What are the stories about Yan Zi in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period?
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During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Yan Zi was a clever and eloquent person. In history, he was a famous politician, thinker, and diplomat. He was once known to the princes for his political foresight, diplomatic skills, and simple style of dealing. Kong Qiu also praised him: "Save the people a hundred times without boasting, and make up for three juniors, but also Yan Ziguo!".

Under the social background at that time, Yan Zi's style of doing things fully demonstrated the loyalty and ability to govern the country. He not only used his identity, but also seized every opportunity to continuously propose tax reductions and exemptions to allow the people to rest.

In terms of "ruling the country", Yan Zi advocated the Confucian doctrine of "benevolent government and love the people", and he highly praised "want to modify to peace in the sky." He took the initiative to enter the disaster relief and won the love of the people. Not only that, he often gave the poor people he enjoyed to the poor people.

In terms of "persuasion art", Yan Zi's adeptness for advancing has long been praised. His persuasion method is not a direct compulsion but a kind of euphemism or inducement. From the side, he shows that he is highly intelligent in politics. In addition, his language is also very distinctive, or sharp, or very subtle, or serious and solemn, humorous and funny. He can choose his own way of persuasion according to different circumstances. From his persuasion, we see his inner cultivation, and at the same time admire his wisdom very much.

In terms of personal cultivation, he is a representative of optimism. He often said that people will die in the end, and they will be born old and sick, so no matter who they are, they will face it. Why not be afraid of death, keep an optimistic mood all year round, and keep your body and mind healthy.

Yan Zizheng Jinggong

"Yan Zizheng Qi Jinggong " comes from the book "Yan Zichun Qiu Qiu", which mainly records a conversation between Yan Zi and Qi Jinggong, mainly reminding Qi Jinggong to be loyal to the people in their governance. In one sentence in "The Story of Yueyang Tower", it is: The height of the temple is worrying about its people.

When Qi Jinggong was still in position, the weather was not clear with the snow. At that time, Qi Jinggong was wearing a white fox fur coat and was sitting on the steps on the side of Chaotang. Yan Zijin stepped up to face Junjun and stood for a while. Jinggong said, "It's really strange. After a few days of snow, the weather is not cold." Yanzi replied, "Isn't the weather cold?" Jinggong laughed. Yan Zi: "I heard others say that in the past, the monarchs in ancient times did not know that they were hungry after they had eaten themselves. They did not cool and did not know the cold of others, but they did not know the poverty of others. Now the king does not know." After listening, Jinggong said, "Okay! I've got it." So he ordered people to take out their leather clothes and give food to those who were hungry and frozen.

Qi Jinggong wanted to build a high platform, so he started the labor of the people. After the high platform was built, he wanted to build a bell. Yan Zijin then said, "The so-called monarch cannot take the labor of the people as his own pleasure. The monarch has built a high platform, but now he wants to make a bell. This will cause a great burden on the people, and the people will certainly not accept it. Such an approach by the monarch is not feasible, which would lead to conflicts. "Therefore, Jinggong listened to Yan Zi's words and stopped thinking of making clocks.

The full text mainly promotes the thought of loving the people through the dialogue between Yan Zi and Jinggong, and exhorts the king to govern for the people. Only in this way will the country be strong.

Yan Zizhi asked

"Yan Zi Zhi Hou Wen" is from "Zuo Zhuan", a chronicle event written by Zuo Qiu Ming. In this section, Yan Zi mainly demonstrates the difference between "harmony" and "same" from the perspective of national politics. There should be different views and opinions between monarchs and ministers. Let's read carefully about the specific content.

