Zhang Liangji

Zhang Liangji (1807 ~ 1871)

Zhang Liangji's Information

Real name: Zhang Liangji

Another name: No. Shi Qing

Font size: Caichen

Age: Qing

Place of birth: Tongshan, Jiangsu (now Xuzhou)

Birth time: 1807

Died: 1871

谥 号: Huisu

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Zhang Liangji -Lin'an Zhifu , Yunnan, Qing Dynasty

Zhang Liangji (1807 (Ding Yinian)-1871), the word Caichen, No. Shi Qing. Born in Tongshan, Jiangsu (now Xuzhou). Daoguang lifts people. He once read books and served in the cabinet. In 1846, he served as Lin'an Prefectural Government in Yunnan, and re-adjusted the department to Yongchang. Later he was promoted to Yunnan Zhaochashi.

In 1850, he moved to the post of governor, and served as governor of Yunnan. In January of the following year, he was also the governor of Yunnan and Guizhou. In 1852, he was transferred to governor of Hunan. Rush to Changsha to fight the Taiping Army. The following year, the Governor-General of Hubei and Guangxi Province suppressed the people in Tongcheng, Chongyang, Jiayu, Guangji and other places, and attacked the Taiping Army in Huang'an (now Hongan) and Macheng, defeating Tianjia Town. Later transferred to governor of Shandong. In the spring of 1854, Linqing was aided. Xuan Baocheng, the Minister of Mission, took advantage of his tricks and was dismissed from the army. Released the following year. In September 1856, he was ordered to follow the military service in Anhui. In 1857, he went to Yunnan to help fight the Hui uprising. The following year, he was awarded the governor of Yunnan and Governor Yungui.

Beginning at the end of 1861, the Shi Dakai Department of the Taiping Army was opposed in Zhaotong and Dongchuan Prefecture. In January 1863, the governor of Guizhou was appointed the governor and the governor of the government, and went to Guizhou to suppress the Miao people, the army and the Zhai Uprising. In 1865, he was impeached by "playing soldiers to invade the country and violently violently violently attacking the people", and then was killed. Tongzhi died ten years ago. Thirty-four years of Guangxu (1908 AD) pursued Huisu. There is "Zhang Huisu Public Concert".


Early career

Daoguang raised people for fourteen years and entered the cabinet as a book in the cabinet. Wang Ding from the university went to Henan to rule the river and supervised the construction of the Xiba. After the completion of the project, the flowers were given to the lotus roots, and the servants read them.

Twenty-six years of Daoguang, he was born in Lin'an Zhifu, Yunnan Province. Governor Lin Zexu worked with river workers and knew his talents. Bian Yi nuisance, Liang Ji used soil to stab Zuo Daxiong to capture the bandit. Chao Xun, according to the envoy of Yunnan, moved to the governor.

In the thirty years of Daoguang, he was the governor of Yunnan and concurrently signed the governor of Yunnan and Guizhou. The Cantonese bandits gradually became fierce, and they tried to discuss military affairs in secret, and Wen Zong scorned it.

Two lakes

In the second year of Xianfeng , he was transferred to the governor of Hunan. He heard the thief encircling Changsha on the way, and asked to stay in Changde. Gao Qu entered the siege of the provincial city, and then entered the city, repeatedly out of the team and attacked by foreign reinforcements, the thief released the siege. After breaking Yuezhou, entering Hubei, Hanyang and Wuchang were trapped one after another. Governor Hu Guangxu of Hubei and Guangxi took the crime and ordered Liang Ji to replace it. Liangji Shuyan should prevent thieves from fleeing, intending to pay special attention to Hunan, entertaining fast.

In the three years of Xianfeng, the thief abandoned Wuhan to the east, and Liangji arrived in Hubei to prepare for the restitution of pensions. Bandits from Tongcheng, Chongyang, Jiayu, and Guangji rose up. The thief moved to Jiangxi from the downstream. In autumn, the thief split into Henan, from Luoshan into Hubei Huang'an, Macheng border, water and land pinch, annihilate it.

Supervise Shandong

The governor of Shandong was not transferred. The Jiangxi thief committed the crime from Jiujiang, causing Taoist Xu Fengyu to take control of Tianjia Town. He lost the battle and Fengyu was killed. When Cantonese bandit Li Kaifang and other offenders, Fu Jing, Jing Jinghai. Liangji went to Shandong and was ordered to suffocate Texas and prevent its Nanyi. The thief in the south wanted to be assisted by Huai and Xu Jian to the north criminals, and ordered the police to send Li En's officers to the north of Suqian to prevent it.

In Xianfeng for four years, the thief entered the border of Shandong, Liang Jichi conquered Jining, and Du Qi fled north. Seek to trap the city, disturb Fanxian, Shouzhang, Dongping, intercept the front of the thief, and defeat in Heijiazhuang, Linqing. After winning the victory, he helped the Minister of Military Affairs Sheng Bao to take advantage of tricks and tricks, and criticized Liangji for bullying. He also talked about when he first went to Hunan and did not rush to Changsha, and when he went to Hubei, he wanted to be self-contained, conscientious, deceived, and sent troops. . For more than a year, Mao Hongbin spoke to Linqing during the battle, and won the war to protect himself. Yu Shizong Jichen also said that Liangji could serve, but he was released, sent back to Donghe, and sent his life to Anhui for military service. .

