The Battle of Chibi: Cao Cao's Fei Zhuge Liang who defeated Cao Cao was his
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In The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Jiang Dong's generals were far less impressive than Liu Bei's five tigers. Jiang Donghu will not be much, except for the early Jiangdong Tigers Sun Ce and Donglai Taishi Ci , which will be counted as Ganning later. In fact, although Jiangdong has few top-ranked generals, it is the most united and tidy group among the three groups. Whether it was Cheng Pu , Huang Gai , who first followed Sun Jian , or Zhou Yu and Lu Xun who shined in Sun Quan's hands, or Zhugeque and Lu Kang , who were at the end of the Three Kingdoms, they can be said to be talented people on behalf of Jiangshan. Five years. Among Jiangdong's generals, Huang Gai is relatively well-known.

In "The Romance", Huang Gai was noticed, of course, he and Zhou Yu staged a wonderful bitter plan "Zhou Yu hit Huang Gai-one willing to hit one and to suffer." In the official history, it was not Zhuge Liang , but Huang Gai, who offered Zhou Yu a fire attack. It can be said that Huang Gai can make a strong debut in the romance, which is mainly based on the history of the Three Kingdoms. Huang Gai has indeed played an important role in history. Of course, the success of the Battle of Chibi has made Zhou Yu and Huang Gai. However, Huang Gai's life, in addition to offering fire attack strategies, in fact, there are many remarkable points.


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Huang Gai's life is very hard. Huang Gai's ancestors also had scenery. He was the descendant of Nan Zi's ancestor Huang Zilian, but by the time of Huang Gai's grandfather generation, he had fallen, and the whole family moved from Nanyang to Lingling County. Lingling County is roughly in Hunan and Guangxi where we are now. There were many talents in Lingling County during the Three Kingdoms Period, like Liu Ba , a famous person in Jingzhou, who stayed in Lingling County all year round. However, Huang Gai has few sweet memories in Lingling County. When Huang Gai was a baby, his father died. He was raised by his mother since he was a child. The family was very poor. However, Huang Gai was very motivated. In his spare time of cutting wood, he took the initiative to collect some books and learn some military techniques.

In his youth, Huang Gai entered the career path and started working as a clerk in the county guard house. He worked hard and was very capable, and was appreciated by the Tai Shou. Later in the county, Xiaolian was recommended, and San Gong was called to the court as an official. Of course, Huang Gai was born in a humble family and had no friendship with some celebrity giants in North Korea. Although he had the title of filial piety, he did not get a specific post. Later, Sun Jian started his army in Jiangdong, and Huang Gai turned to Sun Jian. Sun Jian smashed the mountain thief to the south, drove Dong Zhuo to the north, and made many extraordinary achievements, while Huang Gai always followed. Because of his outstanding military merits, Sun Jian appointed Huang Gai as his own Sima, and had his first official official post in his life. After Sun Jian died when attacking Liu Biao , Huang Gai, Cheng Pu, and other generals led by Sun Jian's brother led Yuan Shu . After several years under the control of Yuan Shu, Sun Ce gradually grew up. Sixteen-year-old Sun Jian had great ambitions. He looked around for his father's old subordinates and persuaded them to re-integrate his men. Huang Gai and others were also moved by Sun Ce's pride, and gathered under Sun Ce's again. After that, Huang Gai followed Sun Ceping to settle Jiangdong and made great contributions . When Sun Ce passed away, Huang Gai continued to serve under Sun Quan and served the three generations of the Sun family. It was Jiang Dong Yuanxun. Huang Gai is not only a strong man in fighting, but also a good man in governing the people. Sun's just won Jiangdong. Many ethnic minorities haven't really returned. Some people often gather to fight against Sun Quan. Whenever a rebellion occurred in some counties, Huang Gai was sent to serve as the local governor, and Huang Gai was often able to calm down the rebellion and calm the place.

At that time, Shicheng was the most powerful of the rebellion. Some officials in Shicheng and the tribal chiefs of the minority collusion with each other to fight against officials sent by Sun Quan. When Huang Gai came to Shicheng, he first selected some of the local gentry to form his own county leadership team. Huang Gai then issued his first and most important order as a county order. Huang Gai said, "I'm a big man, I can only fight, I do n’t know anything about civil affairs. Now the rebellion in our county has not been settled, and there are many military affairs. I leave all the paperwork to you. You We must also take responsibility and urge all subordinate departments. What are their faults? I hope you will enforce the law impartially. If there are any mistakes in handling things, I will not hit you with a whip board. If you work hard, you can be a county official An example! "

When Huang Gai said these words, his tone was strong and his face was somber. The other members of the leadership team saw Huang Gai holding a big knife in his hand, and a pair of sharp sword guards stood behind them, shaking one by one.

