The first grass bag generals of the Three Kingdoms have great strength and high IQ, but they always make trouble!
Interesting history2018-01-05 10:51:55 Xia Hou Shang Xia Hou Yuan

Xia Houyuan , a famous leader of the Cao Wei camp, was once highly appraised by Cao Cao as the first person in Hubuguan Right. However, this Xia Houyuan was shortly afterwards scolded by Cao Cao as a grass bag general. Why?

After Cao Cao conquered Zhanglu in Hanzhong, he led the main force back to Wucheng and dumped the burden of guarding Hanzhong to Xia Houyuan. Soon after, Liu Bei led Zhang Fei and Huang Zhong to launch the Hanzhong battle. Liu Bei has the first-rate counselor of the Three Kingdoms , and Xia Houyuan has only one Zhangye to discuss. Cao Cao himself handled the internal rebellion in Wucheng. His son Cao Zhang expelled Wudang and Xianbei in the north. Cao Ren hurried to Wancheng to crush the mutiny. Zhang Liao stayed in Hefei to fight against Wu. Cao Wei was on fire across the board, and Cao Cao simply couldn't help Xia Houyuan. Whether it is life or death, it depends on Xia Houyuan himself.

Xia Houyuan played well at the beginning, stalemate with Liu Bei for almost a year. But one year later, Xia Houyuan gradually became agitated and unable to hold his breath. Then something very interesting happened.


Liu Bei attacked the Xiahouyuan camp. Xiahouyuan was covered with antlers fifteen miles before the camp (sharpened the logs and fixed them crosswise to prevent the enemy from attacking). When Liu Bei's army was unable to move forward, he sent someone to set fire to burn a part of Xia Houyuan's antlers. Xia Houyuan saw that the antlers were damaged, so he personally took four hundred people out of the camp and repositioned them at the front. On the mountain, Liu Bei found that Cao Jun's coach Xia Houyuan actually appeared on the battlefield and immediately dispatched a cavalry to rush out and arrest him. Xia Houyuan had no time to retreat, and he fought with the Shu army. Xia Houyuan fights and retreats, but the Shu Army has long copied Xia Houyuan's back road, many soldiers fled back to the camp, only to find that the coach Xia Houyuan was still on the battlefield. The generals under his command could only take their soldiers out to find him, and then rescued Xia Houyuan.

When the news came to Cao Cao, Cao Cao scolded Xia Houyuan for not knowing how to use soldiers. He was simply a "white general"! As the entire army coach, there was no need to even fight in person, let alone add the extremely risky front-line work like antlers. How about?

What is called "General Baidi"? In ancient times, those lands that were not cultivated and reclaimed were called white lands, and some people called desert lands that could not grow plants called white lands. In short, Xia Houyuan had no ink on his chest, even the most basic common sense of combat. No.

Before contacting Cao Cao's praise for Xia Houyuan, we can understand that Xia Houyuan is certainly not a bale, but a smart man with considerable talent. So why did a clever person do something stupid? There is only one possibility, that is, Xia Houyuan and Liu Bei confronted each other for more than a year, and they were very proud. Not to mention the leading soldiers, even if I went to change the antlers in person, what can you do with Liu Bei? Xia Houyuan looked down on Liu Bei, so he fell into the ambush of Liu Bei.


Liu Bei and Cao Jun have been at war for a long time, knowing that they are better than troops, better than grass, and better than siege equipment. The Shuhan army is not Cao Jun's opponent at all. It is almost impossible to win Hanzhong in a siege war. Only by repeatedly and repeatedly making defensive and even concessionary attitudes can Xia Houyuan be induced. If it is a field battle, the Shuhan army is sure to win.

I don't know if Cao Cao scolded Xia Houyuan's original words. In short, Xia Houyuan ate for a while, but his head did not grow at all. In the end, he was designed by Fazheng and killed by veteran Huang Zhong in Dingjun Mountain.

