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Care from the Heart
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Linda Reynolds

The Pat Clemence Music Pages, with healing music for massage, relaxation and tai chi: Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW! - Nutritionist to celebrities and pro athletes. Re-explains the Zone Diet, Atkins, food combining, low fat eating and vegetarianism. Some of the World's best built physiques use this system and over 100,000 people are members of his FREE newsletter. Nadia Alterio-Lemmon! - Athlete, Women's Advocate, Writer. This site is directed towards educational issues where women�s health is the priority, information and guidance are the keys and the goal is success! Tiger the martial artist! - Not Tiger the golfer! This Tiger focuses on martial arts as a means to become better a person, not solely to learn how to fight. Self defense is discussed, and humility is emphasized.  Bill Montgomery Independent Distributor 

Nancy Villella
Century 21 Northwest Realty

Auto Detectives-Finding cars made easy For your body, mind and spirit.

"Health Resources - everything from Medicine to New Age !
Alternative, Holistic, & General Health Links, plus much more" 

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