Is Tonal worth buying?

If you use Tonal everyday and 200 pounds of weight is the most you’ll ever use, Tonal can be worth its price tag. However, if you’re a powerlifter who may need more than that 200 pounds or who may be doing other workouts outside of Tonal, it may not be worth the thousands of dollars that this machine costs.

Is Peloton and Tonal the same?

Peloton offers more ways to lose weight by combining their cardio equipment with off-machine calorie-burning workouts like walking, resistance training, and bootcamp. But Tonal features 200 pounds of resistance and strength-training classes that help build lean muscle mass and burn calories during and after a workout.

Does Tonal work without a membership?

Tonal Membership is required for the first 12 months. As a connected fitness system, Tonal is designed to be your intelligent home gym and the Tonal membership unlocks the personalization that is the key to Tonal’s intelligence. It’s essentially what makes Tonal more than just standard strength training equipment.

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Is there a competitor to Tonal?

See how Tonal compares to similar products. Tonal’s top competitors include Exer, FORME, and Hydrow.

Is Tonal worth a beginner?

The Tonal is a great fit for new or intermediate weight lifters. It also offers floor classes like barre, Pilates, and yoga, so the device isn’t just for weightlifting. Additionally, it’s a convenient option for anyone who wants a home gym that doesn’t take up tons of space or require lots of equipment.

Can I use my Tonal without Internet?

Feb 11, 2022•

Tonal requires a constant WiFi connection to access workout features and programs. Tonal cannot be used offline. The minimum download speed required is 15 Mbps. While you can connect Tonal to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, we recommend using 5GHz whenever possible.

How do you get Tonal free mode?

The easiest way to get into Free Lift mode is to start on the Home screen then press and hold the circle on the weight dial. Or you can simply adjust the weight setting on the dial and it will pop you into Free Lift.

Can Tonal replace free weights?

The magnets designed for Tonal provide the resistance for all of the exercises you do with this machine, which means you don’t need to store any bulky weights. The purpose of Tonal is to replace all types of strength training equipment — you’ll just need the one machine to get a full-body workout.

Can I play my own music on Tonal?


Play the music of your choice from any streaming service before starting your workout and it will play underneath your mobile workout for both iOS and Android. Make sure you update your app to the most recent version.

Does Tonal come with a bench?

The starter set also comes with a bench and a floor mat. Inside the Tonal, electromagnets create resistance so that you can push and pull up to a maximum of 200 pounds combined, or 100 pounds per arm.

Is Tonal better than free weights?

Researchers found that Tonal packs more muscle-building stimulus in every rep, set, and workout than conventional free weights.

Can Tonal replace gym?

If you enjoy the variety of machines at the gym but are tired of its downsides—expensive membership fees, commuting time, long waits for popular equipment—you’ll love Tonal. This all-in-one home gym requires minimal wall space to be able to perform all the same exercises you could at the gym and so much more.

Can you squat with Tonal?

Tonal can be used to train your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with a wide variety of squatting, hinging, bilateral, unilateral, and compound moves,” says Tonal Director of Curriculum John Christie.

Is Tonal good for older people?

Tonal can be a solution for older adults that are both new and familiar with strength training. Our multi-week programs and features are designed to support you every step of the way and help you build confidence in lifting weight.

Is Tonal also a mirror?

There’s the Tonal, a workout mirror which revamped the experience of at-home weight training. The Echelon Reflect, on the other hand, is essentially a different version of the Mirror. Then there’s the Tempo, which provides you with a complete fitness ecosystem, all bundled up into one stylish A-frame.

Should I buy the Mirror or Tonal?

Tonal offers impressive strength training options, and for those interested in strength training, it may provide a better value. For those who enjoy a variety of cardio-style workouts, the Mirror’s lower price point and diverse classes may offer a better value.

Can Tonal be installed in a garage?

With Tonal in my garage, it’s really easy for me to use, especially in the mornings while my daughter is asleep,” he says. Read on for the best garage home gym ideas and tips that’ll help get you ready to hit your goals.

How loud is a Tonal?

Tonal makes noise equivalent to that of a dishwasher. If you have neighbors or adjacent rooms in your home with occupants sensitive to noise, they may hear some amount of noise when Tonal is in use.

Does Tonal require electricity?

Tonal requires a grounded, three-prong power outlet within 6 feet of the location.