Five laws in Chinese history! What can these laws give to posterity?

Today, the interesting history editor brings you the five laws in Chinese history! I hope it will be helpful to you.

The development of history is like the movement of a spinning top.

In a periodic movement, there is something constant that always stays the same.

This is a law, some people call it the law of history.

The history can be read clearly, and the ancient can be read today.

Among the many historical laws, we have selected the five most inspiring laws for people today.

Taste carefully, these five historical laws are not the laws of life!


First law

Ivory Chopsticks Law

Soon after King Yin became king, he was ordered to make an ivory chopstick for him.

"The ivory chopsticks must not be used with pottery, but with a bowl of rhino horns and a cup of white jade. The jade cup must not contain wild vegetable coarse grains.

After eating the mountain and sea food, he refused to wear short pueraria and live in thatched hut, but wanted to dress beautifully, ride a Chinese car, and live in a high-rise building. If you can't meet it in China, you will have to go abroad to search for rare treasures. I can't help worrying about him. "(Feng Menglong)

Sure enough, the King of Kings "heavyly taxed the money of Shilutai, ... to collect dog and horse utensils, and to fill the palace room. ... with wine as a pool, hanging meat as a forest, so that men and women can go together for a long night's drink. "

The people complained and rebelled against the princes, perished in their country, and "died to the fire."



This story later evolved into an idiom: see Weizhi.

As big as a country, as small as an individual, the collapse may have started with some small indulgence.

From frugality to luxury is easy, from luxury to frugality.

Don't underestimate people's desires. As long as you open your head, it will be difficult to stop.

College students lend money for new cell phones and bags, and rarely retreat.

Few officials who took their first bribes were precarious.

This is the world's greed.

You have to go in. You have to look at Shu. There is no end.

Therefore, we must know how to restrain ourselves, act prudently, and refrain from indulging ourselves, taking the first step of greed.


Second law

The law of " rabbit dead dog cooking "

The King of Gou practiced resentment for revenge , and he was resolute in spirit.

But his personal qualities are very bad. In extreme hardship, two heroes who helped him plan a big plan, after the great cause was achieved, one was killed and one escaped.

When killing the genre, Gou Jian said, "You taught me seven ways to destroy Wu. I used three of them to destroy Wu Guo . You still have four. Take it to the first king."

There are seven ways to destroy Wu, which should be very wise, but have been met with a poisoned hand.

Previously, Fan Ye had persuaded the kind of text, "The birds are all gone, the good bows are hidden; the cunning rabbits die, and the running dogs cook. The king of Yue has a long-necked beak .

Fan Zhizhi's wisdom is obviously higher than that of the language and he will eventually be saved from death.



In the Han dynasty, Liu Bang killed Han Xin, Ming Taizu killed the founding fathers, and rabbits and dogs cooked repeatedly.

Since ancient times, it has been easy to suffer from common problems, but difficult to be rich.

Now people do business in partnership. When they work together, they are close.

When the business grows, and there are huge profits, they start to have disagreements with each other.

It is not uncommon to split up, even tore apart, and tore your face.

Interests most easily erode people's minds and emotions.

If you do business with others, you must be mentally prepared and ready for solutions to save the last "both people and money".


Third law

Huang Zongxi's Law

The content of "Huang Zongxi's Law" is to solve the "peasant burden problem" through "parallel tax reform" over the past millennium of the empire.

The purpose of all previous reforms is good. The original intention of the reformers was to reduce the burden on farmers through the "combination of taxes" method.

However, the reforms over and over again have not only reduced the burden on farmers, but have also increased the burden. Huang Zongxi called it "accumulation of Mo Hui".

For example, Wang Anshi 's green seedling method was originally used by the government of the Song Dynasty to lend money to farmers in the year of the disaster to protect them from usury.

As a result, it was forced into apportionment, and the people were full of resentment and misery .

A policy or idea is obviously good. When it is implemented, it will be completely out of shape.