Xia Houyuan died, leaving seven sons. Most of his sons inherited Xia Houyuan's character and were very clever, but sometimes they also became muddy.

(Xia Hou is worthy of Fulu, Xia Hou is worthy of life and shame, Xia Hou is worthy of bravery, Xia Hou is worthy of chivalry, Xia Hou is wonderfully risen, Xia Houhui, Xia Hou and mediocrity)

The boss is called Xia Houheng. This son is the most boring and has no strange life. Of course, from his own point of view, it was a happy life. Xia Houheng's mother was Cao Cao's cousin. After Xia Houheng grew up, Cao Cao married his niece again. In order to capture Xia Houyuan, Cao Cao took a lot of thought, and this Xia Houheng was the biggest gainer, enjoying the riches and riches. When Xia Houyuan died in battle, Xia Houheng inherited the title as the eldest son, and after the throne of Cao Yu, he was sealed as Anning Tinghou. According to the records, Xia Houheng should have died during the reign of Cao Yu. It is estimated that he was young, about 30 years old.


The second child is called Xia Houba. Xia Houba is a bitter person. When he was about 20 years old, his father Xia Houyuan was killed by Liu Bei. Xia Houyuan hated his teeth itchyly and often said to others that he must eliminate Shu Kingdom to avenge his father. However, Liu Bei, Fazheng, and Huang Zhong had all died within two years, and the only way to get revenge was to destroy Shu. This is not an easy task. Later, Cao Rui came to the throne, and Xia Houba became more and more beautiful. He reached the peak in the period of Cao Shuang's dictatorship. From right general to Zheng Shu general, he became one of Cao Jun's highest generals against Shu Han. Originally, Xiahouba's life might have been so dull. But who ever thought that Cao Shuang was killed by Sima Yi , Xia Houba's relatives and friends were killed by Sima one by one. Xia Houba, who was over 50, was worried that Sima Yi's butcher knife would fall on him sooner or later, and his heart was very frightened. In addition, Sima Yi sent his confidant Guo Huai to serve as General Zheng Xi, and he became the boss of Xia Houba. Xia Houba and Guo Huai had a bad relationship originally. Xia Houba looked down on Guo Huai's imperiousness. Guo Huai looked down on Xia Houba's old qualifications. Now Xia Houba will accept Guo Huai's leadership. Isn't that a dead end?

As soon as Xia Houba was cruel, he made a move that surprised Cao Wei, Shu Han, and betrayed his motherland. He surrendered to Shu Han who had the vengeance of killing his father. At that time, I wanted to destroy Shu Han with my teeth, but now I betrayed the country and turned to Shu Han. My father Xia Hou Yuanquan knew that he should not be so angry again. However, the old Chinese saying is good, it is better to die than to live! Stay in Cao Wei, but it is just Become a ghost under the sword of Sima Yi, and Sima Yi will also make up all kinds of dirty charges, making you die uneasily.

Xia Houba was too back, and went to Shu Han secretly, and lost his way halfway, so he ran out of food. Then kill the horse, how to walk when the horse is gone? The feet have been worn by the stones, and they can only lie on the stones and wait to die. Fortunately, they met the Shuhan scouts, and Xia Houyuan told them that he was a grand general Cao Wei Zheng Shu, hoping that the Shuhan court could send someone to receive them.


Xia Houba was very lucky. Zhang Fei's wife was Xia Houba's cousin. Now Zhang Fei is dead and the cousin is alive. And the cousin's daughter is now the official empress of Shu Han Emperor Liu Chan . Liu Chan was very happy to hear that Xiahouba was here. On the one hand, it is the queen's relatives. On the other hand, Cao Wei Da's coming in the future proves the orthodox status of Shu Han in the hearts of the people in the world.

Unfortunately, Xia Houba's life in Shu Han was not easy. Most of the officials of the Shu Han Dynasty regarded Xia Houba as an alternative. Even Liu Chan always guarded Xia Houba and gave him some false names, just to give it up. Xia Houba died of illness seven or eight years before the death of Shu Han.

