What are the achievements of Tai Pang in history? Why was the posterior put on the hat of "treacherous minister"?

Speaking of Mrs. Pang , it must be such an image. What do you know about the real Mrs. Pang?

Song Renzong Kangding first year (1038) summer, April.

Northwest Yanzhou, the banner hunting, the sun is like blood.

A human head hung high on the wall.

The anxiety and anger in Yanzhou's military and civilians have been vented for months. Everyone clapped their hands and said: God has eyes!

The news came that the soldiers who had sacrificed for the bloody battle in Sankawaguchi were able to vindicate Zhao Xue, the minister Pang Ji .

Nearly four months ago, Xixia Li Yuanhao , the emperor, attacked Yanzhou because Yan Yong, Fan Yong, was a confused official.

Song Jun arrived under the leadership of General Liu Ping, Shi Yuansun, Guo Zun, Huang Dehe, and others.

Liu Ping said to everyone, "Rescue soldiers is like a fire, the situation is critical. We must have the determination to go to the fire ."

Encountered with the Xixia Army at Mikawaguchi.

Li Yuanhao played the siege of aid .

The Song Army reined in about 10,000 infantry, and the Xia Army assembled several generations of troops to launch an attack on the Song Army.

Liu Pingren calmly took part in the battle and repulsed the enemy's offensive many times.

Xia Jun went head-to-head with a strong general, Guo Zunpai stepped forward and smashed his head with a whip.

Although Song Jun is at a disadvantage, the camp is not chaotic and persistent.

It was getting dark, the Xixia Army stopped the attack a little, and the Song Army was intent. Many soldiers brought the enemy's first rank to Liu Ping.

Liu Ping said that credit must be remembered, there must be rewards after fighting!

Unexpectedly, the enemy army took advantage of this turmoil, and the cavalry rushed forward, and the Song Army Front retreated a dozen meters.

The rear army Huang Dehe saw it from afar, thinking that the former army could not stand up. He was frightened and immediately turned the horse's head and ordered the rear army to retreat.

Liu Ping's son hurried forward, grabbed the old yellow warhorse, and persuaded: Can't withdraw at this time!

Huang Dehe didn't listen, led his own team, and ran away.

This escaped, and the mentality of the former soldiers collapsed.

The Song Army was defeated, and Liu Ping and Shi Yuansun gathered together to disperse and fight back.

They persisted for three days, the whole army was annihilated , Guo Zun was killed, and Liu Ping and Shi Yuansun were captured.

Unexpectedly, Huang De and the wicked sued first, slandering Liu Ping against the Song.

Liu's family members in Tokyo were arrested.

Fortunately, several ministers didn't feel right, Pang Ji went out, and finally found out the truth.

Pang Ji played to the court: "Huang De and fled before the battle, the crime should be dead! Liu Ping died for the country , he should praise!"

Ordered the waist to cut Huang Dehe, and bowed to Yanzhou. He was angry for General Liu Pingping.

After Liu Ping was captured and died unyielding, he was given a bonus.

The competent ministers of the DPRK, Han Qi , Xia Xuan , and Fan Zhongyan were sent to the northwest, and Fan Yong was removed from office.

The Northwest Front looks better.


Pang Ji


Pang Ji, Shandong Chengwu.

The Zhenzong Dynasty, in 1015, was a twenty-seven-year-old junior scholar . He joined the army from a manager in Huangzhou—starting from a small official in Bapin, working at the grassroots level.

At that time, the leaders of North Korea and China, Xia Xun and Xun Kui ( Ouyang Xiu 's husband) were very optimistic about him. Xun Kui said to everyone, "Xiao Pang has the ability of prime minister, and his achievements will definitely exceed me."

The pastor, the institution of raising horses in the Song Dynasty, is famous for its fatness.

Because horse dung sells for a good price without having to hand in this extra income, it is the welfare of everyone in the company.

Officials from other departments were jealous and scolded them for "grazing herds"!

The greedy man rushed to grab a portion.

The dilemma set the conditions: no background and talent, only those who can control the ability to get on.

Everyone discusses: Pang Ji can.

Even the empress queen Liu E defaulted, and the official voice of Xiao Pang was so loud at the time.

In the two years of Ming Dao (1033), the queen queen Liu E died, and her widow queen Yang participated in national affairs.

Renzong was already an adult, so he managed to get in touch with him again.

Pang Ji, who was a royal prince, stepped forward and removed all the etiquette system from the curtain and returned to the emperor .

Ministers followed, and this difficult matter was finally finalized.

The person who fired the first shot was the rarest.

He also asked the emperor to listen to the opinions of the ministers and not listen to the prime minister alone.

This is the beating of Prime Minister Lu Yijian , and he is not afraid.

Minister Kong Daofu greatly appreciated: The other imperial princes also looked at the prime minister's eyes. This old man is the emperor's imperial prince.

Ren Zong had a pet concubine and a beautiful lady who sent a little eunuch to Kaifeng to do private affairs.

Pang Ji ordered the eunuch to break out, saying, "Since the founding of the Great Song Dynasty, no beauty in the palace has dared to do so."

And ordered: From now on, any matter in the harem will go directly to the state capital to ask for it, all will be ignored.

This command was so bullish that the emperor's woman gave no face at all.

Shangmei cried to Renzong.

Renzong pumped the eunuch again and warned the women in the palace that no one should make this mistake again!

The Northwest war situation was in crisis, and several well-known big men were commanding the west.

Unexpectedly, Han Qi and Xia Yan made mistakes, and Song Jun lost again in Haoshuichuan.

