When did the Han Dynasty decline? What happened in the first year of the first year of the first year?

Today's interesting history editor brought you the beginning of the decline of the Han Dynasty ? I hope it can help you.

Early first year (first 48 years)

In March, Wang Zhengjun was established as the queen.

In that year, the captain of the school was first set up, making the hometown of Tuntian Cheshi.

The first year of the first two years (47 years before)

In January, General Shi Gao, Zhong Shuling Honggong, Fu Sheshixian , and Zheng Peng, Hua Long, and other party members crowded out Xiao Wangzhi , Zhou Kan, Liu Gengsheng, and Xiao Wangzhi was accepted by former generals and Guangluxun Yin, Zhou Kan, and Liu Gengsheng were all exempted from being puppets.

In April, Liu Ye was made Prince.

In July, Zhou Kan and Liu Gengsheng were re-enlisted. Yuandi thought that he was a doctor, while Honggong and Shi Xian obstructed it, all thought it was Zhonglang. Soon after, Liu Gengsheng made his grandmother write a book and talk to Hong Gong and Shi Xian. After the earthquake, Liu Gengsheng went to jail and he was relieved of being crippled.

In December, Xiao Wangzhi was forced to commit suicide.

In that year, Hong Gong died of illness, and Shi Xian became the Chinese sergeant.

The first three years (46 years before)

In January, Zhuya repeatedly opposed, let alone.

In the same year, Fu Kan Zhou Kan was Guanglu Xun, and Zhou Kan's disciple Zhang Meng was Doctor Guanglu.

The first five years (44 years before)

In June, Gongyu from Changxin Shaofu was used as the doctor of history. Gong Yu wrote dozens of successes and failures, Yuan Di Jia Qi is straightforward, and more used.

In December, Gong Yu died, and Xue Guangde, Changxin Shaofu, was the imperial doctor.

In that year, the Xiongnu Zhandan took his own way, but also complained that Han was supporting Han Xiedan without helping himself, but he killed Hanshi, and heard that Han Xiedan was in Yiqiang. He feared attacking and wanted to go away. The number of kings of Huikangju was trapped by Wusun. He wanted to join Wubing with Yusun to take Wusun and send him to Jiankun. The words Wuzhidan in Yu and Yuzhidan in Datong said that they would tie up and lead the army. And west. Xi Zhidan died in the cold among the people, and only 3,000 people left. When he arrived at Kangju, the king of Kangju was his wife, and he also gave a daughter to the king of Kangju. Kang Juwang Shi Jingzhang Zhidan Yu, want to rely on his power to threaten the countries. Wu Sun borrowed troops to strike Wusun, went deep into Gucheng, killed the people, and drove the livestock. Wusun did not dare to chase him. The emptiness of the west was five thousand miles.


Situation map for the first 44 years (from @ 史 图 馆)

The first year of Yongguang (43 years before)

In September, the meteor frost killed the crops, and the world was hungry. When they first met Dingguo , Da Sima, Che Qi General Shi Gao and Yu Shifu Xue Guangde all beg for the disaster. Prince Edward Fu Weixuan became the prince of history, and then served as the chief fighter and the rider-in-chief with the servants and kings in charge .

In the same year, Chang'an made Yang Xing and Jia Don's conspiracy come to the fore, and it became clear that Jia Don's abandoned the market, and Yang Xing's pliers became Chengdan.

Two Years of Yongguang (42 years before)

In February, Doctor Wei Xuan became the prime minister, and Zheng Hong became the doctor.

In July, Longxi turned back and sent Feng Fengshi to discuss it.

In August, Chang Taiyang Hou Ren Qianqiu was the general of Fen Wu to help Feng Fengshi.

In October, all the troops reached Longxi.

In November, all the army went forward, defeated, beheaded thousands of levels, and Yu all walked out of the traffic jam.

Three years of Yongguang (41 years before)

In February, Feng Fengshi returned to Beijing as a division, and was even more of a left general.

In April, the king took death.

In July, Xu Jia was taken as the chief horse and general.

