Zhu Gaojiu rebellion


Zhu Gaojiu's rebellion, or Gaopi's rebellion, Gaopi's rebellion, was the incident of the rebellion of the Han king Zhu Gaojiu in the first year of Xuande (1426) of the Ming Dynasty . The Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji Royal Driving expedition quickly quelled the rebellion. During the battle of Jing Di , when Zhu Yan, the king of the Yan, led troops, Zhu Gaozhen often accompanied the army, especially in some key battles. Divorced Yan King and Shizi relationship. After Zhu Xi ascended the throne, the Crown Prince decided Zhu Gaochi . Since then, Zhu Gaojiu has repeatedly failed to live in China, and has been resealed several times before being sealed in Le'an, Shandong. After the death of Zhu Xi, the crown prince Zhu Gaochi was enthroned and changed to Hongxi in Yuan Dynasty. Renzong established Emperor Grand Prince Zhu Zhanji as Crown Prince on November 1st of the 22nd year (1424) of Yongle. Ren Zong became emperor for 10 months, and died in May of the first year of Hongxi. Prince Zhu Zhanji took the throne, namely Ming Xuanzong, and changed his name to Xuande next year. Zhu Gaojiu was in Leanzhou, and heard that Zhu Qi collapsed, and he was about to move. Ten months later, Ming Renzong collapsed again, and Prince Zhu Zhanji ran away from Nanjing. The Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty had done his best to Zhu Gaoxinren, but he still did not converge. In August of the first year of Xuande, he rebelled and attacked as "Jingnan." On the one hand, the Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty sent people to Xuanyuan in Le'an City to understand his interests and surrender them; on the other hand, the army arrived directly under Le'an City and was under siege. Zhu Gaojie was forced out of town to plead with Xuanzong. The chaos of Zhu Gaozhen was then leveled. Ming Xuanzong treated the uncle very well and did not kill him, but when Zhu Zhanji came to see him, he tripped Zhu Zhanji with a leg sweep. Zhu Zhanji ordered someone to buckle the big cylinder on Zhu Gao's head. He Holding the cylinder and running around, Zhu Zhanji could not bear it, and finally burned Zhu Gaojiao with fire.

Zhu Gaojiu rebellion

Zhu Gaojiu Rebellion: Uncle and Nephew in the History of Ming Dynasty

Why is Zhu Yuanzhang's descendant Zhu Gaojiu the first master in history?

The ancient emperor was also full of tricks, but the one I talked about today is really the first in the world of death. Zhu Gaohan, the king of Han, did not die.

Zhu Gaoxi was the second son of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty . When he was named King of the Han Dynasty, the high-handed Zhu Gaojiu was too remote for Yunnan, and he changed the land to Qingzhou, and he was too poor. Finally Zhu Rong asked him where he wanted to go, Zhu Gao Rong said he didn't want to go anywhere and wanted to stay in Nanjing, and then he stayed in Nanjing.

During Zhu Gaojiao's stay in Nanjing, he mainly did two things:

1. Staring at those ministers who were close to Prince Zhu Gaochi , framing them with false words, many people went to jail or even died unjustly;

2. Recruit 3,000 soldiers in private and run rampant everywhere. Several soldiers were arrested by the soldier and horse command Xu Yedong while robbing property, and Zhu Gaojiu even hammered Xu Yedong's head with a hammer.

Zhu Xi returned to Nanjing after the Northern Expedition. He heard that Zhu Gao's actions were a fire in the future, and he almost abolished Zhu Gao's throne. A few years later, Zhu Xi died, and his eldest son, Zhu Gaochi, landed in Dabao, but died of illness only ten months later.


At that time, Prince Zhu Zhanji was still in Nanjing, and Zhu Gaoyu had an abacus. As long as he sent troops to intercept Zhu Zhanji, who was running north, and killed him, he entered the capital without permission. It is a pity that Zhu Zhanji knew this strategy long ago and went straight to Beijing to ascend the throne. Zhu Gaoxi decided to rebel directly, but the result was not caused, and Zhu Zhanji was placed under house arrest.

