How did Du Yuesheng deal with traitors in the Shanghai Gangland War?
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Since the day when Western powers opened the Chinese gate with a cannon, Shanghai, a small county originally in the territory of the Qing government, has prospered almost with the decline of the Qing Dynasty. By the eve of the War of Resistance Against Japan , the concessions on the ground in Shanghai had become an international metropolis famous in the Far East. Here, each country holds its own word . The same city enforces the legal systems of different countries. The law must be full of loopholes. Therefore, Shanghai has also become a gangland for a while. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, also due to the existence of the concession, Shanghai's gangsters still have room to survive. But it was this seemingly insignificant power that played a huge role in the future of the spy battlefield.


At that time, three of the most powerful members of the Shanghai gang: Jin Rongrong, Du Yuesheng, and Zhang Xiaolin. Zhang Xiaolin took refuge in the Japanese after the outbreak of the War of Resistance, and served as the chairman of the maintenance committee. In 1940, he was assassinated by military agents. Jinrong Rong has been staying in Shanghai, and the Japanese have repeatedly asked him to take a senior position in the Shanghai Municipal Government. He wants to use his influence and his disciples to maintain law and order in Shanghai and hunt down anti-loggers. Jinrong Rong has tried every means to refuse. Jin Rongrong's idea is: "I must not sin the Japanese, but I must not be a traitor." Although Jin Rongrong is a gang leader, he still has a clear understanding on this point. It was precisely because of Zhang Xiaolin's enemies and Jinrong's neutrality that almost all the gangsters in Shanghai were in the hands of Du Yuesheng during the Anti-Japanese War. Although Du Yuesheng escaped to Hong Kong after the fall of Shanghai, he still made use of the gang's relationship and remotely controlled to make a certain contribution to the War of Resistance.

As early as the January 28th Incident of 1932, thousands of Japanese soldiers infiltrated the French Concession in Shanghai and attacked Chinese positions, posing a great threat to the 19th Route Army. The Chinese diplomatic authorities repeatedly protested against the British and American envoys.

On February 22 and 23, the National Army could not bear the Japanese army's refuge in the concession. They fired at the Japanese army who had fled into the concession. British and American consulates protested against it.

Du Yuesheng was informed that thousands of Japanese troops would land ashore at night and sneak into the shops and residences opened by Japanese in the French Concession in an attempt to storm the West Concession from the French Concession, sneak into rivers and temples, and invade the right wing of the Chinese army. Du Yuesheng immediately notified Wu Tiecheng and Cai Tingyun to strengthen the defense of Jiangwan and the temple, and Wu Tiecheng reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a hurry .

On February 28, with the representatives of Japan, France, Britain, Germany and Germany, Du Yuesheng also participated as the leader of the French Concession and the Chinese border.

Facing Japanese representative Murai Kuramatsu, Du Yuesheng shot up the case: "Okay, Toyo soldiers can enter the concession, live in the concession, and use the concession to fight Chinese people. Although you pass this motion, I have a word to say, as long as the motion passes, I ask the Japanese army to drive as far as possible, and no foreign friends should leave. My Du Yuesheng will destroy the concession within two hours! We will all die here together! "

Having said that, he left the venue in a stride, and the whole audience was in awe. Everyone present knew Du Yuesheng's energy in Shanghai. Finally, helplessly, thousands of Japanese troops sneaking into the French Concession quietly withdrew at night.

In August 1937, the Japanese invaded Shanghai Beach. At this time, Du Yuesheng and Dai Yan discussed the establishment of an armed guerrilla force of 10,000 to support the battle of the regular army and take on the task of "spying against the enemy." Dai Li clearly realized that with Du Yuesheng's social influence, he could pull up a contingent of 10,000 people, but the government had a tight budget at the time, and the frontline war department was asking for money, and the government had no extra money to equip this team. Dai Yue told Du Yuesheng about his concerns. He did not expect that Du laughed and laughed: "People love patriotism, who is not as good as me. Fortunately, I have some money in addition to patriotism." Then he bought 5000 pistols and 5000 for himself. A rifle, and at the same time mobilize people from all walks of life to join the army. In October, the 10,000-strong armed guerrillas were put into actual combat. They cooperated with the regular army and the Japanese army on both sides of Shanghai South City and Suzhou River. Despite the poor fighting power, most of the team members were extremely brave and tenacious, making sacrifices for the War of Resistance. According to post-event statistics: this armed guerrilla group killed more than 1,500 people and injured more than 500 people. Du Yuesheng was sorrowful when he heard the news. He said to his subordinates that he was not hurting his own money, but that so many young people with heartache donated to the battlefield. Many of those killed were Du Yuesheng's disciples. This battle can be called the "first drop of blood" of the Shanghai gangsters.

After that, Du Yuesheng also staged a series of "gangster rape" in Shanghai.

Zhang Xiaolin was killed in 1940. Although the actor was a military agent, the Shanghai gangsters played an important role in the planning of the entire incident.

Among the gangsters assisted by the Shanghai gangsters, the highest ranking was Shanghai's pseudo-mayor Fu Xiaoyu. Fu Xiaozhang became a traitor by himself, and he was also dying all day long. When he moved to Shanghai, he specially asked the Japanese military to find a garden house in Hongkou Circle for his official residence. He has 23 bodyguards around him, and all attendants are his confidence. To be on the safe side, he also specially found a close friend who had followed him for decades to take care of the diet. However, it was this close friend who killed his life with a kitchen knife while he was asleep. The close friend is Zhu Shengyuan. He worked in the Fu family for decades. As long as Fu Xiaoyu's father was still alive, Zhu Shengyuan was already a close friend of the Fu family. Choosing a "two generations of righteous servants" to take care of your diet, you should be able to sit back and relax. However, Fu Xiaoyu never expected that Zhu Shengyuan joined the "Green Gang" as a young man. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, he accepted the leadership of the military through the "Green Gang". This time Fu Xiaoyu became the mayor of Shanghai, and the military commanded the removal of Fu Xiaoyu in order to make a difference. Poor Fu Xiaoyu was still in a different place in his sleep.

On February 19, 1939, Chen Weiyuan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Puppet Reformation Government, planned to spend the Spring Festival in Shanghai, but as soon as he got home, he was shot and killed by several gunmen.

For this part of the history of the Shanghai Gangland War of Resistance, some people still question today. They believe that the gangster activities have a strong horror color, which makes the Shanghai people's heart palpitated and brings psychological trauma to the Shanghai residents in the occupied areas. However, it is undeniable that the assassinations and explosions carried out by the Shanghai gang after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War did indeed effectively prevent some people from participating in the enemy ’s betrayal, and also provided the necessary punishment for traitors.

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