Shanghai Three Tycoons


During the Republic of China , Sanxin Company made Shanghai the largest opium distribution center in modern China. Its three "boss" were the golden black and white in the French Concession, Zhang Xiaolin , who was transparent in the military world, and Du Yuesheng , a savvy gang businessman. These three are the three famous gangsters on Shanghai Beach. Also known as "Shanghai Three Tycoons"

Shanghai Three Tycoons

The Three Great Tycoons of the Old Shanghai Gang in the Republic of China-Du Yuesheng, Jin Rong, Zhang Xiaolin

Jin Rong's last years: die in Shanghai rather than die at sea

In April 1949, on the eve of Shanghai's liberation, Chiang Kai-shek entrusted him with a letter to Golden Rong , persuading him to "take the time" to Hong Kong or Taiwan, "so as not to be subject to all kinds of accidents." However, Jinrong never went anywhere and unexpectedly stayed in Shanghai. HH?

Jin Rongrong (1868-1953), born in Jinyao, Yuyao, Zhejiang, was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu. He is a well-known youth leader in old Shanghai. He ranks first among the three gangsters. He was once the chief inspector of the French Concession.

Regarding the reasons why Jinrong Rong stays in Shanghai and does not go to Hong Kong, there are roughly the following statements.

The first statement is that Golden Rong is reluctant to own its own brand industry-the "big world". The Great World is the largest and most prestigious playground in old Shanghai, which receives up to 20,000 visitors a day, and is an important economic source for Jinrong. The article "The Doom of Golden Rogue" written by Xu Yan said that at the turn of the spring and summer of 1948, Golden Rong signed a 10-year contract for the lease of the Great World Playground with Sassoon. The contract stipulates that no transfer is allowed. In the event of an emergency, the ownership of the property rights is separately discussed. Golden Rong thought: If you leave Shanghai by yourself, the world that you have worked hard for all your life will become an unowned property. Even if they are inherited by adopted children, they are likely to be confiscated by the Communist Party. As long as he stays in Shanghai, the big world is his industry. In October 1953, before the death of Jin Rong, he called his adopted son Huang Yuantao home, dictated a "will", and finally sighed:

"In my life, all the leaves have been swept away by wind, and only this big world is left. However, the big world can no longer belong to me after losing my breath."

In his later years, Golden Rong swept the street in front of the big world

A few days later, Jin Rongrong suddenly had a high fever, and his treatment was ineffective, and he was lost. Jin Rong is still dying to forget the big world. If he goes to Hong Kong, I am afraid he will die.

The "three-piece suit" is one of the main reasons why Jinrong Rong is willing to stay in Shanghai. This is the second way of saying. The article "Jinrong Rong's twilight years and Du Yuesheng 's last days" said that Jin Rongrong will enjoy three things every day: smoking smoke, rubbing mahjong, and going to the bathhouse. He told people that this "three-piece suit" was his greatest enjoyment, and that he would accompany him to death, whether it was the Kuomintang in power or the Communist Party in charge of the world. He stayed in Shanghai and didn't leave. The "three-piece suit" had half the credit.

In terms of smoking, although the government has banned it, Gold is pretending to be confused and smoking is correct, and the family has a large amount of good tobacco, which is reported to be "sufficient for the latter half of his life". The people's government also allowed Jinrong to run his industry as usual, such as the Great World and the Golden Theater, etc., and each month has a considerable income. Gold Rongrong used the rental income to maintain daily expenses more than enough. Compared to Du Yuesheng, who fled to Hong Kong, sitting on the mountains with the dollars he took out, he was much more chic.

At that time, there were more than 20 people in the Huang family, all living at No. 1 Junpei, Longmen Road. This is a three-story bungalow built by Jinrong Rong, with dozens of rooms. Huang's room is at the eastern end of the second floor. Most of the nearby houses were rented by his disciples. Coupled with old friends and disciples who come and go, no matter how you play mahjong, they are all made up. Compared to Du Yuesheng, who is far away in Hong Kong, he can only listen to Meng Xiaodong 's oratorio singing, which seems slightly better .

