Who was Dieter on SNL?

Detailed as “a red-faced man of about 45,” Bob Sheeder is pretty much just a fleshed-out version of Ferrell’s “Get Off the Shed!” character from his early SNL days.

How did Mike Myers make so much money?

Mike Myers is a Canadian-born actor, comedian, writer, and producer who has a net worth of $200 million. He began his career as a child actor in commercials, and is best known for his work on the show “Saturday Night Live” and the “Wayne’s World”, “Austin Powers,” and “Shrek” film franchises.

Who is Michael Myers wife?

Mike Myers/Wife

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Does Mike Myers have kids?

Mike Myers/Children

What is cogs and sprocket?

basically any wheel with teeth (cogs). A gear is a wheel with cogs that mesh with the gears of another wheel. A sprocket is a wheel with cogs that mesh with a chain (or belt or tape or film or whatever). Just like a pulley, but with teeth that mesh somehow.

What is the difference between a sprocket and a gear?

In general, a gear is a toothed wheel designed to mesh with other gears and transmit movement to them, which in turn can cause movement elsewhere. A sprocket, conversely, is a toothed wheel designed to engage and directly move a flexible indented or perforated item, like a chain or belt.

What is better steel or aluminum sprockets?

As a rule of thumb, steel sprockets last three times longer than 7075 aluminum sprockets and allow your chain to last longer also. They are heavier, but the three listed above are only a 1/2 pound more than a 7075 aluminum sprocket and half the weight of the typical steel sprocket.

What is the tooth in a cog called?

A gear is a rotating circular machine part having cut teeth or, in the case of a cogwheel or gearwheel, inserted teeth (called cogs), which mesh with another (compatible) toothed part to transmit (convert) torque and speed.

Does a bigger or smaller sprocket to go faster?

A bigger rear sprocket/ smaller front sprocket will give you an increase in acceleration but decrease your top speed. A smaller rear sprocket/bigger front sprocket will reduce you acceleration but increase the top speed.

Does 1 tooth on rear sprocket make a difference?

One tooth will make a difference, more acceleration and you will be able to feel it. you should really swap the chain and do the front sprocket while your at it.

What is a disadvantage of a sprocket?

The disadvantage of the chain and sprocket drive is that it can be noisy and more expensive than a belt and pulley drive system. Chain and sprocket drives are not used on some applications such as drilling machines and lathes precisely because the chain and sprocket drive does not allow slip.

How many teeth should a Go Kart sprocket have?

The engine and the driveshaft (on the kart’s rear) have a sprocket, which looks like a gearwheel. The engine sprocket usually has between 10-13 teeth, while the rear sprocket has anywhere from 30 to 90 or more teeth.

Does a bigger sprocket Make a Go-Kart faster?

A smaller sprocket will give more torque and faster acceleration, a bigger sprocket will give you a faster top speed but slower acceleration.

Is a bigger sprocket easier to pedal?

Rear sprockets are called cogs. A smaller front sprocket makes it easier to pedal. A smaller rear sprocket makes it more difficult to pedal.

Is it better to have more teeth on a sprocket or less?

Adding teeth to the front and rear sprockets have opposite effects. Installing a larger countershaft sprocket creates higher gearing, while a larger rear sprocket lowers gearing. Similarly, a smaller front sprocket lowers the gearing while a smaller rear sprocket makes the gearing higher.

What does dropping a tooth on the front sprocket do?

For every 1 tooth that you change on the front sprocket is like changing 3 to 4 teeth on the rear (and that’s true for higher gearing ratios, too). This configuration creates that smaller gearing ratio that works best for tracks with lots of turns, few long straightaways, like Arenacross, and tight trail riding.

What is the best material for sprockets?

Steel is stronger and slightly cheaper but aluminium is lighter and more attractive. For durability and longevity there is no doubt that a steel sprocket is best. Specifically, an induction hardened steel rear sprocket is strongest and will last the longest.

Does changing sprockets increase horsepower?

Changing your rear sprocket won’t give you more mid range or change the engine power curve in any way. It will alter the torque at the rear wheel at all RPMs. The bike should accelerate faster through the gears but you will also loose out on top speed.

How do you get more torque with a sprocket?

A smaller front sprocket effectively increases the leverage the engine has to turn the wheel. This means that at a given rpm, the bike will go slower with a smaller front sprocket (or a larger rear sprocket). This increases the torque at the wheel, resulting in faster acceleration.