Xia Houba ran away, what happened to those younger brothers of Xia Houba? It should be said that Sima Xuan is still good. Although Xia Houba has a treason, you can see it in Xia Houyuan's face, and do not hold Xia Houba's children too much. However, the treatment was naturally a stun in the end. The whole family migrated to the remote Liaodong County of Liaodong to defend the frontier for Cao Wei. I don't know if Xiahouba's decades in Shuhan will miss his wife and children thousands of miles away. While Xia Houba was enjoying Jinyiyuyi, his wife and children were struggling with poverty. It's a bit shameful to use one person's hard work for the whole family's suffering.


The third child is called Xiahou said. Among the brothers, this person has the most Xia Houyuan style. Xia Hou said that since childhood, he likes marching and leading a group of children to simulate warfare. If anyone violates the order, Xia Hou claims to call people without mercy. Xia Houyuan liked this son very much. He once deliberately fetched a book of soldiers and explained to his son that " Xian Yu Biography", hoping that his son could learn the art of warfare and turn his passion for military affairs into reason. But Xia Hou claimed to push all the information books aside, and said very grandly: "What can be done is born naturally, why do you need to learn from others?" Xia Houyuan thought this son was very great. At the age of 16, Xia Houyuan went out with his son and saw a tiger on the road. Xia Hou said that he immediately rushed out of the team to chase after him. Xia Houyuan quickly sent someone to catch up, but where could he catch up. But just when the tiger was about to pounce on Xia Hou, Xia Hou said that Zhang Gong took an arrow, and even the arrow shot the tiger to death.

This matter suddenly spread, and even Cao Cao heard about it. Cao Cao took Xia Hou's hand and said happily, "Oh my god, today I finally got you." Cao Cao accounted for his son Cao Yong. etiquette. The brothers are proud of Xiahou's claim. Xia Hou said that after his debut, he performed well, whether it is archery or martial arts, and even eloquence is outstanding among young people. Unfortunately, the jealousy of the Wizards, at the age of eighteen, Xiahou claimed to be dead.

The fourth child is called Xia Houwei. Xia Houwei often helps some promising young people and has a good reputation. He once served as the history of Jingzhou and Chenzhou assassination. He died at the age of forty-nine. Xia Houwei's branch is very well mixed. Many of his sons and grandchildren have become priests, assassination officials, and climbed relatives with the Western Jin Dynasty.


The fifth child is called Xia Hourong. Xia Hourong is a child prodigy who can write articles when he is seven years old. It is said that he can write them down after reading a book. Cao Yu heard of Xia Hourong's ability and deliberately held a large banquet and invited more than 100 celebrities at the time. The celebrities attending the banquet will prepare a business card with their name, hometown, and official position written on it. Xia Hourong wrote it all down after reading it. Some people did not believe that Xia Hourong performed on the spot and said the names, hometown, and official positions of more than a hundred people present without any mistake. There was a sensation in the field, and Cao Yu also felt that Xia Hourong was very strange. When Xia Houyuan died in battle, Xia Hourong was in the camp. Xia Hourong fled, but Xia Hourong was resolute. Xia Hourong said, "My father is dead now. How can I be a son to escape alone?" So Xia Hourong, 13 years old, rushed to the Shuhan army with a sword, and a generation of Wizards died in the chaos in.

The sixth child is called Xiahouhui, and the seventh child is called Xiahouhe. Both of the older brothers were born relatively late, and both missed the most brilliant era of the Xiahou family when they were officials. After Sima became in power, he suppressed the forces of Cao and Wei in the court very much. Many people had to pretend to like metaphysics and stay away from politics. Both brothers have good articles and good eloquence, and they are not very concerned about being an official. They talk to a group of friends about Laozhuang all day long. Xia Hou Huidang went to the state of Yan Guo (mayor level), Lean Prefecture, Xia Hou Hedang went to Henan Yin (state herd, governor level). Official positions are not large or small. Xia Houyuan's sons are smart people.

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