Suppress the bandits

After seven years of Xianfeng, he was given the top five, and went to Yunnan to help the bandits. Yunnan Hui bandits Fang Chi, regiments run across the provincial capital, Governor Wu Zhenxu arrived at the beginning, stationed in Qujing, cut back to practice brave, and recruited the crowd. Zhan Yi returned to the fiercest, gathered the public to declare the prestige, Liang Christ ordered Xu Zhiming and other soldiers to kill them. In the spring of the eighth year of Xianfeng, he lost to Yuanjiatun again. He wiped out many thieves, and the rest of the party fought, and Yu Jiazhi was awarded the governor of Yunnan. At the same time Zheng Zhengui beg, Governor Yunyun Gui, Liang Ji recommended Xu Zhiming as governor. Lin'an returned to the bandit siege city, disturbed Ami, and leveled it. Nine years, after the province returned to Fushou, the Bijiguan Pass robbed the suburbs, and the division was scattered. In addition, the bandits of Pingyi, Anning, Maining, Chuxiong, Wuding, Luoci, Fumin, Lufeng, Lu persuaded Zhuzhou County to recover. However, back to the practice, suspicion of each other, when the chaos started.

As a governor, Xu Zhiming was greedy and dangerous, and was incompatible with Liang Jiyin. In the ten-year autumn of Xianfeng, Hui teaches Ma Dexin, Xu Yuanji, and Wu Shengma, who led Hui people to come to the province to beg and live in the Jiangyou Pavilion outside the city. Zhiming Yinxian has practiced Ding Yong to the Supervisory Department to obstruct it, and it is impossible to do so. He killed Lei Yu in the gate of Haizhi County, and then forced to recruit committee members gentlemen Ma Chunling and Sun Jun. Liang Ji was threatened and did not dare to sue. He begged for illness and ordered Liu Yuanzhang to replace it. The source is long gone, and Liang Ji is gone.


In the eleventh year of Xianfeng, when he arrived in Hubei, he was sparse in Chen Dian affairs, and the inscription of Zhuan was illegal. The governing government promoted Deng Erheng to the governor of Shaanxi, and went to Yunnan, where the name of the bandit was on the road. So he stopped Yuanyuan, and the governor of Pan Duo, ordered Liangji to go to Yunnan to investigate and deal with it, and his supervisor killed the bandits. Liang Ji Shu asked the Department to raise funds for donations, recruit thousands of courageous people, and then traveled to Sichuan with Pan Duo to invest their strength and strength. The Sichuan military is undecided and will not help. Lin Ziqing, Liang Ji's old ministry, Fang Department Yunnan Provincial Governor, Ming Ming and Ma Rulong did not agree, and returned to hatred. Wen Liangji was in Sichuan, and he was good at leading 10,000 people to enter Sichuan for utility, and hesitated. Wu Liangji dismissed him, and Ma Minglong and other inscriptions, such as Ma Rulong, refused to let Liangji enter, which lasted forever.

In the first year of Tongzhi, Pan Duo first arrived, so please leave the inscription to complete the Fufu Bureau, and then change his life to Liang Ji and the governor of Guizhou. Before long, Zhiming returned to the public to change, Duo was exiled, and the chaos in Yunnan became more and more urgent.

In the two years of Tongzhi, Liangji went to Guizhou, and the yellow, white, Miao, and gangsters were taught, and the thieves were everywhere. Liang Ji ordered Chief General Shen Hongfu to attack Zunyi Luojing Weir and break it, annihilating the rest of the bandits on the field. The chief soldier Liu Yifang and other soldiers of Sinan were reunited, followed by Pu'an and Annan, and even broken Miao bandits in Tongzi Dingcheng and Shuicheng Hall Ma Longyu. The leader of the bandit, He Runke, was equal to Qianxi, and 10,000 people were dropped.

In the three years of Tongzhi, the provincial capital of Shangdaping bandits, the governor Shen Hongfu, etc. fought in the suburbs, wiped out thousands of thieves, and revised the text. The chief soldiers Lin Ziqing and Zhao Dechang made Longli, revived the siege of the town, regained the cities of Dingfan, Guangshun, and Changzhai, broke the old nests of Longquan, Meitan Huang, and Baihao, and defeated the West Acropolis of Yunnan.

In the four years of Tongzhi, Ke Qianxi Shiqian, Yongning, Libo, Guizhou's barren land and financial resources, the hungry army was rampant, and the time was noisy. Liangji managed to guard against crickets, only to be rough, and the ministers were so arrogant, and the public disagreed. Liang Ji Nai Bing, Chief General Lin Ziqing, Liu Youxun, Lieutenant General Chi Youlian, and other robbers detained him. He would not listen to the schedule, please be strict. The administration of the government led Yan Shusen to recite, and Liang Ji reverted to Chen. Yan Shusen evaded Guizhou. He was not close to the neighboring provinces, so Liang Ji and Shu Sen died.

Passed away

Tongzhi for ten years, died. Hunan governor Wang Wenshao and Guizhou governor Zeng Yiguang have restored their titles and built special temples. Thirty-four years of Guangxu, Hunan and Guizhou capital officials combined Chen Gongde with the people and pursued Huisu.

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