He Ru pet

He Ru pet (1569 ~ 1647)

何如 宠 's Information

Real name: He Ru pet

Font size: word Kanghou


Age: Ming Dynasty

Ethnic group: Han

Place of birth: Tongcheng County, Anqing Prefecture, Nanzhili (now Zongyang)

Birth: 1569

Died: 1641

Main works: 3 volumes of "Zhu Shu", several volumes of "Hou Le Tang Draft"

Main achievements: Assistant Minister of the Ming Chongzheng Dynasty

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He Ruchong -a famous minister in the late Ming Dynasty

He Ruchong (1569 ~ 1641), the word Kanghou, No. Zhiyue, was born in Tongcheng County, Anqing Prefecture, Nanzhi (now Hejia Qingshan, Zongyang Town, Zongyang County, Tongling City, Anhui Province). Jin Shenzong Wanli twenty-six years (1598) Jinshi , is a famous minister of the late Ming Dynasty. " History of the Ming Dynasty " called it "behaving ethically, without competition with things, difficult to advance and retreat, especially high in the world."


Early experiences

He Ruchong (1569 ~ 1641), the word Kanghou, No. Zhiyue, was born in Tongcheng (Hejia Qingshan, Zongyang Town, Zongyang County, Zongyang County, Anhui Province) in Nanzhi, and was born in Hetiankeng, Wuyuan County, Huizhou Prefecture Jiangxi) migration. Ming Shenzong Wanli twenty-six years (1598) Jinshi. He is a well- trained scholar and was selected into the Hanlin Academy to grant a scholar . Hearing his father's illness, he went home to visit him; his father-in-law, filial piety for 3 years. After returning to Beijing, he was awarded the editor. Elderly, take a leave and go home to support. He and his brother Ru Shen met, and the two brothers did not go out at the same time. If they went out, they would leave one beside their mother. In the thirty-ninth year of Wanli, if Governor Shen conquered his army, he returned home after the incident, and then went to Beijing again after being favored, moved to Yunzhong, and moved to the right. Shimou was favored by the emperor , and power was in his hands. For example, Chong and left-hander Zhao Shisheng were both relocated officials. Many people persuaded them to visit the book and were rejected.


The first year of Emperor Zong's reign (1621), such as the servant of the Ritual Department, was not in place due to his mother's illness.

Shou Xiaoman, served as the original official. When the party's party Wei Zhongxian had the power, Donglin party Yang Lian and Zuo Guangdou were framed. Wei Zhongxian's confidant—Wei Guangwei was so proud and arrogant that he was petreled by Shang Shutan, saying that he and Zuo Guangdou were both fellow and good friends, and they were really the same party, so Rujia was dismissed.

Emperor Chongzhen was ascended the throne, Er Wei was punished, and the court began to use the pets as the right minister of the Ministry, and immediately changed to Shang Li . After taking office, he was diligent in politicians and meticulous . University Fellow Liu Hongxun, due to lack of guard soldiers, please send 300,000 yuan in savings, so he angered the Chongzhen Emperor and wanted to kill him. In order to rescue Hongxun, if he favors himself as a risk, he mediates left and right, eventually making Chongzhen tolerant and converting death to exile.

In the case of the Ming Dynasty, all the names of the marriage and title of the royal family must be approved by the court. Officials took the opportunity to set up checkpoints to ask for bribes, so that they had over a thousand essays. Some had died and had not yet received a name. Such as petting to the imperial court to try its best to eliminate its disadvantages, the old rules were abolished, so that more than 600 people in the royal family were named married.

In November of the second year of Chongzhen (1629), the Qing army approached Beijing and Kyoto martial law. Some people in the city asked to use their private money to recruit soldiers to help defend the city. The members of the Korean and Chinese government thought it was a heroic act. If the pet thinks it is impossible, saying that if this move is used by the bad guys, it will cause internal conflict. The emperor summoned, Ru Chong still insisted on the original intention. Emperor Chongzhen sent detectives and learned that the recruiters and guardians of the city really had speculation , and Ruchao was trusted by the emperor. In December, the emperor ordered him, Zhou Yanru, Qian Xiangkun, and other officials to join the cabinet and to serve in the cabinet.

For the first time since the Ming Dynasty fought with the Manchus, the Manchus attacked the heart of the empire and the emperor himself. Such a result made Chongzhen awake like a dream, and this huge contrast with Yuan Chonghuan 's grand words made Chongzhen want to die. Chongzhen's view of Yuan Chonghuan suddenly changed, not only disappointed, but also humiliated and hated after being deceived and fooled. A face-loving person, he can't tolerate deceit and fools of his subordinates anyway. If he can tolerate it, he is not Chongzhen Emperor. When all this was recognized by Chongzhen, Yuan Chonghuan was on his way to prison.

Chongzhen remembered everything, everything about Yuan Chonghuan. After calling from the platform, Yuan Chonghuan returned to Ningyuan until he was won. He did almost nothing and killed Mao Wenlong . He did not collect an inch of soil and did not cut an enemy first level. Chongzhen suddenly remembered that when Yuan Chonghuan killed Mao Wenlong, he asked the army for the soldiers of the island of Phi, and his crime of killing Mao Wenlong was actually Mi. How does this make sense?

At this time, the court had a lot of discussions, and almost all ministers thought that Yuan Chonghuan was guilty. This kind of thinking undoubtedly puts great pressure on Chongzhen, because it is this guilty man who he reuses, and he has spared no effort to meet all the requirements of this guilty man.

At that time, many ministers thought that it was necessary to execute Yuan Chonghuan and to link the entire family. If the pets tried their best to relieve them, more than 300 people were spared. Such as pets for the official integrity, won the trust of officials in the DPRK, the official at least security, the Ministry of Household Shangshu , Wuyingdian University bachelor.

As a pet, he is generous, easy-going, and sincerely meets his friends. Therefore, the scholar-of- law loves to approach him. His conduct is pure and elegant, has no competition with others, is not lighter than seeking advancement, and is easy to retire. Such conduct is even more important today. During the six years of Chongzhen, Zhou Yanru, the first assistant, was dismissed by Wen Renren, and Emperor Zhao Ruru took over. For example, the pet knew Wen Wenren's insidiousness and insidiousness, and they were incompatible. He went to Huai'an, and he resigned six times before his approval by the emperor.

At that time, Zhang Xianzhong and Li Zicheng had a huge army. As the pets sparse, "Anqing is a military place, and there must be a large staff to sit in the town." Since then, Anqing has set up a governor.

Fourteen years of Chongzhen (1641), such as the pet died in Jinling official residence, at the age of 73, sacrificed to Xian, Yixiang Temple. When Nanming Hongguang, he presented a gift to the Taifu and nicknamed "Wen Duan".

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