After being arrested, Zhu Zhanji went to visit Zhu Gaojin, and the unscrupulous Zhu Gaojiong actually tripped Zhu Zhanji intentionally. Zhu Zhanji could still stand it. He instructed the guards to take a copper urn to hold Zhu Gaojiu inside. As a result, Zhu Gaojiao lifted a large copper cylinder of three hundred pounds and rammed into the room.

Zhu Zhanji ordered the tank to be filled with firewood and charcoal, and set it on fire. Zhu Gaojiu was roasted into coke in a copper tank, and even a portrait was not left after his death.

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Brief introduction of Zhu Gaojiu's rebellion: the rebellion will not be finally punished by death

五 For five thousand years in China, thousands of royal lords were born in history, but one of them must be known, is that the prince who has been roasted to death by fire in the history, is n’t you surprised? Or you don't know at all. In fact, there is indeed such a prince in history. His status is absolutely prominent, or the lineage of the royal family. Who is this man? He is the second son of Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi , Zhu Gaoyuan.

Speaking of which, someone must have asked, why is the son of Zhu Ming, an illustrious ancestor of Zhu Xi, prominently and dignified, tortured to death by fire? Speaking of the reason, it must start with Zhu Gaojiu's rebellion.

Zhu Gaojiu was fierce by nature, and spoke lightly, and was disgusted by Taizu. Later, after Cheng Zu's throne, Zhu Gaojie emerged, and followed Cheng Zu's many southern expeditions to the North, and he made many achievements. At that time, the imperial court was discussing the establishment of the reserve. Qi Guogong Qiu Fu and Luo Ma Wang Ning liked Zhu Gaoyu, often praised him in front of Chengzu for his great contributions, and were therefore favored by Chengzu Zhuxi. In the second year of Yongle (AD 1404), he was named Han King.

It wasn't long before Zhu Gaojiu was named the King of Han. His elder brother Zhu Gaochi was designated as the Crown Prince. At this time, he was deeply disappointed. Relying on his great achievements, he was extremely dissatisfied with his elder brother Zhu Gaochi and did not take him seriously. Cheng Zu repeatedly instructed that he would not listen at all. Finally, in the fifteenth year of Yongle (AD 1417), Cheng Zu's anger was aroused, and he was exiled to a small Fengdi Le'an in Shandong.

Since Zhu Gaojiu was exiled from Chengzu to Le'an, his heart was resentful, and the mentality of pre-planning to seize the throne was very urgent. In 21 years of Yongle (AD 1423), Emperor Chengzu's northward expedition and died on his way home. In the 22nd year of Yongle (1424), Zhu Gaochi was the emperor . The following year he changed to Yuan Xi, only ten months in his reign. He died of violence in May of the first year of Hongxi (1425 AD), aged 47. After his death, he was buried in the tomb of Tianshou Mountain in Changping, Beijing. Subsequently, Zhu Gaochi's eldest son Zhu Zhanji was enthroned and renamed Xuande to be Emperor Xuande. As his nephew Zhu Zhanji ascended the throne, the anger of Han King Zhu Gaoji became more heated.

In August of the first year of Xuande (1426 AD), Zhu Gaozhen rebelled in Le'an, sent his cronies, Mei Qing, and so on to sneak into Beijing, united his old ministry as an internal response, and the British official Zhang Fu arrested them and went to the emperor. At that time, Zhu Gaoyu had agreed with the Shandong capital commander Jin Rong and other rebels, and contacted the governors and commanders in Tianjin, Qingzhou, Cangzhou, Shanxi and other places as a response. Publicly issued swords, arrows and flags to plunder horses in surrounding counties.


Zhu Gaoji also set up five armies, namely, front, back, left, right, and middle five army. Commander Wang Bin led the front army, Veda commanded the left army, Qianhu Shengjian commanded the right army, Zhizhou Zhu Heng commanded the rear army, and Zhu Gaojiu Each of his sons supervised the army, and Zhu Gaojiu personally led the army. The son Zhu Zhantan lived in Le'an, commanded Wei Hong and Wei Xing, and Wang Yu and Li Zhi of a thousand households led the four sentinels and horses. The deployment has been determined. Another central government was formed and a rebellion was about to erupt. Five days later, he sent an assistant to the court, enumerating his dissatisfaction to explain the reason for his actions. He accused the emperor of sealing the aristocratic title to civilian officials, thereby violating the rules set by Emperor Yongle and Hongxi, and accused the emperor of improper judgment in selecting officials. These allegations seem to be basically a remake of previous Yan King's allegations against Jian Wendi. But this time, they did not get a response.

