What is Moses Taylor Hospital called now?

Commonwealth Health Moses Taylor Hospital.

How many beds does Wilkes Barre General Hospital have?

Commonwealth Health Wilkes-Barre General Hospital / Number of beds

Which is bigger Scranton or Wilkes-Barre?

Scranton is the largest city in Lackawanna County as well as the entire metropolitan area by a large margin, nearly doubling the population of the second largest city in the metropolitan area, Wilkes-Barre.

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What is Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania famous for?

Wilkes-Barre was settled in 1769 and reached the height of its prosperity in the 19th century when coal reserves were discovered nearby. This discovery led to the city being nicknamed “The Diamond City”.

What trauma level is Wilkes-Barre General Hospital?

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center has been granted Level I Trauma Center accreditation by the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation. As a Level I trauma center, Geisinger Wyoming Valley provides complex critical care for patients with life-threatening injuries 24/7.

How many beds does Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre have?

Identification and Characteristics
Name and Address:Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre 25 Church Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18765
CMS Certification Number :390169
Type of Facility:Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control:Proprietary, Corporation
Total Staffed Beds:28

How much do Wilkes-Barre Penguins make?

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins pays an average salary of $407,028 and salaries range from a low of $352,052 to a high of $467,789. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

How many beds does Baton Rouge General Mid city have?

With over 600 licensed beds between three campuses, Baton Rouge General offers the full spectrum of care from delivering newborns to providing end of life support through hospice.

What is the rich part of Baton Rouge?

Adelia at Old Goodwood

This private luxury neighborhood in Baton Rouge features homes inspired by those in surrounding historic neighborhoods that were constructed between 1940 and 1969. The median home price in Adelia at Old Goodwood is $407,000 with an average listing of $290–$300 per square foot.

Is Baton Rouge Democrat or Republican?

Baton Rouge has historically voted democrat in its local elections.

What are the nicest neighborhoods in Baton Rouge?

Best Neighborhoods for Families in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Highland-Perkins Baton Rouge.
  • Brownsfields Baton Rouge.
  • Baker/ Zachary Baton Rouge.
  • Garden District Baton Rouge.
  • Southdowns Baton Rouge.
  • Mid City Baton Rouge.
  • Old Goodwood Baton Rouge.

What percentage of Baton Rouge is white?

Persons 65 years and over, percent 15.3%
Female persons, percent 52.2%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent 47.2%

What part of Louisiana is safest?

Gretna, a city in Jefferson Parish across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, is our pick for Louisiana’s safest city.

Safest Cities in Louisiana, 2019.

RankCitySafety Index

What are the safest parts of Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge, like most large cities, isn’t safe when looking at the numbers.

Safest Neighborhoods in Baton Rouge

  • Longwood / Burtville.
  • Redman Lake Drive / Hoo Shoo Too Road.
  • Kleinpeter.
  • Goodwood.
  • Village Saint George.
  • Perkins Road / Lee Drive.
  • West Lake Shore Drive / West Lakeshore Drive.
  • Highland Road / Albert Hart Drive.

What part of Baton Rouge is the hood?

The North Side, which is the largest section, is the heart of the Baton Rouge ghetto with many Baton Rouge hoods along Plank Road, hoods like CC Lockdown, Dixie, Boot Town, McDonald Land, and Zion City.

What percentage of Baton Rouge is black?

Black or African American: 53.45% White: 38.05% Asian: 3.70%

What is Baton Rouge most known for?

Named by French explorers as “the Red Stick City,” Baton Rouge is where Louisiana’s capital, flagship university, and distinctive Cajun and Creole cultures all come together.

Is Baton Rouge cheap to live?

The cost of living in Baton Rouge, LA is 2% higher than the state average and 5% lower than the national average. Baton Rouge, LA housing is 8% cheaper than the U.S average, while utilities are about 24% less pricey.

Were there slaves in Baton Rouge?

Twenty-five African slaves and two whites resided at the first settlement in Baton Rouge, founded in 1718. By 1860 the white population of Baton Rouge was 5,429, with a slave population of 1,247. As the hand-written bill of sale shows, slaves were bought and sold among the white citizens.