How much weight can you lose on HCG diet in 40 days?

Our patients average 36 pounds of fat loss in just 40 days. And that’s not just hype; there is no fine print with a disclaimer that says something about how these results are not ‘normal’. These results are normal when participating in the HCG diet through our weight loss clinic.

How fast do you lose weight on HCG diet?

Most HCG dieters report a loss of 1 to 2 lbs a day and at the very least, one half of a pound per day, and at the most, 3 lbs a day. One (1) lb is generally lost in the first day.

How many pounds can you lose in a month on HCG?

Most hCG patients lose 1-2 lbs per day.

Weight loss may range from ½ pound to 3 pounds per day. Usually one pound is lost after the loading phase on the first day.

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Do you gain weight back after HCG diet?

Unfortunately for most, they gained all or most of the weight back. Many of them even added a few additional pounds. On top of this, studies have shown that individuals that try to do the HCG diet a second and third time are not getting even close to the same results as the first. It’s a discouraging reality.

Why did I gain weight on HCG diet?

Pay attention to weight gains, they usually signify a mishap in the protocol, like not drinking enough water, eating too many/too few calories, too much salt, or (inadvertently) eating foods not allowed on the protocol.

How much weight can you lose in 6 weeks on HCG diet?

Men generally lose more weight and at a faster pace than women and can expect to lose as much as 30-40 pounds by the end of six weeks. Keep in mind that everyone’s bodies are different. Therefore, some people will lose more and some people lose less. Men typically report losing .

How can I speed up weight loss on HCG?

5 Tips for Using an HCG Diet Plan for Weight Loss
  1. Pair It With Low Caloric Intake. The HCG diet plan works best when paired with low caloric intake.
  2. Choose the Right HCG Administration Technique. You can take HCG in a few different ways.
  3. Add Exercise.
  4. Reduce Cheat Meals.
  5. Watch What You Drink.

How long does it take to see results from HCG?

It may take anywhere from a few hours to more than a day to get the results of a blood test. Results from urine tests are generally available in one to two minutes. Because both of these tests are generally done in a clinic setting, you will likely receive the results from a health care professional.

How many units of HCG should I take to lose weight?

While it is not known what the optimal dose for sublingual HCG is for weight loss, the recent research has recently revealed that a dose of around 500 units twice daily seems to give better results than slightly lower doses.

Does HCG get rid of belly fat?

HCG also allows the body to burn fat for energy so fat is targeted before muscle. Patients stick to a diet of between 500 and 1500 calories per day. The diet amounts to a loss of up to 25 pounds in an 8-week period. This is helpful for those looking to lose a significant amount of body fat.

Do you feel hungry on HCG diet?

Furthermore, these studies determined that the hCG hormone didn’t significantly reduce hunger. Several studies indicate that weight loss on the hCG diet is due only to drastic calorie restriction. It has nothing to do with hCG — which is also ineffective in reducing hunger.

Can you drink coffee on HCG diet?

Coffee. Coffee is permitted on the HCG diet, provided you drink it black and sweeten it with stevia or saccharine. You are allowed to have up to 1 tablespoon of milk per day as well, if desired. The original HCG diet plan does not specify any particular type of coffee.

Are eggs OK on HCG diet?

Egg Allowance

The hCG diet regimen only allows you to have one whole egg mixed with three egg whites. You’ll have to get in the habit of separating the whites from the yolks or purchase a carton of egg whites to make your egg mixture.

Can you eat cheese on HCG?

Dairy. Aside from one tablespoon of milk per day, the HCG diet’s weight loss phase does not permit dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or any additional milk.

Do you eat breakfast on HCG?

Breakfast on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet is Protein Based & Controls Hunger for Most of the Day. HCG meal menus for 2022 include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Breakfast is the key meal that was added to the original 500 calorie HCG diet of Dr. Simmeons.

Can you eat bananas on HCG diet?

During the first 3 weeks of HCG Maintenance avoid sugars, carbs, sweeter fruits (melons, grapes, bananas, etc.), starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas, etc.), limit cheese, nuts, dairy and fried items.

Can you eat popcorn on HCG?

Eat fibrous foods such as vegetables or whole grains. Like protein, the fiber will bring a sense of fullness and help curb your hunger. Snack smart. You could use up half your daily calorie allowance on a couple handfuls of nuts or you could eat 1 and 3/4 cups of air-popped popcorn for 50 calories.

Is yogurt allowed on HCG diet?

HCG Diet Phase 3 Recipe: Greek Yogurt with Berries

fat is not limited while on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet (sugar and starches are limited). For this recipe, we used 0% fat Greek yogurt, but feel free to use another kind as long as it is plain and unsweetened.

Are blueberries allowed on HCG?

You can have one fruit at lunch and at dinner. HCG-approved fruit includes grapefruits, oranges, apples, lemons, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. As for carbohydrates, people on the hCG diet can have one piece of Melba toast or one breadstick at dinner.