When hearing the incident, Xuanzong was hesitant at first. However, on September 9th, under the strong request of university scholar Yang Rong and others, the Emperor Xuande Royal procured, and led by veteran Xue Lu, a pioneer team of 20,000 soldiers besieged on September 21st. Lean. After persuading the rebellious king Zhu Gaojiao to surrender, they slammed the city the next day.

As a result, Zhu Gaojiao was released, and he and his entourage were released to the capital. Zhu Gaojiao was placed under house arrest in the imperial city. Xuanzong read about his uncle's nephew and went to visit the imprisoned Zhu Gaozao. Zhu Gaozao tripped his leg and tripped him. Xuanzong was angry and ordered to cover Zhu Gaozao with a 300-pound copper cylinder. In the tank, Zhu Gaoyu tried to lift a copper cylinder and smashed it to Xuanzong. Xuanzong was frightened, and he hurriedly took the charcoal, piled it around the copper cylinder, lit the charcoal, and roasted Zhu Gaojiao alive in the copper cylinder. His concubine Weishi and his sons were executed. More than 600 civilian and military officials who followed the rebellious king were executed, and more than 2,000 officials were assigned to beleaguered. Zhu Gao's brother, Zhao Wang, Zhu Gao, and another king were also implicated in the plot. However, the emperor ordered no investigation because he was concerned about the stability of the dynasty. The rebellion ended with the tragic failure of Zhu Gaojiu!

Since ancient times, most of the rebels did not end well, but the King of the Han Zhu Gaozhen did not learn from his predecessors, he had to commit confusion and fight for the throne, and finally ended up in a tragic end that was ordered to be roasted to death in the copper tank Well, it's so humbling!

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Background of Zhu Gaojiu's Rebellion: Only the Ming Dynasty ancestor Zhu Xi triggered the battle

In the battle of difficulties , the king of the swallows Yan Zhu raised his troops, and his son Zhu Gaochi defended Peiping. And Zhu Gaochi's mother brother Zhu Gaoyu followed Zhu Xi to fight Baigou and Dongchang, and succeeded in the assault in the battle on the river. Zhu Xi once said, "I am sick, work hard, and the world is sick." Qi Guogong Qiu Fu and Yi Ma Wang Ning both love Zhu Gaoyu, and they are often called "His Royal Highness." In the second year of Yongle (1404), Zhu Xi still established Zhu Gaochi as the East Palace, and the second son Zhu Gaochi was the Han King and the town of Yunnan; the third son Zhu Gaochi was the King of Zhao and the town was Changde. Zhu Gaojin refused to go, and said, "What a crime I have, scolded me for thousands of miles." Zhu Xi was displeased, and then Prince Zhu Gaochi sought forgiveness and was able to temporarily reside in Beijing. Later, I asked Tian Ce Wei to guard, and then I added two guards.

At that time, Zhu Xi had ordered his prince Zhu Gaochi and Han Wang Zhu Gaoji, Zhao Wang Zhu Gaoji, and emperor grandson Zhu Zhanji with his filial piety. Prince Zhu Gaochi was fat and had a foot problem. People on both sides walked with his crotch on his feet and often lost his foot. Zhu Gaojiu said later: "The predecessors have fallen, and the posterity knows the police." Huang Taisun Zhu Zhanji should claim: "More posterity also knows the police." Zhu Gaojiu then reviewed the discoloration. The prince is a kind-hearted man. He likes the history of the scriptures and has a measure of being a gentleman. Zhu Gaojie refused to study, so the generals liked him. Zhu Xi had many ideas of Yi Chu, but he did not realize them. Zhu Gaojiu once framed Xie Ye and leaked the words of Emperor Yi Chu, which caused Xie Ye to sit down and degenerate to collusion. Later he was framed again, causing him to die in prison.