That year, Fuyan Iron Officer, a thousand disciples of Dr. Zhi. Insufficient cost, more people to remove, there is no way to give Chinese and foreign military service.

Four years of Yongguang (first 40 years)

In June, Zhou Kan and Zhang Mengfu were reused. Soon, Zhou Kan got dysentery and could not die. The book caused Shi Xian to slap Zhang Meng again, causing suicide in the bus. Shi Xianshi was in charge of Shang Shu, and the five people in Shang Shu belonged to his party.

The first year of Jianzhao (38 years before)

The emperor was fortunate enough to sit in the harem. Suddenly Xiong Yi came out of the circle, climbing the threshold to go to the temple, left and right, noble people, Fu Jiechi, etc. were all shocked away, but Feng Jiechi went straight forward and stood as a bear. Kill the bears around. Yuan Emperor sincerely respected Feng Jiechi and Fu Jiechi, so there was a gap with Feng Jiechi.

The first year of Jianzhao (37 years before)

Jingfang entered the exam to test the homework law, and entered the resignation order to make Shi Xian, Yuandi was good and could not be used. Shi Xian and Shang Shu caused Wulu to suffer from illness, and Jingfang came out as Wei County eunuch. Later, Shi Xianyu Jingfang and Zhang Botong conspired, slandering politics, betraying the emperor, wronged the princely king, both went to jail, abandoned the city, and moved their wives.


Situation map for the first 37 years (from @ 史 图 馆)

Three years of Jianzhao (the first 36 years)

In June, Wei Xuancheng died.

In July, with Kuang Heng as the prime minister, Li Yanshou as the doctor of history.

In winter, Gan Yanshou and Chen Tang manipulated more than 40,000 people to send Hanbing and Hu Bing expeditions to the Xiongnu Xiujiuyu, broke through the city of Xiujiu, and slaughtered Xiujiuyu.

Four years of Jianzhao (35 years before)

In January, the Xiongnu Xi Zhidan passed the first round to the capital.

The first year of Jingning (33 years ago)

In January, the Xiongnu called Han Xiedan in the coming dynasty and gave it to Wang Zhaojun .

In April, the crimes of Gan Yanshou and Chen Tang were good at sending soldiers. Feng Gan Yanshou was righteous prince, and Chen Tangjue was given to Guan Neihou. There were three hundred households in Shiyi and 100 pounds of gold. Also worshiped Gan Yanshou as Captain Changshui and Chen Tang as Captain of Radio.

In May, Yuandi died.

In June, the prince Liu Xunli, respected Wang Zhengjun as the empress queen , and Yuanzhang Wang Feng as the chief Sima and general, and received the book.

First year of construction (32 years before)

In January, Shi Xianqian was in the long letter. Shi Xian lost his power and resigned, the prime minister, the royal history rituals showed the old evil, Shi Xian and his party prisoners, and Chen Shun were all dismissed. Shi Xian and his wife migrated to their hometowns, worrying and dying. The stones that were turned over by all the government officials were abolished.

Feng Yuanzhang and Wang Chong are Ancheng Hou, giving Wang Tan, Wang Shang , Wang Li, Wang Gen, Wang Fengshi Juehou.

In that year, the prime minister, Kuang Heng, played Chen Tang to discuss the fact that Chen Zhi was greedy, and Chen Tang went to prison.

Two years from the start (31 years before)

In March, the Queen Xu was established .

When Emperor Chengdi was the prince, he smelled good-bye, and ascended the throne.

That year, the Xiongnu called Han Xiedan to die, and the sub-carving Tao Mo stood up, and the number of complexes was as tired as a single Yu. The compound strain Ruo Ruoyu took the younger brothers and the moose 胥 as the left wise king, and Moche was the left yao 蠡 king, and Nan Zhi Yasi was the right wise king. The compound plant was tired and singled out of the compound wife Wang Zhaojun, and had two daughters. The eldest daughter Yun was Xu Bujuci, and the youngest daughter was Yujuju.

Three years after construction (first 30 years)

In August, Emperor Cheng wanted to appoint Wang Feng specifically, freeing his car to ride General Xu Jia, and to advance to the throne with special advance.

