What do you eat on ProLon?

The ProLon meal kit contains soups, olives, herbal teas, nut bars, nutritional supplements, chocolate bars, and energy drinks. Dieters are encouraged to only eat these items during their five-day fast.

Does Jennifer Aniston do ProLon?

In recent years, the Friends alum has opened up about finding “a big difference” when dabbling in intermittent fasting. And one of the fasting-mimicking diets she’s been known to try is the ProLon plan. Aniston isn’t the only leading lady who has given the ProLon Diet a whirl.

What happens to your body during ProLon?

Enhances cellular renewal by triggering stem-cell based regeneration and autophagy (the cleaning up of aging and damaged cells) and promotes cell-based renewal. Metabolic health maintains healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as improving markers for inflammation.

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What does the L drink in ProLon do?

Many of you ask why we include the L-Drink as part of your ProLon FMD. The energy drink is specifically formulated to provide vegetable-based nutritional support during the diet. It provides you with glycerol, which in the fasting mode helps to protect amino acids (to preserve lean body mass) and promote hydration.

Should you exercise while doing ProLon?

Keep in mind that while on the 5-day ProLon Fast, it is recommended to stick to light or no exercise. But, after the fast ends, you will reap all the benefits in your workouts!

Does ProLon reset your metabolism?

It’s intended to “reset your metabolism by helping your body improve its response to insulin, which is essential for optimal health and plays a role in weight loss,” explains Melina Jampolis, M.D., a board-certified physician nutrition specialist and Forbes Health Advisory Board member.

What happens to your body on day 5 of ProLon?

By Day #5, the last day of fasting, the body is generally in a full state of ketosis, fat burning, and autophagy (cellular cleansing). Tomorrow, Day #6, while not a fasting day, is a “Transition Day” – one in which you ease back into a regular diet with a little caution and care.

How do you survive ProLon?

7 Tips For a Successful Prolon Fasting Mimicking Experience
  1. Get a buddy and do it together.
  3. Add a little extra to the soups.
  4. Chew everything to liquid.
  5. Move!
  6. My main concern was getting rid of so much caffeine and soda in my diet.
  7. Go to sleep early.

Does ProLon diet put you in ketosis?

ProLon® produces ketosis (burning fat for fuel) but differs from ketogenic diets in a number of ways. Ketogenic diets do have powerful health benefits, including some that are important for neurological conditions. One study compared ProLon® with a ketogenic diet in an animal model of multiple sclerosis.

Can I drink coffee while on ProLon?

Per official ProLon decree, it is permissible to have eight ounces of black coffee or sixteen ounces of green, white, or black tea each morning.

How many times a month can you do ProLon?

The first time someone undergoes ProLon we recommend once per month for three consecutive months. After completing the first three cycles, one can consider no more than one cycle every month for up to 6 months or continue once every 3 months depending on health goals.

Can you drink as much water as you want on ProLon?

Wondering how much water to drink while fasting on ProLon? We recommend at least 64oz of liquids per day (equivalent to 3 refills of your ProLon water bottle) to stay hydrated. But get creative! Try pairing your Tropical Berry L-Drink with our Hibiscus Tea for a refreshing zing that keeps you satisfied.

Can you do ProLon 2 weeks in a row?

And in case you’re wondering, no, you should not extend the program past five days or complete more than one cycle per month. After three months, the company encourages repeating the diet “from time to time” when looking for rejuvenation.

What should I eat the first day of ProLon fast?

They should start with liquid foods, such as soups and fruit juices, followed by light meals, including rice, pasta and small portions of meat, fish and/or legumes. A normal diet can be resumed on day 7, or 24 hours after the end of the ProLon® diet.

Can I drink my own tea on ProLon?

The answer is yes. It is necessary to distinguish the moment of fasting from the one in which it is allowed to eat: in the first, any food that contributes calories would make the effort vain, but it is possible to take drinks without sugar such as herbal teas. Herbal teas are also present in the ProLon® meal program.

Can I have lemon water on ProLon?

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to two pieces of sugar-free gum per day are allowed. 33. Can I put lemon in my water? Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to 1 wedge of lemon per day is allowed.

Can you eat ProLon out of order?

✅ The ProLon® diet has been carefully curated and scientifically tested to be consumed consecutively on Day 1-5. ✅ The program provides a meal card that recommends how to consume the items for each day. ✅ Each day’s items can be consumed in any order you wish, as long as you only eat each day’s items during that day.

How many calories are in a ProLon day 1?

Day 1 of the ProLon® program provides just under 1,100 calories (10% calories from protein, 56% calories from fat, and 34% calories from carbohydrates) and about 725 calories for the following four days (9% calories from protein, 44% calories from fat, 47% calories from carbs) [7].

What drinks can you have on ProLon?

No other food or drink should be consumed during the 5-day period, except water and herbal teas. (Users may drink 1 cup of caffeinated beverage with no sweeteners or additives daily, if necessary.)