In the twelfth year of Yongle (1414), Zhu Xi returned from the North, and the Donggong sent the envoy to welcome him late. Zhu Gaojiu then created a rumor to imprison the country, and wounded Huang Huai and others to jail. In the thirteen years of Yongle, Zhu Xi renamed Zhao Wang Zhu Gaoyu to Zhangde, and Han Wang Zhu Gaoyu to Qingzhou. Zhu Gaoyu didn't want to go, so Zhu Xi again asked him not to quit. In the fourteenth year of Yongle (1416), King Zhu Gaohan of the Han Dynasty selected the strong and capable sergeants of all guards to accompany him.


In March of the fifteenth year of Yongle (1417), the king of the Han, Zhu Gaozhang, relocated to Le'an, Shandong because of his guilt. Because of his wrongdoing, Zhu Xi said that his long history, history, and history, as well as Ji Shan and Zhou Yi, could not be corrected, and all of them scolded Jiao as officials. Zhu Gaojiu still did not converge. He privately raised more than 3,000 sergeants in the government and did not belong to the Ministry of War; he condoned the soldiers plundering inside and outside the Beijing Division and dismembered those who were not guilty. Utensils. After hearing about it, Zhu Xi questioned Yiyi when he returned to Nanjing. Yi Yi dare not answer, insisting that she did not know. He asked Yang Shiqi, and Yang Shiqi replied: "The Han king initially sealed his country in Yunnan, and he refused to take office; later he changed to Qingzhou, but insisted that he could not. Now the court will move the capital to Beijing, but he will stay in Nanjing. Anyone can know his ideas . I hope His Majesty handles it as soon as possible, so that he has a fixed place, using his father's grace, can leave the benefit of eternity. "Zhu Xi silently heard. A few days later, Zhu Xi learned that Zhu Gaojiao made weapons personally, raised dead men, recruited deaths, and patented leather for ships, and learned about water warfare, so he became furious. He taught in person and took his coat and hung it in Xihua Inside the door.

The crown prince Zhu Gaochi tried to rescue him before he avoided the incident. Zhu Xi asked in a loud voice: "I have a big plan for you and I have to cut it. But you raise a tiger for your own trouble! Now I cut off his two guards and are in Le'an, Shandong. That's very close to Beijing. Once Hearings have changed, and he can be arrested day and night. "After Zhu Gaoyu arrived in Le'an, he complained, but was more anxious to plan for rebellion. Prince Zhu Gaochi wrote letters of exhortation many times and did not listen. In the 22nd year of Yongle (1424), Ming Chengzu died and Ming Renzong ascended the throne. In August of the same year, Zhu Gaojiao was called to Beijing.

In April of the first year of Hongxi (1425), Emperor Mingzong sent Han King Zhu Gaozi Zhu Zhuanyu to Fengling tomb [10]. In May of the same year, Ming Renzong died. In June, Prince Zhu Zhanji came from Nanjing to mourn. Zhu Gaojiu ambush troops in the road because Cangjie failed. In the same month, the prince came to power and changed its name to Xuande next year. In July, Zhu Gaoxi, Chen Zuli and Guo Anmin, told Xuanzong: "During Yongle, the emperor (Zhu Xi) often told Huang Kao (Zhu Gaochi) and me that this uncle had a different heart and should be prepared for him. However, his father treated him Very good. Like what I said today, it turned out to be sincere, but the past thoughts have been eliminated and I have to obey. "So I ordered the relevant departments to implement and still wrote to thank him.

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The Process of Zhu Gaojiao's Rebellion: The Conflict Between Han King Zhu Gaojiao and Zhu Zhanji's Uncle and Nephew

