Sima Ziru

Sima Ziru (490 ~ 553)

Sima Ziru's Information

Real name: Sima Ziru

Another name: Zunye

Font size: Zunye

Age: Eastern Wei , Northern Qi

Ethnic group: Han

Place of birth: Hanoi

Official positions: Si Kong, Lieutenant

Title: Yangping County

Title: Civilization

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Sima Ziru--

Sima Ziru (490-553), the word Zunye, was from Wenxian County (now Wenxian, Henan). Minister of the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Dynasties, Gao Huan 's important counselor. The grandson of Sima Mo VIII, the king of Nanyang in the Western Jin clan, and the son of Sima Xinglong, the prince of Luyang in Northern Wei.

Less alert, eloquent, good friends. At the beginning, Zhu Rong was quite courteous, thinking that General Pingbei and the party guard. Pingyao Ge Rong rebellion and Yuan Hao rebellion, Feng Pingyao County Hou, doctor Jin Ziguang Lu. Later, he went to Gao Huan. The Eastern Wei Dynasty was established, and Guan Baishangshu shot left, and Fengyangping County Duke became one of the "four nobles" of the court. Honoring the old grace, greed and robbing the law, tired and belittled and the state of history. After the establishment of Beiqi, with the merits of Yizhang, he closed Xuchang County, Baikong, and moved to Taiweigong.

Tianbao was three years old and died of illness. He was sixty-four years old. He repaid Taishi, Taiwei, envoy, and the governor Ji Dingcang to conceive the military of the five states, Huaizhou assassin, Yangping county government, and the clan civilization. Granddaughter Sima Lingji became the empress of Northern Zhou Jingdi Yuwenshu .


Sima Ziru, the word Zunye, Han people from Wen. The eighth ancestor model, Jin Sikong, King of Nanyang. Mo Shi Zibao, Jin chaos out of Liangzhou, due to family uncle. Ping Gu Zang from the Northern Wei Dynasty lived in the cloud, and his preface was Yuner. Father Xinglong, Wei Luyang eunuch.

Sima Zi was wary and eloquent. Good friends Haojie, entrusted with Gao Zu, have a deep meaning. In Xiaochang, Beizhou fell, and Ziru brought his family to the south to the prefecture, courtesy of Er Zhurong, and assumed the Chinese army. Rongzhi Xiangluo also took Ziru as General Sima, Jijie, and General Pingnan, supervising the former army, and second high city. Rong Yijian is dangerous, he has a lot of worries, and he has worries about his future. At the beginning of Yong'an, Fengpingyao County, 300 eups, still belong to Taihang Tailangzhong. Rong Yizi argues clearly, can tell current affairs, and sends envoys to envoys. Ge Rong's chaos, Xiangzhou alone and dangerous, Rong sent children into the rush, helping to increase defense. Ge Rongping, Jin Jue. Yuan Hao enters Luo, and his relationship is divorced. Yi Ziru once guarded the city and had a good faith, but made the state do business. Haoping, doctor Jin Ziguanglu.

Er Zhu Rong's concubine, Zi Ruzhi changes, prominent from the palace. Zhirong House, abandoned the house, followed by Rong Rong's wife and Er Zhu Shilong and walked out of the capital. Shilong would like to return to the north, Zi Ru said: "Things are expensive, the soldiers are not treacherous, the world is menacing, and only the strong are seen. At this time, we must not show weakly. If you must go north, that is, change with fear, then follow, it is better to separate soldiers Heqiao, returning to the army to Beijing, unexpectedly, or can be defeated. If it is not as good as it is, there is still enough strength to show the world to watch and fear me mighty. "So Shilong also forced the capital. Changguang Wang Yuan stood , and Shang Shangshu shot right. The former Emperor Emperor thought that he was serving Zhongzhong, Jiqi General , and Yitong , and entered Jueyang County, with 1,700 households. Make sure the instrument is not affected. Gao Zu uprising Xindu, Shilong and other children such as Gao Zu have old, doubt, from Nanqi Prefecture assassination history. Ziru resentment, weeping himself, but not exempt. Gao Zu entered Luo, and Zi Ru sent the envoy Kai He, still recounting his old life. Xun chased to Beijing, thinking that Daxing Taishangshu, around the clock, joined the military affairs. In the early years of the balance, in addition to the left servant shooting, together with Shizhong Gao Yue , Shizhong Sun Teng, right servant shooting Gao Longzhi and other common political affairs, it is very important. In Jinyang, Gaozu Town, the son saw him as usual, treated it very thickly, and sat on the same food, from the twilight of the day, and when he returned, Gaozu and Wu Ming had both widows, and often take it.