Jin Rongrong also likes to bath in the bathhouse and enjoys it every day. At the time, Du Yuesheng was going to pull him to Hong Kong, and Jin Rong replied: "Yue Sheng, think for me. If I go to Hong Kong, the head is the same, and I was found smoking in the museum. The second one is called Where can I find a match for copper chess? Third, is there a bathhouse in Hong Kong? Can you allow me in my eighties to bathe every day? These are all questions. "Du Yuesheng was speechless. Right.

The third argument, Jin Rongrong thinks that it is better to die in Shanghai than to die at sea. At the liberation of Shanghai, Jinrong was 82 years old and was in a twilight year. He was frail and ill, claiming to be a futile, knowing that he had few days to come, so he was determined not to go to Hong Kong and stay in Shanghai. Xing Jianrong wrote the article "Inside the Book of Jinrong Written Repentance", saying that Jinrong knew that if he really went to Hong Kong and died in Hong Kong, it would n’t matter if he died in the middle of the road and died on the way. Better to die in Shanghai than at sea.

What's more, in his life, he always changed with constant response, and actually turned the danger repeatedly. When the Japanese came in, the tycoons all fled to the rear or turned for the better. Du Yuesheng, one of the three tycoons, flew to Hong Kong before heading to Chongqing; Zhang Xiaolin fell into the water and made a traitor, but was shot dead. Only when the golden honor stays in Shanghai, how can the Japanese and Wang Jingwei treat him? The KMT has made a comeback . Although he has not been as glorious as Du Yuesheng who has been to the rear of the Anti-Japanese War, he has not been "hitting a tiger" like Du Yuesheng Jiang Jinguo has "chopped". In 1947, when Golden Wing was celebrating his 80th birthday, Chiang Kai-shek came to the Huangjia Garden to celebrate his birthday, and gave him a head of respect and respect.

Therefore, he also ventured to do things according to the rules, and said to his friends, "It's just a matter of fate, anyway, there is only one fate, whatever the Communist Party treats me." At this age, the Communist Party must say something about humanity ... I'm already a fast-forward coffin. I've been in Shanghai all my life, and the bones don't want to be thrown away in the countryside and die in the field.

The fourth argument is that the Communist Party's tolerance policy is the main reason why Jin Rongrong is determined to stay in Shanghai. On the eve of Shanghai's liberation, the Party Central Committee has a clear guideline on how to do a good job of Shanghai Gang gang characters. For my use, as long as they do not disturb or interfere with the public security of Shanghai after liberation, and accept the reform honestly, they will not move them. . Especially for gang leaders such as Jin Rongrong and Du Yuesheng, "Observe a period of time" (Liu Shaoqi), whose purpose is "strive to keep Shanghai from chaos" (Zhou Enlai), which is beneficial to the overall situation of the country and to the restoration of Shanghai's economy .

Mayor Chen Yi and Deputy Mayor Pan Hannian in charge of political and legal work actively implemented this correct policy. Pan Hannian believes that although Jin Rongrong was once an imperialist running dog and a backer of Chiang Kai-shek during the reactionary rule, he and his disciples did a lot of bad things in Shanghai, but he did not escape or damage during the liberation of Shanghai. Our party is not hostile. He doesn't ask outside affairs now, so we don't have to treat him as a dictatorship.

While Jin Rong was hesitant, Mrs. Zhang Shizhao brought a message from the Communist Party: As long as you support the Communist Party and no longer hostile to the people, we can always act in accordance with the policy of "no blame". I hope that Jin Rong will stay in Shanghai and do not listen to rumors. Don't act lightly. Mrs. Zhang Shizhao's words strengthened the confidence of Jin Rongrong to stay in Shanghai.

In the early days of Shanghai's liberation, Jinrong was at home and lived a comfortable life. After the suppression of the counter-revolutionary movement in 1951, his life was difficult, and the citizens spontaneously rushed to the door of Huangzhai to ask him to accept criticism. The complaint letter and the report letter flew into the city government and public security organs like snow flakes, urging the government to take the initiative to eliminate violence.

