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Demystified: The legendary life of the female spy of World War II was praised and topped by five divisions
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Legendary female spy of World War II: Nancy Wake, because of her beautiful face and personality, was hailed as "the bravest beauty spy" and was the first person on the "blacklist" wanted by the Nazis to bid 5 million francs. After the war, she was awarded the Medal of Honor in many countries, and her story was repeatedly adapted into novels and movies.

Nancy's nature has the qualities of adventure and bravery, and her star-like face has a more organic mind. At the age of 16, she ran away from home carrying £ 200, which was still her "legacy" when her aunt died. However, Nancy quickly found a hospital to work as a nurse, and began an independent life.

Although she is the youngest daughter in the family, Nancy is not spoiled and very rebellious. She did some miscellaneous work in the hospital while finishing college studies at the other end. At the age of 20 when she graduated, she could take up the job of her father because she could run around the world, and went to England as a freelance journalist. After moving to France, she met Henry Fiorca, 14 years older than herself—a wealthy entrepreneur and playboy. Henry bowed under Nancy's pomegranate skirt. In November 1939, Nancy, 27, married Henry.

This love life is not at the right time, the war has driven them away, and Nancy, who could have been a wife, saw the suffering of more people-more than 70,000 Jews in France were shot dead by the Nazis. Henry bought a villa for Nancy in Marseille, but it was actually used to shelter the Resistance and refugees. Nancy ran around southern France with clothing, cash and fake documents, and bought an ambulance to help more than 1,000 Resistance Army and refugees flee the French border to Spain.

It was at the American bar at the Peace Hotel that Nancy met a British officer paroleed by a French authority from Nazi prison, who immediately invited her to join the British Special Operations Service (SOE) to help Allied pilots, refugees and prisoners of war depart from France moved to Britain.

Traitors appeared in the organization, and in November 1943 Nancy's whereabouts were leaked. Henry said to her, "You have to go. I'll buy something and come back to you right away." This was their goodbye. It was Henry who was arrested. The son-in-law was tortured by the Nazis, and he was unwilling to disclose the whereabouts of his wife.

"As early as 1937, in a commercial square in Vienna, I saw firsthand the Nazis tied a dozen Jews on a large wheel and the soldiers continued to beat them. At the time, I was a reporter trying to use a camera in my hand to turn this A scene was recorded, but the Germans seized it on the spot. "Since then she has firmly established her belief that as long as she has a chance, she will stop the atrocities of the Nazis." Even if it is trivial, stupid, or dangerous, it must be done. , I have never been scared. " Years later, she recalled the situation at the time and said, "I hate war and violence. The war is still here. I can't figure out why a woman can only wave goodbye to her husband who is going to the battlefield."

When joining SOE, Nancy received training from the British Ministry of Defence, including physical fitness, survival skills, skydiving, gun use, assassination, and password transmission. According to her comrades in memory, "she was the most feminine comrade I had ever met, but Nancy fought five men." More officers praised, "Her strength is equivalent to five divisions.

Nancy once recalled: "Maybe I am good at escaping. The Nazis call me white rats, and some of my comrades call me big white rabbits." Because Nancy was resourceful, she always slipped away from Nazi levels or traps and was crowned by the Germans The name of "White Rat" and topped the "black list" list. Sometimes she used a beauty plan to divert the other's attention, lying as a cousin of a Scottish military officer, and hiding two hundred pounds of illegal pork in her bag, calmly chatting with the Gestapo officer.

In fact, when they first joined SOE, their teammates once laughed that this magnificent young woman was just a "vase" that would cook ham sausage. At first there were only 500 people in the SOE, of which 39 were women (11 were killed in Nazi concentration camps). By 1944, Nancy had developed 7,000 subordinates, and their mission was to unite the French guerrillas to create chaos for the Nazis and cover the Allied landing of Normandy a month later. Nancy led the team in person, attacked the headquarter of Gestapo and attacked several sentries, but she actually "don't like the feeling of killing by hand".

Nancy's style is sturdy, and her teammates see her as a goddess. A radio was damaged in the German bombing. She immediately rode a bicycle, traversed 500 miles in three days, and cleverly passed the Nazi checkpoints. Finally, the radio station contacting the British was repaired. But as she later recalled, "I stole this bike and couldn't control that much." When she was old, the heroine lived off selling medals.

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