Yan Shigu

Yan Shigu (581 ~ 645)

Yan Shigu's Information

Real name: Yan Shigu

Another name: Yan Yan

Font size: Zi Shi Gu

Age: Sui and Tang Dynasties

Ethnic group: Han nationality

Place of birth: Wannian, Yongzhou

Birth time: 581 years

Died: 645

Main works: "Hanshu Annotation", "Jijiu Chapter Annotation", "Kuangmu Zhengsu", etc.

Main achievement: Annotation "Hanshu"

Official position: Secretary Supervisor, Bachelor of Hongwen Museum

Title: Langxian County

谥 号: Dai

Hometown: Langxian Linyi

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Yan Shigu - Classical Scholar in the Early Tang Dynasty

Yan Shigu (581-645), the name is zhòu, the character teacher is ancient, the word line. Born in Yongzhou Wannian (now Xi'an, Shaanxi), his ancestral home is Langyi Linyi (now Shandong Linyi). In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, the classics scholars, exegeologists, and historians were the grandson of the famous Confucianist Yan Yan and the son of Yan Silu.

At the time of Emperor Sui , Yan Shigu served as the captain of Anyang County. After the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Yan Shigu served as the Chinese Shushe, specializing in secrets. After Emperor Tang Zongzong ascended the throne, he paid tribute to Zhongshu Shulang and Fengxian County. Leiguan Secretary Supervisor, Bachelor of Hongwen Museum. In the nineteenth year of Zhenguan (645 years), Yan Shigu followed Taizong's expedition to Liaodong and died on the way. At the age of sixty-five, he wore "Dai".

Yan Shi Gu Shao's family heritage, following ancestral teachings, reading books , and learning general knowledge. He is good at literary instruction, rhyme, and collation; he is also an expert on Hanshu, and is also very familiar with the history of classics since the Han Dynasty Familiar with. There are "Kuang Miao Zheng Vulgar", "Han Shu Zhuo", "Ji Jiu Zhang Zhuo" and collections.


Yan Shigu is the grandson of Yan Mingzhi, the son of Yan Silu. He passed on his family business, followed the ancestral teachings, read books, and learned knowledge. He is good at writing instruction, rhyme, and collation; he is also an expert on Hanshu, and he is also very familiar with the history of Confucian classics since the Han Dynasty. During the years of Emperor Sui Wenren's life, he was recommended by Shang Shuzuo Li Gang as the county captain of Anyang (now Xiangfan, Hubei). Seeing his youth, Zuo Shu, the servant of Shang Shu, asked him: "Anyang opera county, how can the son rule it?" Yan Shigu replied, " Cut chicken and use a ox knife ." Yang Su was surprised. The consequences are known for their outstanding achievements. Later, he was removed from his post in Chang'an, and was unable to be transferred to a new post for ten years. He was forced to make a living and lived on apprenticeship.

In the thirteenth year of the great cause (617 years), Taiyuan stayed behind Li Yuan and entered the army. Yan Shigu saw him from his father to the Changchun Palace in Chaoyi, the same state, and was awarded the post of doctor of Chaosan.

In the first year of Wu De (618), Li Yuan called the emperor to establish the Tang Dynasty, worshiped the ancient Yanshi as the literature of the Dunhuang government, turned to the housekeeper, and then moved to the housekeeper, held the secret, and dedicated the emperor's concubine . Because of his agility and familiarity with the affairs of the country, at a time when there are many military affairs, the decree comes from his own hands.

In the nine years of Wu De (626 years), Li Shimin (Tang Taizong) of the Qin Dynasty was the emperor, and Yan Shigu was hailed as a servant of Chinese calligraphy and a male of Fenglangxian County. Later, she died due to the death of her mother. After the expiry of the term, he was re-appointed as the servant of Zhongshu. He was removed from office. Taizong "goed to the holy place with the classics, and the text was absurd", and ordered Yan Shigu to determine the "Five Classics" in the province of the secretary, and Yan Shigu was more correct. Shu Cheng, Tai Zongxi's Confucianists re-examined in detail, Confucians guarded their portals, and criticized the ancients in unison, while the ancients based on the ancient and modern transcripts since the Jin and Song dynasties. Talents overflowed in words and expressions, which convinced all Confucians. Later, he also served as Tongzhilang and Sanqi regular servant, and issued the "Five Classics" he had determined to the world, "to make scholars learn the cricket".

In the seven years of Zhenguan (633), Yan Shigu was appointed as the secretary and young supervisor, who was in charge of the school's work in determining ancient books. Whenever he was confused by strange words, he could identify them one by one and explain their origin. At that time, the Secretary Superintendent introduced a lot of underdeveloped people to serve as school officials, and Yan Shigu, who served as the Secretary Superintendent, suppressed the poor and the poor, and the people who had the priority to use the noble power were mixed with even the wealthy businessmen. The bribe was then downgraded to Luzhou assassination history. Before he left office, Taizong took pity on Shi Gu's talents, and rebuked him for "being a resident and not an official of Qing Dynasty. What he teaches today, Qing himself took it from him." I hope he "should be self-conscious." So he remained the secretary and young prison. Regardless of whether he is an official or a leisure, Yan Shigu can follow the family motto to persist in reading and studying knowledge, so he can be competent in the examination and annotation of classic history.

Yan Shi was frustrated by his talents and was driven by the court for many years. After being repeatedly condemned for his crimes, he was very upset. Since then, he has closed his doors and kept away from the outside world. He put an end to the guests, indulged in the garden pavilion, wore a turban, and was wearing coarse clothes. But he still loves searching for monuments and antiques.

In the eleventh year of Zhenguan (637), Yan Shigu Fengyu and his doctor wrote the "Five Rites", which was sealed into the Viscount. Later, he was entrusted by Prince Li Chengqian to the Han Book. "Hanshu Annotation" is a masterpiece of Yan Shigu's later years. He has worked hardest in reviewing the pronunciation and interpreting the meaning of words, with the greatest achievements, detailed explanations, and is deeply valued by scholars. At that time, Du Zhengnan ( Du Yu) and Secretary Yan (Yan Shigu) were known as Zuo Qiuming and Ban Meng Jianzhong. After the book was completed, the prince played it to the court, and Taizong ordered the book to be compiled in the secret pavilion, and awarded 200 ancient antiquities and a good horse as a reward.

In the fifteenth year of Zhenguan (641), Taizong's deceased sacrifice Taishan, the authorities and Dr. Gongqing gathered to discuss its ceremony, and there were divergent opinions . In the spring), Confucian scholars at that time thought it was moderate. "So he handed it over to the Gong Qing to decide whether it is okay or not, and agreed more with it, but the offering of Mount Tai was not completed. In the same year, he became a secretary and immediately became a bachelor of Hongwen Museum.

In the 19th year of Zhenguan (645 years), Yan Shigu followed Taizong's expedition to Liaodong. He died on the way. He was 65 years old at the end of the year and said "Dai".

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