Wei Guo


Wei Guo, the vassal state of the Zhou Dynasty , the capital's Chaoge, the first generation of monarch was Zhou Wenwang, Jiuzi Kang Shufeng. There were 907 years before and after the founding of the kingdom, with 41 kings passed. It was the vassal state of the Zhou Dynasty with the longest survival time, and it was also the last country among many vassal states with the surname of Ji. The territory of Weiguo is roughly located in Hebi, Anyang, Liyang, Henan, north of the Yellow River, part of Handan, and Xingtai in Hebei, west of Liaocheng, Shandong, and northern Heze. It was successively built in Chuqiu, Emperor Qiu, and Yewang. Wei Wugong was once strong. When Zhou Ping moved east, Wei Wugong sent troops to help Ping Rong.

Wei Guo

Defending the country-the vassal states divided by the Zhou Dynasty

Weiguo: The vassal state of the Zhou Dynasty, the capital's Chaoge, the first generation of monarchs is Zhou Wenwang, Jiuzi Kang Shufeng


Wei Guo, a prince of the Zhou Dynasty in China, surnamed Ji , descendant of Uncle Kang, the younger brother of Zhou Wu. The capitals were successively established in Chaoge, Chuqiu, Emperor Qiu, and Yewang, and the jurisdictions are roughly in the northern part of Henan and southern Hebei.

After Zhou Zhengding settled the rebellion in Yin Shang's homeland, he sealed his younger brother Kang Shuyuwei. Common Kanghou and Kanggong in inscriptions refer to Shufeng and his children.

At the beginning of the week, Uncle Wei Kang complied with the teachings of Zhou Gong, " Enlighten business administration, Xinjiang is Zhou Suo", use merchant politics to implement the Zhou Law, and the governance was very successful. Wei Guo became an important pillar of the Pingfan Zhou dynasty, and Uncle Kang was also promoted to the royal family of Zongzhou as the prince. In this way, the Patriotic State was actually placed under the rule of his son Yong Bo. Prior to King Zhou Li, the history of the kingdom was rare. When King Zhou Ping moved eastward, Wei Wugong sent troops to assist Zhou Pingrong. Wei Wugong was once strong and was one of the princely leaders.

After entering the Eastern Zhou period, it weakened due to frequent internal disturbances. It was destroyed by the Di people in 661 BC, and the ridiculous and extravagant Wei Xiong was killed by the Di people. He lived in Cao Guo (former land of Cao Guo, now in Huaxian County, Henan Province) with the support of. Relying on the aid of Qi Xionggong, he moved to Chuqiu (East of Jun County, Henan) in 659 BC and re-established the country before he could survive and become a small country. When Wei Wengong, national strength recovered. In the first year of Wei Cheng (629 BC), in order to avoid the invasion of Di people, Wei moved to Emperor Qiu (Liyang, Henan). After a hundred years of rest and rest, the economy began to flourish.

In the late Spring and Autumn Period, the Sun family and Ning family had the power and the relations between the monarchs and the monarchs were at odds. After the Sun family voted for promotion and Ning family was destroyed, there was another incident of the father-son struggle between the father-in-law and the father-in-law of Weizhuang in Wei Kingdom, and the national strength was further weakened. Entering the Warring States Period, Wei has declined, sandwiched between Zhao, Wei, Qi and Chu. In 254 BC, Wei was finally annexed by Wei and became a vassal. Sima Qian's " Historical Records of the Uncle Weikang Family" clearly records "Thirty-one years of Huaijun, Wei Dynasty, Wei prisoner killed Huaijun. Wei Geng established his younger brother, is Yuanjun. Yuanjun is Wei Yan, so Wei Lizhi." A monarch was a person with titles and fiefdoms during the Warring States Period. He was no longer a vassal, so his territory could not be called a kingdom.


In 343 BC, Wei Feiji's surname Wei Jun changed to Wei Linggong's descendant Nan Nan as Wei Jun. In 252 BC, Wei killed Huaijun and changed his son-in-law Wei Yuanjun to Weijun. In 241 BC, Qin attacked Wei and grouped the original Liyang area of Wei Kingdom into Dongjun County. Li Ji's descendant Weijunjiao was Weijun, and he was moved to Wang Ye (Qinyang, Henan). Wei again Became a vassal of Qin. In 209 BC, Wei Junjiao was deposed as a puppet by Qin II , and his kingdom was destroyed. Wei Kingdom was the last country in the Zhou vassals to be destroyed by Qin.