In August of the first year of Xuande (1426), the Beijing earthquake, Han King Zhu Gaojiao rebelled. He sent an official to Beijing, and asked the British public Zhang Fu to respond. Zhang Fu arrested the officer and reported it to the court. Since then, he has also called Jin Rong and others to Jinan. They also scattered the bow soldiers' flags, making Zhending Zhuwei to capture the horses and horses in the county. And set up the five military governing government: command Wang Bin to lead the army, Wei Da to lead the left army, Qian Hu Sheng Jian to lead the right army, Zhizhou Zhu Xi led the army. Zhu Zhanyu, Zhu Zhanyu, Zhu Zhanyu, and Zhu Zhanyu each have an army. Zhu Gaojiu led the army, the son of Zhu Zhanyuan stayed. Commanding Wei Xian and Wei Xing, Wang Yu and Li Zhi from Qianhu led four whistle. The deployment has been fixed, and officials such as Wang Bin, Zhu Xi, and Du Du are falsely authorized. Yu Shi Li Jun reported to the court after discovering the incident, so Xuanzong was promoted to Zuo Yudu Yu Shi, and dispatched Zhongguan Hou Taici Shu Gao Gao to ask about treason. After arriving in Le'an Prefecture, Hou Tai saw Zhu Gaojiao proudly refused to worship, and sat south, saying aloud, "How can I lose the court! If it wasn't for my deadly effort during the battle of Jingnan, now Yan is still Yan I'm afraid it's not yet known. Zhu Xi listened to his word, cut my guard, and let me migrate to Le'an. Zhu Gaochi only gave me gold bait to bait me. Now Zhu Zhanji fooled me with ancestors again, why can't I move? Look at my barracks, why ca n’t the soldiers and the horses dominate the world. You quickly report to the court, bind the traitors together, and then talk about what I want. ”Hou Tai was so frightened that she had to return. Xuanzong asked what Zhu Gaojiang had said, and Hou Tai didn't dare to speak. Xuanzong said, "Hou too has two minds." After Jin Yiwei officials intervened, Hou Tai truthfully stated. Xuanzong angered Hou too much: "You will be punished afterwards."

In the same month, Zhu Gaojiao sent a hundred households of Chen Gangjinshu, claiming that Ming Renzong violated Hong Wu and Yongle Nian's system and conferred gifts to Wen Chenyu, and it is now at fault to repair the southern tour Xidian. He also framed Minister Xia Yuanji as an adulterer and demanded to be killed. He also wrote a letter to the minister, in which the words were arrogant and defiant, and slandered Ming Xuanzong . Xuanzong sighed: "Zhu Gaojiao really rebelled." So he negotiated to send Yang Wuhou Xue Lu to march. Yang Rong, a college scholar, said, "Did the emperor know the story of Li Jinglong?" The emperor silently faced Xia Yuanji. Xia Yuanji also said: "The past can be used for reference, and this matter cannot be missed. Zhu Gaoyu, my supervisor, sent the general to change color, but wept when talking to us, knowing that he was incompetent. Moreover, soldiers are more expensive than fast, and they should go in armor and go. It was calm and calm, and this was the first to have a compelling appeal. If the commander was out of command, I'm afraid it would be bad. Yang Rong said that he was right. "Xuan Zong decided, and immediately called Zhang Fuzhen to kiss. Zhang Fu said: "Zhu Gaozao is proud but has no plan, but he is afraid of foreign aggression, and now he has all those who cannot fight. I am willing to lead 20,000 troops to capture the thief first for His Majesty." Xuanzong said: "You are true It is enough to calm down the rebellion, but I have just ascended the throne and my heart is determined. "


Afterwards, Huang Qian was sent to command and defended Huai'an with the chief soldier and Pingjiang Bo Chen Yan to prevent him from fleeing south. And ordered the commander Rui Xun to keep Juyongguan, so that the law department can relax the army banner, criminals, etc. to follow the expedition. At the same time, Xu Yongchang and Peng Chengbo were ordered to defend the imperial city; Anxiang Hou Zhang An, Guangning Bo Liu Rui, Xin Chengbo Zhang Rong, and Jian Pingbo Gao Yuan guarded the capital. Ming Fengchengbo Li Xian , Shi Lang Guo Yan, Guo Jing, Li Zhiduo Jun; Zheng Wang Zhu Zhanyu, Xiang Wang Zhu Zhanyu stayed in Beijing; Guangping Hou Yuan Rong, Wu Anhou Zheng Jing, Du Du Zhang Sheng, Shan Yun, Shang Shu Huang Huai, Huang Fu, and Li You directly support; Young Master Yi Yi, Young Master Yang Shiqi, Young Master Xia Yuanji, Prince Young Master Yang Rong, Prince Young Master Wu Zhong, Shang Shu Hu Yan, Zhang Ben, Tong Zheng, Gu Zuoji OK; Yang Wu Hou Xue Lu and Qing Ping Bo Wu became pioneers. Later, Gao's guilt was reported to the Tiandi Zongmiao Shrine and the mountains, mountains, and hundreds of gods, and he personally enlisted.

