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Ji Zi, namely Ji Zha. The surname Ji is the fourth son of Wu Wangshoumeng during the Spring and Autumn Period. People call him "Gongzizha", an ancient sage who is related to the historical origin of Jiaoxi. Because his land was in Yanling, it was also called Yanling Jizi.

Ji Zi sculpture

Ji Zi is not only a politician, diplomat, visionary, but also very faithful. Was a sage at the time. Ji Zha's father, Wu Wangshoumeng, has four sons. Among them, his virtues are the best and he is very much loved. Shou Meng always wanted to pass the throne to Ji Zi, but Ji Zi resolutely refused, and must give up the throne to his elder brother. Shou Meng had no choice but to leave a last word saying that they would let their brothers go along and inherit the throne. Ji Zi hid among the mountains and waters and planted farms. After the elder brother died, someone pushed him as emperor . He obeyed etiquette and law with all his heart. Give way to brother's son.

Ji Zi's diplomatic ability is very outstanding, and his ability to appreciate and comment on music is also excellent. On one occasion he represented Lu Guo on behalf of Wu Guo and heard Zhou Le in Ji Zha of Lu Guo. He not only appreciated the music, but also understood its meaning, which surprised everyone. When everyone was puzzled, he explained to everyone the truth contained in the music they heard. The eloquence and the ability to perceive make everyone frustrated. And took this opportunity to convey the aspirations of the friendly exchanges between Wu and the nations, so that the nations would like Wu.

After the death of Ji Zi, he was buried in Shenpu, Jiangyin. In front of the tomb is a cross monument written by Confucius himself. The inscription is: "Wuhu has the tomb of Wu Yanling Jizi," which is historically called a cross monument. Nowadays, every year, many fellows wear Han clothes to sacrifice Ji Zi in front of Ji Zi's tomb.

Ji Ziguang made wise men and made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese culture at that time. And his character is worthy of our future generations to learn.

Jizi hanging sword

Located on the foot of Yunlong Mountain in Quanshan District, Xuzhou, there is a huge blue stone monument. The middle of the stone monument is engraved with the words "Hanging Sword Terrace", and the two sides of the monument are also engraved with a couplet. "Forget the old", the Xialian is the "Tomb of Qianqian Xi Xi hanging hills", this is the famous Jizi hanging sword platform, is Xuzhou's famous places of interest.

Picture of Jizi hanging sword

Ji Zi, Ming Zha, Wu Guoren in the Spring and Autumn Period, was the son of Wu Wangshoumeng. Because of the land closure in Yanling, also known as Yanling Jizi, he is a man of high morals, talented, far-sighted, and able to meet with talented people in the world, and is a famous politician diplomacy. Family.

During the four-year spring of Wu Wangyu's sacrifice, Ji Zi was dispatched to visit various countries from Lu. On the way, Ji Zi passed by Xu Guo and was warmly received by Xu Guogong. At that time, the monarch saw Ji Zi's sabre hanging around his waist. I like it, but I am embarrassed to say, then just give up, Ji Zi looks at everything and makes a secret decision in his heart. When the mission to other countries is completed, come back and give the sword to Xu Guogong.

However, the world is volatile. When Ji Zi visited another country and returned to Xu Kingdom in the fall, Xu Guojun was already dead, and he was buried on the outskirts of Xu Guodu. Ji Zi was sorry, and immediately released his sword and sent it to Xu Guo ’s current monarch. The current monarch did not dare to accept it, and Ji Zi went to Xu Guo's tomb and hung the sabre on a tree in front of the tomb. Ji Zi's followers were puzzled.

Ji Zi explained, "Although I did not make any promises with the monarch at the time, my heart has secretly made the decision to give the sword to the monarch. Although he has died now, but I am still there, and the commitment I made is also Still, it is to be faithful to the monarch. This is what a gentleman does and does not do. "

After Xu Guozimin heard of it, he praised him in poetry.

Yanling Jizi travel

Yanling Jizi went out for sightseeing one day and enjoyed the scenery along the road for a long time. While walking, he saw gold lost by others on the way. Ji Zi looked at the gold and struggled between picking it up and not picking it up. Picking up seemed to lose his identity. It was a pity not to pick up such a piece of gold. At this time, it was mid-summer and May, and the weather was hot, and I knew howling in the trees.

Ji Zixiang

After a while, sounds of footsteps came from the front. It turned out that someone was on the way. On such a hot day, the man passed by here in sheep's clothing and carrying firewood, presumably to sell at the market. Ji Zi thought for a while, it might as well let this person pick it up, so he said to the person that he wanted to ask him to pick up the gold on the ground.

Ji Zi thought that the other party was a small vendor and should not care about it. Moreover, if he wants this piece of gold, it is better to give it to him.