Kang Shuli

Concubine Wang Wenzheng is too concubine , with ten children: Boyi Kao , Wu Wangfa, Guan Shuxian, Zhou Gongdan , Cai Shudu, Cao Shuzhenduo, Xi Shuwu, Huo Shuchu, Kang Shufeng, Ran Jizai.

During the reign of Zhou Gongdan, Uncle Guan and Cai made chaos, and Zhou Gong determined civil unrest, ordered Qi, Lu, and Yan princes to settle Yidi, and moved the people of Yin Shang who had been in charge of Cai to Wei, and uncle Li Kang became the uncle Govern the nation. Zhou Gongdan took great care and love of this younger brother, and personally wrote articles about governing the country, such as Kang Yu, Jiu Ye, Zi Zi, and gave them to Kang Shufeng to let him govern the defenders accordingly. Kang Ye called it "Minghou Hou Yu Dongtu", and he also said "Meng Hou, his brother, Xiaofeng", we can see that Kang Shufeng was Wei Hou. After Zhou Chengwang came to power, Kang Shufeng was the siege.

Uncle Kang died and his son Kang Boli. Died, Zi Xiaobo Li. He died, his son was born. He died, his son was born. Died, Zi Jingbo Li. He died. Died, the child is waiting to stand. In addition to Hou, so the seventh generation also. He also said: "The emperor was a great bribe to the king of Yi Zhou, and the king of Yi was ordered to be the defender."

Wu Gongxiu De

The history contains Wu Yanling's virtues of uncle Mei Kang and Wu Gong. It can be seen that both Kang Shufeng and Wei Wugong are the rulers of the country and are widely praised. As for the historical records that Wei Wugong killed his brother and established himself as a monarch, it is not enough. How can a man who kills his brother be called a prince with virtue.

Inu Rong killed Zhou You King , the guard and the generals went, and Zuo Pingrong was very successful. As a result, Zhou Ping Wang Mingwei was public. Weihou He is Wei Wugong.


Wu Gong reigned for fifty-five years, often introspecting himself, collecting opinions from others, and being able to share with his subjects. Legend has it that he wrote poems at the age of ninety-five in order to be wary of himself: "People have words, but they are not stupid, they give me peaches, they return to Li, they are gentle and respectful, and they are based on Wade."

"Mandarin · Chu" has related records: "In the 90th year of Wei Gong's reign, there were five deaths in the nineteenth year, and Juezhen succumbed to the country: From the Qing Dynasty to the teacher and priest, Gou is not worthy of me, and I will give up. North Korea, night and night to warn me. " So he wrote "Zhi Jie", and "Bin's First Sword" to command the style of drinking. After the death of Gong Weiwu, the subjects of the Wei State felt their virtue and ruled the poem "Qi Ao", chanting: "There are bandit gentlemen who are as eager as possible, as meticulous as mills, lei, hustle and bustle! It ’s full of ears, and it ’s like a star. It ’s so sad, it ’s so pretty, and there is a bandit, you ca n’t be so ambitious! ”

Zhou Yujun

The patriotic country does not seem to be a weak country. In the battle for hegemony in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period , the patriotic country has not been listed among the first-class strong countries. Why is this? Examining its origin can seem to start from the state appeal.

