Xie Hui

Xie Hui (390 ~ 426)

Xie Hui's Information

Real name: Xie Hui

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Age: Late Jin and early Song

Ethnic group: Han

Place of birth: Chen Jun Yang Xia

Birth: 390 years

Time passed: 426 years

Main works: Poetry "Sad Humanity"

Main Achievements: Dethroned Emperor Shao, welcomed Wendi

Official positions: Zhong Shuling, Jingzhou Assassination History

Title: Wuchang County

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Xie Hui -the founding hero of the Southern Song Dynasty

Xie Hui (390-426 years), the word Xuanming, Chen Jun Yangxia (now Taikang County, Henan), the founding hero of the Southern Song Dynasty, the grandson of Xie Lang, the prince of Dongyang in Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Born in Xie's Chen County , he first joined the Jianwei General Meng Xun and was awarded the commander to join the army. Relying on Lieutenant Liu Yu , successively served as Lieutenant in the army, prisoner Cao, Zhizhou in Yuzhou, and Zhonglang. After Emperor Song Wu ascended the throne, he successively served as General Youwei, Shouzhong, and Central Leader, and sealed Wuchang County. He was elected Minister Gu Ming, assisted by Emperor Song Shao , and was added as a Chinese clerk. In the second year of Jingping (424 years), he joined Xu Xianzhi and Fu Liang to dismiss Emperor Song Shao, ushered in the throne of Emperor Song Wen, and served as Jingzhou Assassin's History and General Wei.

In the third year of Yuanjia (426 years), he raised his soldiers and rebelled, and was broken by the famous general Tan Daoji and He Yanzhi . He was thirty-seven years old.


Early experiences

Xie Hui was an army soldier of Jianwei General Meng Xun in his early years. He was later recommended by Liu Muzhi to Lieutenant Liu Yu as a Lieutenant. He once joined the army to handle the lawsuit on behalf of the sick prison, and took the backlog of cases as they were. He was given no fault by Liu Yu, and was appointed as a prisoner by Cao. .

Follow Liu Yu

In the eight years of Yixi (412 years), Liu Yu promoted earth breaking, which is called Yixi breaking ground in history. Xie Hui divided the population of the overseas Chinese counties into Yangzhou and Yuzhou, and performed fairly and fairly. He was transferred to the title book of the lieutenant, followed by Sima Xiu, the assassin of Jingzhou.

In the twelfth year of Yixi (416 years), Xie Hui followed Liu Yu's northern expedition to Qin and dealt with the internal and external affairs of the army. At that time, Liu Muzhi stayed at Jiankang (now Nanjing, Jiangsu), and sent several envoys to inform Liu Yu of government affairs, but Xie Hui often had different opinions, which made Liu Muzhi very angry. Liu Yu wanted to appoint Xie Hui as Zhonglang and was strongly opposed when seeking Liu Muzhi's opinions. Therefore, when Liu Muzhi was alive, Xie Hui had not been promoted.

In the thirteenth year of Yixi (417), Liu Muzhi died, and Liu Yu was sad. At that time, Xie Hui was on duty and was very happy to hear the news. He personally went to the account to confirm the death of Liu Muzhi, and was appointed to engage in Zhonglang that day.

New life

In the fourteenth year of Yixi (418), Liu Yu was named Song Gong and established the Song Dynasty . Xie Hui was appointed General Song Guoyouwei, plus a lieutenant.

In the first year of Yongchu (420 years), Liu Yu was named emperor, and the Southern Song Dynasty was established, and the history is called Emperor Song Wu. He reached the altar in Stone Town (now in the Qingliangshan area of Nanjing), and then drove into Taicheng. Xie Wei led the army and was responsible for the guarding of the ascension ceremony. Later he was re-designated as the leader of the army.

In the first two years of Yongchu (421), Xie Hui mistakenly sealed the title of Wang Hua , the prince of the South County, to the prince of the North Sea, and was dismissed from the post of servant. Soon, Xie Hui was re-elected as a general and a regular scatterer. Emperor Song Wu also followed the old example of Yang Jin in the Western Jin Dynasty, allowing him to enter the Dian province and lead the palace guards.

