What is the HPW diet for sugar gliders?

HPW is a vitamin-enriched, sugar glider diet with a soft, pudding-texture. This diet includes all the major ingredients from the original High Protein Wombaroo diet that is trusted and fed to sugar gliders worldwide.

What is a sugar gliders favorite food?

Some favorites include watermelons (no seeds), apple slices, bananas (Caramel gliders love bananas), and mangoes. Fresh fruits are great to add to the TPG (The Pet Glider) diet mix. Dehydrated fruits are also fine for Sugar Gliders as long as it’s organic (no added sugars) and given in very small pieces.

What food kills sugar gliders?

Use bottled drinking or spring water, never tap water — chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine in tap water can be fatal to gliders. Other potentially toxic vegetables include avocado, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, leeks, lettuce and other greens, garlic, onions, peas and turnips.

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Do sugar gliders eat rice?

Sugar gliders can eat rice. Brown and white rice are each fine for sugar gliders to eat. Be sure to only feed your suggies fully cooked rice. Don’t feed them too much because rice alone is not a sustainable diet for sugar gliders.

How often should sugar gliders be fed?

Sugar gliders eat a mixture of insects and fruits and vegetables. Feed your glider once in the morning and once at dusk to keep it from getting too hungry. Give it a balance of 1 part protein, 1 part fruits or vegetables, and 1 part calcium.

What can you not give a sugar glider?

Fruits and vegetables known to be high in oxalates should be avoided, as they will impair calcium absorption. Those of concern include raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, spinach, carrots, beets, pears, lettuce, figs, and collards. Raw corn should be fed only very occasionally, as it is very sweet as well.

What do rejected sugar gliders eat?

Babies who are rejected are usually cold and dehydrated. To check for dehydration, gently pinch up the skin on their back to create a “tent”. If the skin remains pinched up when you release it, the joey is dehydrated and you will need to feed it unflavored pedialyte for the first 24 hours.

Can sugar gliders eat dog food?

Dry cat food or dog kibble are also good options for foods that contain good proteins for your Sugar Glider. Live insects are another Sugar Glider favorite that contains protein and many other good nutrients. However, live insects should only be given as an occasional treat due to the high-fat content within them.

Can sugar gliders eat chicken?

Sugar Gliders love chicken as an occasional treat and it’s a great source of protein, always boil any chicken in a pan of water until thoroughly cooked, if feeding a knuckle bone always supervise and never feed any small bones and NEVER EVER baked, roasted or otherwise cooked, must be boiled to soften.

Can gliders eat yogurt?

We do feed flavored yogurts to our sugar gliders and I tend to go for the flavors that seem most universally accepted by all of our colony. The three flavors I find that most gliders like best are vanilla, peach and blueberry.

Can my sugar glider eat bread?

The Pet Glider does not recommend the following:

Chocolate of any kind, candy of any variety, bread, cat food, dog food, seeds or any food with high sugar content. Any vegetable that is high in phosphorous is not good for sugar gliders.

Can sugar gliders eat bananas?

Sugar gliders can eat bananas, but like with any other food, you must take precautions in feeding. Too much intake of this fruit can be harmful to your pet. Like most fruits, you must feed your gliders in moderation.

Is peanut butter OK for sugar gliders?

PEANUTS: While peanuts and other foods in the “nut” family may not necessarily be harmful to your Sugar Bear, they DO contain a VERY high fat content – and just like it wouldn’t be good to feed a HUMAN baby peanuts all day – the same is true for Sugar Bears.

Can my sugar glider eat peanut butter?

No! Absolutely not. As peanut butter contains so much added sugar and extra fat. Peanut butter can also make a sugar glider very sick.

Can a sugar glider eat apples?

Sugar Gliders can eat apples, but only eat the flesh of the fruit, not the skin. With natural sweetness, apples can excite your gliders and offer them vital dietary components. Apples are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits that can contribute to the health and well-being of your sugar gliders.

Is Potato OK for sugar gliders?

As we have stated, sugar gliders can eat potatoes! All healthy sugar gliders can eat potatoes; however, you need to ensure that you feed them the right amount, only in moderation! Remember that potatoes are very filling, and therefore too much can result in them not eating as much of the rest of their diet.

What is a sugar gliders favorite fruit?

Sugar Gliders in the wild are opportunistic omnivores. They eat primarily vegetables, nectar from tree saps, insects, and some fruits.

Safe Fruits & Vegetables.

Cherries (no seeds)Bok Choy
CoconutBroccoli (feed in moderation)
CranberriesBrussels Sprouts
CurrantsCabbage (red)

Can a sugar glider eat carrots?

The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat carrots and their green tops rarely. Fresh and frozen carrots are the best. Be sure to wash them well if you go for fresh carrots.

Can gliders eat tomatoes?

Always feed in moderation. Despite the health perks that eating tomatoes provide for your furry companions, the high acid level in tomatoes can be harmful if gliders consume too much. You should include tomatoes in your pet’s regular diet. You can feed them once or twice a week at most.