The Battle of the Red Cliffs: Cao Cao's One Million Army was Defeated
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On the one hand, Cao Cao wanted to be a benevolent emperor, but on the other hand he could not even tolerate Liu Chen, a small minister, and stabbed him to death with wine when he wrote poems. (Just because the blunt verse is not good: "the moon is rare , the Wuxu fly south; there are three turns around the tree, there is no branch to rely on.") By analogy, can Cao Cao still hear the loyalty of Yu and Erji? Fortunately, three A conspirator, a prophet, had alienated Cao Cao in advance, or he would have no place to die. By analogy, what will happen to Cao Cao once he becomes emperor ? So his strategy of surrendering is only "when Wang Mang is not tampered with."

At the beginning of the battle of Guandu, Guo Jia was a "ten wins and ten defeats", and I also discussed Cao Cao persistently to the end. The world was unexpected, and the Lord and Minister changed from mutual assistance and mutual trust to mutual separation and abandonment. This is the irresistible unified law of opposition.

Cheng Yu wanted to rise after Cao Cao's failure, but unfortunately, since the three curtain officers decided to fight against Cao Cao, why did Cheng Yu remind Cao Cao to prevent fire attacks after Pang Tongxian's serial plan and the southeast wind blowing? In the middle, it has a lot of meaning, and it can be called a classic against the Lord.

First, Cheng Yu used Cao Cao's rebellious psychology to keep him from stinging, making him more firm in his wrong decision. Since Cheng Yu is not the first conspirator, and Cao Cao is now high above him, Cheng Yu expects that he must be rebellious (same as Yang Xiu mentioned earlier). For example, Cao Cao said after hearing the warning of fire attack: "Every fire attack must use the wind. In the middle of winter, but there are westerly winds and north winds, and there are east winds and south winds?" "If he uses fire, it is burning How can I be afraid of my own soldiers? "After doing this subjective thinking, Cao Cao certainly wouldn't doubt Pang Tong, and even thought that only he could understand the conspiracy of Pang Tong, a hermit. Pang Tong really praised him: "The prime minister uses soldiers like this, it is well-deserved!" Cao Cao said, Pang Tong is much stronger than Fulong Zhuge Liang . With his help, you don't have to worry about it. The counsellors immediately worshiped and said, "I have great opinions, but everyone is behind." It means-there is no jokes in the army, don't regret it!


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Just because Cheng Yu reversed and strengthened Cao Cao's mindset, when the southeast wind really blows, he still died to say: "When the winter solstice is a sun, when it comes back, there is no southeast wind? What is it? Strange? ”Xin said, this kind of wind with small probability is uncertain, and has no practical application value. The trend will change at any time. However, he didn't want to think about why the common sense of this "not surprising" weather did not mention it? All of them only exaggerated the "great opinions of the prime minister"? It can be seen that the prime minister Cao Pi is no longer concealed by him and is no longer Reject any form of flattery.

By the way, Cao Cao, while neglecting the counsellors around him, also played a new trick of human resources, which is to temporarily hire foreign counselors. He thought that as long as he gave his face or money, anyone could buy it.

And this kind of mercenaries will not compete with themselves and can be fired at any time. He did try again and again before, for example, Guan Yu broke the siege of the white horse for gratitude and cut off Yan Liang's ugliness ; Xu You offered him a sneak attack on the black nest.

However, Cao Cao did not expect that there are still people in the world who can't buy with sensuality and hypocrisy, even for a moment, such as Xu Yan and Pang Tong. Quanshu brought Cao Cao a momentary success, and brought him an irreparable failure.

After Chibi Cao Cao, he couldn't believe the people around him or the foreign monks. After killing them, Sima was born.

Second, Cheng Yu is a complex of strategists and politicians. Among the four main students (or friends) of Sima Hui , the rankings of ingenuity from high to low are Pang Tong, Zhuge Liang, Xu Zheng, and Cheng Yu. The difference between them is theoretically "ten times", but they are actually Xichuan level, Jingzhou level, Fancheng level, and Dong'a county level. Among them, Pang Tong and Xu Yan are pure Confucian counselors, both filial and loyal, while Zhuge Liang and Cheng Yu (including Sima Hui) are Confucian and Legal conspirators with the lofty ideals of the king . In order to support Liu Bei , Cheng Yu and Zhuge Liang were to support their own family (specifically, Zhuge Liang wanted to help Zhuge Jun become emperor). Zhuge Liang is "everyone asks Kong Ming 's ambition, but Kong Ming laughs without answering." In the society at the time, only those who wanted to be emperors were undisclosed "dissidents". Others, such as Guan Zhong , Le Yi , Lu Wang, and Zhang Liang, did not matter.


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Although the novel does not describe Cheng Yu in this respect, it can be judged from his actions. For example, he used Xu Xi ’s filial piety to frame his mother and son, which is a very wicked scheme. Those who can do this kind of thing must also be unfaithful to the master and son (this It is the logic of human nature in ancient times. Correspondingly, Kong Ming used Pang Tong to murder Liu Bei's most loyal. Because the human heart and the forms of war in the " Three Kingdoms " period were more complicated than ever before, most of the loyalists did not have a long career. They were either cleared by their masters or they had the same kind of calculations that combined intelligence and power. Similar to the current high score and low energy.

It should be noted that from Luo Guanzhong's point of view, the Han Dynasty has exhausted all its energy, and tampering is reasonable. For example, Cui Zhouping once said to Liu Beizhi that the Kuang Fu Han Room was an inverse day, and that Wang Dao should be renewed. Unveiling the hidden show of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms ", the dissident counselor is more heroic than the loyal counselor, and the more thorough it is, the better. Of course, there is a defining principle here. They must be subjective for the world and objective for themselves, such as Cheng Yu, Cui Zhouping, Zhu Geliang, and Sima Hui.

Opportunists who only care about their personal or local interests are pandas, such as Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao . When discerning, we can reverse its motivation from the ending, which is also convenient for literature. In fact, the problem is not so simple. No one in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a hero, and no one is a complete hero. I will explain in another article.

The reason why Cheng Yu wants to continue to advance without wanting Cao Cao to succeed is to hope that Cao Cao can reuse himself and become his favorite after his failure. Make new plans later. His approach was exactly the same as that of Sima later. Regardless of whether Cao Caocai didn't adopt it, Sima Yi first downplayed a few strategies, and Cao Cao gradually accepted him after a comparison. However, because Cheng Yu's plan was implemented too early and did not achieve the expected success, Cao Cao was still very frivolous after Hua Rongdao. Without falling into Cheng Yu's trap, he still missed Guo Jia. It can be seen that Cheng Yu is more "untimely" than Liu Bei and Zhu Geliang.


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However, it was still very good to climb to the position of General Zhenwei with a county order. His uncle You You and Yu You died in the hands of Cao Cao in order to resist Cao Cao's promotion. Speaking of Cao Cao himself, it was not very smooth. First, he was stumbled by Cheng Yu and Yang Xiu successively. When the old man "Er Shun" was no longer stingy, he was caught by Sima Yi.

Similarly, Cheng Yu also realized that Cao Cao could only lose and could not die, so he finally revealed the fakeness of Huang Gai 's grain ship in time, allowing Cao Cao to escape.

And this time Cheng Yu explained to him very common sense: "The grain is in the boat, the boat must be stable; this view comes to the boat, light and floating." It seems that Cao Cao did not understand the reason, because Cheng Yuguang said earlier The argument shall not be emphasized or justified. Cheng Yu understands: Many times, expression is more important than content. Especially for officials.

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