Stills of Yan Zi played by Wu Ma

Jinggong returned from hunting. Yan Zi was waiting for Jinggong to return. Liang Qiu also drove in a carriage. Jing Gong said; "Only Liang Qiu Jiu is the same as me!" Yan Zi: "Liang Qiu Jiu is just the same. How can we say Xie?" Jing Gong asked again: "Is there any difference between He Xie and the same?" Yan Zi: "Of course there is a difference. Hexie is like making meat dumplings. It uses water, fire, vinegar, sauce, plums to blend fish and meat, and is cooked with matches. Then the chef seasons it to make it taste just right . The monarch ate it This kind of flesh can calm the mind. The relationship between the monarch and the courtiers is like this. The monarch thinks that it is possible, which also includes the impossibility, and the courtiers ca n’t perfect it, and vice versa. The monarch thinks that it is not possible, and it also includes the possibility. The courtier states that it is possible and removes the impossibility. Therefore, if the political peace is not against the etiquette, the people will not have the heart of fighting. Therefore, it is like "Poem · Shang Song · "Lie Zu" said the same: "A bowl of good soup, with moderate flavors, is used by the monarch, and there will be no conflict between the monarch and the minister, and peace and stability will be used to stabilize the government. Now Liang Qiu is not like this, the monarch thinks so. He said yes, the monarch thought no, and he said no. If water is used to reconcile water, who can eat it? So there should not be the same reason, just like this.

Yan Zi used abstract thinking here to discuss the "harmony" and "the sameness" between monarchs and ministers, which typically represented the characteristics and ways of thinking at that time.

Yan Zi Zhuo Liao

The allusion "Yan Zi Zhuo Gao Liao" is a historical story from "Yan Zi Chun Qiu". The core idea here is "in his position and seek his government." The story mentioned that Gao Liu served Yan Zi for three years. , But did not make any contribution during the period, and finally was fired by Yan Zi. This story mainly reflects Yan Zi's clear style of reward and punishment from the side.

Yan Zi portrait

Gao Liao was an official under Yan Zi, but one day, Yan Zi fired him. The entourage around him said he didn't understand, so he persuaded him, "Gaolian has been an official for three years. You not only did not promote him, but you also fired him. From a moral point of view, he did not Allow it? ”Yan Zi said,“ I am a humble person. I need support from various quarters to be stable and better serve the country. However, although Gao Liao has served me for three years, she never corrected me. If I haven't corrected my deficiencies and corrected my mistakes, this is probably why I want to fire him. "

Nowadays, I think back to what Yan Zi said to Gao Liao. In our work, most of the leaders always trust those who are practical and open-minded, and entrust them with heavy responsibility. We must be as strict as Yan Zi and listen to different opinions, so as to assist Qi Jinggong and make his country a strong country. The problem of employing people is not a general problem, but also a fundamental one. The "Yan Zi Zhuo Gao Liao" extension of the code still has practical significance today. In the present life, some people are only reluctantly. Although they arrive on time, they do not make suggestions and are incompetent. And Yan Zi's "resignation treatment" for Gao Liao sounded a wake-up call for today's people: "Being an official, the emphasis is on employing people." We must establish a correct employment orientation.

Yan Zi resigned to Gengzhai

Yan Zichun Qiu is a collection of ancient Chinese legends. The author records in detail the legends and stories between the emperors of the Three Dynasties and Yan Zi. There are 215 small stories in them, which constitute the complete image of Yan Zi. And "Yan Zi's Resignation to Geng Xie Zhai" is one of them, which reflects Yan Zi's spiritual quality that always considers the interests of the country and the people.

Yan Zi statue illustration

This story goes like this: Qi Jinggong wants to change Yan Zi ’s house. He thinks Yan Zi ’s house is close to the market, has a low terrain, is narrow, and has poor environmental quality. He ca n’t live at all, so he wants Yan Zi to change to an environment. Better place to go. But Yan Zi quit, saying: "King, your ancestors have lived here before. I can't inherit my ancestors. This house is already very good for me, not to mention that my place of residence is far from the market. Recently, it ’s much easier to buy things. How can things that bother me be bothersome for others to build a house for me! ”Jing Gong laughed after hearing,“ Do you know the value of things when you are near the market? ”Yan Zize He replied, "I have saved money in private. How could I not know it?" Jinggong asked, then, do you know what is cheap and expensive? Because this period is the time when Jinggong abused criminal law, the market Some traffickers specialize in selling fake torture. So he answered, "Fake feet are expensive, and shoes are cheap." After listening, Jinggong felt a little sad and a little compassion. Since then, Qi Jinggong has reduced his sentence.