However, people are inert. These people have been quite arrogant in the county for many years, and there have been more officials in Shicheng County before and after. However, there are many officers and soldiers in the iron-battled camp, but they are the real masters. Now Huang Gai came to Shicheng with his army. Everyone dares to mess with him. As a result, all officials throughout the county worked diligently and carefully for a month or two. But over time, everyone gradually discovered that Huang Gai was not as terrible as the outside world. Some people made mistakes and even misappropriated public funds to bully the people. Someone falsely told Huang Gai, and Huang Gai did not respond. Gradually, these people started to be wanton again, and resumed the tragedy of the past.

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What about Huang Gai? Keep all this in your eyes and keep in mind. One day, Huang Gai called all the members of the county leadership team, and convened all the county officials to convene a conference. Then it announced the crimes committed by other members of the county leadership team, and what bad things each person did on that day were all clear and irrefutable. Then, Huang Gai announced: "When I made the rules, I had warned everyone that as long as I committed an offence, I would not hit you with a whip board. I want to cut your heads directly!" Huang Gai ordered all crimes to be committed The officials were all slashed. The other officials present saw that Huang Gai was really moving, and he was frightened. Officials didn't dare to show their heads, and naturally the common people would not be able to make trouble. Later, Huang Gai was appointed as the county magistrate of Chungu, Liyang county magistrate and so on. He served as county magistrates in nine places, all of which were difficult to manage. But as long as Huang Gai is out, he will soon settle down. Huang Gai's answer to the Sun Quan Group can be said to be "the call comes, the war can come, the war can win!"

During the Battle of Chibi, Huang Gai was Zhou Yu's most powerful officer. At that time, the veterans of Soochow were headed by Cheng Pu, but Cheng Pu thought he was following three generations of monarchs and had very old qualifications. He did not take Zhou Yu, a young man at all. And Sun Quan appointed Zhou Yu as the governor, and let Cheng Pu be the deputy governor, which made Cheng Pu dissatisfied. After many years, Sun Quan arranged for his brother and Lu Meng to serve as commanders of the enemy. But Lu Meng said that it was because Sun Quan appointed Cheng Pu and Zhou Yu to be in charge of the Jiangdong Army at the same time. Affect the record. It can be seen how Cheng Pu and other veterans are dissatisfied with Zhou Yu and Huang Gai. Otherwise, he is resolute and majestic, but on the other hand he treats soldiers well and knows how to use soldiers. For Cao Cao's large-scale incursions, it is the main faction with a clear attitude, and there is no reservation for Zhou Yu. It can be said that the success of the Battle of Chibi has a lot to do with Huang Gai's support. Of course, Huang Gai's most important thing is to propose a fire attack strategy.

Huang Gai himself almost died during the Chibi War. At that time, Huang Gai rushed forward, was hit by a falling arrow, and rolled over into the water. Although he was rescued by the Soochow army behind, Huang Gai was covered in blood at the time. It was already winter, and it was freezing cold, and the river water was even colder. Huang Gai was hurt by an arrow, and his body was soaked. He almost didn't freeze to death. It happened that old friend Han Dang led the army, Huang Gai barely supported and shouted Han Dang's name. Han Dang just heard Huang Gai and Huang Gongfu 's voice, so he looked for him and took off his soaked clothes, and Huang Gai was able to survive.

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After the Battle of Chibi, Huang Gai was promoted to serve as Wu Feng Zhonglang General. Later, a rebellion broke out in the Wuling area and captured the city. Huang Gai, the fire-extinguishing captain, was sent to Wuling as eunuch.

Wuling County has many barbarians. At that time, there were 10,000 insurgents gathered, but how many county soldiers did Wuling County have? It was only five hundred. Huang Gai knew that a head-on conflict would never win, so he came up with a clever idea. When the rebels attacked Wuling County, Huang Gai opened the gate and released hundreds of rebels. After these people came in, Huang Gai led five hundred people to rush out and kill all the people who had just entered. The rebels outside did not know how many people were ambushing inside, and when they saw so many people dead in front, the army was in chaos. In addition, most of the rebels were ordinary people who were oppressed. Everyone really couldn't survive before they would rise up and rebel. At the sight of a fierce god like Huang Gai, he didn't run away quickly.

Afterwards, Huang Gai led troops to inspect every village and every village, and decapitated them all, but those who were forced to follow did not follow up. Many people survived. The leader of the trouble was dead, and the people gradually settled down. Later, there were chaos in many places in Jiangdong, and Huang Gai ran to fight the fire. Many years before and after, he died.

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