Zhuanggong married the daughter of Zhuang Jiang , a son of Qi State . So Zhuanggong married Chen Guonv as his wife, Chen died early, and her sister Dai Yan was also favored by Zhuanggong, and she had a child. Dai Yan died, and Zhuang Gong let Zhuang Jiang nourish his son, and he became a prince. Zhuanggong still has a pet, and he has a son. The state called for good soldiers, and Zhuanggong asked him to be a general. Shang Qing Shi Yan advised, saying that Xunzi would be a chariot. Zhuanggong did not listen, and the chaos in the state called for hidden dangers. Zhuang Gongye, Prince Prince finished ascended the throne, is for Gongye. Two years after his reign, Xiong Gong drove him away with a call for pride and luxury. Zhou appealed to associate with Zheng Guo ’s uncle Duan, gathered the people in exile in Wei Guo, sent troops to attack, and killed the grandfather. The state called for independence as the monarch of Wei, and planned to send troops to help the uncle Duan attack Zheng Guo, and also invited Song, Chen, Cai and other countries to send troops together. The state urged Junjun to stand on his own, and the guards did not support him, but Shang Qing Shizhen conspired with Chen Hou to make the doctor Youzai eat, because he killed the state Yuyu. Therefore, Ying Li's brother Jin was welcomed for Wei Xuangong .



Xuangong's wife Yi Jiang gave birth to a son, and he became a prince, and made the right son his teacher. Right son married Prince Qi Guodu for Prince Edward, and Xuan Gong was seen before he arrived. Xuan Gong unexpectedly liked the girl, and marrying him as the house. The girl Shou and Shuo, Xuan Gong let Zuo Gongzi be their teacher. After Yi Jiang died, Xuan Gong listened to his son Shuo's words, thinking that the prince Ji Ji hated himself for taking Qi Qiu, who was supposed to be his concubine, so he asked the prince to take the Bai Xi to Qi Guo, and sent someone to kill the Prince. Said that seeing take Baiji is the goal. Gongzi Shou advised Prince Edward to take refuge, while Prince Edward said he could not defeat his father's life. In order to rescue Prince Zi, Gongzi Shou snatched Bai Di, took the lead to reach the national border, and was killed by an ambush waiting for the killer. The prince learned, and said that it was me who should kill. It was also killed. Declared Shuo as the prince. Xuan Gong, Prince Prince Shuoli, is for the benefit of the public. The left and right sons felt very unfair. For four years, the left and right sons were in chaos and chased away the Hui Gong. The younger brother Gui Mu, who was the prince of the Prince, was the monarch. Eight years later, the princes of Qi Xiang cut down Wei, killed the left and right sons, and returned Wei Hui to the country. Wei Jun Qian Mou fled to Zhou. However, Wei Huigong resent Zhou Tianzi's acceptance of Qian Mou, and then sent troops to Yan Zhou to kill Zhou. King Zhou Hui fled to Wendi, and Wei Hui's public brother Hui Wang was named Zhou Tianzi. See the decline of the Zhou royal family. Emperor Huigong, Zi Chili, is for Emperor Gong. Xionggong likes to raise cranes, and even allows Hechengxuan, the Chinese people are very unhappy. Even when Xionggong was going to send troops, he said, why not send cranes to fight? He really enjoys Lulu. The arrogant and extravagant grandfather was finally killed by the invasion of the Zhai people. At that time, no one was willing to resist the Zhai people. They all said that your old people like cranes. Why not let the cranes go to war? "Chengxuan makes cranes" is exactly what she said. After the death of the father and son of Huigong and Wugong, the son of the guardian Li Prince Xianbo and the brother of Zhao Mou, Zhao Bowan, became the monarch for Daigong. Dai Gongshen was enthroned for one year and died. Qi Xiong's brother was destroyed as the monarch by the public. Legend has it that Wen Gong's original name established territory, and the Zhou people said that Qi territory established territory, the prince of heaven, the princes had to use it. Therefore, Wen Gong was renamed and destroyed. This is possible. After all, even if the Zhou royal family declines, whoever dares to take the world by storm and surpass will be scrutinized by the princes.

The scourge of Wencheng

Wen Gong was first established, in order to restore the grandeur of Kang Shufeng and Wu Gonghe, he was frivolous and often introspected. However, this situation did not last long. Jin Guogong's son Chong Er went into exile in order to avoid disaster. Sixteen years later, Wei Wengong came to the country, but Wen Gong was rude to Chong'er. If the son of heavy ears is not Jin Wengong , one of the Spring and Autumn Periods , then it's nothing. The problem is exactly that Chonger returned to Jin State and created Jin He's hegemony. Wen Gong died without following the misfortunes left by him, and the successor Cheng Gong refused to borrow the way and refused to help the Jin Dynasty to send troops to rescue Song. As a result, he was attacked by his doctor Yuan Zhen and fled to Chu . Due to the impoliteness of Wei Wengong in the past and the helplessness of Wei Chenggong at the time, Jin Wengong dispatched troops to fight against Wei Guogong, and Wei Chenggong fled to Chen, and Yuan Zhen established the defect as monarch. Two years later, Wei Chenggong arrived at Zhou and asked Zhou Tianzi to help him and Jin Wengong to repair it. Finally, Wei Chenggong returned to China, killed Yuan Zhen, and chased away the flaws.