When the troops passed by Yangcun, Xuanzong asked the concubine: "Try to guess what will happen to Zhu Gaojiao?" Replied: "The city of Le'an is very small, and they will take Jinan as the old nest first." Or they said: "They Surely he did not want to leave Nanjing, and has led Bingnan to the south. "Xuanzong said:" No. Jinan is near, but it is not easy to attack; I heard that the army arrived, and there is no idle attack. The guards are in Le'an and refuse to abandon the home. Xiao Nan walked to Nanjing. Although Zhu Gaojie looked guilty from the outside, he was timid, suspicious, and constantly turning around. Now the reason to dare to rebel is because I despise my young position, and the hearts of the people have not yet attached. He also thought that I could not collect it, only You can send a big future, and then you can bait with good words. Now when I hear of my pro-sign, I'm afraid I have dared to go out, how dare you go to war! We will take it when we get there. "

At that time, the army intercepted the Le'an reformers and learned that the city was empty. Although civil servants and military officials all requested the army to proceed cautiously to prevent ambush, Xuanzong still led the army to speed up. Soon, the army arrived north of the city of Le'an and issued a magic weapon and arrows. The generals asked to attack the city immediately, Xuanzong was not allowed, and Zhu Gaoyu was not informed. Afterwards, Xuanzong ordered the release of the arrow book to the city, and blessed the opponents of the party, so many people in the city wanted to arrest Zhu Gaojiu and offer it. Zhu Gaojiu was very embarrassed, so he sent people to play Xuanzong, begging for relief, and returned from the city tomorrow morning to get Xuanzong's permission. That night, Zhu Gaojiao took out the accumulated weapons and Fan's proposed traffic documents, all of which were destroyed. The city was illuminated by fire. When Zhu Gaojiao was about to leave the city, Wang Bin and others insisted on stopping it, saying that it would be a shame to kill him in the first battle. Zhu Gaojiu said that Chengxiao could not win. After leaving the city, the ministers successively requested to repeat the code. Xuanzong stopped it and showed Zhu Gaojiu the impeachment memorial. Zhu Gaoxidun made the first statement: "Several crimes and deaths, death and death, but the death of his Majesty." The crime was implicated in advocating for several people, and the coerced people in the rest of the city were all released. And arrested Wang Bin and waited for Jinyi prison. Later, Xue Lu and others were ordered to govern Le'an and change Le'an to Wuding.

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The end of Zhu Gaojiao's rebellion: the result of his uncle and nephew fighting for power

When the army division was in charge, the troops were stationed at Danqiao in Yingxian County. Chen Shan, the family secretary, greeted and said: "Yi Sheng also moved to Zhangde and attacked Zhao Wang Zhu Gaoyu, so that the court would always be stable." Yang Rong answered that Yang Rong praised it as a big plan. After that, Zheyi and Xia Yuanji were called together, and they did not dare to disagree. Yang Rong requested that Zhao Zhao be dispatched first, accusing him of guilty of conspiring with Zhu Gaozao, and the army could be rushed to capture it. Xuanzong obeyed. Yang Rong then preached Yang Shiqi to draw up a decree. Yang Shiqi said: "Things must be true. How can the gods of heaven and earth deceive! Besides, what is the meaning of the decree?" Yang Rong said, "This is a national matter, how can you object? ? As long as Jin Yiwei arrests the people of Han Palace, talking about conspiracy with Wang Palace, is the cause of the matter, how can there be no reason to worry? "Yang Shiqi said," How can Jin Yiwei's blame be convincing? "Yang Shiqi then saw Yi Yi, Xia Yuanji and Yiyi said: "The emperor's meaning has been fixed, and everyone's meaning has also been fixed. How can your lord abruptly stop it ?!" Xia Yuanji said: "In case the emperor listens to your opinion, he will not accept it now.

