He Wuji

Why not (? ~ 410 years)

Ho Wuji's Information

Chinese name: 何 无忌

Nationality: Eastern Jin

Nationality: Han

Died: May 9, 410

Occupation: General

Main achievement: Yu Xuan , who fought for usurp with Liu Yu and others

Hometown: Yun County, Donghai County (now Shandong Cheng City)

Official positions: Jiangzhou Assassin, General Guangwu

Reward: Waiter, Sikong

谥 号: Zhongsu

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He Wuji -the general of the late Jin Dynasty

He Wuji (?-May 9, 410), the word Wuji, is from Shexian County, Donghai County (now Shandong Chengcheng County). The general of the late Eastern Jin Dynasty, Liu Liu, a famous general.

Rarely ambitious, thanks to Xuzhou, and Lieutenant of the East China Sea. In the three years of Yuan Xing, with Liu Yu, he led the Beifu army to calm down the Xuanzang rebellion, restored the Jin room, quelled the forces of the Qiang, worshiped the princes of Jiangzhou, and sealed the county government.

In the six years of Yixi, he led an army to defeat Lu Xun's chaos, but was defeated by Xu Daofu , who died in battle. As a gift back to Shizhong and Sikong, the official is still the same, and his name is Zhongsu.


Early experiences

He Wuji had little aspirations. He was appointed by the prefecture to pursue a doctorate. He later transferred to Liukou to guard the Jingkou and often participated in major events with him.

Four years (400 years) in Long'an, Sima Yuan Xian sealed his son Sima Yanji as King of the East China Sea, appointed He Wuji as Lieutenant of the East China Sea, plus General Guangwu.

In the first year of Yuan Xing (402 years), Liu Jiezhi was ordered to oversee Jingzhou assassin's history of Xuan Xuan, but when Xuan Xuan led his army gradually approaching Jiankang, Liu Jiezhi still did not attack Xuan Xuan, but was afraid he could not destroy Xuan Xuan Accepted by Sima Yuanxian, he finally decided to surrender to Xuan Xuan. He Wuji and Liu Yu repeatedly and sincerely condemned Liu Jiezhi at the time, but Liu Jiezhi refused to obey and surrendered to Xuan Xuan. Wu Xuan defeated Sima Yuanxian later, and executed Sima Yuanxian and his party members, as well as Sima Yanxuan. He Wuji knew that Sima Yandi was executed and wept at the bazaar and was praised by people at the time.

Liu Biaozhi was tuned into the internal history of Kuaiji by Liu Xuanzhi, and was regarded as an act of depriving him of his power, so he tried to conquer Bian Xuan. However, after Liu Jiaozhi told Liu Yu about his plan, Liu Yu refused to support Liu Jiaozhi because of his human attachment. At that time, He Wuji also asked Liu Yu where he was going. Liu Yu said: "I see that Liu Jiezhi will definitely fail, and you can return to Jingkou with me. If Xuan Xuan keeps the Jinchen Festival, I will assist him; otherwise, I will conspire with you to destroy him. "He Wuji listened and returned to Beijing with Liu Yu, and Liu Jaozhi failed to commit suicide because he could not get the support of other staff .

Xingju volunteers

After Xuan Xuan gained power, she placed herself in a high position, and she also allowed her children to take on important internal and external positions, as well as to kill a group of veterans of the Northern Government. In the second year of Yuan Xing (403), Liu Yu was ordered to attack the rebellious Lu Xun. After defeating Lu Xun, He Wuji secretly went to see Liu Yu, persuading Liu Yu to start a troop in Shanyin County to fight against Xuanzang, but Liu Yu wanted Waiting for Xuan Xuan to formally usurp the throne, and start a troop conquest in Jingkou near Jiankang, so no reckless recommendation was implemented. In December, Xuan Xuan usurped the throne.

In the three years of Yuan Xing (404), Liu Yu and He Wuji returned to Jingkou, conspired to conquer Puxuan, revitalized the Jin room, and conspired with Liu Yi, Wang Yi, Meng Yi, Tan Pingzhi, and others. Liu Yu and his army officially launched their troops on February 2nd and succeeded in seizing control of Jingkou and Guangling the next day. He Wuji also recommended Liu Muzhi to Liu Yu as the main book. Liu Yu and his troops led Jiankang to fall, Jiang Xuan fled to Jiangling. Liu Yu established Jiantai in the Kangkang with the Wuling King Sima compliance system, and Sima Zunsui supplemented the generals and the internal history of Langxie, and awarded Sima Daozi's elite soldiers ordered him and Liu Daogui to pursue Wu Xuan under the command of Liu Yi.


