Which bicep curl hits the short head?

Which exercises target the short head?

Curls are the primary exercise for targeting the short head bicep. The best way to build massive biceps is to add variability to this exercise, keeping things fresh and exciting. Here are eight short head bicep exercises to help you channel your inner Arnold with some killer arm mass.

Do hammer curls work the short head?

The hammer curl grip allows more focus on the short head of the biceps. In addition, this type of curl may be easier to tolerate than traditional curls if you’re experiencing shoulder or forearm pain. Injury to the long head of the biceps is a common cause of shoulder pain ( 1 ).

Are spider curls good for short head?

Spider curls target the short head by keeping your arms in front of your body instead of at your sides. Spider curls also activate your brachialis, the muscle that helps you bend your elbow. Targeting this muscle group is essential if you really want your biceps to pop.

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Do spider curls work the short head of the bicep?

1. Spider curls isolate muscle groups in your arms. You can build bigger biceps by performing spider curls, which target both the long head and short head of the biceps brachii muscles. Secondarily, spider curls activate your triceps and brachialis, an important elbow flexor muscle.

Do spider curls target short head?

Muscles Worked

More specifically, the spider curl targets the short head of the bicep. This part of the bicep stabilises the shoulder joint when you are carrying heavy loads, for example.

Do Zottman curls work short head?

Muscles Worked by the Zottman Curl

The Zottman Curl primarily targets the biceps branchii. This muscle group consists of two heads, the short and long head. These work in conjunction to move the arms and power force and momentum.

What does Zottman curl target?

The Zottman curl targets three major muscle groups, which are the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis. It, however, focuses primarily on the biceps brachii. Contrary to popular opinion, the bicep is not one slab of muscle wrapped around your upper arm.

Why is spider curl so hard?

The spider curl really nails the short head of the biceps throughout the entire range of motion, especially the top of the movement where you can normally “rest” and lose tension. This type of curl also has a lot of carryover to other biceps exercises.

Do hammer curls work both heads?

Much like the fittingly named bicep curl, the hammer curl targets the two headed muscle group that is the biceps brachii, increasing its size and definition while providing slow but clinically significant strength developments in the muscle.

Do curls target short or long head?

D., note: “Because the long head of the biceps is located outside of the short head, using a narrow grip (inside shoulder width) when doing barbell curls emphasizes development of the long head. Taking a grip that is outside of shoulder width, on the other hand, will target the short head.”

Do hammer curls work inner or outer head?

Hammer curls are particularly effective because they target the outer head of the biceps brachii, the brachialis and the brachioradialis while engaging additional back and chest muscles.

Do bicep curls work both heads?

Curls will hit both the short head and the long head of the biceps, with about an even emphasis on each. Since curls rely on elbow flexion and forearm supination, you can expect a well-rounded bicep workout. Barbell curls also engage the forearm muscles to a high degree.

What bicep exercise hits all the heads?


Keeping your elbows tucked snugly into your sides, curl the bar up to your upper chest, squeezing your biceps throughout the movement.

Which head gives peak to biceps?

The biceps are composed of two heads: the outer (long) head and the inner (short) head. The peak is formed by the outer biceps head; therefore, if you want to bring up your biceps peak you need to build up that head.

How do I hit every part of my bicep?

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How do you train all 3 bicep heads?

So in order to best train your biceps you want to choose exercises that will allow growth in both heads as well as the brachialis.
  1. Exercise 1: Chin-Ups (Heavy Exercise to Stimulate Type II Fibers)
  2. Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Curls (Emphasizes Long Head)
  3. Exercise 3: Concentration Curls (Emphasizes Short Head)