Zi Ru's sexuality is both bold and old-fashioned. He also takes care of the collar and deprivation, and accepts it openly, without care. Xinghezhong thought that the North Road was on the stage and inspected Zhuzhou. Zi Ru to Dingzhou, cut the Shenze County Order ; to Jizhou, cut the Dongguang County Order . All were missed when they stayed, resulting in capital punishment. If there are advances and retreats, less dissatisfaction, the warrior will be dragged, and the white blade will be near. The prince was afraid and did not know what to do. At the beginning of Zi Ruyi Banner, he did not participate in the event, but he died with Gao Zu, then he was heavy, with a high spirit and converging. When Shizong joined the administration, he was slightly dissatisfied with it. He sought to use stolen bribes as a lieutenant of the Imperial Lieutenant Cui Si , and was banned in Shangshu province . Save him from the guilt and cut off the official count. Before long, the Jizhou assassination history began. If Zi Zi is able to improve himself, he has a good reputation, and he commits plagiarism. Change career and state assassination. Fu Fujue, don't seal Ye Wangxian male, two hundred households.

Qi Shouchen, with his wing praise, don't seal Xuchang County public and seek out Sikong. Sons are funny, arbitrarily prosecuted, obscene and obscene. The sisters are courteous and caress their brothers, kindly. At that time, the celebrities were also known as Khen Ai. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. During King Sejong, Lieutenant Cui Si and Huang Menlang Cui Jishu were appointed. King Sejong collapsed and Siam went to Jinyang. Zi Ru is the one who reveals his ancestors, saying that his sins are still persuaded. Later sons, such as Yi Duguan, were played by Yuji. The ancestors of Xianzu said, "Cui Si and Cui Jishu have been dying for a while, what are the major sins, and why did you kill me?" So he was removed from office. For a long time, the old emperor still worshiped the lieutenant. Qi Tianbao was dying in Wucheng on December 25th, three years, sixty-four years. Presenting envoys and priests, the governor Ji Dinghuai conceived the history of the five states' military, Taishi, Taiwei, and Huaizhou assassinations, presented a thousand paragraphs of things, and said civilization.

The child Sima disappeared . Shang Gaohuan, a son of a concubine, a son of noble, frequent books, Huang Menlang, Guanglu Shaoqing. The history of the Northern Yuzhou thorns, Zhenwu prison. Difficulties are involved in the biography of the history, there is Fengshen, but can not be clean, in the state for the royal history. He was also dissatisfied with public sentiment, and the public complained, fearing sin, and then prolonged his neighbors and left Kansai.

Ziru brother compiled, died first. Zi Rugui, gifted Yuezhou thorn history. Compiled the eldest son Shiyun, no danger, no action, tired of moving general Wei, Yanzhou assassination history. Shi Yun had no honours, and continued to count on counties. Uncle Xun's situation, where he gathered, is still rampant. Seeing Shiji, with fear in his back, Hou Jingfan , then gave it to the state. When the younger mum and his younger brother were in the trance, they set their sights on the scene without any hope. The generals surrounded the Jing River, and Shiyun Lincheng Yao spoke very well to the generals. King Sejong still lived in favor of his son, exempting his brothers from death and emigrated to the north. After Hou Jing lost in Guoyang, Shi Yunfu had dissidents and was killed by Jing.

Brother Shiyun said it, the word Zhongqing. Little to learn, beautiful style. In the balance, Zi Rugui, Zi Zhishu Shanglang Li Zhongshu, Huang Menlang. If the child does not seal the Xuchang County, give it back. The house of 膺 is rich in wealth and self-cultivated. The popularity of Wang Yuanjing and Xing Zicai is the most important. Because of its sparse simplicity and awesomeness, it has been preserved for a long time, and has fallen into disrepair. In Qian Mingzhong, Wang Yanbai Suzong, except Wei Wei Shaoqing. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Doctor Guanglu. Suffering from leaks, he can't afford to accumulate years, and at Wu Pingzhong, he still cannot stand the pilgrimage, so he worships the family and the three divisions. Read the "Tai Xuan Jing" well, and note Yang Xiong's "Shu Du Fu". Every cloud: "I want to deal with Yang Ziyun." Qi died at the age of eleven, at the age of seventy-one.

The disciple of Zhuo Rui, Tianbaozhong was the governor of Dingzhou, and moved to the official ministry. Give Qingqin an appointment. Qian Situ Zuo Changshi, and Ting Weiqing, said to be straight. At the beginning of the dry Ming Dynasty, he led the imperial princes in the history of the state, and he made a positive investigation, which was promised by the court. Yiji resigned, and worshipped the shrine. He died, and presented the history of Yanzhou thorns, and the festival was said.

Zirui was young, and Qing Zhen was well-known, and he had a prominent position. Emperor Sui Kaizhong died in the assassination history of Meizhou. Zirui's wife, Ling Xuan's sister, and Ling Xuan were flattered by her late lord, and presented her son Rui Huaizhou Yan Shi, and the sons also held prominent positions. At the same time, Wu Pingmo gave things to the servant of the Yellow Gate. Same time, Tai Fuqing. The same constitution, straight and often serve. However, the same tour ended as a Jiali, Sui Kai Huang Zhongshang Shu, minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, died in Suizhou assassination history.

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