Xu Daofu

Xu Daofu (? ~ 411)

Xu Daofu's Information

Chinese name: 徐 道 cover

Foreign name: Xu tao fu

Sex: Male

Meaning: Beginning phase

Time of death: 411 years

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Xu Daofu -the brother-in-law of Lu Xun, a rebel in the Eastern Jin Dynasty

Xu Daofu (? -411), brother-in-law of the Eastern Rebellion Lu Xun. With Sun En and Lu Xun's soldiers uprising of 100,000. In 402, Sun Enbing defeated and committed suicide, and Lu Xun was promoted to leader. In 403, he invaded Guangzhou, according to Shixing. In 409, he invaded Jiankang. In 411, the soldiers fled back to Shixing, and were attacked by Jin General Meng Huaiyu and killed.


Xu Daofu (? -411), brother-in-law of the Eastern Rebellion Lu Xun. With Sun En and Lu Xun's soldiers uprising of 100,000. In 402, Sun Enbing defeated and committed suicide, and Lu Xun was promoted to leader. In 403, he invaded Guangzhou and Xu Daofu occupied Shixing. In 409, he invaded Jiankang. In 411, the soldiers fled back to Shixing, and were attacked by Jin General Meng Huaiyu and killed.

In 399 (three years in Long'an), Sima Yuanxian recruited the masses of people who had become brokers because the San Wumeng Valve exempted them from official slavery. They came to Jiankang (now Nanjing, Jiangsu) to enrich their soldiers, and they were called "Legends". This move provoked the anger and dissatisfaction of the local gatekeepers; Sun En took advantage of the instability, led the crowd to attack Shangyu (now Zhejiang Shangyu) and killed the Shangyu County Order , and subsequently conquered Huiji (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang), and Sun En's ministry increased to tens of thousands .

At that time, people in Hueiji County, Wu County, Wuxing County, Yixing County, Linhai County, Yongjia County, Dongyang County, and Xin'an County all responded to Sun En's rebellion. Sanwu Eighth County all rebelled at once, and Sun En's congregation increased to hundreds of thousands.

In 402 (the first year of Yuanxing), Sun Enbing defeated himself and the remaining soldiers elected Lu Xun as the leader.

In the second year of Yuanxing (403), Lu Xun and Xu Dao covered Kou Dongyang. In August of the same year, they attacked Yongjia. Liu Yu conquered Lu Xun to Jin'an, Lu Xun was in distress, crossed the sea to Panyu, invaded Guangzhou, expelled Guangzhou Yinshi Wu Yinzhi, presided over Guangzhou affairs himself, and called General Pingnan to send tribute to Kyoto. At that time, the imperial court had just wiped out the clan , and there were many events inside and outside the imperial court, so he temporarily appointed General Lu Xun, General of Guangzhou Assassin, and General Pingyue Zhonglang. Xu Daofu was the first of all.

In the five years of Yixi (409 years), Liu Yu attacked Nan Yan , and Shi Xing ’s chief guard Xu Daofu sent people to persuade Lu Xuncheng to emptily, and Lu Xun refused to listen. Xu Daofu personally went to Panyu and persuaded Lu Xundao: "The court has always regarded you as a confidant. Liu Yu has not returned yet. He does not take this opportunity to keep a moment of peace. If Liu Yu calms down Nanyan, he will personally lead the army to Henan. Zhang, sending elite troops to cross the Nanling, even with your martial arts, it is difficult to resist. Today's opportunity must not be lost. After conquering the capital, Liu Yu will be powerless even if he returns. If you do not agree with my suggestion, then I led Shi Xing's soldiers and horses to take the Sun. "Lu Xun was very reluctant to do so, but there was no way for Xu Daofu to change his mind and had to obey him.

At that time, Xu Dao secretly wanted to build a warship, and sent someone to cut timber that could be used as a ship on Nankang Mountain, liing that he would sell it in the lower city. Later, it was said that less labor could not be transported downstream, and they sold at low prices in the county. The price was reduced several times. Residents were greedy for cheap, selling clothing and buying wood. The Gan River has rapid and rocky waters, making it difficult to leave the ship, and the wood is stored locally. Many times like this, the people's shipboards have accumulated a lot, but the people have no doubt. Xu Daofu raised his troops. They obtained them one by one according to the receipts for the sale of timber. They were not allowed to hide or report. Many people were employed to assemble the warship, which was completed in more than ten days. He led the soldiers to attack Nankang, Luling, and Yuzhang counties, and the defenders abandoned the city and fled.

Jiang Jingdu, the governor of He Wuji , is a famous general on the left of the river. He has sailed westward from Xunyang, and Deng Qianzhi, a long-time leader , said: "The country is in danger. In this way, Lu Xie is a thief. Today, it is advisable to temporarily decide on Nantang and defend the city from self-reliance. It is expected that he will not dare to leave me east. I have to recharge and wait for him to grow old and then attack. This is a perfect strategy. " .

