Wen Wanxianshu's Wu Huifei really killed the prince? How could he be scared to death?

Hello everyone, I'm an interesting history editor. Speaking of Wu Huifei , everyone must have heard of it.

Wu Huifei is the daughter of Wang Zeyou, the nephew of Wu Zetian . In terms of relatives, it is Tang Xuanzong Li Longji 's cousin.

According to the "Tangwen", Wu Huifei "is small but gentle, long and savvy, harmonizes the ritual scriptures, and has a history of words and figures." That is, she is gentle and graceful in character, graceful and elegant, and proficient in literature and history. There are so many beautiful women in the harem as flowers, and she can be fascinated by the romantic emperor Tang Xuanzong, which shows that this woman is really not simple.

In the first year of Kaiyuan, Xuanzong became more and more fond of Wu's family , and sealed her as Jie Zong. For the sake of her leaving the entire harem behind, he aroused the strong jealousy of Xuanzong's wife and queen . Wu Jiechi soon gave birth to a prince. Xuanzong named the child Li Yi. It can be seen that he attached great importance to the mother and daughter, but Li Yi died.

Then, Wu Jiechi gave birth to the sorrowful king Li Min and Princess Shangxian, but both children died. Until the birth of the fourth child, Shou Wang, Li Jie, Wu Jiechi never dared to let the child live in the palace. He was sent to Xuanzong's elder brother, Ning Wang Li Xian, who raised him, but Li Jie grew up smoothly.

Although there are only a few historical records of this history in history books, similar bridges are common in court dramas, and their thrilling and intricate complexes must be well understood.

During this period, Wu Jiechi was not overthrown by the bereavement of bereaved sons and turned into a crying grieving woman, but showed an understanding and aggressive side, which caused Xuanzong to show more pity for her. It can be seen that Wu is by no means a fragile woman.


In fact, Wu Jiechi was not a good stubble. She had long been "intentional to seize" about the Queen, but she did not cry in front of Xuanzong, quarrel, and hang herself, forcing the emperor to abandon her. Its changed. In confrontation, the queen queen couldn't hold her breath and took the lead in a stupid way. She actually bumped against Xuanzong with rude words, which aroused Xuanzong's disgust and determination to abolish.

Two years later, the emperor's brother, Wang Shouyi, obtained a piece of amulet that said, "I admire this son , and then empress the emperor." Although the purpose is to ask for the emperor, as the emperor can regain the emperor's favor. Pity, but the sentence "Queen Empress Ruze" has caused great trouble. Do you want to subvert Li Jiajiangshan to be the empress? Xuanzong seized this and insisted on giving the queen a rebellious hat and abandoning her.

In this process, although Wu Shi remained calm , she always took the initiative, showing her deep thoughts.

Xuanzong named the Wu Family as the second-ranked Hui Fei, and proposed that she be the second, but was unanimously resisted by the civil and military in the Manchu dynasty. Not long after Wu Zhou usurped Tang, the queen surnamed Wu had a lingering fear. And if Li Huihui is the next step, the life king Li Ying will become a sister-in-law, then why will the current prince Li Ying be at home?

For the big picture, Xuanzong gave up the idea of Li Wuhui concubine. Wu Huifei did not lose her heart, but chose to confess her fate. To compensate her, Xuanzong stipulated that Wu Huifei's ritual rank was like a queen, making her the uncrowned king of the harem. After that, Wu Huifei put all her hopes on her son Li Yan, hoping that he would replace Li Ying and become a prince. This shows that Wu Huifei knows the big picture, understands the choices, and has a clear thinking.

In the process of vying for the prince, Wu Huifei played a huge role. She instructed her son-in-law Yang Xun to monitor his prince Li Ying and enveloped the prime minister Li Linfu in foreign aid. Li Ying and two close younger brothers, Li Yao and Li Xun , were upset because of his father's partiality to Li Xuan and complained in private. She was accused by Wu Huifei of forming a party in private, and she had an indomitable heart , which eventually caused Xuanzong to kill the third son in a day.

It is reasonable to say that after the death of the prince, judging by Xuanzong's preference and the support of the prime minister Li Linfu, Li Xi had great hopes of becoming a prince, but soon afterwards, Wu Huifei could not afford her illness, and she was dejected. According to the "Two Tang Books" and "Zi Zhi Tong Jian ", Wu Huifei was scared to death because of the ghosts of Li Ying, Li Yao, and Li Zhi.

Wu Huifei has gone through strong winds and waves. She is a brilliant woman with deep thinking and clear thinking. Will she be fragile enough to be scared to death by the so-called ghost?

I think Zheng Shiduo records that the reason for being scared to death is untenable. She should die of despair.

First, Wu Zetian usurped the throne was a huge lesson of the Li and Tang dynasties. Things have just passed, and everyone has no opinion of the Wu clan. Having such an ancestor was both unfortunate and motivating for Wu Huifei, which made her have a stronger desire to invest in the land than other concubines .

The defeat of the queen made Wu Huifei have no choice but to pin all hope on her son. Therefore, in helping Li Zheng to compete for the prince, Wu Huifei paid all or even took the risk. However, Wu Huifei was clever and wrong, and she touched the emperor's inverse scale—the supreme imperial power for her son.

The women who can win in the palace fight are all clever. They know whether they get Thunder or Rain Dew, all in Tianzi. It can be arrogant, coquettish, and charming. As long as Tianzi is happy, everything is not a problem, but it can only affect him, not force him to submit.


Wanting to make Li Xun the prince, Wu Huifei appointed Yang Xun to monitor Li Ying, and said bad things about him, and even told them to join the party and private business, Xuanzong could tolerate and understand. But if the harem meets the former dynasty, and collusion with the inside and outside forces the emperor to submit, it is a taboo and Xuanzong can only turn his face.

And Wu Huifei not only made friends with the former dynasty, but also the prime minister, but also two prime ministers. Regarding whether Li Li should be established as a prince in the end, the former DPRK was divided into two factions. One was represented by Zhang Jiuling in support of Li Ying, and the other was represented by Li Linfu in support of Li Zhi.

In fact, in order to be the prime minister, Li Linfu and Wu Huifei had secretly communicated with each other on the condition of supporting Li Yan. These Xuanzongs were not found, but when the current quarrel was too furious, the always smart Wu Huifei Aiko was too eager and made a fatal faint move: She sent someone to contact the prime minister, Zhang Jiuling, and said: They can help, and the prime minister has strengths. "

However, Zhang Jiuling was a master of oil and salt, and Dayi reported to Xuanzong suddenly. At this point, the nature of the matter has changed: Even if Li Ying is wrong, it is his problem. And you Wu Huifei is so jealous, you must get Thunder!

Although Xuanzong was angry with the words of Li Ying and the other three and killed them, it is no longer possible to make Li Yi the prince.

Li Ying and other three concubines were killed in April of the twenty-fifth year of Kaiyuan. Wu Huifei waited and waited, but she did not see the seal of Li Hui as the prince. Eight months later, Wu Huifei was depressed. In the meantime, she may know that the incident was revealed, or feel Xuanzong's disgust to her. She had understood that it was impossible for Li Hui to become a prince.

Therefore, Wu Huifei, who has always been aggressive, felt disillusioned when she knew that her only hope had been destroyed, and left the world with infinite loss.

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