Where is Crystal Hayslett from?

What has Crystal Hayslett been in?

  • Known For. Sistas Fatima (2019-2022)
  • Young Dylan Costume Designer (2020)
  • Nobody’s Fool Costume Designer (2018)
  • Acrimony Costume Designer (2018)
  • Actress. Zatima Fatima (2022)
  • Sistas Fatima (2019-2022)
  • The Choir Director Gale (2018)
  • Actress. This Time Waitress (2010)

Is Crystal Hayslett a singer?

Crystal is a talented singer and started her career as a musician in the entertainment industry. She even released an EP called Hello in 2012. Who is the actress that plays Fatima in Tyler Perry’s Sistas?

What is Fatima’s real name on sister?

Crystal Hayslett plays paralegal Fatima on Tyler Perry’s “Sistas.” But before making her debut on the BET series, she worked as the costume designer for Perry’s projects and even served as the entertainment giant’s personal stylist.

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How old is ebony Obsidian?

28 years (April 16, 1994)
Ebony Obsidian / Age

Is Zac and Fatima getting a spin-off?

Tyler Perry’s Zatima follows popular characters Zac (Devale Ellis) and Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship. The 10-episode series marks the second spin-off from a Tyler Perry top-rated linear show to get greenlit by BET+ following The Oval’s offshoot Ruthless.

Is Karen pregnant by Zac?

Karen’s Baby Doesn’t Belong to Zac… Or Aaron

Karen kept playing Zac to the left when he got serious about her and it came back to bite when he finally had enough of her ill-treatment of him and moved on to Fatima. However, unfortunately for Zac, she found out she was pregnant and believes the baby to be his.

Who is the father of Karen baby?

Series Information

Timothy “Timmy” Wong is the biological father of Karen’s son Hymie. He appears in Season 3 when his mother finds out about Hymie’s birth.

Is Zatima out yet?

In this spinoff of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Zac and Fatima take a huge step to strengthen their bond, but new friends and past actions interfere with their blossoming relationship. Streaming on Roku. Tyler Perry’s Zatima, a series is available to stream now. Watch it on BET Plus on your Roku device.

What is the name of Zac and Fatima show?

Tyler Perry’s Zatima – TV Series. BET+ BET+ ORIGINAL. In this spinoff of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Zac and Fatima take a huge step to strengthen their bond, but new friends and past actions interfere with their blossoming relationship.

How did Fatima meet Zack?

tyler-perry-s-sistas. Fatima and Zac meet each other after an unfortunate accident. Danni gets offended by something Preston says. Andi contemplates a settlement in a legal case.

What did Zac go to jail for on Sistas?

After waiting in agony to find out why Zac had been arrested on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, fans finally got the answer on Wednesday’s Season 4 midseason penultimate. Turns out some woman named Heather from Zac’s past slapped him with back child support charges, and he had to pay nearly $40,000 in order to get out of jail.

Does Dani sleep with Zack?

DANI: “I think I’m pregnant.”

After episodes of anticipation, Dani and Zack finally sleep together.

Who used Karen’s credit card?

I remember Aaron and Zac fought over her, not once the show didn’t showed Zac taking Karen credit card and spent 5800 in his name. When I saw the show how Aaron and Gary was friends for very long time, I knew the good guy act that Aaron is a snake and stole Karen credit card and spent over 5800 dollars.

What credit cards do billionaires have?

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What credit card does Oprah use?

American Express Centurion Black Card

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Do millionaires use credit cards?

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Which bank do wealthy people use?

Citigroup (Private Bank)

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What is the hardest American Express card to get?

Centurion® Card from American Express

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