The Shanghai Municipal People's Government came to meet Jin Rongrong to explain to him that the policy of no blame has remained unchanged, but I hope he can write a "confession book" to publicly report, further explain to the people, and honestly plead guilty in order to obtain the people's masses to some extent understanding. On May 20, Shanghai's "Newspaper" and "Wenhui Daily" published "Golden Glory Confession". Jin Rongrong stated in his "confession" "willing to confess to the people", "support the people's government and the Communist Party", "to cleanse the stains of personal history, to be a new person", "to atone for merit", "to ask the government and people Forgiveness ", Yunyun.

In the atmosphere of "glorious labor, not humiliating without labor", people thought that Jinrong could not eat, drink or do nothing, and the government sent people to notify Jinrong and ask him to do some work within his ability, such as sweeping the floor. Ironically, the location It was at the gate of the great world where he once was a treasure. As a result, the news of "Golden Rong sweeping the street" spread all over the world.

The historical fact that Huang Jinrong did not go to Hong Kong and stayed in Shanghai showed that the generous policies of the party and the people's government are conducive to fighting for middle forces and maintaining the stability of Shanghai.

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Du Yuesheng Zhang Xiaolin Jinrong Rong: Who is the real boss of Shanghai Beach?

Du Yuesheng , Jinrong Rong , and Zhang Xiaolin , three famous tycoons on Shanghai Beach, are well-known for being good at people. Their talents and methods are better than those of Jinrong Rong and Zhang Xiaolin. Therefore, Du Yuesheng came later and became the boss of Shanghai Beach. But many friends also suggested that Du Yuesheng is the boss of Shanghai Beach, and how old is Wang Yazheng? Compared with the three tycoons of Shanghai Beach, who is more powerful? Who has more influence? Today we will talk about this thing.

The three tycoons of Shanghai Beach and Wang Yayi were celebrities on Shanghai Beach. The three tycoons belonged to the Youth Gang. Wang Yayi created the axe gang and acted as the gang leader. The "Shanghai Labor Union" under his control had 100,000 members and his strength should not be underestimated. There is a clip of the axe gang in Zhou Xingchi's movie "Kung Fu". Of course, it is the drama of the axe gang. The three gangsters of the Green Gang and the leader of the axe Gang Wang Yayi are both characters who turned their hands on the ground of Shanghai Beach to cover the clouds and rain. After a long time, it is inevitable that some bumps and bumps will inevitably lead to a fight.

I. Golden Rong VS Wang Yayi

Golden Rong is the first of the three tycoons to know that Wang Yadi is not easy to mess with. After 1925, Wang Yayi joined the Kuomintang in Shanghai. Some party members held a meeting. Wang Yayi and Yang Hu, the commander of the Shanghai Security Force, conflicted, and Wang Yayi was about to fight Yang Hu. However, Yang Hu was tall and Wang Yazhen was thin. Wang Yazhen stepped on the stool and threw Yang Hu's two big mouths in public. The commander with the gun knows that Wang Yazhen is not good enough, but he dare not fight back and lost face on the spot Very embarrassing.

Jin Rongrong knew that his opponent said after the incident, "You will meet the axe in the future, try to stay away! They are all fatal, and we can't afford it."

If Jin Rongrong and Wang Yayi are indirect contests, Zhang Xiaolin, Du Yuesheng and Wang Yayi are fighting against the gongs in the face.


Zhang Xiaolin + Du Yuesheng vs Wang Yayi

The contest between Zhang Xiaolin, Du Yuesheng and Wang Yayi was caused by a ship, which belongs to the Shanghai Merchants Shipping Bureau.

The chairman of Shanghai Merchants Shipping Bureau is named Li Guojie, who holds the management power of China Merchants Shipping Bureau. Later, after the establishment of the Nanjing National Government, Shanghai China Merchants Shipping Bureau was restructured, and a new post was created, which was held by Zhao Tieqiao. After Zhao Tieqiao became the director, he took over the power and left the chairman Li Guojie aside. Li Guojie was very dissatisfied, so he decided to remove Zhao Tieqiao.