Pi Guan She Hong

For the thirteenth year of the public offering, the public offering the teacher Cao taught the palace to play drums. As a result, the teacher Cao was very responsible, and even whipped the cymbals that could not learn well. Unfortunately, he was not Sun Wu , and Wei Xiangong was not the King of Wu. Sun Wu killed Wang's favorite puppet and became the general of Wu Guo , but he was whipped 300 times by Wei Xiangong.

For eighteen years, he said that he would have dinner with Dr. Qingzi Sun Wenzi Lin and Ning Huizi Chuang in the evening. As a result, the sky was getting dark, and the statue of Xian Gong completely forgot about it and went to shoot Hong. Sun and Ning followed, but Xiangong talked directly to them without changing the leather crown and shooting suit, which was an insult to the two ministers. Shi Cao hated himself for being whipped, and sang the words from the public and privately, "Who is the man? Juhe's elk. Without fist and courage, he is in disorder." Sun Lin's father asked Wu Boyu if there was such a thing. He said he didn't know. So, Sun and Ning sent soldiers to attack Xiangong and drove them away. During the Gongye period, Ning Xi and Sun Lin's father fought for power, and Gong Gong let Ning Xi attack Sun Lin's father. Sun Lin's father fled to Jin country to find Wei Xiangong, who was in Qi country. Qi Jinggong led Wei Xiangong to Jin State, and Jin Pinggong seduced Xun Gong to form an alliance and seized him on the spot, while Wei Xiangong returned to China and killed Ning Xi.

Nanzi Chugong

Xianggong had a low family, and when he was pregnant, he dreamed of someone saying, "My uncle Kang also, Lingruozi must have protection, and the name is called" Yuan "." The wife of Xianggong had no son, so he set the son of Yuan as Prince. Xianggong Yu, prince Yuanli, is for Lingong. After Mrs. Ling's death, she named Song Nu Nanzi as his wife. Although Nanzi is a woman, she has the power to defend the country through Lingong. Confucius has met Nanzi, and the Analects is contained. Mrs. Wei Nanzi and Prince Linggong pleaded wickedly. Prince prince wanted to kill Nanzi, so he let his family members play with Yang. But Xiyang regretted it and refused. When Nanzi saw the prince a few times, he watched the opera, and yelled "Prince wants to kill me", and the prince hurriedly fled. Ling Gong was angry and wanted to be a prince. Unwilling. Ling Gong, Nan Zi wanted to establish the crown prince according to Ling Gong's death, and he refused, so he set the son of Prince Gong to be a prince. Doctor Guo Guoqing married prince and sister-in-law to give birth to Confucius. The aunt and her servant Hunliang husband had a private relationship and decided to welcome Prince Linggong to return home. Hun Liangfu and Qian Qian returned to the defending country, and the doctors Boxer and Kong Yan were ready to drive out of the public and set up a cricket, so they embarrassed to kill the child. Can be described as the first person in history to die for the gift of a gentleman. Li stands for Zhuanggong. He is the spirit son and father-in-law. And Zhao Jianzi sent troops to defend, Zhuanggong fled. So the guardian made Xiang Bian Sun Bian (the peer of his father) the monarch. And Qi Guowei defended, arrested the spot division, and set up Lingling as the monarch of Wei. The Minister Shi Manxuan expelled Wei Jun and fled to Qi State. After returning home, he came to power again. After his death, his uncle Qian attacked his son and became independent, in honor of his father.