Zhao Zhao changed in the future, like Meng's conduct during Yongle, who will bear the responsibility? "Yang Shiqi said," This is different from Yongle. During Yongle, King Zhao had three guards, and two of them have now been removed. Moreover, at the time Meng Command Post did, Wang Ye didn't actually have a staff. Otherwise, how can King Zhao survive to the present? "Asked Yi Yi," that is, what is different now, as His Excellency said? "Yang Shiqi said:" For the present, the court respects and treats it. If there is suspicion, it must be strictly guarded against, and there must be no suspicion, and the state body can be kept upright. "Yi Yi and Xia Yuanji said to him," Although Your Excellency said properly, the Emperor particularly trusted Yang Rong's words. It would be better for you and the two to agree first. "

Yang Shiqi then stepped down and talked with Yang Rong: "The Emperor Taizong ( Zhu Xi ) had only three sons, and the emperor had only two uncles. One person cannot be forgiven of guilt, but one who does not have sin should be used to goodness. This is also a consolation to the emperor's spirit in heaven. Yang Rong refused to change his mind. At that time, Yang Ye also agreed with Yang Shiqi's claim. Yang Ye said: "The two of us must not move when we see the emperor." Yang Rong heard Yang Ye's opinion that if he wanted to enter the country, Yang Shiqi followed and the doorkeeper blocked the two. No one can see. Later, Xuanzong summoned Yiyi and Xia Yuanji, and Yiyi said Yang Shiqi's words. Xuanzong was displeased, but he was not talking about using soldiers, so the army division returned to Beijing.


In September of the same year, Xuanzong's teacher returned to Beijing to imperial Tianmen. Both the family members of Zhu Gaojiao and his family arrived in Beijing. The building room of the Ministry of Labor was located inside the Xi'an gate. The dedication of Zhu Gaojiao's couple and their men and women was still in accordance with the previous system. Xuanzong published the Imperial System "Eastern Expedition" to show the vassals, and all the crimes of Zhu Gaojiao, which had been forced by the imperial court, were written into the book in detail. The rebels Wang Bin, Zhu Xi, and other Fuxi, complicating Fuxi with more than 640 people, the reason for their hiding and hiding more than 1,500 people sitting on the sidelines, 725 people outside the mouth. Li Mo is acquitted.

After Xuanzong arrived at the Beijing Normal University, he was still thinking about Yang Shiqi's speech, and no longer mentioned the attack on Zhang De (Wang Zhao). However, the officials still chattered, and requested to cut Zhao's guard as much as possible, and asked Zhao Wangjing to be detained. Xuanzong did not listen. So he called Yang Shiqi and asked, "There are more and more officials talking about King Zhao. What should I do?" Yang Shiqi replied: "In the clan, only King Zhao is the dearest. He should consider keeping him, not in the group. The minister's words were confusing. "Xuanzong said," I think so too. Huang Kao loves King Zhao the most. Now I only have this uncle. Why can't I love it? We should think about the preservation strategy. " At the memorial, they dispatched Ma Mawei Wei Ping Hou Yuan Rong and Zuo Du Yu Shi Liu Guan to show it to Zhao Zhao, to make himself. Yang Shiqi said: "It would be better if the emperor could kiss a letter from the seal." Xuanzong agreed with his claim. After the arrival of Yuan Rong and others, Zhao Wang Daxi said, "I have been saved." So he presented his guard, and thanked Long En for the above table, and the official said no matter what happened.

However, Zhu Gaoxi was inspected by Xuanzong in the city. Zhu Gaojiao unexpectedly stretched his feet and tripped Xuanzong. Xuanzong was furious and ordered the Hercules to cover him with a copper cylinder. The copper cylinder weighed three hundred pounds, and Zhu Gaozhen was still able to push it up. So Xuanzong ordered the charcoal cylinder to rise like a mountain, and then a charcoal fire was fired. The copper was melted in an instant, and Zhu Gaozhen died. The sons were sentenced to death.

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Cambridge Ming Dynasty History: The tragic failure of this rebellion shows the extent to which the powers of the empires have declined. In this campaign, Zhu Zhanji commanded a siege in the north of the city. Zhu Gaoyu was betrayed by relatives, forced to surrender, and escorted to Beijing, tortured and tortured to death. Five years later, Zhu Zhanji changed Le'an Prefecture to "Wuding Prefecture" as a memorial for himself. This is the origin of "Wuding".

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