When did Li Bai write "Jing Ye Si"? Why can't Li Bai take the scientific examination?

Today's interesting history editor brings you why Li Bai can't take the scientific examination? Interested readers can follow the editor to take a look.

Speaking of ancient Chinese poets, I believe everyone's first reaction is: Li Bai. No matter it is the pride of money or the spirit of enthusiasm, Li Bai and his poems have left a deep impression on us. However, in our opinion, Li Bai left us not only his popular poems, but also his mysterious life experience. In fact, Li Bai's real life is not as romantic and carefree as people say.


In order to understand what Li Bai's life was like, some scholars looked through a lot of information and investigated, and found that:

"The talented Li Bai may have committed crimes in his youth. The young Li Bai was very arrogant and might have killed someone because of an impulse. Once, when chatting with a friend, he said that he had killed several people, but, We guess he may be bragging, but it was true that he almost went to jail because of hurting people. At that time, in order to protect Li Bai ’s future, Li Bai ’s father bought a person in a temple in Mianzhou and arranged Li Bai to hide For one or two years, on the charge of evasion. During the period of fleeing, Li Bai began to read the Holy Books extensively. "

Because he escaped in a short time and was still charged with a crime, so Li Bai never fled to his hometown. Moreover, even if he misses his hometown extremely, he cannot go back. In order to ease his homesickness, he wrote many homesick poems. For example: "Jing Ye Si":

Bright moonlight in front of the bed was suspected to be frost on the ground. Raise your head to look at the moon, and look down at your hometown.

For thousands of years, this poem has been regarded as a masterpiece of homesickness. But few people know that the reason why Li Bai misses his hometown so much is because the teenager ignorance made a mistake, so that he can no longer go home, not because he is unable to return to his hometown.


After leaving his hometown, Li Bai began a new chapter in his life.

It didn't take long for him to meet a priest named Dong Yanzi whose writings still exist today. Li Bai followed Dongyan's studies and asked him for advice. Therefore, Dong Yanzi deeply influenced Li Bai's three outlooks and personality growth, his views on history and current politics, and his literary accomplishment. In this way, Li Bai successfully escaped the allegations of the government and got rid of the charges. At this point, he came up with an idea: look around the world. So, he traveled for two years at his own expense. From the Three Gorges to Jinling, he wrote many popular poems, such as "Early Hair White Emperor City":

With the resignation of the emperor Baidi Caiyun, Qianli Jiangling returned one day. The apes on both sides of the strait couldn't stop crying, and the light boat had passed Wanzhong Mountain.

Although Li Bai is very talented, he cannot take the imperial examination.

So why is this?

Because his father was a businessman. In ancient times, the status of a businessman was extremely low, not only lower than scholars , but also lower than farmers. Therefore, the merchant's son cannot take the imperial examination. However, Li Bai is a very politically ambitious young man. He is very eager to enter the center of power and make a great cause. So, in order to achieve his goal, he resolutely chose another way-political marriage.


Li Bai first married the granddaughter of the former prime minister of the Tang Dynasty Xu Yanshi, married with two children, and later married Liu . The reason why Li Bai chose to marry Xu Xun's granddaughter was mainly because he wanted to use the power of the former prime minister to help him develop his career. And Xu Yanshi was willing to marry his granddaughter to Li Bai for two reasons:

First, Li Bai has money at home, and her granddaughter will not worry about eating or drinking when she marries him;

2. At that time, Li Bai had climbed up to a Taoist master who was often called into the palace by the emperor to teach Taoism . Therefore, it is very likely that Li Bai will fly Huang Tengda and take their family to thrive.

So, why did Xu Yan choose to marry his granddaughter to Li Bai?

However, because Li Bai and Xu Yanshi's granddaughter became married, he lived in Xufu. Therefore, some people say that Li Bai is the son-in-law of the Xu family. We dare not agree with this, because Li Bai did n’t change his surname to his wife ’s last name, and his children were all named Li . He only lived with his wife in his family and did n’t take his wife back to the ancestral temple. This was in Tang Dynasty. The DPRK is very common and is known as "husband with his wife".


Although Li Bai tried his best to pursue his career, he had never been reused by the court. In his old age, he was tempted by some bad guys, turned into a rebel, and was finally punished by the court. From this we can see that Li Bai's life is not so smooth. In addition, Li Bai mentioned friendship in some of his poems. From the content and emotions of all the poems that Li Bai has written, his emotions seem to be more inclined to friends, such as "Friends to Send", "Guangling Tomb of Meng Haoran by Huanghelou" and "Gift to Wang Lun":

Qingshan Hengbei Guo, Baishui around the East City. Say goodbye in here, then fight in the lonely and long way. The floating clouds are moving, and the setting sun is nostalgic. Waving from here, Xiao Xiao Ban Ma Ming.

-"Send Friends"

The old man resigned from the Yellow Crane Tower and fireworks descended to Yangzhou in March. The lonely sail is far from the sky, only the Yangtze River skyline.

—— "Guangling Mausoleum from Huanghelou to Meng Haoran"

Li Bai was about to go on a boat, and suddenly heard the singing on the shore. Peach Blossom Lake is thousands of feet deep , not as good as Wang Lun.

-"Gift to Wang Lun"



In addition, Li Bai also wrote some bad poems and poems flattering others in officialdom.

According to statistics, Li Bai has written more than 1,100 poems in his life. Among them, more than 700 capitals are used to praise others, and the objects of these poems are mostly small officials of eight or nine grades. In Chinese history, few people have given their poems as gifts to others. However, because there were too many poems sent out and the scope was too wide, Li Bai's name gradually spread.

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