How did the Liu Heizhang Rebellion start? Li Shimin is not sure that Li Jiancheng will go out!

Today's interesting history editor will bring you how the Liu Heizhang Rebellion was triggered? I hope it can help everyone.

In May 621, King Qin Li Shimin led the Tang army in Huolaoguan, and he came to the rescue of Luoyang warlord Wang Shichong 's Hebei hero— Xia Wang Dou Jiande . In this battle, Xia Jun was almost wiped out , and Dou Jiande was captured on the spot. I heard that Dou Jiande surrendered. Wang Shichong, who had no food or grass in his house, had no surrender. With the exception of a few regions, the Tang Dynasty basically completed the unification of the world.


Later, Li Shimin detained Wang Shichong and Dou Jiande, returned to Chang'an in a beautiful scenery, and received the praise of his father Tang Gaozu Li Yuan . Li Yuan saw that the enemy chief gave him the head, thinking that the world had calmed down, and there was no need to save Dou Jiande's life as a rebel. So he immediately ordered Dou Jiande beheaded. Dou Jiande, known as the "righteous king," walked through the course of his life in a whim.

However, Li Yuan did not expect that Dou Jiande's death was a blockbuster that shook the Hebei area that had already landed. It turned out that Dou Jiande was so popular in Hebei.

Dou Jiande was born in poverty and worked farming for generations. During the chaos at the end of the Sui Dynasty, Dou Jiande, who admired the style of Ren Chi, resolutely set out to support the society and rescued Li Min as his duty. Under his command, warlords such as Wei Dao'er, Yu Wenhua , and Meng Haigong successively awarded the title. Xia Guo, led by Dou Jiande, gradually occupied the whole of Hebei and stared at the Central Plains.


On the one hand, Dou Jiande cared for the people and would not arbitrarily plunder and kill the city. Therefore, under Dou Jiande's rule, agriculture in Hebei was restored, and there was not even a thief on the road. On the other hand, Dou Jiande is eager to be virtuous, and he particularly loves loyal people. Every time Jiande captures the town and defeats his opponent, the wealth he receives will distribute rewards to all the generals. I do n’t eat meat, I just eat vegetables and peeled corn. His wife Cao doesn't wear silk clothes, and his wife and maid only have a dozen people. Therefore, Dou Jiande not only won the hearts and minds of the people in Hebei, but also brought a large number of conspirators who were capable of seeking warfare and planning strategies to gather next to him.

On the battlefield, Dou Jiande repeatedly defeated Wang Shichong and Li Tang. Among them, Dou Jiande also defeated Li Yuan's cousin—Huai'an King Li Shentong and captured Liyang, a major town in the Tang Dynasty. He captured the generals of Zuo Wuwei, Li Ji and Tang Gaozu, and Princess Anchang and Li Shentong. For Li Shentong and others, Dou Jiande chose to treat each other with courtesy without any difficulty. When Li Jiqian fled back to the Tang Dynasty, Dou Jiande did not kill his father as a hostage in revenge, but praised Li Ji as a loyal person. When Xia Guo signed a contract with Li Tang, Dou Jiande returned Li Shentong and Princess Tong An to Tang Guo intact.

It can be said that Dou Jiande is a perfect monarch. If it wasn't for Li Shimin's military talents that were too bad, perhaps Dou Jiande was the most important British ruler who should unify the world.


Although Dou Jiande treated Li Tang with courtesy, Li Yuan did not want to treat him with the same etiquette. The ancestors who had to pass Li Yuan were nobles from the Western Wei Dynasty, and Dou Jiande was nothing but mud-legged. In his opinion, how could a grassroots be on an equal footing with the expensive and expensive people like him? And, as it is today, there is no benefit in leaving Dou Jiande's life. Therefore, Li Yuan ruthlessly executed Dou Jiande, a great hero.

Hearing the news of Dou Jiande's death, his veterans all hated their teeth and gritted their teeth. They originally wanted to return to the farmhouse and once again picked up the swordsmen, and the Hebei area would once again fall into war.

In July of the four years of Wu De (621 years), Li Yuan descended, and recruited Xia Guofan Fan Fan, Dong Kangmai, Cao Zhan, Gao Xianxian, Wang Xiaohu and others to Chang'an. At that time, Fan Yuan and others heard that Dou Jiande was dead, and Li Yuan also executed Wang Shichong's general, Shan Xiongxin, and others. In this regard, Fan Yuan said to everyone:

"The King of Xia captured the King of Huai'an and treated him with courtesy; the King of Xia was captured but killed by Li Tang. It is too unreasonable. We were originally a group of robbers who had been treated by King Xia. Revenge for King Xia, how can he face the men of the world? "


On the one hand, Fan Yuan and others are grateful for the favor of Dou Jiande; on the other hand, they are also worried about repeating the mistake of Shan Xiongxin. So Fan Yuan and others made a unanimous decision: to raise troops against Tang. After divination, they learned that the principal of the surname Liu could do it, so they went to Liu Ya, a veteran of Dou Jiande. However, Liu Ya believed that the world was set, and she had no intention of going out of the mountain again, and she would eventually grow old in agriculture.