But I did not expect that the person carrying the firewood was stunned. He threw the sickle to the ground, his eyes narrowed, and he threw his hand very angry and pointed at him, "You look so high, why are you so shallow? "Your appearance looks so elegant and gorgeously dressed, how can you talk so vulgarly? In May this day, I was wearing a leather coat and carrying firewood. Is it just for someone to pick up the lost gold?"

Ji Zi paused, and thanked him for his compensation. He thought about it and asked his name. The person who carried the firewood said, "You are a person who only looks at appearances. I'm just a nameless person. Where is it worthy to tell you the name!"

Then left.

This story is very interesting, Ji Zi made him refuse to pick up the gold on the ground, but it also tells us that one cannot just look at the appearance and ignore his inside.

What kind of person is Ji Zha

Ji Zha, surname Ji, Ming Zha, descendant of Zhou Wen Wang Ji Chang . Born in the Zhou Dynasty in the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Guo was the youngest son of Wu Wangshoumeng, so he was also called Ji Zi and Gong Zi Zha.

Ji Zha

He is the teacher of Confucius of "Wen Sheng" and the one he admires most. He is as famous as Confucius, and is known as "South Jizha, North Confucius".

Ji Zhapin is noble, visionary, and the most talented of the four brothers. Therefore, King Wu always wanted to teach him the throne. But he imitated his ancestor Taibo, and resolutely gave up the throne to his brother Zhufan, but he retired between the mountains and rivers and bowed to Shun across the mountain.

He made extensive contacts with the world's wise men, and once envoyed Lu, Qi, Zheng, Wei, and Jin five nations, and made important contributions to the mutual exchange of nations, greatly improving the culture of China. During his visits to the nations, he often analyzed the teachings of rituals, music, insight into the world, and predicted the future of Qin Kingdom.

Ji Zha believes in integrity and is a representative of integrity. When he passed Xu Guo once, King Xu Guo liked his sword very much. However, at that time, he had to send a mission to another country, so he did not give it away. When Xu Jing returned, Xu Jun was dead. Ji Zan ran off his sabre and hung by Xu Jun's tomb. The red powder matches the beauties, and the sword is given to the martyrs.

There is an old saying: God gives me, I do n’t take it, it is against God. Ji Zha has both the power of a king and the talents of a supporter, but he is indifferent to fame and fortune, it is a pity to prefer to hide in the wilderness. This person cannot be described as not upright or pedantic.

Ji Zha was sealed in Yanling (now Danyang City, Jiangsu Province), historically known as Yanling Jizi. He died at the age of 92 and was buried in Shanghu (now Shengang Town, Jiangyin City). It is said that the ten tombs on the tombstone "Wuhu has the tomb of the gentleman of Wu Yanling" are written by Confucius.

His tombstone is also known as the "crossstone".


In the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Wang and Wu Wangshoumeng had four sons, namely Zhu Pan, Yu Ji, Yi Mei, and Ji Zha. Of these four, Ji Zha was the most outstanding person. Wang Wu always wanted to pass the throne to Ji Zha. However, Ji Zha has always refused, unwilling to accept.

Ji Zixiang

Ji Zha himself had a good character, was quick and thoughtful, and his three elder brothers also loved him very much, and agreed that Shou Meng would be passed to Ji Zha.

According to the order of the eldest child, when the eldest brother Zhu Pan succeeded, but Zhu Pan thought that his ability was far less than that of his fourth brother Ji Zha, and told King Wu to give up the throne to Ji Zha. Ji Zha said sincerely, "Cao Guo ’s son Zang Caixue was also very knowledgeable. Cao Guo ’s people wanted him to replace Cao Guojun without morality. Zang Zang flatly refused and quietly left Cao Guo to Song to completely dispel the idea of the Chinese. With a sage like Zang, who is an example in the front, how can Ji Zha take the elder brother and replace it. "

Later, Zhu Pan became the monarch of the kingdom of Wu, but his heart was always missed by his own brother, and he left a legacy to pass the throne to his three younger brothers in turn. He thought that in this way the kingdom of Wu would eventually pass to Ji Zha's hands.

Ji Zha has also been supporting his elder brothers with all his efforts. After four years of remaining offerings, Ji Zha was sent to visit other countries. When visiting the countries, he used his talents and wisdom to make a great contribution to Wu ’s diplomacy. Great contributions, and left a lot of beautiful talks and allusions passed on to future generations.

Ji Zha ’s morality moved Wu Guo ’s people very much. They all supported Ji Zha as Wu ’s king. When the throne came to Yimei, he also wanted to give Ji Zha, but was rejected by Ji Zha again. He even tried to avoid him. The pursuit of the Chinese people left Wu and retired to the Yanling generation, living in seclusion for life.

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