Camel Dragon (1901 ~ 1925)

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Chinese name: camel

Date of Birth: 1901

Died: 1925

Original name: Zhang Shuzhen

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Zhang Shuzhen-the leader of the Republic of China

Camel Dragon (1901-1925), formerly known as Zhang Shuzhen (or Su Zhen), was born in Liaoyang , northeast China, born in a peasant family. At the age of 16, he eloped to Kuanchengzi (Changchun) and was cheated into a brothel. After being redeemed by the local bandit leader Wang Dalong, the two became husband and wife, and Zhang became one of the leaders, named Camel Dragon. Soon after the dragon died, she led troops to Wuchang, Elm, Shuangcheng and other places. The team once developed to two Thousands or more. Later, under the siege of Japan, Fengjun, and the militia, the camel escaped alone and resumed his old business at the Gongzhuling Brothel. He was arrested on January 8, 1925, and shot the next day in Changchun.


Camelon had a poor family since childhood, and her mother died prematurely. She lived with her father and lived an extremely hard life. Zhang Suzhen was born in troubled times, and with her ignorance, she was abducted by the bad guys and sold to a brothel in Changchun. She was 16 years old. Zhang Suzhen couldn't stand the torture of the old sister-in-law, so she had to survive as she met, and met Wang Futang, the self-proclaimed "Benevolence Army" and the "Big Dragon" sister-in-law.

In 1919, the bandit "big dragon" bitch wanted to redeem her from the "Jinyutang" brothel, and the old bitch Xiao Jinbao refused to live or die, because Zhang Suzhen was her cash cow. So Dalong decided to kidnap the ticket. One day, Xiao Jinbao led her only son to a temple fair, crowded around the crowd, and the dragon's man smeared a sweat medicine on the head of Xiao Jinbao's son and tied the child away. Later, "Hua Shezi" (the liaison officer in the bandit) sent a letter, and Xiao Jinbao distressed his son and had to give up Zhang Shuzhen.

Zhang Suzhen was redeemed by the bandit dragon at the brothel, and one piece went up the mountain to become Mrs. She practiced guns and dared to love, hate, and dare to be brave. The report "Camel Dragon" became a famous female bandit in the dragon's sister-in-law. She took more than 2,000 people to the Wuchang, Elm, and Twin Cities belonging to Binjiang Road. Waiting for counties and harassing Dehui and other places, the bandits looted, burned and committed adultery, and harmed the people, becoming a local public hazard.

At that time, Zhang Duolin's subordinate Li Du served as the Jilin Provincial Security Commander and Changchun Martial Law Commander. He repeatedly led the bandits to persuade the "Old White Dragon" to recruit and reorganize into subordinates to maintain a stable life for the local people.

On October 5, the twelfth year of the Republic of China (1923), the leader of the "Benevolence Army" and the camel dragon entangled a few bandits, such as "patriotic" and "Kowloon," at about 4:00 in the morning. Kiln ", sneaking into the lonely rocky Shanren Village of Dehui Wanbao in Jilin. This is the incident that spurred the bandits in the northeast in an instant--the soldiers disrupted Shishan.

It is said that the camel was riding a tall horse , wearing a large tweed jacket, slanting it and grabbing it, standing in the grave forest near the village, and cheering the beards: "Brothers! Press (charge)! Open the town, everyone looks for everyone Laozhang people! "The little bandits were thrilled.

The bandits first opened the small "kilns" of the Zhang and Lao Huang families. Their belongings were wiped out, and women were raped. For a time, the people who hanged themselves, jumped the well, drank medicine and committed suicide, the bandits also drove the villagers to boil water for cooking. The “kiln” of Laoji, the largest rich household in the local area, is always difficult to break. The bandits attacked while swearing, and the fire was very fierce.