Fan Yuan and others saw that Liu Ya was so nonchalant and killed him on the spot. Later, they found the general Liu Xia, the general of the Xia Guo who was hidden in the farmhouse.

Liu Heiya was originally a rogue, a lover of alcohol, a good game, and an unruly industry. He is the same town as Dou Jiande. Due to his poor family background, Dou Jiande often subsidized him, and the two became friends. When Fan Yuan and others found him, Liu Heiya was growing vegetables at home. Hearing that he was going to fight against Tang, Liu Heiyu immediately dropped his hoe, killed the cattle, and entertained his old comrades-in-arms with beef.


After that, Liu Heizhen gathered more than 100 people, captured Zhangnan County with less victory, and seized thousands of weapons, and Liu Hei's army expanded accordingly. On July 19th (August 11th), Liu Heizhen set up an altar in Zhangnan to sacrifice Dou Jiande's spirit in the sky and vowed to sever Li Yuan and Li Shimin's heads to avenge him.

It was heard that Liu Heizhen started his troops, and Dou Jiande, a former general in Hebei, responded in succession. They killed the local Tang officials, and Liu Hei's army quickly expanded to more than 100,000. Later, Liu Heizhen defeated the joint forces of Li Shentong and Luo Yi , and captured Tang Dynasty's famous Xue Wanjun and Xue Wanche, and defeated Tang Ji, the god of the army.

In less than half a year, Liu Heiyu regained all the land in Xia Guo. The main reason for Liu Hei's progress so fast is that besides resourcefulness and bravery, Li Yuan killed Dou Jiande. They all said that "the mourning soldiers must win ", and Liu Hei's leader was the "mourning soldiers" who avenged Dou Jiande.


In the first month of Wu De's five years (622), Liu Heizhen claimed to be the King of Eastern Han Dynasty in Xiangzhou. In February, Qin King Li Shimin led the headquarters to peace. It is the so-called enemies meet, jealous . Liu Heizhen took the initiative to attack Tang Jun several times, which caused great shock to Li Shimin. In the battle of Luoshui, Liu Heiyu killed Li Shimin's beloved general, Luo Shixin. In the Qin Palace, Luo Shixin was a famous general with Cheng Yijin, Wei Chigong , Qin Qiong , Li Ji, Li Daoxuan and others. The death of Luo Shixin also made Li Shimin extremely sad, and he did not hesitate to redeem his body with heavy gold.

However, in Heshui, Liu Hei's food was exhausted, and Li Shimin's water attack was added, which was unfortunately defeated. He led his cavalry into Turki .

In the five years of Wu De (622), Liu Heizhen made a comeback with the power of Turks and fought against King Qi Liyuanji. In the battle, Liu Heizhen defeated Li Yuanji, killed General Tang Jun and Li Shimin's cousin, Li Daoxuan, and restored Dou Jiande's former state again.


Li Daoxuan is the prototype of Li Yuanba in The Sui and Tang Dynasties. He has been fighting with Li Shimin since he was a teenager, and is one of the six big generals under Li Shimin's account. In combat, he likes to ride into the enemy array alone, and he is invincible, not even injured. But the fierce general died in Liu Hei's hands, only 19 years old. Regarding Li Daoxuan's death, Li Shimin said sadly:

"Dao Xuan often followed my conquest and saw me go deep into the enemy line. I was envious of trying to imitate it. This is how I killed him!"

After that, Li Shimin cried. In this way, two of the six magistrates under Li Shimin's account died in Liu Hei's hands.

Li Yuan saw that Li Shimin and Li Yuanji successively lost to Liu Heiyu, so he made a decision to change coaches for the third time, so that Prince Li Jiancheng could take the lead. Because Li Shimin had tampered with the history books, Li Jiancheng was worthless. He even said that Li Tang Jianguo and Unification were the work of one person. But in fact, Li Jiancheng's military talent is also very outstanding.


Compared with Li Shimin, who likes to make rapid progress, Li Jiancheng is more stable. He has stepped up in the military and posted notices politically. In the 55-day battle, Li Jiancheng successively won. In 623 AD, Li Jiancheng captured Liu Hei, who fled everywhere, and beheaded him to obtain his final victory. As a result, Li Tang finally defeated all opponents and completed the unity of the world.

When attacking the South Middle School, Ma Xun once said to Zhuge Liang : "If you want to attack the city, you will attack the city." Li Yuan and Li Shimin overly believed that the killing effect not only killed Dou Jiande, who was so popular, but also carried out a violent slaughter in Hebei, which eventually caused the riot of Liu Heihe. On the battlefield, Tang Jun was defeated many times, and even famous players such as Li Ji were defeated by the entire army. It can be seen from this that focusing on the military and not focusing on politics, it is difficult to maintain even if the territory is captured.

However, while Li Jiancheng attaches importance to military strikes, he is also appeasing the hearts of the people in Hebei and uprooting Liu Heiying's base upon which he started. In the end, victory was achieved. This shows that Li Jiancheng's victory is not only a military victory, but also a political victory. In the battle with Liu Heiyu, the crown prince Li Jiancheng has the style of a king. If there is no change in the Xuanwumen , Li Jiancheng will become a monarch no less inferior to his brother Li Shimin.

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