Demystified: How big is the anti-Japanese effect of miscellaneous army?
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After the outbreak of the July 7th Incident , the 40th army commander and army general Pang Bingxun stationed in Yuncheng, Shanxi was the first to be transferred to support the Tianjin front.

In early August, the troops got off the train from Shijiazhuang and walked east to Cangzhou.

At the height of summer, the cropland on both sides of the highway was green and lively.

The earth was burning, and the soldiers and soldiers on foot were sweating like rain , but none of them shouted because they were fighting against Japan for the country. The Japanese iron hoof is about to destroy this wonderful home!


People along the way automatically waited at the entrance of the village, ate food from the jug to welcome the king, stuffed the boiled eggs into the soldier's clothes pocket, boiled water for cooking in the camp, and even voluntarily vacated their own house for the soldiers to live.

The common people said, "As long as you go to resist Japan, what do you want?"

The old man was moved and said to the soldiers:

"We are fortunate to be able to participate in the war of resistance against Japan . In the history of China's rejuvenation, if we can add a glorious page, it is certainly our wish. Even if we write our heroic sacrifice in a line in the history of the country, Also worthy of ancestors! "

The morale of the soldiers was soaring, more than 300 kilometers from Shijiazhuang to Cangzhou, marching continuously, no one left behind.

Second, you do n’t know the bitterness of miscellaneous army

Here to talk about Pang Bingxun's 40 Army.

Pang Bingxun was a native of the Northwest Army . During the warlord melee division, due to food problems and survival problems, he repeatedly defeated, and was eventually compiled by Zhang Xueliang in 1931. He was organized into the 40th Army and became a truly no-name army under Chiang Kai-shek's men.

Although this army is military-grade, there is actually one division, 39 divisions, and Lao Pang is both the army commander and the division commander. This is a strange story.

The 39th Division consisted of five infantry regiments. The actual number was less than one division, and the equipment was extremely poor.

Why is there such a spectacle? Why not expand him, increase troops, and equip him to let him fight well?


This is the sorrow of the Republic of China.

The reason is very simple, because he is a non-branded army, who came from repeated melee and warlord melee. The gene is not pure, the "political foundation" is not strong, and it is not biological.

At the time of compilation, it was good not to dismiss him and break it down. How could it be bigger for him?

Although born and raised in the army, Pang Bingxun didn't break the pot at all.

In his opinion, it was a matter of heaven to have his own army and Jiang to send money and food to eat.

Over the years, he has been worried about how his army eats, and about equipment. "Become a miscellaneous brand every year, lonely every day, do not ask to climb up, but hope not to starve to death", is his true portrayal.

Miscellaneous troops can only lead Chiang Kai-shek to 80% of the army, and they are still discriminated against, so as soon as the Anti-Japanese War broke out, Chiang asked him to become a cannon fodder.

But at this time, Pang didn't mind. In his opinion, he used to beat his own people, but now he is defending the country and truly fulfilling the mission of a soldier. As he said, even if he died, he died for his country.

3. What is the performance of the "Miscellaneous Army" recorded by the Japanese Army?

In the area of Nan Yaoguantun in Tianjin, Pang Bingxun commanded troops and launched onslaught against the 10th Division of the Japanese Valley and 16th Division of Nakajima.

The Japanese attack was blocked. On September 18, more than 10 artillery pieces were deployed to open the road with iron armored vehicles. The planes bombed and cooperated to kill Pang Jun.

Pangling soldiers were not allowed to retreat, using poor rifles, grenades and fortifications to defend against enemy bombings, and the injuries were conceivable. The soldiers fought bloody battles and stayed on the ground, making the Japanese army unbreakable for a long time.


The Japanese bombed the air, shells poured out, and the position was almost flattened. The 58-year-old Pang found that after decades of fighting, it has never been so fierce. Japanese devils really blew up to death.

"There is no enemy and no one, there is no one. It is time to sacrifice for the country!" Pang Bingxun shouted, raising the morale of the soldiers and not stepping back.

7 days and 7 nights of bloody battles, Pangbu suffered heavy losses, a 231 regiment, with less than 300 people remaining. In the end, he had to withdraw from the battle and be defended by another ministry.

This battle was the first tough battle in Pang Bingxun's war of resistance.