During the Zhaogong period, the Three Jin Dynasty was strong, and Wei Guo, such as Xiaohou, became a subsidiary of Wei. Has been reached the Cheng Hou period, because the national strength is not as good as the princes, so he was derogated to Hou. In the period of Lijun, Weiyang had only Liyang, and Weihou was derogated to be King. "Thirty-one years of Huaijun, Wei Dynasty, prisoner Wei killed Huaijun. Wei Geng set up his younger brother as Yuanjun. Yuanjun was Wei Wei, so Wei Lizhi." It means that Weijun is now a relative of Wei Guo. With the vassals, the vassals of the vassal states were called "jun". At this time, the patriarchal state could no longer be called the vassals.

First emperor

Destruction and abolition should be two concepts. In the late Warring States period, the major powers fought for hegemony, and the defending power became weaker and weaker. In the end, only Puyang City was left. In 242 BC, Qin State set up East County, and in 241 BC Qin took Liyang and other places. Wei Yuanjun was forced to move to the King of the Wild, and Wei died in name . However, it was not until 209 BC that the monarch horn was abolished as a puppet, and the patriarch was completely destroyed. It was probably abandoned by Qin II in 209 BC. When Wei took Qin Taojun in 254 BC, by the way, the Wei Kingdom attached to the Qin was also destroyed, and Wei Jun may have been left with a name, which was better than the Xiao Fengjun with the Wei Kingdom. At this time, Wei was the most famous Save ". Qin Ershi abolished this name.

The vassals of the vassal states were called "jun", and the Wei state had been demoted to monarch before being destroyed by Wei. The first emperor even destroyed all six kingdoms. To completely wipe out the little defending nations was just a matter of hand, but in his lifetime, he always allowed the existence of the defending nations. Do not infringe. This shows that, first, the emperor paid attention to the influence of public opinion. Secondly, he is not an aimless tyrant, and he does not use emotions easily. Xianyang Academy. The first emperor attached great importance to cultural construction. The empire he wanted to pass on forever was not a group of illiterate empires, but a civilized country with extremely prosperous culture. The construction of the Xianyang Academy was to compete with the Historian of the State of Qi, which was very famous in the Warring States Period. And it should be said at an early stage that he gave those doctors great freedom of speech. It was only later that he could not tolerate the rude attacks of the diehards in the six countries led by Chun Yuyue, and he finally issued a burning order. Burning books and Confucianism are not the same thing. The Confucian affair was mainly caused by several warlocks. The warlocks plucked their hair on the tiger's head, of course, with no good results. The emperor buried about 460 Confucian warlocks alive. Third, the long-term attachment of the defending country to Qin is equivalent to the country of Qin. The relations between the two countries have also been good. Lu Buwei and Shang Ye are also defending people.


Nonetheless, the Patriotic Kingdom has become one of the vassal states with the longest survival time, a total of 838 years before and after the founding of the country, 35 kings. When Kang Shu established his country, he would always make a song. When Wei Cheng moved the capital to Diqiu in 629 BC, divination said that he could establish a country here for 300 years. Later, Diqiu (wei moved to Diqiu and renamed Poyang) really became a blessing place for the defending nation. year. Subsequently, Wei Yuanjun was relocated to Yewang County (now Qinyang) by the Qin Dynasty for fourteen years, and he survived for decades. In the era of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods when many once-famous princely states were destroyed, the defending country miraculously escaped countless disasters, survived after Qin unified the world, and died only when Qin II. Many people find this difficult to understand. The reason is believed to be due to the fact that Wei Guo is more talented, just like "Yan Zhao Gulai has more generous tragedies ", "Wei Di has many gentlemen." Confucius traveled around the country for 14 years, including 10 years in the Patriotic Kingdom , because there are many "gentlemen" who have similar tastes with him. King Wu ’s brother Ji Zha once traveled around the country and was famous for his vision and vision. He concluded in Wei Wei that “the gentleman is safe and sound.”