In December, Kuang Heng took more than four hundred hectares of Fengyi, and the supervisor of the Pirates of the Pirates kept more than ten gold straight to avoid being a puppet.

Four years since its establishment (first 29 years)

In January, the book eunuch was called off. Five first-time clerks.

In March, left general Lechang Hou Wang Shang was the prime minister.

In November, Dr. Yin Zhong, the imperial official, was slightly loose, and Yuandi reprimanded him for not worrying about his job and committing suicide. Take Shaofu Zhang Zhong as the imperial doctor.

That year, the doctor Tai Gu Gu Yong went to court to sue Chen Tang. Chen Tang was released from prison and won the title of soldier. Chen Tangshan was good at border affairs. General Wang Fengzou thought that he was engaged in Zhonglang, and the shogunate affairs were decided by Chen Tang.

The second year of Heping (27 years ago)

In June, Xifeng Zhuxi, Wang Tan was Ping Ahou, Wang Shang was Chengdu Hou, Wang Li was Hongyang Hou, Wang Gen was Qu Yang Hou, and Wang Fengshi was Gao Ping Hou. Five people were sealed on the same day.


Situation map for the first 27 years (from @ 史 图 馆)

Three years in Heping (first 26 years)

Liu Xiang 's power is too strong, and Emperor Fang Shang's ancient poems such as "Poetry" and "Book", Liu Xiangnai's "Shang Shu Hong Fan", since ancient times, collected Spring, Autumn, Six Kingdoms, Qin, Han Furui, and Disasters Acting on the track, even Fu Fufu, writing its own test, comparing the analogy, each entry has eleven articles, called "Hong Fan Five Elements Biography", playing it. Chengdi knew that Liu Xiangzhong was fine, but he did not take Wang's right.

Four years in Heping (first 25 years)

In April, Wang Shang, the prime minister of Lechang, met with Wang Feng, and Wang Feng greeted him. Wang Shang was free from phase three and died of European blood. His children's relatives were Du Ma Ma Wei, Shi Zhong, Zhong Chang Shi, Zhu Cao, doctors, and Lang Li.

In June, taking Zhang Yu as his prime minister, Feng Anchang Hou.

The first year of Yangshuo (24 years before)

Jing Zhaoyin and Wang Zhang just dared to speak. Although Wang Feng had proposed it, it was not Wang Feng's exclusive power. He did not attach Wang Feng, and he had a bad relationship with Wang Feng. In winter, Wang Zhang was struck and imprisoned.

The second year of Yangshuo (23 years before)

In March, doctor Zhang Zhong died.

In April, Wang Yin, the servant and the servant, was the doctor. As a result, the Wang family became more prosperous. The brothers of the Five Hou Group strived for luxury, bribed the treasures , and came from all sides; all of them were Tongmin personnel, good men and good men, and wealth was given to the noble, full of guests, competing for reputation.

Three years in Yangshuo (first 22 years)

In June, one hundred and eighty people, such as Shenchuan Sheng, from the Xichuan Iron Mine, killed senior officials, stole treasuries, claimed to be generals, and went through nine counties.

In August, Wang Feng died of illness.

In September, Wang Yin was used as the chief horse and the general of the car.

In November, Guang Luxun Yu Yong was the Imperial Doctor.

Four years in Yangshuo (first 21 years)

In September, Shaofu Wang Jun was used as Beijing Zhaoyin.

The next month, Yu Yong died.


Situation map for the first 21 years (from @ 史 图 馆)

The first year of Hongjia (the first 20 years)

In January, Xue Xuan was the doctor in charge of history.

In February, Emperor Cheng went to the early tomb, and took Xinfeng Opera Township as the Changling County and Fengchu Tomb.

In March, Zhang Yu died of his old illness, and Eliu Hou Chaoshuo and Wang Wang made special progress.

In April, Xue Xuan was the prime minister and Jing Zhao Yin Wang Jun was the imperial doctor.

In June, Wang Yin was taken care of by his relatives and took care of his duties.