Yan Zi thanked Gengzhai, on the one hand, in order to get closer to the masses, and from the living conditions of the people, to better put forward powerful opinions for the monarch and solve the difficulties for the people. Another perspective is to promote the principle of frugality for the people. The whole story embodies Yan Zi's spiritual qualities of not seeking self-interest and thinking for the country and the people.

Yan Zizhen prays for rain

There are many vivid plots in the book "Yan Zi Chun Qiu", all of which show Yan Ying 's intelligence and wit. For example, Yan Ziyi prayed for the rain and spread to the people. Through specific examples, reflecting the character characteristics of different characters, let us read it together.

Yan Zi portrait

Qi Guogong ’s weather has been dry for many days. Qi Jinggong called the ministers and asked them: “It ’s been a long time since it ’s rained. The climate is dry and the grain harvest is not ideal. The people are hungry. The reason is that there are monsters hiding in the mountains and water. So I mean that I want to collect a little more tax to worship the mountain god. Do you say this is feasible? "The ministers bowed their heads and said nothing, so Yan Zi stood up and said "I do n’t think so. It ’s no good to worship the mountain god. The mountain god uses stones as the body and the grass and trees as hair. Is it raining? Where is it to worship it? "Jing Gong said after hearing;" Since worshiping the mountain god is not good, then worship the river god? "Yan Zi:" Of course not, the river god uses water as the country. As a people, fish and shrimp are unbearable weather, and it does not rain. The spring water will be cut off and dried up. Doesn't it want to rain? What benefits can be gained by worshiping it? "

Jinggong: "What should we do, now?" Yan Zi suggested that he try to leave the extravagant palace, live in the countryside, and ask the rain with the gods, maybe he can get the rain? So Jinggong Heeding Yan Zi's persuasion to live in the countryside outside the palace, but within three days, it rained heavily. The peasant people started to plant rice at this moment. Later Jingong also lamented that Yan Zi's words were useful. Because virtue is good, it can rain. From this little story, we can see Yan Zi's heart and goodness and selflessness. Which country should have such people should be regarded as the emperor 's luck.

Yan Zi Redemption Stone Father

"Yanzi Redemption Stone Father" is a historical story from "New Preface · Jieshi · Yanzi Redemption Stonefu". This article mainly reflects Yan Zi's respect for the honorable priests. Self-esteem and self-respect.

Baby dinner illustration

During the Spring and Autumn Period, during the envoy of the State of Jin, Dr. Qi Ying, a doctor from the State of Qi, saw a man wearing a broken hat, wearing a leather jacket, and sitting in the middle of the road to rest. Yan Zi looked at people very well, and at a glance, he saw that this man was a gentleman, so he sent someone to ask him for his information. This person replied, "I am from Qi State, my father is Yue Shi. Because of hunger and cold , I sold as a slave. After being a slave for three years, I saw the messenger passing by. I originally planned to return to your country." Yan Zi asked if he could redeem himself. The father Yueshi replied, "Yes." So Yan Zi untied a horse from the carriage to redeem him, and went back to China with him. After returning to Xiangfu, Yan Zi returned to his room without leaving Yueshi's father. Yue Shi's father was very angry when he saw that he wanted to break off with Yan Zi. When Yan Zi knew about it, he sent someone to tell him that he had never broken off with you. You became a slave and I redeemed you. How can I revenge ? The father said: "A scholar is not in the presence of a confidant and can be humiliated; in the presence of a confidant, he can be stretched. A gentleman should not treat others with kindness and despise him, nor should he give in to himself and give in. I have done this for three years No one can understand me. I used to ride with you and did n’t say hello to me. I thought you had forgotten it for a while. Now if you want to say hello to me, I will enter my room as if I was still a slave. Now Then you can sell me to society. "

Yan Zi listened and came out to meet him. And sincerely apologize: "I only saw the appearance of the guests, but did not see the hearts of the guests. I can apologize to you, can you not abandon me? I will sincerely correct my mistakes." Then I ordered the hall Cleaned up and treated him with a wine banquet, and Yueshi Father forgave him. Yan Zi is kind to others, saves people from difficult situations, but is wronged to be under others. Such behavior far exceeds the morality of worldly people.

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