What exercise works the latissimus dorsi?

Pullups and Chinups. The pull-up and the chin-up are well-known moves, and staples for lat development. Both moves are simple: You hang from a bar, with an overhand grip (pull-ups) or an underhand grip (chin-ups), and pull your chest to the bar.

Which exercise would target your latissimus dorsi the best?

  • Weighted Pull Ups.
  • Weighted Chin Ups.
  • Close Underhand Grip Pulldown.
  • Plate Loaded Pulldown.
  • Yates Row.
  • Smith Machine Underhand Bent Over Row.
  • Dumbbell Underhand Bent Over Row.

How can I strengthen my latissimus dorsi at home?

10 Best Lat Exercises You Can Do At Home
  1. Pull-Ups. If you have a pull-up bar at home, then do pull-ups to strengthen your lats!
  2. Resistance Band Lat Pull-Downs.
  3. Wide-Arm Push-Ups.
  4. Dumbbell Pullover.
  5. Renegade Rows.
  6. Supermans.
  7. Resistance Band Bent-Over Rows.
  8. Kettlebell Deadlifts.

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Why are my lats so weak?


And for some, weak lats can actually be at the root of poor posture. “Sitting all the time with bad posture leads to a weak mid and upper back, which is also turning off your abdominal region,” Kite says.

How do you train weak lats?

Sit down on the floor with your legs extended. Loop a resistance band around the middle of your feet, holding an end in each hand. Keep your back straight, fully extend your arms, and then row your elbows until they pass your torso. To better target the lower lats, keep your elbows tucked in at your sides.

How do you strengthen your latissimus muscle?

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How can I activate my lats at home?

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How do you work your latissimus dorsi with free weights?

  1. Bend forward from the hips, supporting yourself on a weight bench with your opposite knee and arm.
  2. Extend your left arm, holding the dumbbell directly beneath your shoulder, palm facing in.
  3. Bring the dumbbell up and back, bending your arm at the elbow.
  4. Lower the weight.
  5. Complete 12 to 15 reps.

What is the best exercise for LAT width?

Best Exercises For Getting Wide Lats
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns.
  • Straight Arm Pulldown.
  • Single Arm Landmine Row.
  • Incline Dumbbell Row.
  • Bent Over Rows.
  • Machine Row.
  • Dumbbell Pullovers.
  • Barbell Deadlifts.

How do I fully engage my lats?

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Should I lift heavy for lats?

Updated June 5th 2021. Depending on your goals, you may want to do a heavy lat pulldown if you want to gain more strength and size. Alternatively, you can do light lat pulldowns for hypertrophy and to increase more blood flow to the area.

Can I train my lats everyday?

Unlike other muscle groups, the upper back can be trained frequently without negatively affecting your performance in the gym. In fact, if you want to get really strong, really fast, you should train your upper back every time you step into the gym.

How do you know if your lats weak?

A weak lats muscle may interfere with bringing your arm toward your body or your body toward your arm. Weakness may also interrupt your ability to laterally flex your trunk. If your lats are tight or short, it will be hard to take your arm up in front of you, or out to the side.

Do big lats make you wider?

If you’re seeking to build a wider back, then the primary muscle that you’re going to want to develop are the lats, as growing this muscle will help effectively add the width to your back that you’re after.

Are lats hard to grow?

Often, beginners have a difficult time growing their lats. Growing your lats may not be as easy as anyone can tell you. You really have to engage yourself more and for a longer period. It will take a little longer for the body to adapt to your new exercise.

How long does it take to see muscle growth in your lats?

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Noticeable muscle growth takes a long time. Expect it to take at least three months before you start looking bigger and more muscular.

What are strong lats good for?

The lats play an extremely important role in stabilizing the neck, shoulder, the back, and the hips. Think of them as a stability powerhouse throughout your entire system. If the lats aren’t strong, we tend to see compensation in movement that leads to pain or injury in any of the above mentioned areas.

Why do boxers have big lats?

The lats are some of the muscles responsible for connecting a punch from the rotation of the core, through turning the punch over and generating additional power. Most fighters who lack the necessary power to move their opponents backwards are typically called arm-punchers.

What is the most important muscle?

The human heart is the most incredible muscle in the body, beating about 100,000 times to send 3,600 gallons of blood through 75,000 miles of blood vessels each day.