Demystifying the History of the Great Corrupt Officials and the Uncle: The Power of Making Money

Throughout the dynasties, as long as they were officials, they had endless money. Women who could n’t finish playing were no exception. The Qing's biggest corrupt officials and Kun obtained huge incomes through power.

Power is manifested by wealth, and comfort also needs money, so it is logical to embark on the path of bribery and gain money.

He Yan accumulates wealth, which is derived from "the Tao" ——

Leverage your position and power. The system of condemning silver advocated and set up by Hezhen is itself a private small vault of Qianlong and Xunjunchen. In the Qianlong emperor , perhaps he thought that this small vault belonged to him, the secret place that others did not dare to ask, and He It was just a police dog who took care of his money; the police dog didn't think so, and He Xun unknowingly carried large bones and flesh to his own yard. Forty-three years of Qianlong (1778 AD), He Xun concurrently served as the tax office of Chongwenmen. There are two ways to make money. One is to benefit from the reduction and exemption of taxes and money paid by foreign officials and merchants to Beijing. On behalf of the imperial court, he sold the property of the princely princely minister and sold it for profit. He Xun held this position for several years, and was later taken over by his son Feng Shen Yin De , but the steward Liu Quan participated in the management. This is actually a money bag in Hefu.


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Because of Qianlong's special trust, Hexi will handle the matter to the satisfaction of the emperor. The birthday celebrations of the old queen and emperor, preparations for the purchase of car and driving supplies in the lower Jiangnan region, and the reconstruction and expansion of summer resorts and other major projects have all become successful. He also took the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Take the 80-year-old birthday of Qianlong as an example. The scale setting, venue construction, procurement of birthday banquet supplies and the donation of gifts by the Crown Prince, giant tycoon, and officials at all levels are all in the hands of Heyi. Only half of the actual cost was spent, and the other half naturally fell into the harmony capsule; the 80-year-old emperor was immersed in the blessings of hundreds of trillions of people, and the astute and optimistic golden lanterns that counted in his hands secretly exulted.

Build a pyramid of wealth. The power-money transaction still plays an important role in social life games today. The feudal dynasty two hundred years ago was an absolute protagonist. "Clean and honest" has always been a torii in front of Xunzi's house. And cheating people. In the bones of the pyramid of power is a pyramid of money. It is the traditional repertoire of thousands of years in the officialdom. It is a traditional repertoire that has been permanently cut off. The stupid idiot who has spent his money is just a scapegoat . Relying on Qianlong's trust, He You steadily accompany Tianzi on the top of the pyramid. The tower at the foot can be built without much effort.


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This kind of golden mountain, with both culture and military, full of ups and downs, complete roles, not only lacks court officials, Fengjiang officials, but also has a large group of local officials. At that time, the group was afraid that they could not see their mouth here with adults. face. In the later case, He Can, who can be named by name: Governor Qian Du of Guangxi, Governor Altai of Sichuan, Governor Le Erjin of Shaanxi and Gansu, Governor Wang of Zhejiang, Wang Guowang, Governor of Shandong, Yu Yijian (Deputy Governor), Lianghuai Salt Zheng Zhengrui, Jiangxi Governor Hao Shuo, Hunan Provincial Governor Zheng Yuanshou and Heng Wen, Zhejiang Governor Fu Song, Governor of Jiangnan River Course Zhou Xuejian, Governor of Zhili Yang Jingtai, Fujian and Zhejiang Governors Fullerhun and Woolana , Governor of Guizhou, E Hui and Fu Gang, Governor of Shaanxi Province Qin Cheng'en, Governor of Henan Province Bi Bi. The above are the top pillars of Heli Fortune Building. The most ironic thing is that the two Guangxi and Yungui Governor Li Shiyao, who was personally investigated and punished by He Xun, also became a general officer in He Xun's Corruption Network shortly afterwards.

"Anti-corruption" turned out to be an excellent way to "bribery and take bribes". There are several people who can understand the mystery of it! If you express vividly the accumulation of personal wealth, Hefu is the "central government" of the Qianlong Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty. bank".

Legal business is not just a guise. While collecting a large amount of ill-gotten wealth, He Ye opened a family legal business project. At first glance, it seemed to seek a way out to cover up the source of huge property, but in the eyes of He Ye, a greedy person, it was another income-generating project. channel. Today, He Ye is undoubtedly easier to hide. It seems to be a successful business giant, a chairman of an enterprise group with a main industry and a diversified business. Hejia operates pawnshops, hotel catering, grain and oil agricultural supplies, antique collections, and small coal kilns. It also invests in the logistics industry, and its main business is real estate and finance. Utilizing power, He You acquired and merged a large amount of land. It is said that under the name of 800,000 acres of good land, it is conceivable that in one year, only one land lease, how much will He He profit? The real estate is also used for renting or opening a hotel, which is another great source of money; financial investment and usury is another main business of the He Group, facing the society, regardless of officials, friends, and civilians, as long as you have physical objects Mortgages can go to He's Bank for loan business, even relatives are no exception. He Ming's Ming Mingbao borrowed fifteen thousand two, with a monthly interest of one cent, and when the repayment period expired, Ming Bao paid a lot of one cent to his nephew, which was vague.


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Don't underestimate such a harvest. When a person is dominated by material desires, wealth is his father and mother. All tricks that can gather money are his most obsessed games. People often say that money is something outside of one's body. It is not brought by life, nor taken away by death. He Xun said: "Ghost talk! Why is everyone else fighting to grab? Under the control of such values, the rich and enemies of the enemies have not missed any opportunity to come to money. Using his power and fame, he often held various family banquets, birthday parties, weddings for couples, full moon for children and grandchildren, birthdays of parents, and everything that could make money was used by the concubines to collect gifts. Officials everywhere pay tribute to the emperor or the court for the local precious specialties, and the concubine is responsible for receiving, picking up some of Qianlong's favorite, and the rest are transported to Hefu. Who will ask the tribute? The envoys of each vassal state to the emperor of Qing Dynasty Tributes are so precious, they all have the scripture and the hands of adults, so there are not necessarily the treasures in the palace, "the treasures in the house, there are more than two hundred pearls and strings, compared with There are many times as much inside. "The pearls of the Hejia family are several times larger than those contained in Danei. One of them is larger than the one set on the Qianlong imperial crown.

At first He He played with Long Live Grandpa, and was unknowingly captured by money and wealth. He played too much. His small vault became a big golden mountain, and the court's big vault became a broken warehouse.

Today, He Ye is undoubtedly easier to hide. It seems to be a successful business giant, a chairman of an enterprise group with a main industry and a diversified business.

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