Songhu Battle Secret: Puppet Manchurian Army Replaces Japanese Army as Forward
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The traitor of the traitor during the Anti-Japanese War, Songhu will fight the Manchurian army to replace the Japanese invaders. The Chinese will fight the Chinese in many anti-Japanese war occasions. The Chinese are not fighting the Japanese, but the Chinese are fighting the Chinese, or The "single" of the Chinese is a "mixed doubles" of the Chinese and the Japanese. Such a scene was often seen during the Songhu Battle - the army of the pseudo-Manchuria rushed in front of the tank car, and the Japanese invaders followed the tank car, wearing the same uniform and using the same weapons. Only after they were captured did our national soldiers know that these guys were from Northeast China on the Songhua River.

In order to "divide and divide, gradually colonize", after Japan's invasion of China, it has successively planted five larger pseudo-governments in the enemy-occupied area, namely: the pseudo-Manchuria, the pseudo-East-Hebei defense and self-government government, and the pseudo-North China temporary Government, Puppet King Mengjiang regime and Puppet Wang Jingwei regime. Each puppet regime has its own army.

In this troubled world, the green forest philosophy of "a gun is the king of grass" in Chinese culture has been used to the best by Xiao Xiaoqiang. Among them, North China has the largest number of puppet troops. In the words of ordinary people, "a landmine rang, killing three devils and eighteen puppet troops." By the end of the eight-year war, the number of puppet forces fighting for Japanese invaders had exceeded one million. Tragedy is the scourge of horror. However, compared with the puppet army, traitor is the scourge of horror. From North China to northern Shaanxi, from the Yangtze River to the eastern coast, from frontal battlefields to enemy battlefields, it is all over China! After the defeat of Pingxingguan, the main force of the Japanese army westward changed its deployment. Under the leadership of the traitor, its leading troops crossed the Great Wall from the pass-gu Yuekou between Pingxingguan and Yanmen Pass, placing our military defense line behind, and here is The main points of Jinbei's main enemy position. After the Japanese army broke through, it went straight to Taiyuan while going south, and threatened the flanks behind the Yanping Pass and Yanmen Pass. The traitors in the war zone were everywhere. They guided the Japanese army, fired a smoke signal bullet during the day, and illuminated the flashlight at night, exposing the National Army position and the Eighth Route Army's ambush location, causing the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army, which adhered to the Pingxingguan line, to retreat to Wutai and Daixian overnight without further progress. Expand the results.