In that year, the Xiongnu was succumbed to death alone. His younger brother and Mi Lili stood up. Sou Xun Ruo Dan was sent to Zuo Zhudu, the capital of Han Dynasty, and the younger brother Mo was the king of Zuo Xian.

Hongjia two years (first 19 years)

In summer, the county lords of the immigrant county had more than 5 million and 5,000 households in Changling.

Hongjia three years (first 18 years)

In November, the Queen was abolished. Zhao Feiyan and sister Zhao Hede began to be favored.

That year, Guanghan man Zheng Gong waited for more than sixty people to attack the official temple, usurped prisoners, stole treasury soldiers, and claimed to be Shanjun.

Four years of Hongjia (17 years before)

Guang Gong Zheng Gong and other parties and the Baptist, four counties, a large number of thousands of people, states and counties can not be controlled.

In winter, Zhao Dong, the captain of Hedong, was the guardian of Guanghan, and 30,000 people in the middle of the county and Shu county hit him. Zhao Zhao was transferred to Jin Wu , giving him a hundred pounds of gold.

The first year of Yongshi (16 years before)

Sister Zhao Feiyan was spoiled.

In May, Wang Wangmang became the new capital, and moved to Captain Li, Doctor Guanglu and Shouzhong.

In June, Zhao Feiyan was named Queen and Zhao Hede was Zhaoyi. Zhao Feiyan couldn't give birth. He was a prostitute, and there was no dare to speak, but he had no children.

In August, the Empress Dowager Wang Shi collapsed.

The first two years of Yongshi (the first 15 years)

In January, Wang Yin died. Wang's only Wang Yin is trimmed, the number is positive, and there is a loyalty section.

In March, Chengdu Hou Wangshang was the chief Sima and Wei. The king of the Houyang Hou special advances, leading the gatemen. Jingzhao Yin Zhai Fangjin was the doctor of the royal history.

In November, after the Empress Empress Emperor collapsed, the funeral was rushed, and the officials were conquered to make it happen. The minister Xuan Xuan was exempted, and the imperial doctor Zhai Fangjin left and moved to Jinwu. For more than 20 days, the Prime Minister was short of officials, and the ministers raised Zhai Fangjin, and the Emperor also used his talents. Take the officials, Sanqi, Guangluxun and Kongguang as the doctors of the royal history.

General Wei Wang Shang evil Chen Tang, played his delusional words Changling and relapsed; also said that the black dragon came out in winter, and the line should be counted out. Chengdi used Chen Tang's merit to avoid being a cripple, and moved to the border.

Emperor Chengdi and Zhang Fang waited for the CCP to feast on the banquet. Sitting on a screen with paintings, Yu Yu was drunk and seduced by himself, for the pleasure of the night. The Zhu Xi heard it, making the prime minister, Yu Shi Qiu Zhang negligent. Emperor Cheng had no choice but to relocate Zhang Fang as the northern captain. Since then, there have been catastrophic changes over the years, so Zhang Fang could not return for a long time. However, Xi Shu kept asking questions, often recalled them, and then moved to the left. Emperor Cheng forced the queen queen to use the minister, so he often sent him to tears.

Three years of Yongshi (first 14 years)

In November, Wei Bing's man Fan Bing and 13 others rebelled, killing Chen Liutaishou, robbing officials and claiming to be a general. Fan Bing Li Tan, Cheng Zhong, Yi Zu, and Shun Shun killed together.

In December, two hundred and twenty-eight people such as Shanyang Tieguan's emigration and suling attacked the long official, stole the treasury, and claimed to be a general. After experiencing the nineteenth of the county, he killed the East County eunuch and Runan Captain.

Four years of Yongshi (first 13 years)

In November, General Wang Shang was free from illness.

In that year, He Wu , the leader of Si Li , was Beijing Zhaoyin. He Wu abides by the law and does everything justice, enters the good and retreats the evil.


Situation map for the first 13 years (from @ 史 图 馆)

Yuanyan first year (12 years before)

In January, Wang Shangfu became Grand Sima and Wei.

In December, Yi Wei took Wang Shang as the general. In the 1911, Wang Shang died. Gengshen, with Wang Gen as the chief Sima and the general on horseback .