Li Guojie found Wang Yayi, who is known as "the assassination king on the beach," and asked him to kill Zhao Tieqiao in order to help him regain the power that was taken away by Zhao Tieqiao. Wang Yayi was actually planning to get rid of Zhao Tieqiao, because in the eyes of Wang Yayi, Zhao Tieqiao was a traitor.

Zhao Tieqiao and Wang Yayi are both members of the Chinese Kuomintang Reorganization Comrades Association. This is a secret organization established in Shanghai by some Kuomintang members in 1928 in opposition to Chiang Kai-shek 's dictatorship. Its leader in Shanghai is Wang Leping. But it didn't take long for Zhao Tieqiao to rebel into Jiang privately. When Zhao Tieqiao learned that Chiang Kai-shek was anxious to get rid of Wang Leping, he looked around for Wang Leping's whereabouts. On the morning of February 18, 1930, when Zhao Tieqiao finally heard the news that Wang Leping would appear at the Xiafei Road apartment that afternoon, he immediately informed Jiang Jieshi and personally led dozens of agents to surround Wang Leping's apartment and fire Wang Leping. Killed. As a reward to Zhao Tieqiao, afterwards Chiang Kai-shek appointed Zhao Tieqiao as the director of Shanghai Investment Promotion Bureau. After Wang Yaping investigated the cause of Wang Leping's death, he decided to get rid of Zhao Tieqiao and take revenge on Wang Leping.

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"Rogue tycoon" gang leader Zhang Xiaolin renounces his misfortune for revenge

On August 14, 1940, Zhang Gongguan on Huagebang Road (now Ninghai West Road) in Shanghai continuously heard several gunshots, followed by panic screams and bodyguards of female relatives. Shouting. In a mess, a man with a gun was hugged by several bodyguards and saw the man throw the gun to the ground without fear, raising his arms and shouting, "Everyone is a man and a man!" In 1937, the "August 13" Incident, the Sino-Japanese War started. In late October, the situation deteriorated, and Chiang Kai-shek prepared to abandon Shanghai. In order to prevent the "three tycoons" from being used by the Japanese, Chiang Kai-shek persuaded Du Yuesheng , Jin Rong and Zhang Xiaolin to go to Hong Kong together.

Just as Chiang Kai-shek deployed and retreated, Zhang Xiaolin secretly calculated that: Shanghai Huayang Miscellaneous, all kinds of forces are intertwined, the Japanese captured and easily ruled, it is necessary to draw in and use the gang leader. Among the "three tycoons", Jin Rong has made it clear that he will not do anything for the Japanese, and Du Yuesheng went to Hong Kong again. This seems to be his great opportunity for Zhang Xiaolin to dominate the beach. By this time he had actually decided to trust the Japanese.

On November 12, 1937, Shanghai fell. The Japanese Special Agent Dofeihara formally negotiated the conditions of "cooperation" with Zhang Xiaolin through Li Sihao, who was once the chief financial officer of the Anhui Department of Warlord Duan Qirui . Zhang Xiaolin proposed to be a fake "Mayor of Shanghai" or a "Chairman of Zhejiang Province." Tu Fei originally agreed to seduce him to hook up at an early date. Zhang Xiaolin, who was so anxious, asked Li Sihao to arrange for him to meet with Toihara as soon as possible, so as to finalize the matter.

On the day of the appointment with Doihara, Zhang Xiaolin and a group of bodyguards took three cars to the East Lake Hotel in Hongkou District and passed the Waibaidu Bridge. The Japanese Marine Corps sentry card was blocked on the ground that it had not received an order, forcing Zhang Xiaolin's convoy to Waibaidu Bridge. After stopping for a long time, Zhang Xiaolin's trip to the Japanese concession soon spread in Shanghai.


