How long can a dog be on Hills prescription diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d Dry Dog Food is intended for intermittent feeding only and is not recommended for long-term feeding (over 6 months). Please consult your veterinarian for further information on how our Prescription Diet foods can help your dog to continue to enjoy a happy and active life.

Why is there a shortage of Hill’s prescription dog food?

As many of you may be aware, Hill’s is currently experience stock supply shortages due to disruptions at the US ports where majority of their stock comes from. While they are currently working hard to get these issues sorted there will continue to be limited availability for some ranges of food.

How do I get Hills prescription diet?

Ask your vet for a recommendation

Prescription Diet foods require a recommendation from a vet. To get started, ask your vet to assess your pet’s health and nutritional needs.

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What is the difference between Hills Science Diet and Hills prescription diet?

What is the difference between Hill’s Prescription Diet™ and Science Diet™ brand pet foods? Hill’s Prescription Diet™ brand pet foods are formulated to address specific medical conditions that can develop in pets. Science Diet™ brand pet foods are formulated to meet the needs of healthy pets during various life stages.

What is the best prescription dog food for weight loss?

Low-calorie choices may be available over the counter, but there are other dog food formulas made specifically for weight loss that’ll require a prescription from your veterinarian.

Marteney loves brands like:

  • Purina Pro Plan (which is what Dr. Marteney feeds his own dog)
  • Hill’s Science Diet.
  • Royal Canin.
  • Blue Buffalo.

Can I get a cat food prescription online?

At Petco you can order prescription cat food online. Add the item to your cart, fill in your pet and veterinarian’s information, and Petco will handle getting the prescription. To make sure your feline never runs out of food, sign up for Repeat Delivery.

Why do vets prefer Hill’s Science Diet?

One of the leading reasons is because Hill’s Science Diet uses predictive biology. It uses science to cater to the needs of your dogs. Switching to this diet can help senior dogs feel younger and healthier or even help overweight dogs burn fat.

What is the difference between prescription dog food and regular?

Prescription diets are defined as those that are labeled and/or marketed as intended for use to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases and are labeled and/or marketed to provide all or most of the animal’s total daily nutrient requirements by serving as the pet’s sole diet.

How long does Hills c/d take to work?

How it helps: Dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days (Average 27 days) Reduces the risk of struvite & calcium oxalate stones.

Does Hills C D dissolve struvite crystals?

c/d Multicare works to dissolve struvite stones by producing urine with an under-saturated relative super saturation (RSS) for struvite. It is important to explain the reasons the pet needs to be on the diet exclusively at the first consult, so the client understands the implications of non-compliance.

What does Hills d D stand for?

The acronyms for Hill’s Prescription Diet foods are not difficult to figure out. The “d” always stands for diet.

Does Hills CD dissolve bladder stones?

Results of the first controlled clinical trial to determine if dry therapeutic foods can dissolve struvite uroliths indicate that c/d® Multicare can reduce urolith size by 50 percent in as little as five days and, in some cases, completely dissolve the stones in as little as seven days.

What ingredient in dog food causes bladder stones?

Balanced nutrition is an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle. When your dog has urinary bladder stones, it is even more important to feed the right dog food. Foods high in magnesium, phosphorus, protein and calcium have been linked to stone formation.

Can Chicken cause bladder stones in dogs?

Chicken and rice is a very unbalanced diet that could potentially cause the urine Ph (acidity) to change, causing urinary problems. a more balanced diet could potentially prevent urinary conditions – most dry dog foods of high quality will be balanced and better for her health.

What dissolves struvite crystals in dogs?


Dietary dissolution of the stone is possible with struvite bladder stones. A special food called S/D Diet® is made by Hills for the specific purpose of dissolving struvite stones. Royal Canin makes a stone dissolution diet called Urinary SO® and either diet can be used.

What foods should be avoided with struvite stones?

To decrease the chances of your dog developing bladder stones, or having them return once dissolved, you should avoid feeding foods that contain high levels of oxalate such as spinach, sweet potatoes, organ meat and brown rice.

Does apple cider vinegar dissolve struvite crystals?

The acids in the apple cider vinegar react rapidly with compounds forming stones, especially calcium and struvite stones. As the reactions occur, the stones reduce in size and eventually dissolve. Once the stones are dissolved or their size significantly reduced, they are easily flushed out in urine.

How do you prevent struvite bladder stones in dogs?

How can I prevent my dog from developing struvite bladder stones in the future? Dogs that have experienced struvite bladder stones will often be fed a therapeutic diet for life. Diets lower in protein, phosphorus, and magnesium, and promote acidic urine are recommended.

What foods to avoid if dog has bladder stones?

To decrease the chances of your dog developing bladder stones, you should avoid feeding foods that contain high levels of oxalate such as spinach, sweet potatoes, organ meat and brown rice. Instead, include foods with lower oxalate levels like apples (peeled), white rice and meats and fish in their diet.