What is the writing exercise for Amazon?

The Amazon writing exercise consists of two written interview questions that Amazon candidates are asked to respond to before their on-site interviews. How many questions are there? Candidates are given two options and instructed to pick one question to answer.

What are Amazon writing exercise questions?

Amazon has a document culture, and it’s important that leaders in the company have the ability to put their thoughts into writing. But it’s not about being able to have perfect grammar.


  • What company were you at?
  • What was your role?
  • What project were you involved in?
  • Who else was involved?

How do I ace my Amazon written assessment?

  1. Keep the length to two or three pages – no more than that.
  2. Keep in mind the Leadership Principles as you write and frame your examples from the lens of these values.
  3. Revise your writing sample to be as logical and concise as possible using the STAR format.

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How do you pass a writing assessment?

Strategies for Taking the Writing Assessment Test
  1. Take a few minutes. Read and understand the writing prompts before choosing which one you will address.
  2. Plan Your Essay.
  3. Consider Your Audience.
  4. Show What You Know.
  5. Edit and Proofread Your Work.
  6. Take Your Time.
  7. Understand the Essay’s Purpose.

Can you fail Amazon assessment test?

Yes, you can fail the Amazon assessment test. In many cases, the assessment is the initial screening step, or it comes right after a phone interview. So, failing the assessment means that your application is terminated, and you’ll be able to re-apply after a given time that varies across positions.

How do I succeed in online Amazon assessment?

It is important to practice as many verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests as possible. Make sure that you are familiar with the Amazon leadership principles, values and the culture at Amazon. Take some time to think about how you like to work. This will help with Amazon work-based and work simulation tests.

Is Amazon online assessment easy?

The Amazon application process is extremely easy but it’s hard to ace the test rounds. The first step is to apply for the jobs through the amazon jobs portal. Candidates are then shortlisted according to their resumes and the amazon online test link is sent to their emails.

How do I prepare for a written assessment interview?

Below are some useful tips you should take note of when preparing for a written exercise.
  1. Know the language. Depending on the job, there will be a different language used to communicate.
  2. Research the company.
  3. Practice.
  4. Be sure you understand the brief.
  5. Triple-check before handing over the test.

How many rounds is the Amazon written test?

Amazon conducts 5-6 rounds to select freshers as SDE (SDE-1) in their organization. The following rounds are conducted: Written Round. Online Coding Round.

Can I write Amazon test after 48 hours?

Your assessment result is valid for 180 days. At this time, we do not allow candidates to retake the assessment if completed within 180 days.

What is Amazon written test?

The Amazon assessment test is a series of challenges Amazon uses to evaluate applicants in its recruitment process. Typically it will include a numerical and verbal reasoning test, a Work Style Assessment, a Work Sample Simulation, and the Amazon Versant Test.

Is Amazon interview easy to crack?

Amazon interviews can be grueling. But preparing for the types of interview questions asked at an Amazon tech interview can make your interview a lot easier. Questions on Amazon’s 16 leadership principles, behavioral skills, coding, and system design are asked. You’ll also face some job- and company-specific questions.

Is Amazon hard to get hired?

It is hard to get a job at Amazon, especially in a technical role. Since Amazon is such a large company, it can be a very competitive job market. There is quite an intense job application and interview process, so you will need to find a way to stand out to the hiring managers.

Why are Amazon interviews so tough?

Another reason why it’s difficult to land an offer with Amazon is that its behavioral interview is quite challenging. Engineers applying to positions across the board go through a mandatory behavioral interview where they’re assessed on a bunch of behavioral aspects.

Is Amazon a tough job?

The company’s fulfillment centers employ hundreds of thousands of people, offering pay and benefits that are competitive versus other retail-industry jobs. But the work can be grueling, some staff don’t stick around long, and there are growing efforts to unionize this modern blue-collar workforce.