This was actually directed by Doihara in order to publicize Zhang Xiaolin's preparation as a traitor in this way, so as to influence other people in Shanghai. Zhang Xiaolin's original intention was for Dofeihara to come to his house and invite him out of the mountain in order to raise his worth. Dofeihara didn't reward him for his face, but Zhang Xiaolin was eager to move and teach , and drove to see Tofeihara . At this time, Zhang Daheng thought he had embarked on a staircase of smooth clouds and flying yellow, but he did not know that he had planted a dangerous seed for his eventual destruction.

However, what Zhang Xiaolin did not expect was that the Japanese side had strengthened collusion with the Wang Jingwei Group. Compared with Wang Jingwei's, Zhang Xiaolin's utilization value is naturally much smaller, so when he met, Doihara didn't mention anything about the official position, Zhang Xiaolin's benefits were not yet available, but the attempt to sell himself to the enemy was well-known to everyone, and he was sad.

Although Zhang Xiaolin did not become a traitor officer, he made traitor money. Around 1939, the Japanese aggressor's supply in Shanghai encountered difficulties. The Japanese asked Zhang Xiaolin to help solve the problem of shortage of supplies, which was right in Zhang Xiaolin's arms.

Zhang Xiaolin and his in-law Yu Yefeng jointly organized a "New Asia Peace Promotion Association", which forcibly procured military supplies such as food, cotton, and coal for the Japanese invaders. As a result, the Japanese obtained a large number of essential strategic materials. . At the same time, huge amounts of legal currency and US dollar bills came in, flowing into the purses of Zhang Xiaolin, Yu Yefeng and others.

In addition, Zhang Xiaolin also took the opportunity to recruit troops and recruit disciples, and deployed his men, coerced all walks of life and the Japanese to coexist and prosper, to suppress the anti-Japanese national salvation campaign, and to kill patriots. It is precisely such unscrupulous acts of betraying the enemy and betraying the country have brought the scourge of death for Zhang Daheng. A pair of ubiquitous eyes have long been on him, and a bloody murderous act has quietly begun.

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How Du Yuesheng, 24, became one of the Big Three in Shanghai in 10 years

Speaking of Du Yuesheng , many people now think of triads first. Yes, Du Yuesheng is indeed one of the main leaders of the Youth Gang. However, Du Yuesheng is a full-time junior among the three gangsters in terms of youth. In terms of age, Du Yuesheng is 20 years younger than Jinrong . When Du Yuesheng just came out to discuss his life, Jin Rongrong was already a famous big man in Shanghai. So how did Du Yuesheng, who was only 24 years old, use 10 years to gradually become a famous big man in Shanghai?

A 10-year bumpy career sharpened Du Yuesheng, and took advantage of an accidental opportunity to start his career

Du Yuesheng was born in 1888, the same year the Chinese Beiyang Marine Division was established. Du Yuesheng was born into a poor family, and his life was quite bad. At the age of three, Du Yuesheng's mother died. Two years later, his father passed away. After that, Du Yuesheng could only feed on his stepmother, but doom came again. More than two years later, his stepmother also died. After the death of his stepmother, Du Yuesheng lived with his uncle for several years, and at the age of 14, came to Shanghai to explore the world. When Du Yuesheng first arrived in Shanghai, he worked in a fruit shop and trained his hand to cut raw pears. But Du Yuesheng is not the kind of person who keeps his own position. Du Yuesheng is gambling and can't do anything with the salary of the fruit shop. In addition to working in a fruit store, Du Yuesheng is robbing and cheating. This is the life of Du Yuesheng in his early years. There is nothing new at all.

Du Yuesheng had extorted the Opium Tobacco Hall in order to live, but was sent to the police station. At that time, the leather top hat was more valuable. Du Yuesheng and his associates jointly snatched passers-by's top hats and went to the pawnshop to exchange a little money. In this way, Du Yuesheng spent 10 years. In these 10 years, Du Yuesheng didn't have much career, but completely sharpened the person's will. In 1912, the year when the Republic of China was established, Du Yuesheng entered the mansion of Jinrongrong to help. At that time, Jin Rong was already a famous big man in Shanghai, and was also the chief inspector of the Shanghai French Concession Patrol House. At this time, Du Yuesheng was still an unknown child , this year Du Yuesheng was 24 years old. In this year, Du Yuesheng's fate took a major turn for the better. Shortly after Du Yuesheng entered Huang Gongguan, a bag of opium requested by Huang Gongguan was lost during transportation. Jin Guirong's wife, Lin Guisheng, was at a loss as to what to do, and at this time Du Yuesheng took the initiative to ask for help, saying he could retrieve the bag of opium.