In the third year of Yongchu (422), Emperor Song Wu was seriously ill. Xie Han joined the soup medicine with Captain Changsha King Liu Daoli, Si Kong Xu Xianzhi, Shang Shufu shooting Fu Liang, and guard general Dan Daoji. In May of the same year, Emperor Song Wu died and his prince, Liu Yifu, succeeded him. Xie Hui was assisted by the widow and went to worship.

Abandoned Emperor

When Emperor Song Shao was in the East Palace, he liked the nickname villain. Xie Hui once said to Emperor Song Wu: "His Majesty is old, and he should consider how to make the foundation last forever. The emperor is very important and cannot be given to people who have no talent." What he meant was that Song Shaodi was not suitable to inherit the emperor. . Emperor Song Wu asked him what he thought of Liu Yizhen, the king of Luling. Through observation, Xie Wei believes that Liu Yizhende is not talented, nor is he a suitable candidate for the emperor. After Emperor Song Shao came to the throne, he was rude and mournful. Xie Hui conspired with Xu Xianzhi and Fu Liang to abolish and dismiss Liu Yizhen, who was most qualified to inherit the throne, as a cripple, and later killed him.

In May of the second year of Jingping (424 years), Xu Xianzhi called Tan Daoji to enter the DPRK, and he set aside a plot to abolish and obtained the support of Tan Daoji. Xie Hui gathered the soldiers in the house under the name of Xiuying Leading Mansion. Soon, Tan Daoji and Xie Hui led the army into the inner palace and seized the emperor's seal. Xu Xianzhi subsequently abolished Song Shao Emperor as Yingyang King in the name of Empress Dowager and sent envoys to Jiangling to welcome King Yidu Liu Yilong into Beijing. Song Shaodi was killed shortly after. At that time, Xu Xianzhi was worried that after Liu Yilong took over the throne, he paid the Jingzhou Municipal Committee to others, and in the name of Lu Shangshu, first appointed Xie Hui as the governor of the seven states, including the governor Jing Xiang, the generals of Fuzhou, and the assassin of Jingzhou. Let him be a foreign aid to North Korea and China.


In August of the same year (424 years), Liu Yilong became the emperor, changed Yuan Yuanjia, and was called Song Wendi in history, and officially appointed Xie Hui as the prince of Jingzhou, and granted envoys. Soon, Xie Huijin, General No. 1 guard, and a regular servant of Sanqi, entered the county of Jianping County, and served 4,000 households. He insisted on resigning from the Duke of the County and was given the advocacy of one. At that time, Liu Yizhen and Song Shaodi were killed one after another. Xie Hui often worried that Song Wendi would remember the hatred of killing his brother. When he arrived in Jiangling, he deliberately made a meeting with Wang Hua (a close friend of Wendi), hoping to avoid disaster. Later, Emperor Song Wendi adjusted to Yan Zhi to return to Beijing to serve. On the trip from Yan to Yangkou, he paid a special visit to Xie Hui in Jiangling, and gave away horses, sharp swords, and famous knives. Xie Wei was completely relieved at this point.

In November of the second year of Yuanjia (425 years), Xie Weiming's wife Cao and his eldest son Xie Shixiu sent the two daughters back to Beijing for marriage with King Pengcheng Liu Yikang and Xinye Hou Liu Yibin. At that time, under the persuasion of Wang Hua, Wang Hong, Wang Yishou and other cronies, Emperor Song Wendi decided to kill Xu Xianzhi, Fu Liang, and Xie Hui. He mobilized the army, repaired ships, and prepared to conquer Jingzhou on the grounds of the Northern Expedition to the Central Plains and worship of the Beijing Mausoleum. Xu Xianzhi and others did not know this. Fu Liang also wrote to Xie Hui: "The Ministers of North Korea and China are reluctant to go north. The emperor will send Foreign Inspector Wan Youzong to Jingzhou to hear your opinions." But later the court acted abnormally and Song Wendi's plan was leaked.

