The fierce behind Yongzheng's violent death: turned out to be Chongzhen's daughter?

The Emperor Yongzheng 's impression has too many mysteries, the mystery of changing the throne, the mystery of Qianlong's life, the mystery of violent death, and so on. The story of "Four Lords" is like the smile of Mona Lisa. It ’s confusing, and it ’s exactly the same, that ’s why it ’s interesting to show history! Ranked officers, today we will discuss the possibility of “ Lv Siniang assassinates Emperor Yongzheng” and the real cause of Yongzheng ’s death. In fact, There are many sayings about the death of Yongzheng. Lu Sinian's assassination said that it is the most famous and legendary. There are also sudden strokes, elixir poisoning, and so on. Over time, they all have noses and eyes. It can also be seen that the influence of wild history on the people has How big.


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Lu Siniang was the granddaughter of Lu Liuliang. Lu Liuliang was a well-known thinker in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. She lived as a survivor of the Ming dynasty. Her anti-Qing ideology and speech influenced her. At that time, her disciples continued to promote Lu Liuliang's anti-Qing speech after her death, and even persuaded her. Governor Yue Chuanshan 's Yue Zhongqi rebelled. His reason was that Yue Zhongqi was a descendant of Yue Fei ( both surnamed Yue), and the Qing Dynasty was a continuation of the Jin Dynasty. Yue Zhongqi should inherit Yue Wumu's legacy, anti-Fu Ming, Guangfu Han Dynasty However, Yue Zhongqi arrested the man and delivered it to Yongzheng.

Yong was an emperor with very high political quality. He immediately realized that although it had been nearly a hundred years since entering the customs, the distinction between Man and Han was still very serious, so he taught the posterity in "Daiyi Mijuelu" and sacrifice Lu Liuliang to corpse. The work was burned. Yong was scolding Lu Liuliang in the "Mystery of Righteousness": "Under the world of Fu Fu, King Mo Fei; Bing Tu Bin , King Mo Fei. Lü Liuliang served me in the courts of virtue, and had his fortune to raise his grandchildren for decades. "I do n’t know the meaning of unity!" Through the prison of words , the thought control of the distinction between Huayi and Manchu and Han is beneficial to the further consolidation of imperial power. Therefore, Yongzheng was the most rampant period of prison of words.

In order to take revenge for his family, Lu Liuliang's granddaughter Lu Sinian finally sneaked into the Yuanmingyuan in August of thirteenth year, and succeeded in taking a shot, and took down the first rank of Yongzheng. Imagine that to go to the palace to kill the emperor, Lu Sinian's martial arts must be alive First-class level. Obviously, although her grandfather was a famous thinker, she was a scholar after all. Who did she learn such high-strength martial arts?


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According to Ming Shi Zai, Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian launched a killing ring in the palace before Li Zicheng broke the city. The queen Zhou and the concubine were killed. Princess Changping was cut off one arm. The sentence "why is in the emperor's house", forgive me With a lot of regret and helplessness, in the end, Zhu Youjian hanged himself on the coal mountain. Only one eunuch, Wang Chengen , was buried and his widow was left. The edict states that he was "misunderstanding me," and it can be seen that he hadn't figured it out until his death. This "how is the country"? Princess Changping finally escaped her life and lived in the rivers and lakes. She devoted her whole life to anti-Qing Fuming. This is indeed a rumor of wild history, but it is legendary.

Is it possible to feel like you have heard it, or even watched it in a TV series, and you feel right? This wild history is used by the heroes of Jin Yong. Princess Changping has become the "Sword of the Blue Blood" and "Ding Ding Ji" The important person, the "Cut Arm" section mentioned above, is the end of "The Blood Sword" (the love affair with Yuan Chengzhi is omitted here, huh, huh), Princess Changping has flown into the rivers and lakes, and became a monk, French Her disciples, such as Gan Fengchi and Lu Siniang, were famous heroes in the early Qing Dynasty. Lv Siniang's martial arts came from Nine Difficult Teachers , namely Princess Changping.

It must be pointed out that Gan Fengchi is a famous hero from all corners of the world. The " history of the Qing Dynasty · Gan Fengchi Biography" once said that he was brave enough to mention cattle, and Wu Jingzi's "Rulin Outside History " wrote the daddy Feng He, Gan Fengchi's internal and external boxing skills, and good guidance skills. People in the rivers and lakes are called "Jiangnan heroes" and he has written "Huaquan General Lectures". It can be seen that Gan Fengchi has his own people. The inner boxer, known as Jiangnan, is the son of the well-known thinker and historian Huang Zongxi.


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Princess Changping (Nine Difficult Teachers), Gan Fengchi, and Lu Siniang all have profound anti-Qingming Fuming thoughts, and they are also teachers and teachers. Lu Siniang killed Yongzheng to revenge, and Princess Changping (Nine Difficult Teachers) borrowed apprentice Lu Sinizhi With the help of Gan Fengchi, Lu Sinian finally succeeded in assassinating Yongzheng, taking her first rank, which seems completely reasonable.

According to the "Residence Note" of the Yongzheng Dynasty in the archives of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor Yongzheng lived in the Yuanmingyuan in August of the thirteenth year of Yongzheng . On August 20th, he was still calling for local officials, and the office remained normal the next day. His body was okay, but on August 22, he suddenly became ill and became heavier. That night, Yongzheng announced that he would be passed on to his son Hongli that night. The next day, Yongzheng died and the sudden death of the Emperor Yongzheng In the Qing Dynasty, the official records were very simple and did not explain any reason, which easily caused people to guess. In addition to the word prison caused by the case of Lu Liuliang, Lu Siniang's assassination also occurred in this environment.

So how exactly did Yongzheng die? The author believes that the possibility of chronic poisoning is relatively high, because Yongzheng likes to refine the elixir, and he likes to take the elixir in order to live forever. He even gave the elixir to the minister as a gift. His fondness for alchemy, in fact, the minerals such as lead, mercury, sulfur, and arsenic used in alchemy are toxic and cause considerable damage to the body. Long-term use of elixir will inevitably lead to chronic poisoning. Such examples are common in history. After Qianlong ascended the throne, he immediately expelled the Taoist priests in the palace, and decided not to let everyone talk about it. This at least shows that this group of priests did nothing good, and what these groups of priests were doing. Did it explain that the death of Yongzheng was related to the elixir? Moreover, Qianlong even wrote a scripture saying that Yongzheng really likes alchemy, but only does not eat it. Isn't this sentence that there is no silver in the place ? Qianlong's approach is nothing more than to hide the ugliness of Yongzheng That's it.

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