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Gangster Du Yuesheng: Once famous, but fell into Hong Kong in his old age

The Republic of China , this is an era with the most variables. Opportunity and crisis coexist, and luck and doom exist. It may become a rich man at any time, or it may become a beggar immediately. The fate of Du Yuesheng is almost the same as that era.

Du Yuesheng was born in today's Pudong New Area. However, it is different from what is now in Shanghai. Compared with Puxi next door, Pudong was very backward. Until the 1980s, Shanghai still circulated: "It would be better to have a bed in Puxi than a room in Pudong." However, for Du Yuesheng, who was an infant, he could accompany his family and have tiles on his head. Covering yourself is actually pretty good. But by the age of 4, his parents had died. Before he had much memory for his parents, he was sent to relatives for foster care.


No one knows how he managed to get through during those days. After he became famous, he didn't mention those days. But what we can know is. Du Yuesheng went out to make a living when he was 14 years old. In the beginning, I was an apprentice in the fruit line, but later I did not work well, and then went to another fruit store to be an clerk. Of course, the children of the poor headed early.

Later, it is said that he also practiced the good skill of hand-sharpening fruit. However, Du Yuesheng didn't work long in the fruit line, so he joined the youth gang and went to Jinrongrong 's residence, starting from an ordinary small handyman. Relying on being able to be human, smart enough, Du Yuesheng was gradually reused by Golden Glory, and went up step by step, becoming a gangster tycoon who later Megatron Shanghai Beach.

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Why is Du Yuesheng able to walk on the beach for more than 40 years? It is because he has done this thing that no one can do!

Those who are familiar with modern Chinese history must know the names of two people, Jin Rongrong and Du Yuesheng . Both men were Shanghai's big names at the time. Among them, Du Yuesheng himself was involved in black and white, from a commoner into a great figure across the political and business circles. Among them, the twists and turns are probably unimaginable. Today we will walk into this young gang leader and see what secret shortcuts he has made.


Du Yuesheng was not a helper, but in fact he lost his parents at the age of four and became an orphan. Later, it was his uncle who adopted him, but he didn't seem to be happy with the life under the fence. When he was fourteen, he left the house and went to Shanghai alone to work hard. Of course, the so-called hard work is nothing more than fooling around in the ten-mile ocean field . However, at his age, there is really no way to make money to make money, at best it is just a junk. When he first arrived in Shanghai, Du only found a job as a fruit helper. He was blind-sighted, and he was able to find such a life entirely on his own intelligent mind. During the help of the fruit shop, Du Yuesheng practiced a stunt--pear-cutting. Isn't there a section of Du Yuesheng's pear-cutting on the recently released movie "The Great Army"? This actually has its origins.

Although he was blind and illiterate, Du Yuesheng was not stupid. He was appreciated by the owner while helping the fruit shop, and the owner soon gave him another job-debt collection. Although the fruit store is small, it also has a lot of foreign debt. Debt collection is a very difficult job. After all, you have to face some gangsters. However, Du Yuesheng was not at all afraid of it. Since he was a child, he has been living under the fence, and his nature has made him impossible to be a good baby. Soon, with his ingenuity and fierce means, Du Yuesheng had ample hands. In fact, Du Yuesheng has a problem long ago. He likes to gamble money, and his drug addiction is not small. Originally a little helper, there was no extra money to gamble. However, since the beginning of the collection, Du Yuesheng has once again entered and exited major casinos. To this end, he even secretly misappropriated the credits in the fruit store.