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Why did the Patriotic States during the Warring States Period not exist? Who was killed last

Historically, during the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Patriotic Power was once the most important country east of the Taihang Mountains, because it was located in the same area where the Shang Dynasty was located. After Zhou Wu Wang Ji sent his business, he sealed his younger brother Ji Feng Yu Chaoge (the first capital of Wei Kingdom, in Qi County, Henan Province today). One of the most important purposes was to see the Yin Shang survivors. In addition, It can prevent and control East invasion and West invasion. The role of the Patriotic Army in military affairs is actually more important than that of the Lu Kingdom in the east. Therefore, the Western Zhou Dynasty not only deliberately chose the "Eight Eight Divisions" of the Patriotic Station in Tunisia, but also chose the Emperor Qiu in the east of the Patriotic City (now southwest of Puyang, Henan Province) It is a strategic place to hold a great search ceremony, where the army is reviewed and rectified, the general is elected, and laws are issued.


But in the hundreds of years since then, the descendants of Uncle Wei Kang did not make the country stronger, and the country has always been a tepid quasi-power. In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the great powers surrounding the Patriotic Powers continued to rise, and the Patriotic Powers were repeatedly disturbed by the Rong Di (at the beginning of the hegemony of Qi Qi , Chi Di invaded the Patriotic Powers, almost destroying the Patriotic Powers), and the destructive civil strife one after another. Finally became a small country seeking survival in the cracks.


In addition, I have to say the geographical position of the Patriotic Kingdom. It is located in the Central Plains. It is surrounded by nations and is adjacent to Rongdi. It is a typical country of the Four World Wars , which caused it to worry too much about its diplomatic strategy. Sudden change is also the reason for the gradual weakening of the defending country. It is precisely because of its weakness that it is not a cause for concern , so when Qin Guo unified the world, he was too lazy to destroy it.

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Was Wei Guo a powerful vassal state at first? How did it fade in the end

The Shang Dynasty perished, and the Western Zhou Dynasty was closed. The Wei Kingdom occupied a large area of fertile land in the North China Plain, including two famous cities, Chaoge and Handan.


Figure-Zhou Deshang

Chaoge, from a literal point of view, gives people a sense of vitality. Because it was once the capital of the Shang Dynasty and later the capital of the Weiguo City, it is prosperous and rich. The idioms "朝歌 夕 舞" and "朝歌 夜 弦" , Describes the intoxicating scene of Chaoge.

Handan is also a big city, second only to Chaoge in the Wei Dynasty. Later, Zhao Guo, one of the Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period , used Handan as the capital.

The Wei Kingdom was once the Fang Bo of the East, and ordered the princes of the East. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Wei Kingdom was the same as the Chu Kingdom, and its territory was also huge. Duke.

No one had expected that, just one hundred years later , the nation would fall into the fate of being killed by Chidi on Taihang Mountain. How did the powerful Patriotic Power fall step by step?


Figure-Huohuo princes, princes Qin King

When Duke Weiwu and Duke were sealed, the national strength reached a very high level. Unfortunately, the lord died only two years after the Duke. Then Wei Zhuanggong came to the throne. He was in power for 23 years, and the only days when his country was peaceful and prosperous were those 23 years.

After the death of Duke Weizhuang, several sons quarreled. For up to 36 years, the monarch Wei Wei was seated by three sons in turn. During this period, there was no peace in the patriotic country, and the patriotic country in the internal consumption began to go downhill.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, civil war lords like Wei Guo were everywhere, including Jin, Qi , and Chu. They all stood out from the civil unrest. Civil unrest can make a country fail, but it is definitely not the only reason. Naturally, there are other parallel factors in the decline of a defending country.

At the time when the Patriotic Power was producing internal friction, a small overlord Zheng Zhuanggong emerged in the south of the Patriotic Power. Zheng Guo expanded rapidly in the early spring and autumn, and geopolitical conflicts occurred with the defending country. Almost during the era of Zhengzhuang, the most powerful of Zheng State, defending Zheng was evil, and several times of military conflicts between the defending State and Zheng State resulted in the defeat of the State and the weakening of its national strength.


Fortunately, Zheng Zhuanggong seems unable to continue northward. His development strategy ends to the Yellow River, and he focuses on expansion in three other directions.

The last son of the three sons of Wei Guo was Wei Xuangong . After his death, the two sons started a scramble for inheritance for 31 years. In these 31 years, the powerful enemy Zheng Guo also began to decline, but the Eastern Qi Kingdom rose strongly, and Qi Xionggong became the first hegemon in the Spring and Autumn Period.