In the third year of Yuanjia (426 years), the ambassador of the Yellow Gate, Xie Yi (Xie Huidi) sent a messenger to Xie Hui, saying that the emperor wanted to conquer Jingzhou. Xie Wei disapproved, and showed Fu Liang's letter to the counsellor Cheng Hetian , saying that Wan Youzong would arrive soon. He also asked He Chengtian to draft a reply in advance, suggesting that the emperor would conduct a northern expedition next year. Soon after, Jiang Xialei Shi Cheng Daohui received a letter stating that the imperial court would have a big decision. He ordered someone to give the letter to Xie Hui. Xie Huisui decided to fight the imperial court and asked the generals: "Can 3,000 soldiers hold Jiangling City?" Nanman Sima Zhou Chao believed that 3,000 people could not only defend the city, but also fight off foreigners. Xie Wei immediately appointed him as Sima of Jingzhou, General Jianwei and eunuch of Nanyiyang.


That month, Emperor Song Wen killed Xu Xianzhi, Fu Liang, Xie Shixiu, and arrested Xie Yi, Xie Shiping, Xie Shao and other Xie family members. Xie Hui first mourned for Xu Xianzhi and Fu Liang, and then complained on the table, claiming that the emperor was bewitched by the adulterer Wang Hua and others, and he had to stand by his side . Emperor Song Wendi declared martial law and ordered Yan Zhi, Tan Daoji, Duan Hong , Liu Cui, Zhang Shao, and other generals to fight Xie Hui together. Xie Wei ordered his brother Xie Xun to stay at Jiangling, and led a team of 20,000 soldiers to march east along the river. At that time, Xie Hui's fleet extended from Jiangjin to the ruins of the grave (now southeast of Jiangling, Hubei, and the east bank of the Yangtze River).

In February, Xie Huibing went to the estuary, and ordered the commander Shi Yideng to enter Baling (Government Yueyang, Hunan). At that time, Yan Zhizheng was stationed in Pengchengzhou (now northeast of Yueyang, Hunan, south bank of the Yangtze River). Yun Deng was timid by nature, and was afraid to enter the army. On the ground of heavy rain and unfavorable fire attacks, he tried to delay the war period until half a month later, he hit the soldiers and joined Kong Yanxiu to attack Peng Chengzhou and defeat Song General Xiao Xin. To Yan Zhi surrendered to Yin Heng. Xie Hui once again made a self-defense statement, saying that as long as the emperor murdered Wang Hua and other traitors, he would stop fighting. Emperor Song Wen entrusted Tan Daoji with the heavy duty of rebellion. Xie Wei learned that he was panicked and at a loss.

Soon, Tan Daoji Jin arrived in Yinhe, and met Yan Zhizhi. Seeing that there were not many Song warships, Xie Wei was scornful in his heart and did not immediately go to war. By night, the east wind rose, and the Song warships arrived one after the other, connected one after the other, and filled the river. The morale of the soldiers in Jingzhou was scattered and there was no fighting spirit. When Tandao Jijin stopped Jijizhou (now southwest of Honghu Lake in Hubei Province and the north bank of the Yangtze River), the battleships attacked. The Jingzhou Army collapsed without a fight, Xie Hui fled to Jiangling overnight. At that time, Liu Daoji, the prince of the Ling, attacked Jiangling with his army, but was repelled by Zhou Chao in the sand bridge. Seeing that Xie Hui's army was defeated, Zhou Chao left Jiangling that night and surrendered to Yanzhi alone, but in the end he failed to escape.

Xie Hui saw the crowd collapse and had to take his younger brother Xie Xie and nephew Xie Shiji and other seven people to abandon the city and flee. But Xie Yun was fat and could not ride a horse. Xie Hui often had to stop waiting, which delayed the trip. When they fled to Anlu Yantou (now southeast of Dawu, Hubei Province), they were arrested by the master Guangshun and sent to Jiankang. Emperor Song Wen ordered Xie Hui, Xie Xie, Xie Xie, Xie Shiji, Xie Shizhang and Dang Yu such as Kong Yanxiu, Zhou Chao, He Xie, Dou Yingqi, Jiang Qian, Yan Qians and other party feathers to be chopped in the city Cao. When Xie Han died, he was only 37 years old.

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