Yuan Yan two years (first 11 years)

At the beginning, Wusun Xiaokun Mi Anri was killed by the descendants, and Li Li An's younger brother Zhen Zhen would be Xiao Kun Mi. Shi Dakun Mi was very brave and valiant, and Mo Zhen was afraid that she would be merged with her, so that the noble Uri would be convicted and assassinate her. Han Yu failed to revive the army with the soldiers, but he failed to send Duanlang to Duan Huizong Liyi to become Da Kun Mi. For a long time, Yi Zhimi killed the last Zhenjiang, and Anri Anlimi replaced Xiao Kunya. Since Wusun separated the two Kun Mis, the Han used to worry, and there were no years old.

Yuan Yan three years (first 10 years)

Chengdi will boast of Hu people with many animals. In the autumn, he ordered the right to help the wind to send people into Nanshan, and to the west to slap and lean, to the east to Hongnong, south to Hanzhong, Zhang Luo, to catch bears and beasts, and take the threshold car. Zhou Zheng, the vertical beast, made the Hu people beat it by hand, obtained it by themselves, and the emperor came to watch.

Yuan extended for four years (first 9 years)

In January, King Liu Xing of Zhongshan and King Liu Xin of Dingtao both came to the court. Liu Xin was clever and became the emperor. At that time, the two princes Wang Wei were close relatives to Emperor Chengdi, and Deng Tao, the grandmother Fu, followed the coming dynasty, and personally bribed Queen Zhao, Zhao Yi, and Wang Qi, the general of Qiqi. Empress Zhao, Zhaoyi and Wang Gen saw Chengdi's sonless son, and also wished to settle for themselves. As long-term measures, they were all called King Dingtao, and persuaded Chengdi to think that he was a concubine.

The first year of Tuy Hoa (the first 8 years)

In February, Liu Xin, the prince of Tao, was established as the prince, so that the prince of gold was appointed to be Hong Hong's guardian, and he held it in control.

In April, He Wu's suggestion was adopted to establish three public officials. Ciqu Yang Hou Wang Gen, the chief of the Sima Seal, set the official affiliation, and voted to ride the general officer; with the chief prince He Wu as the chief secretary, he closed the township. All were added as the prime minister in preparation for San Gong.

In August, King Liu Xing of Zhongshan died.

The Xiongnu Cheya was dead, the younger brother Zhizhi was standing, and the number Wuzhu was left alone. Wu Zhu left the list with Di Le as the left king and Yu as the right king. Han sent Zhonglang general Xia Houyu and deputy captain Han Rong to the Hun.

Or Wang Gen said, "The Huns entered the Han Dynasty, and they went straight.

County, strange wood wooden arrow rods, Yan Yu. If you get it, Yubian is very brave, the country has a wide range of realities, and the general's obvious achievements are endless! "Wang Gen is the emperor who speaks of his benefits, and Chengdi wants to do it from one thing to another. Wang Gen expressed his emperor's intention to know Xia Houyi, and asked Xia Houyi to ask for it. Wu Zhu left the list with disagreement, and after Xia Houyi returned to China, he sent the envoy to say something, and Chengdi condemned Xia Houyi.

Wei Wei and Shi Zhongchun have long favors, and they have a great deal of credit, and they are all officials, diplomats, shepherds, defenders, bribes, and rewards. After Chun Yuchang married Xu Fei's sister-in-law as his younger wife, he lived in Changding Palace after Xu Fei's death. Chun Yuchang received more than tens of millions of money before and after the abolition of Xu, Yuyu, and the imperial court. He lied to Xu Chengbai and assumed that he was the left queen.

In October, Wang Mangfa was born in Changchun, Chengdi arrested Chunlong in Luoyang, and he died in prison. Emperor Cheng also made Ting Wei Kong Guang hold a sacrifice to give him the remedy, and committed suicide. Chengdi first launched a big rape with Wang Mang, saying that he was loyal, and Wang Gen recommended Wang Mang to self-generation. Jia Yin and Wang Gen are free of disease. Bingyin, with Wang Mang as the chief Sima, was thirty-eight years old.

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