Xuan Xuanxi walked the Jiangling, and He Zuozhi and others stayed at the pass, while He Wuji and Liu Daogui fought against the army of He Zuo on Sang Luo Zhou on April 1st. He Wuji knew that He Zuo was not here, On the attacking ship, Liu Daojiu was still advised to do his best to attack, in order to strengthen the morale of the army and reduce the morale of the enemy. After He Wuji captured the attacking ship, he declared that He Jizhi had been captured by him, which disturbed the enemy army. He Wuji won the offensive with Liu Daojie, so he defeated He Jizhi and attacked him successively. Mouth and Xunyang, the Lord of the Jinshi Zongmiao in Xunyang, Princess Wukang and Princess Langxian Chu Ling were slowly returned to Jiankang. On May 29th, He Wuji and Liu Yi and Liu Daogui were equal to Wei Zhou defeating the army led by Wu Xuan, and Xuan Xuan abandoned Jiangling West after the war. Jiangling was under the control of Jingzhou Biejia Wang Kangchan and was reset by Feng Jin Andi. However, the volunteers led by Liu Yi and others did not arrive in Jiangling ten days after Wu Xuan ’s death. Xu Zhen and others then took Jiangling in a virtual attack. He Wuji waited for Baling, defeating Qian Qian in Matou and Pu Wei in Longquan. Afterwards, he did not listen to Liu Daojiu's persuasion and went straight to Jiangling. However, he was defeated by Qi Zhen and Feng Qibing, and Liu Yi was forced to return to Xunyang. In October, Liu Yi and others led He Wuji to wait for the westward expedition to fight against Zhenzhen, first trapped in Xiakou and Fengshan's Lushan City and Yueyue Base, and then took Baling in December.

In the first year of Yixi (405), due to the army of Nanyang prince Lu Zong's army to conquer the clan, Zhen Zhen led his troops to attack Lu Zongzhi, and Liu Yi and others took the time to fall into Jiangling. He Wuji and then escorted Jinan Emperor to Jiankang. . On March Gengzi, He Wuji transferred to the five counties of Yuzhou, Yangzhou, Huainan, Lujiang, Anfeng, Liyang, and Tangyi, General Right, and Yuzhou Assassin. However, He Wuji changed his position to oversee the military and Hueiji superintendents of the five counties in Jiangdong County before he even assumed office.

In the second year of Yixi (406 years), He Wuji moved his capital to Jingdu, Jiangxia, Jiangxia, Yiyang, Suian, and Yuzhou, Xiyang, Xincai, Runan, and Xichuan. State Thorn History. In the same year, the founding father of Feng Ancheng County gave three thousand households to the town and added the military officers of Hongnong of Sizhou and Songzi Second County of Yangzhou.

Fighting dead

In February of the Sixth Year of Yixi (410 years), Lu Xun, a Guangzhou assassin, took advantage of Liu Yu's northern expedition to Nanyan to rebel and attack Jiangzhou. In March, He Wuji led the army to refuse Lu Xun. Chang Shi Deng Qian and Yin Jun joined the army to persuade He Wuji not to take it lightly, but to stay in accordance with the city, and to accumulate elites against it, but He Wuji did not obey. In March of Ren Shen, He Wuji and Lu Xunbu met Xu Daofu in Yuzhang. Xu Daofu ordered hundreds of soldiers to cross the hill on the west bank to fire He Wuji. It happened that the western storm was anxious, and the small ship that Wuji used was drifting to the east bank. Xu Daofu then took the wind-fighting ship to attack He Wuji's ship, and He Wuji ran away and defeated. But He Wuji said so sternly: "Take me to the Su Wu Festival!" To show that the former Su Wu festival was unyielding to the loyalty of the Huns. When the rune arrives, why not perform the war to guard the war. However, there were too many rebels at that time. Although He Wuji had no fear, he still died.

He died without fear and shocked the whole country. The people in the field and the government even used He Wuji and Liu Yu to conspire against Xuan Xuan in the past. The court reciprocated He Wuji to serve Zhongzhong and Sikong.

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