Joining the army Yin Yifu replied: "Following the three old Wu thieves, the rest of the battle, the Shixing thieves are also quick and easy to fight, and it is difficult to ignore the general. It's not too late. If the disciples lead the crowd to go forward, what would happen if they fail? "

He Wuji is an acute ghost, relying on his spirit for a while, and went to the west part of Yuzhang. Xu Daofu had already lived in the hills on the West Bank, took hundreds of crossbowmen, and fired into the army. The front team of the Jin Army suffered a lot of arrow injuries, and dared not to rush over, causing them to be reckless. Instead, they took a small ship and went straight ahead. A westerly storm blew his small ship back to the east bank, and the Yu ship was swept by the waves, drifting east and west . Daofu rode in the wind and sailed out of the ship to strike Wuji, Wuji Boat Master had dispersed, how to arrive, and suddenly collapsed. He was reluctant to retreat. He guarded the war with jealousy. The wind broke the boat. The thief had four episodes. He was badly injured and died.

Yuzhou Assassin Liu Yili collected 20,000 sailors and set off for aunt. Arrived at Sangluozhou, when Lu Xun and Xu Dao came forward, the bow was very sharp, and the Yi ship was low-brittle. When it touched, it would be damaged. The situation of the owner did not match, and Yizhong was certainly shocked. Lu and Xu took advantage of the conflict and even Yizhou was smashed. Yi hurriedly abandoned the boat to go ashore and ran back on foot. Only a few hundred people accompanied him, and the rest were taken away by the thieves.

When Lu Xun interrogated the captives, he learned that Liu Yu had returned to Jiankang and was quite wary. He intended to return Xunyang and capture Jiangling. He lived in the two states of Jiangjing and opposed the Jin court. Duxu Road said that it is advisable to advance by victory. After arguing with each other for a few days, after all, Tao was full of vitality, and Xun had to obey, and then he went on and on.

Xu Dao wanted to march into the new pavilion, burned the boat straight, refused to take part in Lu Xun's patrol, and did not perform his patrol, and remarked: "Our army has not approached Jiankang, Wen Mengzhen has decided to fear the disaster, and it seems that Jindu is empty. It must be self-rebellion, why bother to beg for a war, how many wounded soldiers? "Dao Fu could not invite, retired and sighed:" I will be wrong for Lu Gong, nothing will happen. If I make it alone, I have to Hero, take the world like a backhand mile. "

Afraid of Lu Xun's invasion, Liu Yu set up a fence in Stone Town to block Zupu to defend Lu Xun. Lu Xun's attack fence was defeated, the battleship was overturned by the storm, and many people died. After fighting in the South Bank, and defeated, they attacked Jingkou and robbed counties, but got nothing. Lu Xun told Xu Daofu: "The army is exhausted! You can't cheer up. You can defend Jingyang, join forces to capture Jingzhou, and slowly fight with Beijing, you can also win."

So he rushed south from Cai Zhou and occupied Xunyang again. Liu Yu first sent generals to chase the thief, led his army, then attacked, and defeated Lu Xun in Leichi.

Xu Daofu will send troops to 30,000, and he will arrive in Jiangling. The city will be panic, rumors will be heard, and the cloud will say, "Lu Xun has fallen into Jingyi, and the special envoy Dao Fulai came to Jingzhou." Fortunately, the people of Jiangling, Liu Daogui burned the book Dehui, not Rebirth, and vows with life and death, so order is restored. Liu Daogu made Liu Zun as a trooper, and since the soldiers came out of Yuzhangkou, he countered Xu Daofu. Xu Dao's come is very sharp, breaking through the former army of road regulations, advancing steadily. In the anti-slanting stab, Liu Zun battleship rushed in and cut the Xu Dao Fubing ship into two sections. Xu Daofu couldn't care about each other before and then paniced. The road rules had to be struck, and the prisoners had nothing to do. After passing through the general in the ship, he helped to intercept and killed Xu Daofu. He was desperate to kill the dangerous road and went to the pass.

Liu Yujun went into the second thunder (Wangjiang County, Anhui Province). Over the night, see Lu Xun, Xu Daofu's army, linking up and down the river, and I don't know how many thieves are there. Yu Ling flicks out and tries to resist the thieves. The thief was ordered to make a fool, and to raise the drums in the boat, supervise the struggle.

Yu also ordered his predecessor to hold a strong bow and arrow, shoot the thief in the wind, and the wind shook the waves, forcing the thief ship to the west bank.

The Jin army on the shore was waiting, and threw the firearm into the thief ship. The ship was too late to be rescued. It was burned, the flames were red, and the river was red.

Death event

Xu Daoxu was still alive, and there were very few subordinates. There were only 2,000 people left, and he was very tired and unbearable. Partial Jin general Meng Huaiyu, separated from Liu Fan and pursued the road alone, arrived directly under Shixing City. Dao Fu stiffened his head and defended the city. Stalemate for several days, they were attacked. Dao Fu wanted to escape, and was surrounded by the Jin Army. He stabbed on all sides and was stabbed to death on the spot.

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