The court and the field shook, Xia Xuan was dismissed, and Han Qi and Fan Zhongyan were relegated to use.

Xixia has a long border with the Song Dynasty. Song Jun's passive defense is very difficult.

In the first year of Qingli (1041), Pang Ji was also transferred to Shaanxi. Ren Zheyan Road was comforted by the envoys. Like Fan Zhongyan, Yin Zhe and other cultural people, he was one of the commanders and chiefs of the Northwest battlefield.


Fan Zhongyan


Pang Ji's defense is the same as Fan Zhongyan's strategy, building a series of forts to form a defensive chain. Provide good conditions, call the border people to cultivate barren fields, feed soldiers with grain, protect soldiers with soldiers.

The army's logistical problem was solved, and it stood firm and prolonged the battle with the Xixia court . As long as it stayed with it, Xixia's weak economy could not stand up, and sooner or later it would collapse.

Pang Ji's army has strict discipline and even harsh methods. Officers and soldiers have violations of discipline. They decapitate, chop hands, and chop their feet.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and border people mixed, Qiu dare not commit.

The famous general Di Qing was greatly appreciated by Pang Ji. He led his army to build a new village in the bridge valley where Xia Jun entered and went, and Song Jun successively regained the old village to build a new village.

From the border to Yanzhou, eleven stockades are interlocked and become Song Army fortresses, as firm as a rock.

Li Yuanhao was full of tricks, sending his men Li Wengui to surrender with a wild and vigorous letter.

Pang Ji saw through it at first glance, this is a fraudulent drop! Order the front line Qing Shicheng, Shi Shiheng, Zhao Dizhai first battle preparation.

Sure enough, the Xixia people tried to steal chickens again, but failed.

In the northwestern Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, Yuan Hao did not have the opportunity to attack the Guanzhong area to the south, where the Song Army in Dingchuan Village once again subdued and lost.

Fan and Pang reinforcements arrived, and the Xixia army withdrew.

Pang Ji Fan Zhongyan's insistence on economically stopping Xixia's policy has become more and more fruitful.

Although the Xixia people won three games in a row, every victory in the Song Army made them suffer, and they felt unable to fight again.

Li Wengui of Pang Jijun proposed peace talks as ordered. Emperor Renzong had this meaning, and Pang Ji sent Li Wengui to Tokyo.

Finally, an agreement was reached, Li Yuanhao went to the emperor, and Song gave Xia materials compensation.

Song called Xia's Minister, Yeli Wangrong, "Taiwei", and Pang Ji said that Wang Rong was a Taiwei, then Li Yuanhao would not be a courtier! If it didn't work, they would call their Xixia people's "Ning Ling, Mo Ning Ling . "

In fact, it is also the meaning of the king and the kings, but it is better not to call them by the Central Plains.

This is the Confucianism of the Central Plains and Great Songs: only a righteous person can speak well, and Lao Pang is very orthodox.


Song Renzong


The Song Xia peace talks were successful, and Pang Ji returned to the central government to serve as the secret history-Minister of Defense.

Di Qing, who was once a Pang Ji's fighter, was very outstanding and promoted to be an Associate Deputy History.

During Emperor Song Renzong's reign, Guangxi Nong Zhigao rebelled. Everyone recommended Di Qing to be the general commander of Guangxi.

Because of the fear of the military commander's dictatorship in the Song Dynasty , they always sent "supervisors", eunuchs or small civil servants, which made the generals very weak.

The shortcomings of this self-regulating mechanism are exposed, which is not conducive to the command of the general.

Send Diqing, you can. Whether or not to send a prisoner, the emperor hesitated and called Pang Ji to ask.

Pang Ji made it clear that the general would have the power. With Di Qing's talents and power in hand, absolutely destroy the rebellion of Nong Zhigao.

Renzong agreed, and Di Qing led his army and quickly rebelled.

Renzong was overjoyed and said to Pang Ji, "It's all your credit!"

Renzong wanted to promote Di Qing as a secret history (Minister of Defense), and the civil service group also agreed.

Pang Ji, a well- thought- out figure, opposed this time.

He made it very clear: Di Qing martial arts background, many cultural people chewed their tongues when he was in the deputy position.

And said: This is also for Di Qing's future plans.

But everyone said Lao Pang was stingy and jealous of Di Qing.

Di Qing was still the Minister of Defense.

Unfortunately, the old Pang Yan said that the civilian official group defended Di Qing like a thief. The most combative general in the middle of the Great Song Dynasty, under the common control of the civilian official group, was depressed.

Pang Ji and Sima Guang's father, Sima Chi, were close friends. After Sima Chi's death, Pang Ji regarded Sima Guang as his nephew. And very optimistic about the future of Xiaoguang, it must be the backbone of the country.

While in Shaanxi, Sima Guang was his deputy.

Sima Guang went to the front line to inspect, and decided to move the observation post forward without permission, so that the enemy could successfully attack, and lost many soldiers and horses.

The court punished him, but Pang Ji did not blame Sima Guang, but assumed it himself. It is to protect Sima Guang and make him a better future.

Sima is extremely grateful. Peng Ji's epitaph was written by him, and he respected it.


Tai Pang

Pang Ji once said to Ren Zong: "Using people for doubt, there is no need for suspects."

This is what big-hearted people do.

It can be seen that the knowledge is too high, and unlike everyone else, naturally there are very few friends.

Qu Gao's peace and harmony, in later generations, was actually interpreted as the white-faced adulterer Pang Taishi, which was an unexpected disaster.

One back is the millennium!

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