At this time, the Dehui Local Defence Corps was established long ago, and the government's efforts to crack down on bandits increased. A group of soldiers from the Changchun security team also arrived in time. After the army was almost wiped out, he had to run away, and the leader "Big Dragon" who had died of his injuries was discarded in the wilderness. All dead beards were beheaded by the security team, and Changchun was used as a voucher to collect the bullets.

Seeing that "Big Dragon" died in Dehui, and even the corpse capital could not be brought back, Camelon was so sad that she left Dehui in tears. Dehui's autumn made her remember hate all her life. Since then, Camelon has become the "big head" of these bandits, and has reported "Camelon". Because of his accurate marksmanship and legendary use of two-handed guns, he is also known as a "double-headed camel." At that time, there were few women in the bandits, and the bandits were extremely rare. The dragon's brother Erlong slept with the camel and vowed to avenge blood and hate.

In the autumn of 1924, following a planned route, Jiulong gave a spoonful of stew to those who had helped the Ji family and those who had complained in the past. First, they broke the cellar of the Ji family compound, and then the wicker ditch. The villages, large and small, were pedaled again, and finally swept the East Wasteland with a rapid momentum.

Before entering the hinterland of the East Wasteland, Chen Long gave a death order: whoever resists kills everyone. As a result, the famous East Wasteland murder case was made in history.

But in the end they were outnumbered. The camel's team was surrounded by multiple defeats and hit "Hua Da". The camel sighed, and his subordinates dispersed and evacuated to zero . He disguised himself, mixed the world, and even returned to the brothel to grab pawnshops, rob the rich, and make trouble in Changchun City.

Li Du sent his subordinates to detect that Camelon had hidden a brothel and resumed his old business. Then he sent a commander of the Green Forest, Bailong, to pretend to be a prostitute.

The camel picked up the passengers according to the rules, undressed the old white dragon, and took off the skin. Lao Bailong turned around to reveal his identity. "Do you know me? Come with me." Camelon calmly, stretched his hand to the trunk of the cabinet: "I change clothes." Lao Bailong quickly clasped Camelon's hands: " No need. "So he called his subordinates to release the camel. After opening the suitcase, there were two mirror box guns. The bullets had already been loaded and could be fired at any time. In this way, caught camel. Camel's bandit career, starting from the brothel and ending the brothel, is so dramatic.

"Haha laugh, haha laugh, the officers and men came with a beard to run. You buy a whip, I buy a cannon, the camel dragon mule is pulled out." This is a nursery rhyme at the time. It can also be seen that the bandits were not liked by the people at the time.

After Li Du detained Camelon in the Changchun Military Division, he received two telegrams by Zhang Xueliang, "Release to Shenyang," and Wu Junsheng, "Relieve to Eight-faced City." In a dilemma, Li Du was executed on the spot after taking pictures of the camel.

On the day of execution on the fifteenth day of the first month in 1925, Changchun Kuanchengzi throbbed.

A writer born in Changchun said that when he was 4 years old, his mother took him to watch a lively event. It was a female bandit who was shot. People don't hate her, but praise her with bravery, how to use the gun with both hands, this is the "camel dragon".

A criminal car came over. On an iron wagon, several soldiers held a female prisoner tied in flowers .

Before the execution, there was a description of Camelon: "Wearing a purple cape and white flower cape, wearing a black fleece hat, beautiful eyes, fashionable and beautiful, like a lady on the stage." In fact, she was wearing a long cotton skirt And did not wear a cape. Behind his neck was a long white "recruitment", which read: "I was ordered to shoot a criminal Zhang Shuzhen."

Where the criminal car went, the businessmen sent food, food and clothing. When she came to the satin village of Si Ma Lu, she asked for a piece of red silk , and she hung it on her body, showing her fearless face. The onlookers sighed, "Oh! Such a great girl is blind, so handsome!" Camelon shouted, "Come on! I'm not afraid of death!"

The camel was dead, blood was everywhere, and there was a hint of red in the history of bandits in the Northeast.

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