdi" and "Wei Diyou Huai", etc. It can be said that these poems are all based on Wei Wangdi's theme. Among them, It is also the landscape of Wei Wangdi's portrayal; Wei Zhuang also mentioned the scenery of Wei Wangdi many times in his poems "Bodhisattva Man" and "Overlook of Zhongdu"; and when Liu Yuxi came here to swim in the river, he also had Deep experience, could not help but say:

Luoxia repaired today, Qunxian wins Hueiji. Sheng Yan accompanies Yu Yan, who is a golden girl. Immortal prostitutes on the waves, and peaches and plums on the shore. The water roars like a heron, singing and singing. The scenery is good, and the fans are confused. Acura can sing and sing, and Moker competes on sub-topics. Cuizhen was rising in clouds, and the car was approaching Daoqi. People boast of walking obstacles, Ma Xijin obstacles mud. Outside the dark palace wall, Xiaming Garden is west. The boat shape turns with the bridge, the bridge shadow and the rainbow are low. The color of Sichuan was still far away, and the dark voice was about to live. Wei Yu stepped on the green companion, waiting for the emperor Wei of the moon.

In 638 AD, Yu Shinan died of illness. After Tang Taizong knew it, he was very sad, so he left a hand bag for Li Tai and said, "Yu Shinan and I have never been inseparable from anyone. I committed some He will speak up and make even small mistakes, even if he speaks outrageous things. Now that he has died, how can my heart's grief be expressed? "

In the year 639, when Wang Xi died, Tang Taizong was sad again for a long time. Later, he specially appointed Li Tai to lead the ministers to mourn the Qi. Wang Ye was once appointed by Tai Taizong as a mentor of Li Tai. Li Tai never overwhelmed him as an identity. He always regarded himself as a student, humble and courteous. Moreover, Li Tai often asked him for some kindness and filial piety. .

When Tang Taizong saw Aiko so respectful of the teacher, he said happily, "My son will not make these minor mistakes in the future."


In 640, Emperor Taizong went to Li Tai ’s mansion in Yankangfang, and pardoned prisoners below the death penalty in Yongzhou, exempted local citizens from a year of taxation, and paid close attention to officials close to King Wei and other members of the mansion People increase the reward.

Speaking of this mansion, Tang Taizong had been persuaded by the ministers many times before it was completed. However, Tang Taizong was not angry and still praised and rewarded Persuasion Shangshu. Among them, he did not see Tang Taizong have any dissatisfaction with Li Tai's behavior, let alone stop it. In particular, Li Tai said to Tang Taizong, "Those officials with more than three grades in the North Korea are very rude to themselves."

When Tang Taizong heard that his beloved had gotten through such grievances, he immediately put these courtiers into the palace and questioned them one by one. Fang Xuanling and others were so scared that they didn't dare to reply, and only Wei Zheng rashly refuted. In the end, Tang Taizong also realized that he had too much affection for his son and lost his place. However, after that, Li Shimin's love for Li Tai has not diminished, and the ministers are not surprised.

In 641 AD, the Encyclopedia, edited by Li Tai, was completed. Tang Taizong was particularly pleased to see it. He not only saved it to the Royal Library, but also awarded Li Tai several times. First of all, there are a lot of gold and silver treasures every month, and the scale is even larger than that of the prince in the current Dynasty, which has also caused constant counsel from the ministers.

However, Tang Taizong is still the same as before. On the one hand, he agrees with their views cheerfully, but it does not really reduce the cost of Li Tai. It just relaxes the authority of the Prince's expenses, and also taunts Li Tai's expenses in disguise.


In 641 AD, Li Taite deliberately completed the construction of the three gates of Longmen Mountain built by his mother's eldest son Sun Lili, and Tang Taizong deliberately went there. The "Three Concubines" on the monument of Yilu Buddha was written by Chu Suiliang, one of the "Four Houses of the Early Tang Dynasty" written by Cen. The calligraphy and paintings above are very peculiar, and they are passed on for centuries. From this, it can be seen that Li Tai is extremely filial to his mother's eldest son Sun, and it can be seen that Tang Taizong attaches great importance to the construction of the Buddhist altar.

Moreover, Tang Taizong was not only partial to this beloved son, but also brought him with him every time he went out to travel. As long as I don't see Li Tai one day, he will order his relatives to send a message, which will make dozens of round trips in one day. As the eldest son of Li Tai, Li Xin was also favored by Tang Taizong because of his father Li Tai. When he was only four years old, he was taken care of by Tang Taizong.

Or because of his father's influence, Li Xin was very clever and clever when he was young, and his grandson asked him if he could adapt to his first visit to the palace. He immediately said, "Grandson is very happy to be in the palace." The Chang Sun, although surprised by his sensible, was very happy inside. Not only named him "Xin", but also treated him like his own son.

Not only that, Li Xin and his uncle Li Zhi also talked very well. The two often played together and the relationship was extraordinary. For this reason, although Li Xin was the heir to the King of Kings, he also went to his fief after waiting for the weak crown.


Throughout Li Tai's life, it can be said that it must be windy and rainy. Although its status is slightly inferior to that of his brother Li Chengqian, he is coveted by his younger brother Li Zhi. More importantly, Li Tai himself is talented, and his history is "intelligent." However, such a person ultimately failed to inherit the throne.

Because of his father Tang Taizong's indulgence, Li Tai gradually got an idea of the throne. In the seventeenth year of Zhenguan (643), Prince Li Chengqian rebelled and Li Tai was suspected of conspiracy. In order to achieve the purpose, Emperor Tang Zong had Li Chengqian, Li Tai, and Li Zhi coexist, and had to adopt an isolation policy. [17] It was renamed Shunyang Wang, who lives in Zhixiang County, Junzhou Prefecture.

In the twenty-three years of Zhenguan (649), Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty collapsed in the Palace of Hanfeng, and he was enthroned by Li Zhi. Li Zhi also gave special treatment to his elder brother after he took office.

The three years of Yonghui (652) were deceased in December, and Li Tai, the king.

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