In 1942, at the most difficult time for the Chinese Communist Anti-Japanese Base Area, the Japanese army invaded China arrogantly and destroyed the Chinese Anti-Japanese War. "In addition to military operations, the Japanese invaders secretly sent special agents to our base areas to carry out activities." Into a poorly managed horse farm, horse dung may set foot at any time. In the south, it was amazing, especially during the two battles, which caused huge losses to our side. First, the Songhu Battle. At the end of this battle, the Chinese army's retreat was guided by the successful landing of the Japanese reinforcements from the Hangzhou Bay, which immediately plunged the Chinese army into the embarrassment of the enemy. The Japanese army selected the landing site at Jin Shanwei, which was unexpected by all the senior Chinese generals, and they first praised the traitors of the traitor. A Japanese military camp Yamada Takeichi, who was ordered to sneak into Jinshanwei early, had this memory afterwards: About one week after the outbreak of the war, we set out from Shanghai and came to Jinshanwei from Songjiang County and Jinshan County. Lives in a local family named Lu . I'm sure that this Japanese family, named Lu, has hosted Japanese. We are neither the first nor the last. In the following days, under the guidance of a guide, we walked through the beaches here. The sea here is vast and the terrain is developed, which is convenient for the distribution and movement of large troops. However, the water is relatively shallow. According to our measurements, the warship stopped. Later, the soldiers rowed the boat for about 20 minutes to reach the coast. During this time, the guards were able to organize an effective resistance. Fortunately, the Chinese army did not defend here, and Jinshanwei seemed to be open-minded. What we need to do is to confirm this ... We get along with the locals safely, buy the items they sell at a price slightly higher than the market (though we don't need these items), and you can get their help, Even meet your excessive requirements. They all know that we are Japanese and are in a state of war, but no one reports our activities to the local government or police, and we are safe ... In order to maintain the results of our work, we have developed many pro-Japanese elements, issued Give them a flashlight and a flare gun. A secret code was stipulated, asking them to ask when they contacted. On the night before the landing, the coastline around Jinshanwei, you can see the beam of light and signal flare everywhere, like a meteor passing in the summer night sky. This sight was clearly visible to the Imperial Army wandering at sea, which a Marine Corps soldier personally told me. (Quoted from "Nationalist Communist Party's Anti-Japanese War-Suppression") Second, the Wuhan Campaign . After the fall of Nanjing, Wuhan has become the de facto military, political, and economic center of the National Government. In order to prevent the Japanese from going south along the Ping-Han line and capturing Wuhan, the national army blasted the Yellow River embankment at Huayuankou in the northeast suburb of Zhengzhou. The flood peak burst and the road was taken east. The Huaihe River Basin became the Ze State. The Japanese movement was extremely difficult. There is no other way along the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River defense has become the focus of much attention. Madang is the first barrier between Nanjing and Wuhan in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Here, the Chinese Navy has 30 artificial reefs, 30 shipwrecks and more than 1,600 mines. It is undoubtedly expected that this river will become a Waterloo that blocks the westward movement of the pirates. However, small and large traitors almost covered the Yangtze River. There were fishermen, boatmen, farmers, businessmen, students, gentry, and hooligans. The Japanese knew the situation of Madang on the river and the configuration of the Chinese army. On June 24th, the Japanese Toda detachment took eight transport ships down the river and landed at Dongliu Shezhou, trapping Xiangdan, Huangshan, Xiangkou in the east of Madang, and capturing Madang by victory. Although 500 Chinese soldiers in the Madang Fortress were desperately resisting, they were disparate due to lack of support, and the casualties were exhausted. On the 26th, Madang fell, the Japanese army won Hukou again, and the fierce front reached Jiujiang. The traitors in the enemy-occupied area made their public appearance in February 1939. After the pirates occupied Hankou, the traitors quickly gathered publicly, established the "New People's Association", and held a "People's National Salvation Conference" in support of the invaders in the downtown area. Thousands of small sun flags waved violently in the hands of the gangsters, and the slogan above the venue actually said "Long live New China", calling China, which is suffering under the iron hoof, "New China," its shamelessness To the point where it cannot be added. On Hong Kong Island and Shanghai, some newspapers changed color overnight, and yesterday they clamored for resistance to Japan. Today, every word has been directed by the Japanese. Every week, there are several "Navy Reporting Meetings", "Army Reporting Meetings", and "Embassy Reporting Meetings". Newspaper agencies send reporters to participate, and the Japanese preside over, explain current affairs, and provide information. Therefore, the pages are not large pictures such as "the rapid development of Japanese aircraft production", "the majesty of the Japanese navy's cutting-edge aircraft", or "the people of the world have suffered this unprecedented calamity, and all are caused by the greedy British and American imperialism ambition" A class of high theory. Collins, a British expatriate who has lived in Shanghai for many years, wrote in a later memoir with doubts: "China is a country that is difficult to understand. The reason for its existence and ability, many foreigners in China have witnessed the scene of Chinese soldiers bravely fighting against the enemy, as if death, as compared to the Western army. Even some of their Scouts, the patriotic enthusiasm is enough to make People were moved to tears. But at the same time these incidents occurred, the number of traitors also reached a terrible and alarming level. They were almost not condemned and did not care about public opinion. If in Britain, in any country in the West, this pressure would be They can crush them, and here they can barely feel the pressure. "

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