Is Diet Mountain Dew Code Red discontinued?

As of July 2022, most of these flavors howbeit are produced sporadically along the Midwest region from independent Pepsi bottlers. As for Diet Code Red, it is currently discontinued as its Zero Sugar counterpart replaced it.

Why was Mountain Dew Red discontinued?

It’s not discontinued, it’s a seasonal/regional product by design and always has been. Pepsi learned years ago that cutting off supply for a particular product, even for a short time, can some times increase demand significantly. DewUSA and Cranberry MystTwist (formerly SierraMist) are other examples of this.

Why can’t I find Mt Dew Code Red?

While Mtn Dew Code Red has not been nationally discontinued, local availability of our products can vary. Check to see what’s sold near you.

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Does Diet Code Red exist?

Mountain Dew, the original, the one that started it all. Mtn Dew exhilarates and quenches with its one of a kind taste. Enjoy the many varieties of Mtn Dew – Original, Diet, Code, Red, Voltage, Zero Sugar, and others!

Is Mountain Dew Code Red limited edition?

Mountain Dew Energy (Code Red) is a Mountain Dew Energy flavor first released in September 2022 as a limited time offer.

Do they still make Mountain Dew Red?

Trivia. While it is not the first flavor internationally, it is the first flavor in the United States other than based on the original citrus flavor. Due to Red discontinued after a short while, it was not well-known and immensely rarely seen.

When was Mtn Dew Red discontinued?

Between the 1940s and 1980s there was only one variety of Mountain Dew, which was citrus-flavored and caffeinated in most markets. Diet Mountain Dew was introduced in 1988, followed by Mountain Dew Red, which was introduced and discontinued in 1988.

What happened Code Red soda?

Mtn Dew’s Code Red Is Now an Energy Drink.

Where can I find new Mountain Dew flavors?

The new long-term pop flavor, Mtn Dew Overdrive, is only available at Casey’s convenience stores in 20-ounce bottles and as a fountain drink.

What is the rarest Mountain Dew flavor?

An elderberry is a dark purple berry and has been used for medicinal purposes. You can get a can of Mountain Dew Violet at FYE for $5.99. Remember, this is a super exclusive flavor, so we say that it’s worth the price tag.

What is the new Mountain Dew for 2022?

VooDEW (2022) was a Mountain Dew flavor, officially released for the Halloween season of 2022, marking the fourth annual release of the VooDEW series.

What are the new Mountain Dew flavors for 2022?

Mountain Dew Releases New Fruitcake-Flavored Mtn Dew for 2022 Holiday Season. Mountain Dew releases a new, fruitcake-flavored Mtn Dew soda called, “Mtn Dew Fruit Quake” for the 2022 holiday season. Mtn Dew Fruit Quake is a dark-red-colored soda that’s described on its packaging as “Dew with artificial fruitcake flavor.

What flavors of Mountain Dew are discontinued?

NameDates of production
Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry2007, 2009, 2011–2017
Mountain Dew Revolution2008
Mountain Dew SuperNova2008, 2011
Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue2009

What was last year’s mystery flavor Mountain Dew?

Last year’s VOO-DEW mystery flavor had fans guessing it was everything from Sour Patch Kids candy and blue raspberry lemonade to cotton candy. The Mystery flavor was finally revealed to be fruit candy chews, aka Starburst fruit chews.

What flavor is Mountain Dew Pitch Black?

Dew drink!” another wrote on Facebook. At the same time, it brings back the popular Pitch Black flavor (described on cans as “Dew with a blast of Dark Citrus Punch Flavor with Other Natural Flavors”), MTN Dew is also introducing two brand-new variations: MTN Dew Pitch Black Zero Sugar and MTN Dew Energy Pitch Black.

What flavor is MTN voodoo?

As seen on social media, the 2022 MTN DEW VOO-DEW Flavor is sour candy flavor.

What is the new Mountain Dew secret flavor?

VooDEW (2021), a fruit chew candy-flavored mystery variant. VooDEW (2022), a sour candy flavor mystery variant.

What flavor is Mountain Dew shock?

A blast of tropical punch flavored Mountain Dew.