Qi Guo began to challenge Fang Guo's status in the east. Several wars between Wei Qi occurred, and every battle was defeated. Wei Guo can't beat Qi Guo in the era of the Emperor Qi, but it is reasonable, it is also true that Wei Guo was weakened again.

During this period, the Wei State was also fortunate. There were other young princes between Qi Wei, and Qi Jionggong had not yet expanded into the territory of the Wei State.


During the sixty-seven years of defending domestic and foreign affairs, several major families in the country developed the armed forces by using the battles between their sons. The defending country produced five families: Shi , Sun , Ning , Kong , and Beigong.

After decades of great development, the five big families appear to be five vassal states, some of which even surpass the monarchs of Wei. Although the defending country is large, it is not strong, because the forces are scattered, the forces of all parties are fighting each other and cannot form a joint force.

It was at this time that Wei Weigong took office. This strange monarch has a peculiar hobby and loves cranes above all else.

Wei people have always liked cranes. This animal, with red head, white body, black tail, long legs and neck, is very beautiful. Cranes can fly high, fly to the Yangtze River every winter, and fly back to the north in spring. They are relatively rare among large birds. The long neck of the crane is like a copper tube, which can cause strong resonance when it is pronounced, and the sound can reach 3 to 5 kilometers away, which is very pleasant. The life span of the crane is slightly longer than that of humans. From the perspective of humans, it is a symbol of immortality, so the defenders praised it as a god bird.


It is a normal phenomenon that Wei Yegong likes cranes, but he likes cranes too much. He searched for good cranes everywhere, and everyone who offered them was rewarded. People in various parts of the Patriotic Kingdom made donations by hunting cranes. Weiguoyuan is a palace with hundreds of cranes everywhere.

In accordance with the official position on the court hall, Wei Yegong also set the grade for the crane group under the account, and the crane also has the titles of Shangqing, doctor, and scholar. The granddaughter Wei Yu went on a tour, and the crane group followed and hugged, and the head crane walked in front of Wei's grand car, known as the "General Crane".

The people who raise cranes are very high, and the cost of raising cranes themselves is also quite large. The public servant Wei also collects a part of the special crane maintenance fees from the people. However, the people in the country had a natural disaster, but the father-in-law of Wei Wei never relented, and even the people complained.


After Chidi on the Taihang Mountain descended from the mountain, they originally aimed at plundering, but the situation of the defending country was different from what the Chidi people thought.

The Chidi people originally planned to seize a few slack cities, and before the Weiguo army was promoted, they would transfer the goods and women from the city to the Taihang Mountains.

However, most of the cities in the Patriotic Kingdom were sealed to the five big families. Although several giants were independent of each other, they protected their cities better than those of the monarchs. The Chidi people were not good at attacking the city. After the giants closed the gate, they were helpless, and the flash fight was invalid.

The monarch's army came faster than the Chidi thought. It's one thing that Wei Gonggong liked cranes, but raising cranes didn't kill his fighting spirit. Soon he led the Central Army of the defending country to fight against Chidi.

Before the war, the five major families of the Patriotic Power opposed the sending of troops, and then let the old, the weak, the sick and the crippled, and acted as deserters during the battle.

In this war, the Patriotic Defeat was unexpectedly defeated, the Wei Duke was killed, and Chaoge ’s crane group lost its master.


When the Chidi people drove under the Chaoge City, the defenders of the city's major giants had already evacuated. The Chidi people looted this ancient city for thousands of years and burned the palace urns.

The Chidi people sang dynasty songs, robbed treasures and money, raped maids and civilians, and drank for fun. The various tribes of Chidi on the Taihang Mountain rushed to hear the news, and all wanted to share a piece of Chaoge.

Although Chaoge is magnificent, but the properties and women's sexuality are also limited, which is not enough to make up the Chidi people. The Chidi people soon burned to the nearby cities and towns. Due to the crowds , one and two cities, more and more Weiguochengyi fell.

The five major families of the Wei Dynasty originally wanted to protect their souls, but now they have fallen to Chaoge, the army is unstable, and the Chidi people have come out of the mountain again. For the sake of insurance, the five families have transferred huge amounts of property to the east of the Yellow River.

