Su Dongpo, the only prostitute doctor in Chinese history, gave his word
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This prostitute and divine doctor was also a famous Kabuki Yuwen Rou in the Northern Song Dynasty in China. She could be said to be hot in Kyoto at the time. People in the community mentioned her with praise and even got the title of the god doctor in Lingnan area. Then what is this legendary woman who is also a prostitute and doctor? What about people?

Rou Niang's father is the imperial doctor in the palace. According to the ancient customs of China, everything is advocated to pass on men but not on women. After a woman is married, even if she is an outsider, it is equivalent to giving it to others? There are too few women who can be taught by women when they are medical doctors, and they are just like mothers. They are also unique to prostitutes and doctors. Throughout ancient history files in China, there is no second person similar to her. .


When it comes to Yuwen Rou Niang, my first reaction was that although she was also a fan of the wind and dust, she made Qinglian alone. Elegant and solemn, tranquil as water. Because she is not only a talented girl who is fluent in reading ancient and modern times, but also has very good first-hand medical skills. Lingnan was in a relatively remote area of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the rumours there rarely spread to the capital. Although it is not recorded in the history books of the dynasty, the patient who has been treated by her has been passed on by word of mouth. Although thousands of years have passed, she still hasn't forgotten her merit in the past.

Rou Niang's father, unfortunately suffered no ills, was unjustly put to jail and died in it. Her mother was also depressed because of this matter, and she died. At that time, Rou Niang was still a little girl. She watched her parents die with great pain, but then her misfortune followed.

When her uncle saw that no one was looking after her, she thought about it and sold it to the "Xingyuan", which mainly pleases her guests with skill. The talent and appearance of Rou Niang quickly got the attention of Lao Nai, and she even took great effort to package it into the yard's top card. The Rou Niang who experienced a tragic childhood did not disappoint Lao Nai's expectations. She became famous in her early teens, and everyone in the capital had heard of her name.

However, Rou Niu knows that this is not a long-term plan. She will have to leave the hospital sooner or later, so that she can lead a normal life. After making up her mind, she waits for the opportunity to appear. Finally, there was one in the hospital. Kabuki was ill, and Rou Niang was sent to accompany her to look for Tai Tai Chen, who was also the royal doctor. Tai Tai Chen was an old friend of her father. The two had a good relationship. They had also searched for the whereabouts of Rou Niang. Nothing was found, and now Rou Niang suddenly appeared in front of him, which made him particularly surprised, and immediately went to the people in the government to spend some money to rescue Rou Niang from the court.

After that, she helped under the care of Chen Taiyi, and her neighbors praised her. Not only did she go to study medicine in her spare time, carefully study the various prescriptions left by her father. Through certain clinical practice and careful guidance of Chen Taiyi, her medical skills continued to improve, and she was slowly able to practice medicine alone.

In a blink of an eye, Rou Niang came to talk about marriage and marriage, Rou Niang fancy Wang Gong, a literati who already has a family. Rou Niang did not give up a bit, but made him a showgirl, only to be able to accompany his beloved man. Wang Gong's official position is not small, he is also a famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, and also has a place in Dan Qingmiao's pen. It was exactly when a man was at its peak that he had great charm but did not last long . Because he was implicated by his friend Su Dongpo's " Wutai Poem Case ", he was degraded to Lingnan all the way, and he had a sharp contrast with the original high weight. His wives, concubines and descendants therefore left him.

At this time, Rou Niang took the initiative to accompany him to go south. Rou Niang was not an ignorant girl who knew nothing about the world, and did not know the long-suffering future. She rushed to accompany him. She was prudent and affectionate, so she suffered silently in this journey, and she was as happy as ever. Not only that, she also gave full play to her ability and used a medical technique to treat ordinary people who have suffered many times from the local pain. She didn't even hesitate to go up the mountain to collect medicines herself, in order to treat those people at the bottom of the society who had never known her, and this rescue saved the whole five years. In the past five years, her medical skills have become increasingly sophisticated, and more and more people have been treated. Soon, her reputation spread in Lingnan, even wider than before when she was in Beijing.


For five years, her benevolence has not only served the world as a "mighty doctor," she and Wang Gong's affection have been talked about for a while. Yuwen Rou Niang has a spirit of kindness, and uses a woman's gentle nature to turn into a stream and wipe out the world. When Wang Gong felt sore and painful for the huge blow brought by the "Wutai Poetry Case", she often accompanied her around, or chanted poems, or laughed at wine.

Later, when returning to Beijing Normal University, Su Dongpo and Wang Gongxu also chatted with the special soft mother when they were old. Su Shi tentatively asked the soft mother: "Is Lingnan not good?" Yuwen soft mother smiled and said this. Sentence: "This place of peace is my hometown." Su Shi looked at the fragile woman in front of her, expressing open-mindedness in her expressions, and admiring her even more. However, Rou Niang answered blandly, as long as she was with the person she likes, there is her hometown, and she loves it. When Su Dongpo heard the words, he immediately wrote a poem, that is, the touching "Ding Fengbo": "Changxian Renzhuoyulang, Tianying begs and a little bit of queen mother. Since the song of Qing dynasty, the wind rises, the snow flies into the sea It's cool. The less you come back for thousands of years, smile, and still bring Ling Meixiang when you smile. May I ask if Lingnan should be good? But I said: This place is my hometown. "

Although the words written to Yuwen Rou Niang are less than one hundred, the stories that can be left in that era are turned away from the clouds. Even if it is a glimmer of light, you can still get a glimpse of the scenery, and the picking is infinitely moved.

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