With the increase of age, Du Yuesheng inevitably contracted another bad habit of the green-skinned hooligan— 嫖. As we all know, wine color is harmful to the body, which is not thin and sloppy, and looks like a dead body. Although Du Yuesheng was young, he soon couldn't support himself. A long time going in and out of the brothel caused his body to deteriorate. Eventually, a serious illness broke out! After the serious illness, Du Yuesheng still did his best. As a matter of fact, the people at the bottom of the beach at the time had no today and no tomorrow, so the rogues of this kind would not have any long-term consideration. Just in time, Du entered the mansion of the big brother Jinrong Rong and became his wife's little follower. It was also this opportunity that completely changed him. Du Yuesheng, who saw hope, completely gave up the two vices of gambling, and gradually began to emerge in the Huang Gongguan.


However, even though Du Yuesheng has corrected the previous bad faults, Jin Rongrong is still reluctant to reuse him, after all, the gambler and the seducer are the least trustworthy. People infected with these two kinds of things, in the end, the home was ruined . In order to gain trust, Du Yuesheng must show his determination to completely change his heart. After a long inspection, Du Yuesheng finally got the affirmation of Jinrong. He started selling opium, and, starting from this, soon accumulated a lot of wealth. Du Yuesheng, though, has no culture throughout his life. However, he is different from ordinary people. He knows the importance of culture, understands compromise, and knows the benefits of collusion with the military and political circles. Therefore, Du Yuesheng was able to grow bigger and bigger. During the heyday, Jiang had to give him some face. Moreover, in the subsequent April 12 coup, Chiang still relied on Du Yuesheng's influence to launch a bloody slaughter. That is to say, Du Yuesheng realized early on that it is not a long-term plan to just live on the knife edge. "The money is used up, the friendship is not used up." Du Yuesheng's business experience has never been a digital account of one in and one out, but a big abacus of three bowls of noodles: "people, scenes, and love".

As we all know, Huang Gongdu must not touch these three things, and people who do not have great perseverance can never quit. However, Du Yuesheng is different. He is a green-skinned rogue who, despite his humble identity, is able to abstinence himself. This proves that Du Yuesheng is indeed an extraordinary character, and it is impossible for ordinary people to do this. It can be said that among the gangsters, Du Yuesheng has the most legendary life experience. He sells opium and does nothing evil. It still can be described as a wicked and wicked fellow, but even such a person has been able to sacrifice the Japanese and refuse to give in. This is really ashamed to the Han slaves who humiliated before the Japanese. A semi-illiterate man who had never read a book punched his own era with bare hands, abstinence was the first step of his success, and of course, the most important step. This is a manifestation of one's perseverance. It can be said that everyone who has become a master must have perseverance.


After the founding of New China in 1949, Du Yuesheng went to Hong Kong and rented on the ground floor of No. 18 Kennedy Terrace. In addition, Du Yuesheng was married to five wives:

Shen Yueying

Chen Yingying

Third wife Sun Peihao

Fourth wife Yao Yulan

Five wives Meng Xiaodong


After Du Yuesheng's death, he was buried under Dajian Mountain in Xizhi Town, Taipei County in October 1952. The cemetery sits southeast facing northwest facing Shanghai, and is located behind Xiufeng Elementary School today. The cemetery has Jiang's inscription "Yi Jie Zhao Zhao", the cemetery has an archway, and Zhang Qun's inscription "Yu Wen Yong Zhang". Xiaojian demolished the archway during school, and the inscription was inlaid into the cemetery.

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Why did Zhang Xiaolin, one of the three tycoons in Shanghai, surrender the Japanese?

Every period has its own characters in each period. As some big cities are developing well now, it is also because of the geographical location of resources. A large number of people have been gathered in those places for a long time. As the saying goes, where people are, There are rivers and lakes, even if not as exaggerated as said in the film and television drama, but there will still be a lot of open fights.

Old Shanghai Three Tycoons

In old Shanghai, Jinrong Rong , Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin were known as the three tycoons of Shanghai. These three Shanghai personalities have their own individual characteristics. Jinrong Rong loves money and always looks at the dishes. Du Yuesheng was a man, leaving a lot of famous sayings, so he became the idol of many people in Shanghai at that time. In Shanghai at that time, "like Mr. Du" was a famous buzzword.