Unexpectedly, these five families' transfer of assets caused the army to lose heart, and the lower-level people even scolded. Under the full-scale onslaught of the Chidi people, the five big families finally couldn't withstand the pressure, and finally gave up the old soil. They all moved to the east of the Yellow River, and the Patriotic Kingdom was completely occupied.

There are four main reasons for the demise of the Patriotic Kingdom. One is the turmoil that lasted for more than 70 years; the other is the failure of the battle with Zheng Guo of the Zhengzhuang Gong era and Qi of the Qi Gonggong era; the third is the decentralization of the five major families, which caused the monarch to be weak; It was a strategic mistake in the war with the Chidi.


Later Jin State summed up many lessons from the lessons of the demise of the Patriotic State and improved its national policy. However, the resistance of major families to foreign enemies is relatively negative, because even if foreign enemies resist, they cannot expand their land.

Wei Guo later reconstructed on the east bank of the Yellow River with the help of Qi Guo.

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Why was it impossible for Wei Guo to become a powerful country when a military minister such as Shang Qi Wu Qi came out?

As we all know, during the Warring States Period, the seven countries of Qin, Chu, Zhao, Wei, Qi, Yan, and Jin were called " Seven Warring States of the Warring States " because of their strength. As everyone knows, in the early Spring and Autumn Period, Wei Guo was also regarded as the number one seed player who could dominate the world. There are so many talents in the country, not only political talents like Shang Ye, but also business tycoons like Lu Buwei , and military gods like Wu Qi , so why did they fall into the country of shrimp?

Wei Guo was a big country during the founding of the Western Zhou Dynasty. And the Wei State was one of the prince states of the Zhou Dynasty with the longest survival time. It totaled 838 years before and after the founding of the country, and passed on 35 kings.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the flames continued and the ritual and music system was severely damaged. Various nations have fought fiercely, and even small prince states like Zhongshan have spared no effort to participate in it. All countries are trying to get a share in this troubled world. But Wei Guo had no desire or desire, as if he were a monk. Not only did the defending country not participate in the Warring States disputes, it also continued to depreciate its title in order to live in peace.


In 346 BC, the monarch of the Wei Kingdom at that time, depreciated his title from "Wei Chenggong" to "Wei Chenghou". In 320 BC, the monarch of the Wei Kingdom relegated his title from "Hou" to "Monarch". At the same time, the country ’s territories were continuously invaded by neighboring countries, but the previous monarchs of the Patriotic Kingdom remained indifferent. The whole country ended up with only one place in Puyang.

After entering the Warring States Period, except for the internal warfare in the early Warring States Period, the Wei State has been in a state of half-death and persistence.

In 343 BC, Wei Guofei Ji surnamed Wei Jun . In 254 BC, Wei was eventually annexed by Wei and became a vassal. The Patriotic Power has actually perished in this year. In 241 BC, Qin attacked Wei and put the area of Puyang, the original state of Wei, into Dongjun, and Wei became a vassal of Qin. At this time the Patriotic State had only one nominal city-state in one city. However, it was not until 209 BC that the monarch horn was abolished as a puppet, and the patriarch was completely destroyed.


The "wasteful" practice of the Patriotic State also seems to have achieved the results they wanted. Although it was eventually destroyed, it did survive the longest period in the Warring States Period. In 230 AD, Qin destroyed Han; in 228 AD, the Qin army captured Handan's captive Zhao Wang, and the kingdom of Zhao died; in 225 AD, Wei died; in 223, the Qin army captured the capital of the Chu Kingdom Shouchun, and Chu died; In 221, the King of Yan was captured by the Qin Army, and the kingdom of Yan was perished; in 221 AD, Qi did not resist, just like Qin surrendered, Qi was perished.

From 230 AD to 221, Qin Shihuang destroyed six kingdoms in only ten years. From then on, Qin Kingdom was owned by the whole world, but there was no defending country by Qin Kingdom. It seems that it is a good way to retreat by time.

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In 209 BC, Wei Junjiao was deposed as a puppet by Qin II, and the kingdom was completely destroyed.

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