The 40th Army fought bravely, and even the 10th Division of the Japanese Army was amazed . In one of its detailed combat reports, Pang was recorded as follows:

"The quality of this department is inferior to the tactics and the 37 divisions that have fought before, but it also looks extremely tenacious when holding its ground ... When their offensive is stopped or they are sorted out a little, they will use the daredevil team to carry out repeated counterattacks. White-blade battles are trying to regain their positions. "

Fourth, the weakest miscellaneous army PK the strongest Japanese army

In December 1937, Pang was ordered to return to the command of Li Zongren in the fifth theater.

Li knew that this old warlord had the inertia of preserving strength and avoiding weight, so he talked to him in advance and sounded the alarm.

Pang knew what he meant, and vowed on the spot: "Please rest assured, my Pangmou will fight to the end with the enemy this time and will no longer save strength."

One month later, the 5th Division of Itagaki Seishiro landed from Qingdao, went south along the Jinpu Railway, and attacked with the 10th Division of the Isoya Division on the south side, preparing to capture the middle Xuzhou, and won the Jinpu Line that passes through the north and south of China. across China.


Li Zongren ordered the "old cannon fodder" to lead the battle, Linyi, the outer barrier of Bingtaierzhuang, where it blocked Itagaki Seishiro.

Itagaki's Fifth Division was an old division of the Japanese Emperor Meiji during the establishment of the army. It was also a well-known iron army in the Japanese army that invaded China.

Pang Bingxun went to war with no fear.

In February in Shandong, the weather was freezing cold , and the snow was all over the country. Ping Bingxun's ministry stood on the cold wind and led troops from Haizhou to Linyi.

Everyone has to fight against Japanese devils, and everyone's morale is high.

People in Linyi boiled water to cook, helped dig trenches, and young students signed up for the war. All these are favorable conditions for fighting.

Fighting began in late February, from Lixian to Linyi to Tangtou to Philadelphia to Linyi to Lixian. This Taierzhuang defensive battle was repeatedly fought, fighting for two months, killing thousands of enemies.

Needless to say, the Pangbu Department is still a flesh-and-blood sea to resist the Japanese aircraft cannon machine gun. After this battle, the strength of one division could not be killed by a brigade.


Fifth, watch the "Miscellaneous Army" fighting, roaring loudly

The most exciting thing is that Pang and Zhang Zizhong who had been involved in the past have encircled Itagaki Shiro.

At that time, Banyuan repeatedly clashed with Linyi City, and the Pangbu in the city was in danger. He reported to Li Zongren:

"My officers and men have been killed and wounded, and I ask the sergeant to decide."

Li said that Linyi is the barrier of Taierzhuang, and Taierzhuang is the barrier of Xuzhou. Defending Linyi is "with no responsibilities."

At the same time, Zhang Zizhong nearby led his troops to assist Pang.

Put the phone, shook his head and said to a few colleagues: "You all go, I stay here, fight the enemy to the end."

Zhang Zizhong and Pang were rivals. Before, Pang had lost his life and almost killed Zhang. Zhang Zeng regarded it as a common hatred.

But in the face of the Anti-Japanese War, he removed the mustard and still helped, admiring the Chinese people.

After receiving the order, Zhang immediately led a 59 army, 2 divisions, 5 brigades, 30,000 people to help each other, and came to Linyi to fight non-stop .

Old Pang Wenzhi knew that it was the old enemy who came to reinforce himself, tears in his eyes , holding Zhang's hand, excited and ashamed.

He told Zhang: "In the morning, the Chief of Staff Xu Zuyi asked me how many reserve teams I still have. I said that my guard platoons had been reinforced to the front line, and then there was me."


Afterwards, the two were like relatives, clamoring with their enemies, dividing and surrounding the Banyuan Division, and they fought to attack the Banyuan head rat in Linyi, withdrawing in Shuxian County and staying closed.

As soon as the Japanese army retreated 90 miles, the remains were all over the country, and this battle boosted national morale. Pang was awarded the Blue Sky and White Medal after this war.

Lee later recalled:

"The enemy army repeatedly smashed for days and nights, and the casualties could not cross the Thunder Pool. At that time, there were dozens of Chinese and foreign reporters and friendly military attachés who watched the battle in Xuzhou. Everyone couldn't think of one of the best imperial army. Frustrated by the inexplicable Chinese miscellaneous army, the Chinese and foreign coaxed, and there was a lot of noise. "

Pang Bingxun's 40 Army not only left a strong fortune in the history of the War of Resistance Against Japan, but also had similar evidence in the history of the Japanese Army.

The 11th Wing of the Japanese Army wrote: "(40 officers and men) were desperately resisting the attack, and (Japanese) threw grenades violently as they approached."

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