And Zhang Xiaolin fights and loves right. Compared to the veteran Jin Rongrong and the capable Du Yuesheng, Zhang Xiaolin ranks among the top three tycoons because he is good at socializing in official communication, but in Zhang Xiaolin's heart, he never wants to be consecrated to Huang and Du Er. Under the influence of people, he has always tried his best to fulfill his so-called "ideal" in life, for which he chose to vote against the enemy.

Zhang Xiaolin, a native of Cixi, Zhejiang, formerly known as Zhang Xiaolin, was the former leader of the Shanghai Youth Gang. He was also known as the "Shanghai Three Tycoons" with Jin Rongrong and Du Yuesheng. In his early years, he was loitering , fighting, fighting with rogues, and fighting for Hangzhou. In 1920, Zhang Xiaolin and Jinrong Rong and Du Yuesheng jointly established Sanxin Company. During this period, they sold opium, dominated , and did all evil. Zhang Xiaolin, who was cruel and ruthless , has since become a well-known figure in Shanghai.

In 1937, Japan launched the "August Three Incident". After months of fierce fighting, the situation worsened in late October, and Chiang Kai-shek prepared to abandon Shanghai. In order to prevent the "three tycoons" from being used by Japanese and puppets, Chiang Kai-shek invited Jin Rong, Du Yuesheng, and Zhang Xiaolin to Hong Kong. However, the three had their own plans. Jin Rongrong was reluctant to be his own industry in Shanghai, arguing that he was old and infirm, and since then he closed his door in Shanghai to thank the guests and temporarily gave up the forces in his hands. Du Yuesheng went to Hong Kong in response to Chiang's call, and actively joined celebrities from all walks of life in Hong Kong to donate money and materials for the War of Resistance .


Zhang Xiaolin

At this time, Zhang Xiaolin saw his own opportunity. For a long time, Zhang was unwilling to submit to Du and Huang. Now he finally let him wait for the opportunity. After the fall of Shanghai in November 1937, Matsui Ishigen, commander of the Japanese Shanghai Army, quickly reached an agreement with Zhang Xiaolin. Zhang Xiaolin then deployed his disciples to coerce all walks of life and the Japanese to coexist and co-prosper with the Japanese. .

In the name of the chairman of the "New Asia Peace Promotion Association", he sent people to buy grain, cotton, coal, and medicine for the Japanese army, forcibly lowering prices and even armed robbery. Chiang Kai-shek instructed Military Commissioner Dai Li to impose sanctions on Zhang Xiaolin, but the military ’s first rape operation was declared a failure because Zhang Xiaolin ’s car was equipped with bullet-proof glass and could not be broken. Therefore, he planned a second operation. Get started.

On August 11, 1940, Zhang Xiaolin accepted the post of the pseudo-Governor of Zhejiang Province granted by the Wang pseudo government , and the proud Zhang Xiaolin finally realized his "life ambition". While preparing for the inauguration ceremony, the military command used 50,000 silver dollars and the national justice to remove the traitor, and won Zhang's bodyguard Lin Huaibu as an insider, waiting for instructions to perform the task.

On August 14, Zhang Xiaolin was holding a banquet at his home. Lin Huaibu took the opportunity to make a quarrel with Zhang ’s driver A. When Zhang Xiaolin heard the quarrel upstairs and reprimanded the two downstairs, Lin Huaibu took out a pistol in his arms and fired several shots at Zhang Lian The bullet was in the middle of Zhang Xiaolin's door, and Zhang Xiaolin died on the spot. This "character" who has publicly turned against the treason has ended his sinful life.

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The "three tycoons" in Shanghai refer to: Jinrong Rong, Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin. These three urban tycoons have formed Shanghai's strongest and most influential new hooligan gang group. But as the world changed, the "three tycoons" eventually went to a dead end, Zhang Xiaolin was abolished, Du Yuesheng fled to Hong Kong, and Jin Rong remained in Shanghai to start his street sweeping career.

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