Wang Yangming said: Knowing is easier than doing.

It's easy to understand a problem, but it's hard to do it.

Whatever the idea, follow one principle: operability.

No matter how good the idea is, it cannot be implemented.

You can see far when you stand high, but you can see clearly when you stand low.

In everything, proceed from reality, and consider whether the plan is realistic and in line with the status quo.

Zeng Guofan said: Think big, start small.

Do things for others, don't let your eyes go low, you go high .


Fourth Law

Liu Zongyuan 's law of "enemy ring"

In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Zongyuan had a short essay entitled "Enemy Ring", whose thinking logic was completely contrary to ordinary people's common sense.

We all know the enemy's enemies, but we don't know what's good for them. Qin had six kingdoms, and Yi Yiqiang; when the six kingdoms were divided, Xi was dead. Jin defeated Chu Yan, Fan Wen was in trouble; Meng Sun's evil Zang, Meng died Zang shirt, "the medicine stone is gone, I will die." Wisdom knows that death is in danger, and those who die today have never thought about it.

The enemy has never been regarded as a scourge, the powerless has avoided it, and the powerful has eliminated it.

Only Liu Gong believes that having enemies is a good thing.

The Qin Kingdom was able to work harder because the Six Kingdoms were on the side. The national strength flourished. After the annexation of the Six Kingdoms, the Korean government began to become confused. The Jin State defeated the Chu State . There were no enemies on the outside.



They say that having an enemy is a bad thing, but those who really have a big pattern think it is a good thing.

Ma Yun once said in his speech: It is Ali's luck to have such a great company as Tencent.

The flowing water is not rotten, and the hub is not stingy.

Whether it is a person or an institution, over time, there will always be laziness and corruption.

Only when you have external pressure can you become energetic and motivated.

It is precisely because of Tencent's existence that Ali must not slacken in a moment, and can continuously update and improve.

After Huawei was suppressed by the United States, the reporter interviewed Ren Zhengfei on whether he was pessimistic about it. However, Ren Zhengfei said: Huawei has been nervous up and down, and is waiting for it. It is no longer as loose as it used to be.

The same is true in life. It is not terrible to have enemies. You can come back if you lose.

The horrible thing is slackness. It is Cheng Ping's long delay and ease of thinking. Such destruction is really hopeless.


Fifth Law

The Law of "Cut Off Five"

When the Eight Banners entered the customs, everyone was good at riding and shooting. "

During the Taiping Army, the Green Camp soldiers "shooted arrows, fired arrows; horses fell, people fell to the ground."

The Eight Banners are even more corrupt and incompetent, all of them are boobies and cricket children.

Why did such a powerful army then become so bear-like?

Mencius said, "The gentleman's sacrifice was cut off in the fifth century." The common people's statement was even more disappointing.

They said, "It's not three generations rich." Why can't the rich get rich?

It is nothing more than "arrogant", "luxury", "kinky", "yi".

Arrogant, extravagant and wasteful, indulging desires, not thinking about progress.

In the long run , the country will never die, and the family will never die.



No amount of wealth will be lost, no matter how big a family business is, it will be a waste of money.

Good education is not how much wealth is given to children.

It is to make children understand the principles of frugality and self-improvement.

Zeng Guofan made the children's clothing, food, accommodation and travel the same as those of Hanmen, so that the children knew how to be diligent and thrifty, and that the children knew that life was hard.

Always thinking of giving children the best conditions is actually harming children.

In the process of growing up, the more abundant the material, the less the child can understand gratitude, the less hardworking, the more lazy it is , the more harmful it is to others.

Conversely, to give children the correct education is to let the children understand the difficulties and hardships, and to guide the children to learn diligence and hard work is the deepest gift to the children.

"History is a mirror" because it can reflect our ugliness, our arrogance, our plight.

"Take history as a mirror", because we see and see clearly, we will change.

Fix our mistakes and follow the steps of our predecessors, so that we can continue to improve and improve.

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